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  1. David didn’t stirrup any trouble with today’s clue words. I solved them all without a hitch! None of them were new, but a couple of the anagrams were. FNISF and SWEFET are the ones we’ve definitely bumped into before. SWEFET was a popular choice for pre-Hoyt wordsmiths. I managed to track down 12 different uses with the oldest being 4/10/62. SNIFF happens to spell out in reverse alphabetical order. Useless information, but fun to spot!

    What caught my eye in the cartoon was how patient the rider was being with her horse. I also noticed that Jumble Jeff didn’t draw any spurs on her boots so her only means of getting the horse to jump were her words of encouragement. The terrain where they’re riding looks somewhat flat, but there was some elevation change in the distance. The list of NO’s brought NEIGH to mind, and a quick check of the answer layout showed that it would fit.

    The final solve was a superb scramble that gave absolutely nothing away. The first three letters spelled GAS which was quite appropriate for a horse-themed cartoon. With NEIGH out of the way I saw both YEARS and SAYER in the remainder. The choice for the finish was obvious. Enjoy your Wednesday everyone. Happy trails!

    • Hey Mikey! Wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND, coming up! (I believe I told you, I wouldn’t forget!🤗) Early wishes to everyone for a safe and wonderful Holiday 🇺🇸, celebrating with your loved ones! May you give and receive plenty of Hugs! Take good care.

      • Thanks Kim. I forgot that I mentioned it so it was a surprise to find your wish! The weather for this weekend looks a bit dicey. My brother called and said he and the fam are coming so it doesn’t matter much to me. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Fourth as well. Enjoy! 🙂

        • Thank you! I will be celebrating with my Brother too! And never mind the weather, as long as we are all together! 🎆🎇🇺🇸…..🎂 Cheers!

  2. GLOAT = Last used on 07/03/20 as TALGO
    SNIFF = Last used on 09/05/20 as SFINF
    FEWEST = Last used on 09/16/20 as SEFWET
    HOURLY = Last used on 03/15/20 as RULHOY
    NEIGH-SAYER = Last used on 10/05/13 as RYAENHGESI

    FNISF = Used on 05/03/12
    SWEFET = Used on 03/22/03, 06/03/98, 11/11/94, 06/02/88, 05/19/85, 06/25/81, 11/04/79, 05/28/78, 05/01/74, 11/02/69, 06/15/63, 04/10/62

  3. Enjoyable, easy J today!
    “NEIGH SAYER’ was way cool for me……………
    Anagrams wren’t real difficult.
    Angela and Mike have the best job in the world.

    Hot today in Cally and HUMID. NOT WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR!!!!
    Still the next week will only be in the high 80s and low 90s. OK by our standards!

    Hope everyone is OK.


    • Stay cool, Mig. We’re struggling with heat and humidity out here too. Southern NH hit 97 today which broke our old record of 90 set in 1965.

  4. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🐎 NEIGH…SAY IT ‘AINT SO…🐎

    🎶 JUMP…jump for my love…Jump, I know my heart can make you happy… Jump, jump for my love…🎶 “Jump (For My Love)” The Pointer Sisters 1983

    🐎 She liked to GLOAT about her horse, said she could SNIFF out breeding,
    She spent a lot of time ‘round him, even checking his feeding…
    She was among the FEWEST though who thought he was all that,
    The stable workers HOURLY would sit around and chat…
    “That horse might be a jumper, but he still remains a player,
    The straw poll knows the real truth though…and she’s def a “NEIGH-SAYER”! 🐎

  5. 👎🏻 Always the NAYSAYER, he’d GLOAT about his accomplishments, and seemed to SNIFF the air with a sense of disapproval of the others…yet in reality he was ranked amongst the FEWEST to succeed within the group of entrants that were coming in HOURLY…👎🏻

    🦮 He entered his old hound dog in the contest at the fair,
    The dog hardly could do much, but look ‘round and SNIFF the air…
    The man though did GLOAT ‘bout him, and HOURLY did a check,
    To make sure his old hound dog had his number ‘round his neck…
    The FEWEST nods went to his dog…he looked at him and said…
    “What do they know about you? Don’t you fret now, my Old Red
    You needn’t win no contest…so don’t even let it sway ‘yer…
    To me you’re still the best there is…the judge? He’s a NAYSAYER”…🦮

    • Aww! Now here is a great little poem that goes straight to my heart! Thank you, Angela! These are very touching words. 😥 Love my doggies, past and present! 🥰 My current little guy has many nicknames and one is “Little” Red.

  6. Not going to Gloat on an Hourly basis, but I was able to Sniff out the answers with the Fewest problems in a couple days. Don’t be a “Neigh-Sayer,” think positively and enjoy the last day of June!

  7. No blind solve this morning…although NEIGH did cross my mind, but nothing followed. Easy anagrams gave an easy puzzle cartoon answer. Don’t know how I could have figured it out without those letters in front of me. Always did like that song from the Pointer Sisters !!!

  8. Anagrams came easily,but I couldn’t get neigh thus was stumped by the cartoon,though a negative comment was in order.

  9. Good morning. I didn’t jump for joy this morning. The words were a breeze but I couldn’t come up with the cartoon answer. I went to the track with my oldest this past Sunday. Probably been a couple of years since we have been at Belmont Park. We use to be regulars. Anyway, I put $20 to win on #1 horse in 6th race. My son said who did you bet and I said look at the entries and tell me. He looked and said Rosie’s whatever and I nodded. My late mother-in-law’s name. It came from behind and won paying $220 on my $20. We left a little ahead for the day especially since the race before he hit the triple. It’s not as enjoyable as it use to be because they cut out the top floor which had tables and was Air condition. Plus no more having lunch and watching the races. Enjoyed your post Mike and Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Thank you. Wishing you stay well and safe too. 🐎🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Let me know what his baseball picks are for the weekend, Paul. No rush — whinny gets a chance…..

      Thanks for the kind words!

  10. Cute puzzle this morning. No problem with the anagrams and I thought the cartoon answer was a clever pun. Happy Wednesday to all!

      • Thanks, Mike. It’s been cool in San Francisco – in the 60’s. We rarely get hot weather here and whine and moan something awful on those occasions. Our biggest issue is the drought. We desperately need rain which isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

  11. Hi all – Raced through the first three words, then had to pause a minute to see the HOUR to put before the LY. I suspected from the cartoon that NAY might be in the answer somehow, and the quotes and layout showed the solve.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Yet another “jump” song Angela! Next one will complete the trifecta! (Offhand, I can’t think of a third song. Although Harry Belafonte had one that went “Jump down, spin around, pick a bale of cotton..”)

    “this space intentionally left blank” – also couldn’t come up with a sentence I liked.

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