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  1. I remember playing on the horizontal bars as a kid! Living in a small town we didn’t have parks with playground equipment, but luckily we lived close enough to the elementary school where there was some. My favorite piece of equipment was always the monkey bars. My brother and I would often participate in “goose fights” where we’d hang from the bars with our hands and would kick our legs at each other in an attempt to get the other person to lose their grip and drop down. Things went horribly wrong one afternoon while we were playing with our friend George. My brother landed a strong kick to George’s hip that made him fall down and break his arm. Boy were we ever in trouble! We always remained good friends with George though. We did the craziest stuff as kids, and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

    All of today’s clue words were returning repeats. As for the anagrams, both of the six-letter ones were new. YMSLOB was my pick for the hardest as it was the only one I didn’t initially see. I did notice the -LY suffix within it, but it didn’t get me very far. Scrambling the letters in the margin of my paper produced BYSMOL which made it much easier for me to solve.

    Looking at the cartoon, I knew I had seen these particular characters before. The grandmother looks like Jumble Jeff’s mother-in-law, and those are his kids, Sydney and Cam! It looks like they’re at a playground where the grandkids are working their wiggles out. Grandma decided to regale them with a story from her youth about an accident she had while playing near the horizontal bars. My favorite detail was the necklace she was wearing. It appears to be a small, oval locket that’s fastened around her neck with a thin chain.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of nine letters. Four of them were vowels and five were consonants. The talk of amnesia in the cartoon sentence brought “memory” to mind, and it wasn’t a big leap arriving at MEMORABLE with the clue letters written out. I hope Jeff’s mother-in-law is still with us. He said she was 101 years old in the dialogue of a cartoon back on 2/08/20. Grandmother’s are very special people, and thankfully I was able to spend quite a bit of time with both of mine while they were alive. Have a terrific Thursday everyone, and just keep INBJGUML!

    • So many playground memories from the Big O. We had a parks and rec program at many of the parks. You could check out sporting equipment like basketballs and jump ropes or play box hockey. College kids supervised and it was a much gentler time. The sweet sounds of summer.

      • Yes, checking out the equipment – great memory!! Box hockey isn’t what I thought it was, but looking it up, I sure wish we had had it!

  2. Another difficult one for me. I kept coming back and finally got 3/4 of the anagrams. The solution was really hard for me. Once I got it it worked well for me.
    Harder week than usual. I enjoy the challenge.
    Will tomorrow be harder?

    • I think yesterday’s “CRE-EIGHT-ED” puzzle was the stumper for the week. You never know though! 🙂

  3. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    👕 They hoped he’d consider their OFFER of another shirt, since the MEMORABLE SYMBOL on the one he wore didn’t adhere to their NORMAL dress code, and they knew that the onslaught of comments wouldn’t ABATE…👕

    🤷🏻‍♀️ They thought about the OFFER, the allure would not ABATE,
    And since the SYMBOL meant a lot, they couldn’t let it skate…
    But worried what was NORMAL, would it prove formidable?
    And stand the test of time to then become MEMORABLE? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Looking at puzzle, initially thought of something akin to FORGET…until my girlfriend suggested the opposite of that…something about MEMORY…..and thus, MEMORABLE. Lucky we had the solve because we struggled mightily over SYMBOL…and had to back it in, but still pondered a moment even knowing it was MB or BM in the circles !!

  5. Good morning. I didn’t vote for it but now that I think about it Symbol took longer to get then the cartoon answer. The other three words were almost instant and reading the cartoon answer I figured it had to do with memory so I started with memor and the left over letters gave me able. Put them together and I’m a genius for today at least. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. Hi Everybody – My difficulty today was with Symbol. I remembered Steve’s past comment about a slightly different anagram for Symbol  but couldn’t think of the word. Like Terry, I had to back in.

    • Hi Caroline. Good Morning. Steve has had a long time fascination with MY SLOB. Supposedly a pet name his wife has for him! 😂 🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Actually, I was having a hard time with the words that day, and that was just a joke while I was making up meanings for the incorrect jumbles I had found. There was more than a bit of truth in it though, and it certainly *could* have been an actual pet name! 😂 🐷

  7. Once I finally got SYMBOL( stuck on slob) the solution was swiftly done. I wonder if the Covid will be a memorable moment in the lives of our future generations. I was in my fifties when I learned about the Spanish flu even though my mother at the age of 2 would have been buried alive had it not been for her mother who noticed by her mouth the ever so slight movement of the white sheet covering her body while waiting for the men to take away the body. Hardly anyone talked about the flu yet it killed millions of people in 1918.

    • Wow, that’s a great story, and I’m glad you’re here! I was remembering that I never heard my grandparents talk about it either even though they would have been around 20 years old at the time. I did hear a few of their stories about Prohibition and the Great Depression thougn.

  8. Another vote for “my slob” here Once I figured out symbol the rest was easy. Enjoyed your monkey bar story, Mike. As a student, I used to volunteer to work in the school office at lunch time and I do remember many many monkey bar accidents usually from fellows like you monkeying around. Hope all of you have a good day.

    • Yup, I was one of those troublemakers, Betty! Luckily that phase of my childhood was short-lived. I bet you have quite a few stories to tell from your time as a recess volunteer. Hopefully nothing too serious though…..

      Wish you a wonderful day! 🙂

      • We had a couple of broken bones, like your situation, Mike. I did learn to spell “abrasion” our most frequent injury from scraped knees. Stay well.

  9. Hi all – Nice to see MYSLOB returning to give me SYMBOL quickly. It took me awhile to see NORMAL for some reason. First thought for the answer was UNFORGETTABLE, but that was too long and they used “forget” in the dialog, and I was able to think of the shorter correct answer.

    I had a similar experience in elementary school, so I can verify that these are memorable. We were playing tag and I looked back to check any pursuers, and turned around just in time to run into a brick corner of the school. No real harm except a cut over my eye taken care of by the school nurse. To answer the jumble boy’s funny question, I think I might still have a small scar, but it’s under an eyebrow, so I’m not sure.
    My vote for favorite playground equipment was just the swings, Mike.

    Good wishes to everyone, and watch where you’re going!

    “As the virus began to ABATE, the gym’s two-for-one OFFER seemed a welcome SYMBOL of a return to somewhat more NORMAL times.”

  10. It was Normal for our childhood summer games not to Abate until a Symbol of authority commanded us or we got a better Offer, like watching Batman on TV. Hot and humid out here on the Great Plains. Expecting thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. We might get a real gully washer. We say things like gully washer out here on the plains. Say it with me in a Midwestern drawl. “Gully washer!”

    • Two words, OO — EPIC FAIL
      Now try saying it with a Boston accent: Gully Wash-ah….. That rolls right off my tongue!

      Best wishes on finishing your ark. 🙂

  11. Travel day today,500+ miles,and finally got to the Jumble ,online,w a snap solve on the anagrams and even faster cartoon solution.Tomorrow may be as busy,so not sure the Jumble will be a candidate.

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