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  1. This was fun but the answer wasn’t satisfying for me.
    I got the anagrams quickly and it didn’t take long to buff-buff the solution but I didn’t really get it………………………
    I used to wax cars and waxed on and waxed off with the Karate Kid!
    I will be interested to see what Angela, Mike and the rest of you have to say!

    • Hey Mig. Good Morning. My take? There’s really two ways to look at it…David’s describing the guy as being a “BUFF” at what he does. Using the words “he knew a lot” tells us that he’s someone who has a strong, special interest in something…ie, he’s a BUFF. Here, the something being car waxes and polishes. He could have been a sports buff, or a food buff, etc. And Jeff’s drawn him to be very muscular…ie, he’s BUFF. He’s a BUFF BUFF. With the first BUFF being the adjective. But then, to shake things up a bit…Since David has him working as a man who BUFFs cars…there’s the dialogue, telling us that he’s mixed his own special blend of wax. The man knows his BUFF. So again, he’s a BUFF BUFF, a man who’s very adroit with polishes, known as BUFFs. There’s definitely extra polish to this whole thing. I think my choice would be the second one, although that first one with the brawn, does muscle it’s way in😉 IDK…I love them both…It’s very, very clever, no matter which way you take it..’Cause either way…it definitely SHINES! 🧽🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I agree it’s another interesting solution, Angela. Don’t know how these guys come up with this cleverness day in and out!

    • Since it’s already been explained, I’ll just go ahead and skip my posting for today. I’ll just add that UNFOLD was my hardest word, and it only came into view after using the UN trick.

      My favorite detail was the name of the car wash — A1A. For those unaware, A1A is a north-south Florida State Road that is 328.9 miles along. It stretches from Fernandina Beach in the north to Key West in the south. The Jumble “J” emblem on the hood of the vehicle was also fun to spot. Enjoy your day.

  2. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🧽🙋🏻‍♀️

    🧽 He worked apart from other STAFF, away from brushes FURRY,
    He serviced all the Jumble cars…meticulously, no hurry…
    He’d UNFOLD all his shammies, nothing FLABBY is seen here,
    Adroit with all things waxing, there is no one can compare
    Where other men at A1A might be just good enough…
    No own could muscle in on him…the man’s a true BUFF BUFF! 🧽

  3. 🕺🏻Setting up the photo shoot, the STAFF director felt that the model dressed in the FURRY vest appeared to be a little FLABBY…and he usually looked so BUFF…”BUFF’, he said, ‘UNFOLD the bottom of the vest…it’s making you look heavy”…🕺🏻

    🐻 The STAFF that shaped the FURRY bears, thought they were looking odd,
    Too FLABBY ‘round the middle…and it made their bodies plod
    How did it all UNFOLD this way? …It definitely got their gruff…
    ‘Cause now they’d have to whittle them…and then they’d need BUFF BUFF…🐻

  4. I always read the cartoon first, for some reason. Then with “staff” being the first word, had a sneaking suspicion it was Buff Buff. When it was obvious, I backfilled “unfold” rather quickly! Cute puzzle and cute comments! Thanks kids! On to my Wednesday Sudoku now!

  5. OMG! Sorry for the second post! The first never showed on my beloved Ipad! Feel like this now! 🤪 Yes, Mike, 3 star day today! Think it will take me a bit longer than today’s Jumble! Take care!

    • No worries, Kim. It sometimes takes a minute or two for comments to pass through the spam filter. Did you finish the Sudoku yet??? 😂

      • OMG No! Haven’t solved Sudoku yet! I’m still reeling from being stupid and posting here, twice! 😜😜Still working on it! Oh by the way… did I happen to mention to you guys that I had a sneaking suspicion of Buff Buff, because of Staff.. and blah blah blah……. (Just Kidding!) 🤣🤣🤣 Gonna wait between posts from now on!!!

  6. Good morning. Enjoyed the words today because nothing came at first glance. Despite Angela’s explanation of the cartoon answer I’m with Mig on the answer. It lacked that wow factor. I know it’s hard to knock it out of the box everyday, I wish I had their talent. That’s something to be proud of. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • If you think about it…it’s hard enough just stepping up to the plate everyday…let alone getting that long ball! 😉 But it’s always interesting, right? Have a good one, Brooklyn…Be well and stay safe! 🧽🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. I came up with FLOUND for the third word, meaning to struggle clumsily. I had my suspicion about it so I checked it out with an anagram program and got the surprise that it was UNFOLD instead. The word I was thinking of was FLOUNDER, which looks like it’s someone who flounds. Also the place in this cartoon, with the BUFF BUFF, must be Buffalo, NY.

    • I also came up w flound first but then looking it up,unfold came into view.The other double lettered anagrams came into view quicker,as did the cartoon solution,”buff,buff”, and despite the explanations,I thought it was a dumb solution,even though he was a buff expert.

  8. Another vote for “flound” here Took me a bit of time to arrive at “unfold”. Cartoon answer was easy and , yes, the fellow buffing looks buff, hence the answer. Forgot that the car wash in Breaking Bad was A1A – now that was a series that totally hooked me.

  9. Hi all – The UN trick gave me UNFOLD a lot more quickly than would have happened otherwise. I saw BUFF right away, but needed the letters to see that it was repeated.
    I also thought that they were referring to the muscles and forgot the sense of “buff” meaning having an interest in something. That seems to me to be a better fit; thanks Angela.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The STAFF at the shelter had to UNFOLD the big blanket quickly to keep the FLABBY FURRY panda from getting his coat dirty rolling around on the ground.”

    • Wow, Chuck, not only are you the Math Guy, but a History expert as well. Did you happen to see the recent CNN special about Lincoln “Divided We Stand? It was excellent. Go to the head of the class, Chuck.

    • Early April coincidentally has a *ton* of these dates – Civil War begins and ends, Fenway Park opens, Lincoln shot, the Titanic voyage and more!

    • With no disrespect, and not to take anything away from our resident Math Professor, but Chuck referencing Lincoln is our second Chuck, the History buff…🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. Thanks, Betty! I think.. Thanks, Angela. You’re always on top of things! It’s helpful being a history BUFF!

    • History BUFF! 😉 LOL! No, not I, Chuck, you. History, Hollywood, and movies. That’s all you. And ironically, if I’m not mistaken, the last time you posted here was on February 12th, Lincoln’s Bday…You mentioned that Abe was 212 on 2-12…a very astute observation! You’re missed here, Chuck. I always looked forward to reading your extremely interesting, well-written, sentences each day. And I hope you realize that I referred to you as the “second” Chuck, so as not to disrespectfully call you the “other” Chuck. I hope all is well with you and yours, Sir, and that you’re staying safe out there. Enjoy your day! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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