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  1. Happy Monday everyone! There weren’t any new clue words to start the week, but three of the anagrams just happened to be. RHWATT was our only repeat and it was last used 187 days ago on February 17th. ASLIDN took a few extra seconds to sort through so it’ll be my pick for today’s hardest anagram. I also noticed that all of the anagrams were listed in reverse chronological order from their last use — August, April, February and January!

    Today’s cartoon brings us to the beach where we see a gentleman and his gull-friend selling tank tops. Even though all of the characters in the cartoon were seen wearing one, we learn from the dialogue that they’ve yet to sell any. The designs on the tanks were my favorite detail in the piece. From left to right they were: FOXY, a SMILEY FACE, a ROLLERSKATE, a HANG IN THERE kitty and Jumble Jeff’s invention of SPIKEBALL. Some of the smaller details were five piercings in the woman’s ear, the long sideburns and facial hair on the gentleman, sunglasses and a cellphone in the hand of the skater dude, and of course a sinking sailboat out on the horizon!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of nine letters. It was no trouble to decipher given the visual clue of the tank tops and the dialogue exchange between the characters. Although the answer returned as being new, we had one that was pretty close back on 04/29/13. In that one the sentence read: HIS POOR JUDGMENT WHEN IT CAME TO DESIGNING TANK TOPS WOULD CAUSE HIM TO, and the answer was LOSE HIS SHIRT. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day.

    • I’m new to comments, so this observation is probably not new, but I’ve noticed that silent letters cause me to puzzle longer than most Jumbles without them.

      • Hi Jim, and welcome! It may have been mentioned before, but it’s not an observation that I recall anyone making recently. Thanks for pointing it out. Enjoy your evening and we hope to hear from you again real soon! Be well and take care.

        • Interesting comment but I work with the letters that are there not the ones that are silent, although those can be one and the same.

  2. Feels like Monday. Hey y’all!!!
    No difficulty here.
    Wonder how Angela will find a song for this one………..

  3. Yes, an easy Monday morning puzzle….made easier by giving one of the words to this time honored phrase involving business. Blind solve came in handy to help back in ISLAND. Always a highlight listening to Count Basie, too.

  4. Yep, it’s Monday. Blind solve on the puzzle and anagrams were no problem. The Proud Island people took a different Slant to Thwart colonization. Seeing Island took me back to my first encounter of the word. I was in first grade and liked to read ahead in our little book. The context gave me “Is Land” because I could tell it was surrounded by water. The young teacher, a nun, gently corrected me and I’ve been an avid reader ever since. Hot and humid today but I’m hanging onto every scrap on summer!

  5. Good morning. Nothing like a Monday to get ones confidence back. Easy breezy from the words to the blind solve on the cartoon answer. You gave Mig the perfect song Angela. Enjoyed listening to it. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe

    • Good Morning, Paul. Thank you! One of my favorites…Hoping you’re well and staying safe too. 👕🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Not knowing that sales would just tank
    And they’d lose all the money they sank
    They just could not reach
    Those folks on the beach
    To buy a shirt to fend off the bank!

    • Hi Helen…

      👕 Hanging over their head is a loan,
      And no sales caused our guy to bemoan…
      “If we can’t sell these shirts,
      And the loan we can’t skirt…
      We’re tanking…the business is blown”! 👕

    • LOL! Glad you enjoyed it, Don. Hope the rest of your day goes well too…👕🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. 🧚🏻‍♀️ After he LOST HIS SHIRT with the ISLAND Fashion Boutique, he needed another SLANT to THWART off his debtors…and was thinking perhaps a line of Tina Turner inspired pixie costumes for children, called “PROUD Fairy”…🧚🏻‍♀️

    🏝 He built a little ISLAND hut, and he was feeling PROUD,
    Albeit there was a slight SLANT, but no where was it bowed…
    But now he wondered would it THWART a storm with flying dirt?
    He hoped so..’cause he’d hate to be the guy who LOST HIS SHIRT! 🏝

  8. An easy Monday. Took a moment to get the answer as I immediately saw the word SHIRTS. Of course I didn’t lose time to see my error.
    I hope not too many will lose their shirt with the big jump in prices for everything!
    Enjoy the last week in August

  9. Super easy today, even a blind solve.

    I did yesterday’s puzzle late in the afternoon here in California, so commenting then would’ve been futile. I had no problems. Two words took a little effort-TEACUP and INDUCT. I loved the answer. Unlike some of you, I love science-cannot get enough of it, as it explains the world.

  10. Hi Everyone…I’ve been DOGGED all day so far with people HOUNDing me, but I finally got a chance to SINK MY TEETH into the cartoon, and I SPOTted a few Gems. I like how all the shirts being sold at the “TOP DOG” kiosk are stacked in milk crates, how the fox’s tail forms the loop for the letter “y”, and how the guy has his beard banded. Plus the way the woman’s hand is SITting consolingly on the man’s shoulder is another cute little tidBIT. And if you look real closely, it appears that the dog featured in the company’s logo is wearing a tank top too!…But as far as the business goes, maybe they should try applying some new tacTICKS? ….Say, making up a few HOUNDStooth shirts? Or perhaps moving the kiosk from beachside to the BARKing lot? Might seem a little far-FETCHed, but let’s face it, reTAIL is RUFF, and the bank isn’t going to KIBBLE over money. But it’d definitely be a shame to see them lose their LEASH, and have the business FOLD. It seems like they have so much PET-tential…Maybe they just need to advertise …you know, COLLAR out to people a little more…🐶🤷🏻‍♀️

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