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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! I didn’t find the anagrams to be overly challenging this morning. A brief paws on DIRIBE was pretty much my only delay. All of the clue words returned as having been previously used, and it was almost the same for the anagrams, with NCNNAO being the only holdout. After polishing off the words, it was interesting to note that all of them were arranged in reverse alphabetical order. By my count this is the third time it has happened this year.

    Today’s cartoon transports us to Jellystone Park where we see a sleuth of grizzlies having their photo taken. I got a nice chuckle out of the “picnic basket” line uttered by the photographer. It beats me as to why papa bear doesn’t like having his photo taken. Perhaps today’s excuse is that his cubs have been tuckering him out, or it just may be that he woke up on the wrong side of the den! Either way, mommy bear is right there to keep him in line. The majority of Jumble Jeff’s detail work seemed to focus on their outfits. The hairdo, ruffled collar, earring and eyelashes gave mom a feminine appearance. Dad was wearing a UCLA t-shirt, so he’s probably a fan of their mascot, Joe Bruin. The little girl cub looked adorable in her dress and she also had a bow in her hair. Last but not least was junior, who looks ready for basketball tryouts in his #1 jersey and shorts. My favorite detail was almost the snowcapped mountains in the background, but then I noticed the design on the camera strap and knew I had my winner.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 13-letters. Eight of them were consonants and five were vowels. We have had this idiom as a final answer before, but the last time we saw it on 06/22/12, AND was already given to us. For that reason alone I decided it best not to tag it as having been previously used as it wasn’t an exact match. I thought the letter layout did an excellent job of disguising BEAR, but I already knew what the answer was after reading the cartoon sentence and noticing the camera. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone, and keep Jumbling!

  2. Easy solve on both parts. This might be Tuesday……..
    I think I solved it faster than Mike, just saying!
    At this time Angela is probably already working on her third paragraph that includes all the anagram words and adding links songs that fit the puzzle.
    My wife got a root canal today and is feeling fine with no fever or pain so I am happy!

    • I’d welcome the challenge anytime, Mig. Great job on solving it so quickly!

      I’m glad to hear your wife’s procedure went well. I trust you’ve been waiting on her hand and foot while she recovers? 🙂

      • I pick one hand and one foot only to wait on, she has to handle the rest…..

  3. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🐻

    🐻 There is no “Watch the BIRDIE”, it’s * “picnic basket” instead,
    And it’s Jellystone the park we’re in…where Yogi Bear once tread…
    Way back in June of 2012, a puzzle featured him,
    Where he had failed to GUARD his health…and he was feeling grim
    The solve that day does match this one, although a different theme,
    But this photog’s not Yogi…despite what it now may seem…
    Here Mama Bear’s a TIGER…tells her UCLA mate,
    He better put a smile on, lest he’s definitely tempting fate…
    No CANNON roar we hear from Dad, although his mood is flat,
    He’ll smile for a picture by the Bear who wears no hat…
    But if you’re into Yogi…There was always a chapeau…*
    Jeff’s throwing us some whimsy…but the ones who know? You know
    Coincidence, the “basket” phrase that Jeff’s put in this skit?
    I doubt it, but like 2012, it’s all GRIN AND BEAR IT! 🐻

    * Yogi Bear, https://tinyurl.com/err6xt2y (who was never seen without his pork pie hat), along with his sidekick Boo-Boo in tow, famously loved to steal picnic baskets. And in addition to his signature “Smarter than the av-er-age Bear”, Yogi’s best known phrase was… “Hey Boo-Boo, let’s go get us a pic-a-nic basket”. Pic-AH-nic…So AH…bear with me here, but I think Jeff may just be feeding us a line! Oh, and let’s not forget that Yogi was also very adept at speaking in rhyme…Picture that! I can bearly contain myself! Have a good one, Folks. Be well, stay safe…and bear those teeth and smile! 🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. One of those days where you solve the puzzle before looking at the words! Thanks for the trip back in time, Angela! I didn’t remember those things, until you mentioned them! I can’t, for the life of me, remember that theme song though! 🤔 Cheers to All!

      • Thanks Mikey! A few days ago we were all talking about the apps available! I have been enthralled with “Just Two Words”! I have just two words! …..“Incredible Challenge! Boy it keeps me hitting the scramble button, until the cows come home! And I think I have a blister on my finger, for doing just that! Okay, just wanted to share, if anyone else plays that game too! Nighty Nite to all! 😴

  5. 🏌🏻‍♂️Hoping to score a BIRDIE, he had his GUARD up while playing, but his opponent had a CANNON-like swing and a TIGER-like aggression…so he decided he might as well GRIN AND BEAR IT, and just cut his losses…🏌🏻‍♂️

    🤷🏻‍♀️ She was told she should use TIGER Balm to ease arthritic pain,
    And GUARD against CANNON-like jabs that only caused more strain…
    What little BIRDIE told her?…She’d forgotten… must admit…
    But she’ll try anything, since she’s beyond GRIN AND BEAR IT! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Agree with others….a very easy solve today, even easier than carding a birdie at the golf course. I like these Jumble days.

  7. “Mr. Ranger, Sir,” was forever having to Grin and Bear It with Yogi Bear stealing “pic-a-nic baskets” in Jellystone Park. Many Baby Boomers, like me, loved Yogi but had to Guard against becoming a loose Cannon with wild Tiger-like tendencies that scared little Birdie(s). (You can tell that the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.)

  8. Good morning. No it’s not Monday, it’s Tuesday but you would never know it by today’s jumble. It was as easy as baking blueberry muffins. Which reminds me that I’m out of my breakfast treat for a week now. Think it’s time to stock up again. Starting to get tired of oatmeal. The words as well as the cartoon answer was a breeze. In less that a minute the answer popped into my head. The only difference is that I had bear and grin reversed at first. Think I was as smart as the aver-age bear at least. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  9. Hello:
    I wonder if the cartoon answer is : Grin and bare it —- as there are no quotes for the pun word “bear” and the photographer is asking the subjects to smile and bare their teeth?

    • I guess I’m not the only one who noticed that papa bear didn’t have any pants on!

      I’d say it all comes down to what “it” is referring to. In this example “it” was referencing the photograph, so “bear” would be correct. If he were in a proctologist’s office and the Doctor asked him to “Grin and bare it,” the “it” would be referencing his posterior, so he’d best be a good sport and paste a grin on his face!

      • FURthermore, neither does the photographer…I guess we can say they’re BEARly dressed! 🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

    • So did you get to see the Warriors Betty? I loved how Curry flicked away the little distraction of setting the franchise point record by scoring more than 18 in the first quarter alone, then going on to drop 53 points on Denver to seal the game and start a new winning streak.

      • I did indeed see history being made, Steve. Steph Curry is in a class all his own. Go Warriors!!

  10. Anagrams went quickly,but I was looking for bird or birdie in the cartoon solution as well,my mistake ,so the cartoon had me stumped ,a woeful start to a sunny but cool Tuesday Illinois.

  11. Hi all – BIRDIE was the word that took several jumbles after seeing DERBY, BRIDE and BRIBE among others. The answer was obvious from the letter layout.

    The camera lens doesn’t appear to be white, so I guess that’s not a CANNON (sic) brand camera.

    Nice working “Tiger Balm” into the post Angela! Haven’t thought of that in awhile.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “To GUARD the BIRDIE that flew into the enclosure from the hungry TIGER would require a CANNON.”

    • LOL! Tks…I’ve never tried Tiger Balm, but I guess I could bear it! 😉 And the MM once again😉! I toyed with a Canon camera too! Enjoy, Steve. Be well and safe…🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I never tried it either, and I’m not about to start now!
        I tried to work a “T-shirt CANNON” into the sentence (especially after watching the basketball game last night 😂 ) but no luck.

        • Launch a sentence with T-shirt Cannon? Not that easy with these words air today! 😂 And I dabbled with Cannon ball…with a nod to Curry…figured I’d work in point GUARD…go with a whole BB theme, but I bearly could make that work either…🤷🏻‍♀️

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