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Good Morning, Everyone!              🛌 ROOM SERVICE?🛌

🎶 SUITE DREAMS are made of this…Who am I to disagree? I travel the world
And the seven seas…Everybody’s looking for something…🎶 “Sweet Dreams” – The Eurythmics 1983

🛌 Where y’day a couple reigned with money left to spare,
Today we see another, money not their only care.
They INKED upon arrival and agreed to one bedroom,
But let’s be honest…not conducive if you’d like to spoon…
The STAFF can bring you wine to drink, but after you relax?
It’s kind of hard to seek romance with kids ’round …these are facts…
But luckily the management was willing to RELENT,
And upgrading afforded them some “peace”…of Heaven sent”…
So now they sit and happily RESUME their tête à tête,
A little privacy giving a lot less need to fret…
Cause whether it becomes the need to sleep or not it seems,
That now they get to have the choice…Good night to all…”SUITE” DREAMS!🛌

Except for a DOUBLE take at RESUME, today’s words were easily put to BED.
And to anyone who frequents HOTELS or MOTELS, today’s cartoon was a SUITE little surprise! Jeff PLACEs us in a setting that’s showing COMFORT, INNside a ROOM. We see a couple HILTON and MARRI OTT, sitting, relaxing over a glass of wine. In the background, completely shaded in blue, we see two little girls in bunk beds. I’m going with girls, even though the child in the bottom bunk caused a BLANK ET first. But I enlarged the pic and looking very closely, LODGED near her eyes, I saw tiny little eyelashes…which Jeff only draws on girls. A MINUTE ABSOLUTE, which Jeff is famous for. They’re ABED, but can be seen playing with what seems to be a tiny stuffed bunny. Off to the right, we see a LAMPSHADEd in pink, and a BED, in a SECOND BEDROOM. The dialogue between the OTTs is telling us that they’re looking forward to sleep. But HILTON looks wide AWAKE, while MARRI’s eyes are heavily shaded. Exhaustion? Or three SHEETS to the wind? Hard to tell…But with our question telling us that they’ve “UPGRADED to the TWO BEDROOMS“-the MiniSUITE, what would they now have? “SUITE” DREAMS! Good one, David! You’re a real SLEEPER! I mean Keeper!

Ok, eye candy. The aforementioned eyelashes are a great detail. And the children’s eyes drawn so exaggeratedly wide are a dead giveaway to their resistance to sleep, hence the need for that SECOND BEDROOM. But I’m going with the plastic cups HILTON and MARRI are using to drink their wine. No Wine Glasses? Was the STAFF INN-experienced? Hmm…I have my RESERVATIONS, but I guess any PORT in a storm, huh? So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And may all your DREAMS be SUITE! 🛌🍷🙋🏻




11 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/16/2018

  1. The wait STAFF would not RELENT and each week would RESUME their pleas to be allowed to be INKED.
    Had a short pause at RESUME but the others were quickly seen. The solution? Again with the dreaded inverted commas which always give me palpitations—well at least a bit of forehead sweat.
    After tossing RESTED as a possibility, I finally got the answer.
    Love your song choice Angela—hard to believe the song is that old—yikes. Where do the years go? Your poem took a twist that I was not expecting. Guess I never worried about why my parents would want separate bedrooms when I traveled as a youngster. Now I get it—clever.
    Thanks for the eye candy and other details you discovered. I always seem to miss something and that’s one of the great features of this site.
    Off to do my Thursday chores—I’ll check in later.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. INKED? I didn’t take you for the Tattoo Type! 😉 Nicely done!…And you gave me a chuckle at your “separate rooms” observation…Thanks for the Shout Outs, it was easy to work with..Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you have a great day! 🛌🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Excellent song choice. In my head I had Blondie singing that song so I had to check out both versions. Sorry, it’s a guy thing. Blondie was so sexy and mysterious, at least to me. I think they both sound the same. Anyway Angela between the songs, poems and clever puns you hit a home run, like our beloved Mets. Earl, it’s amazing how you fit those words in with the least amount to say. I found the words to be fairly easy for me. Both the six letter words took an extra minute or so to solve. Now the cartoon answer was another thing. I drew a complete blank. This time I wasn’t worried about the quotation marks either. I put the paper down and came back a half hour later and still drew a blank. It was then that I looked for your blog and gave up. Hey tomorrow is another day, and speaking of tomorrow, Take Care.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn…I was a Blondie fan too…Altho hardly for the same reasons as you! I’m so glad I have you paying such close attention to the music…But you did tell me that you were strictly 50’s-60’s…so I’m a bit surprised that she/they were on your radar. Thanks for the Shout Outs, it was fun. And the Mets analogy had me LOL! What got into them last night? 16 runs! It’s all or nothing, right? Crazy game…Glad to help with the solve…it was a SUITE solution! Have a good one, Bud, and try to stay cool! Ciao, Bello! 🛌🙋🏻


  3. Thanks Paul–it’s not always easy to be brief with the words–especially on Sundays or when there is more than one verb.
    I also struggled with today’s pun. I had to do something else and then come back, twice, before the “Eureka” moment hit. Interesting how some solutions appear immediately and others……
    Have a great Thursday.

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  4. Hi all – Saw RESUME after putting the U in SUM, then INKED actually took me the longest. Thought the first answer word might be NIGHT or SWEET, but didn’t realize the pun until I wrote the letters.

    I wondered whether Earl would use RESUME in the sense of “begin again” or an application for a job. If staff doesn’t relent soon, they may need resumés.

    Made me laugh Angela with “sheets to the wind”, and I also thought it odd that they would be drinking wine from a shot glass or cup until you explained that they’re in a hotel. Loved the song too, one of MTV’s early hits, and I’m in awe of Annie Lennox’s voice on “Would I Lie to You”, and performing “Fool on the Hill” during the Beatles’ tribute.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    PS This morning I noticed, first at Peet’s and then at Safeway, that all the “songs from the ceiling” were subdued and in a minor key. Then when I read the news today (oh boy), I wondered if they had actually programmed it that way in tribute. It’s possible, and if not, it was appropriate anyway.
    🎵”Hey Nineteen, that’s ‘Retha Franklin
    She don’t remember the Queen of Soul
    It’s hard times befallen The Soul Survivors
    She thinks I’m crazy but I’m just growing old”🎵 (Steely Dan)
    RIP to a great artist. I’m sure her soul won’t be in the ‘lost and found’ very long. There are so many who will “come along to claim it.”


    • Hey, Steve..I gave the word a thought myself this morning. But I think Earl looked at it logically, as I did. Without the accent agiu (I think that’s what it’s called, right)? It can’t be résumé. And the accents aren’t used in Jumble words, sooo….RESUME it is! Thanks for the Shout Outs, glad I gave you a laugh…TBT..I laughed myself! 😉 But you’re giving me credit that’s undeserved…It wasn’t me that gave you the Hotel, “LODGING” was right there in the “question” Yea, RIP Miss Aretha. She’d been suffering for some time now with that dreaded “C”, and we knew for the last few days that her time had come, but it was still sad hearing it today. 😥 I think I just heard that there’s to be a Special Edition of ABC’s 20/20, 8-9 PM tonight. Hope you’re having a good one, G. Talk to you later. 🙋🏻


  5. Hi, all! My solve was 2 words easy, 3 self-jumbles for RELENT, and had to back into RESUME after solving the cartoon answer.

    My comments will be brief for a while because the medicine my doc gave me for gaining weight is working great but makes me sleepy. My daughters agreed & liked it last night when I said that the med made me keep FOCUSED on my meals, NOT DISTRACTED so not grabbing the Jumble before eating my eggs & toast while still hot, WALKING rather than running around, and TOLERANT of a few messes.

    However, they both disagreed when I said that I felt like a LETHARGIC ZOMBIE. Diane, the younger one, age 55, who has raised 4 children, asked me what percentage of the little pill my doc prescribed was I taking, and I had to admit ¼. Our first born, Joyce, age 57, who raised Josh West, said, “Mother, you might feel lethargic & zombie-like but that tiny amount of med you take does not even bring you down to normal!”

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    • Hi Lelia. RESUME slowed most everyone down today, it was brilliantly anagrammed. Hope you’ll be feeling 100% soon. Have a good one. 🛌🙋🏻


  6. This jumble really surprised me. I thought for sure the answer was DREAM SUITES. It was a DREAM as it was a lifetime dream to have a hotel suite like this, and dreams occur in a hotel room because its main purpose is to provide a place to sleep. To me this is one of the most ambiguous jumbles I have seen in a long time.


    • Hey Jim..Good Morning..I must disagree…Hotel rooms are a dime a dozen! But SWEET DREAMS are not! They’re a blessing! But there it is right there…The pun..SUITE Dreams? It’s a classic! And it’s a Family Blog…so we can’t go into the “main purpose…to sleep”! 😉 I wish you could have enjoyed it more…I think it was a gem! Have a good one…🙋🏻


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