Jumble Answers for 01/18/2017







Happy Wednesday everyone!  EMBARK was the stinker for me this morning and it gave me a few minutes of pause.  That’s ok because I was able to get the kids lunches packed and enjoy a few sips of coffee.  I kept thinking about it and knew that we had seen it before.  When it finally hit me, I scribbled it down and moved on to the cartoon.  You can always tell when Mr. Knurek draws a caricature based on a real person.  They tend to have a unique look about them that is different than our regular Jumble cast.   In this case it was Robert Dennard and the resemblance was very close after a quick web search.  The answer was an easy solve and a clever pun for the finish.  The official Jumble coffee mug was also in the cartoon and if you fancy one for yourself, you can support our favorite Jumble cartoonist by ordering one here (☕️).  Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!  😀

6 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/18/2017

  1. Good morning. Embark was the last word I got. Took as long as getting the other three words which was only a couple of minutes. After two quick guesses the answer appeared. Another easy day. Am I missing something with these hidden treasures in the picture. You guys make me pull out the magnifying glass all the time now. I never looked for oddities before.

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    • Great job, Paul! I like to think that the “easter eggs” add another dimension to the puzzle besides the anagrams and pun. Jeff doesn’t add them all the time so it’s fun to point them out in my blog when they do appear. Maybe my blog (or me!) will show up one day in a cartoon. That would definitely make my whole year!!! 😎


  2. I too struggled with embark. Got the answer first and then worked backwards. I too appreciate all the little subtle items you point out. I too must sometimes get out my magnifying glass to see them properly.

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