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Good Morning, Everyone… 🥕IT’S ALL ABOUT GAINING…CONTROL🥕

🎶 Life gets that much harder…It makes you that much stronger. Oh, some pages turned…Some bridges burned…But there were…LESSONS LEARNED...🎶 “Lessons Learned” – Carrie Underwood. 2005

🥕Sometimes when trying to lose weight, a person must be SHREWD,
And get into a mindset that cannot be misconstrued…
ICONIC aids like Weight Watchers, now known as WW,
May seem too regimental with the weigh that one must follow…
One needn’t be an EXPERT to tell NORMAL from excess,
And knowing we can eat too much when feeling under stress
Hearing that SHRILL voice deep inside, knowing we’ll never lose…
Unless we change our habits…and the binges do DEFUSE
The facts to face, one has to grasp…and do some self-confessin’…
It’s discipline will win out…like this guy who LEARNED HIS “LESSEN”🥕

50 pounds? You gotta give it to this guy, am I right?… Weigh to go!
Ok…So not finding any new words this morning, I’m guessing maybe David’s list is shrinking…And despite all new anagrams, the Early Birds had no reason to chews a stumper, since they went through all of them like greased lightning…And now, let’s take a bite out of our cartoon…

So, here’s the skinny…Two guys, sitting around, watching TV and chewing the fat. We see that one is trying to tempt the other with some greasy snack food, but the other, who’s dieting is like…”No weigh…not even a few”. Why? Because he’s figured out the secret to shedding those 50 pounds. He’s taut himself well…He’s eating healthy, and letting the chips fall where they may…And he’s now LEARNED that LESS is more likely the right weigh to go. He’s LEARNED HIS “LESSEN”. And probably gained a few more years in the process…

Eye candy? It has to be that flaming red bag of chips. BBQ chips, with a potato in a chefs hat at the grill. Jeff’s whimsy at its finest. So, There you have it, Folks, Done. Another fun, light-hearted puzzle, well worth the weight…And here’s to a day full of happiness…Relish it…


16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/03/2020

  1. 📚The EXPERT in charge of evaluating the ICONIC set of books, thought he was SHREWD deciding to open the library during non-NORMAL working hours, but when he heard the piercing SHRILL sounds of the burglar alarm, he knew he needed to quickly DEFUSE his plan…and admitted that he LEARNED HIS LESSON…📚

    🦜The parrot although very SHREWD, just somehow didn’t seem NORMAL,
    He’d shriek so SHRILL whenever the Grandfather clock chimed so formal…
    His owner hired an EXPERT who promised to DEFUSE
    The horrible situation before his mind he would lose…
    The clock by now ICONIC, being imported from Essen
    Was staying put…the parrot knew to stop…and LEARNED HIS LESSON… 🦜

  2. Good morning. 😃 Another week slowly passed by. At least we are all lucky enough to participate in jumble every morning. Not too much trouble with the words except that normal wasn’t that normal to conquer for me. It was the last word I got. The cartoon answer took some time to solve but after going back to it a couple of times I finally nailed it. You know me with quotation marks so I wasn’t overwhelmed when I checked to see if I had it right and realized that’s all there was to that. Reminds me of a song. Thanks for always being there Angie, love your input. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Thank you Angela for that song. It’s the first time I heard the words. I’ve heard it before but not really listened to it. Very enjoyable. She had a mystery about her. One of those hidden gems. Take care.

  3. Hi Everyone –
    I agree, Angela, another fun one. Enjoyed your parrot poem and wondered how it would end.
    Defuse was my hardest clue word, and the answer took a while, too. I thought that the middle word would be And or His and that the first word would end in Ed. Looking at the remaining letters and trying L to start led me to Learned and finally Lessen.
    The key for me to losing weight was giving up juice, which I was drinking a lot. My husband and i have lost a few pounds being home these weeks, though I know others who have gained.

    • Hi Caroline…Add me to the list of those who’ve gained…Too much idle time on my hands, and burying sorrow as they say…And not to worry, I’d never harm the parrot! 🦜😉. Just a course in volume control! 😉 I like the way you approached the solve, and thanks for the Shout Out. Be well, Caroline and stay safe…🥕🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Easy one today for a Sunday. I too paused at defuse but other than that things fell into place nicely. Hope all of you are well. My neighbor just sent me a funny You Tube video. Check out Corona Virus Horse Race.

  5. Hi all – I always try IC at the end when it’s there, but I wasn’t expecting a double-IC trick to show ICONIC. NORMAL slowed me down a little, and since I was eating breakfast, I saw “FEED US” before trying ED at the end and then DE at the beginning to show DEFUSE. Had to write the answer letters, but got it from the L’s and S’s.

    First thought was that if this is how the guy looks after losing 50 pounds, he really did need that diet. He was “all that and a bag of chips”. And looking more closely at that bag made me think that Mr. Potato Head there is grilling up some of his relatives. (Remember the Jumble fish drummer using tuna fish cans in his drum kit?)

    Nice puns today Angela; “chew the fat” and “the skinny” made me laugh.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The would-be burglar thought he had become a SHREWD EXPERT by watching YouTube videos on how DEFUSE the alarm on the bank’s ICONIC old vault, but the SHRILL screech made him realize they had replaced the NORMAL mechanism with a new high-tech one.”

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