Jumble Answers for 08/15/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!             ✈️  FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES? ✈️

🎶 Come FLY with me, let’s FLY,  let’s FLY away…If you can use some exotic booze, there’s a bar in far Bombay…Come FLY with me, let’s FLY, let’s FLY away….🎶 “Come Fly With Me” – Frank Sinatra   1958 

✈️ Conspicuous consumption is what we’re seeing here…
A couple living lavishly while flying in the air.
They’re being HUGELY pampered, the perks are off the chart…
The masseuse with his POKER face is just a tiny part.
They’re dining on big lobsters, a champagne flute is shown
They INSIST on the very best, and money sets the tone…
Like CHESS they take their places, only First Class will do
They don’t intend to sit abreast from folks like me and you.
It’s nice to have such money, to spend without a care…
Especially while traveling…its pure luxury in the air.
We all crave things indulgent, human nature comes with vices…
And when you’re rich you can include paying these SKY HIGH PRICES! ✈️

Checking our words, I found three Sweet Repeats from the past. HUGELY couldn’t be found, and may very well be appearing here in the Jumble for the FIRST time. It also seems to be the word that may cause a LAYOVER today. Four friends had CONTACTed me by 4:30 this morning, CLAIMing RED EYES from staring at it, and needed some help being COACHed through it. Two of them questioned its existence…So, I’m dubbing it the BIG trouble word for today…On to our cartoon and it’s solution…We’re aboard an AIRLINER, seated in FIRST CLASS. We see a couple, RICH, and his wife PAM…(short for PAMpered), a masseuse, and a female FLIGHT Attendant. Our dialogue is telling us that despite the seats being so expensive, they were worth every Penny …Pennies? HA! You can get your bottom DOLLAR there were no pennies on SCHEDULE here! These seats were definitely SKY HIGH…So, the answer to the question of what the couple could well afford? The SKY-HIGH PRICES! WAY TO GO, David…you always SOAR ABOVE the rest

Ok, eye candy. RICH, dressed in a black T-Shirt and jeans, holds a Champagne Flute, or perhaps an Aperitif flute. My uncertainty STEMS from the smaller size of it. He’s sporting a pony-TAIL,  a mustache and a soul patch…hAIRy Dude…PAMpered is dressed in Chartreuse and Burgundy…which attests to the fact that MONEY doesn’t necessarily buy Fashion CENTS, and two wrongs don’t make a right…Although two WRIGHTS did make an AIRPLANE! The masseuse is wearing either a sleeveless tank-top, with a sweater tied around his neck, or a hooded tank-top. We’re still looking for any CENTS of that HIGH Fashion…Lastly, our Flight Attendant, resplendent in a shade of blue, carries a steaming Lobster on a tray. We may have a winner…Her TASTE seems to be aboveBOARD…But I think I’m BOEING with RICH’s AIR…He has three piercings, and is wearing AIRrings in three different sizes…Personally? I’m not in YAW…and I’d have him TAKE OFF at least two of them…So, ThAIR you have it Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And get out there today and WING it! ✈️🙋🏻


19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/15/2018

  1. In POKER and CHESS, a player is HUGELY favoured to win, I INSIST, if he shows little or no emotion.
    Hugely did slow me down and I was unsure if it was correct until I wrote down all the circled letters and studied the cartoon and knew that the letters did in fact fit. Interesting word.
    Ah Sinatra again for another anthem I admire. Thanks Angela. For some reason your choice brought “High Hopes” to mind also. I suspect, I’ll be humming it as I walk today.
    Your poem? Seems to flow as effortlessly as those Jumbo Jets through the cloudless skies we have this AM. Thanks for pointing out details I either could not see in black and white or just skipped over. I did not notice the high-roller having three piercings—perhaps his money came from being a professional poker player???
    Have a good day everyone—we are getting a reprieve from the rain—YEAH!!

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    • Good Morning, Earl. You got that right! Gotta have that POKER face! LOL..Nicely HANDled! That HUGELY? Caused a lot of discussion this morning! My “Morning Men” were UP in arms! They make me laugh! So much passion, so much determination…so damn early in my morning! 😂 I may need to change my number!!! LOL…Our song choice? YW..and Thank you…You know how I feel about that Blue-eyed little Devil! He’s always made my blood PRESSURE SOAR! And I like 🎶High Hopes🎶 too…another hit of his. Hum away! 😉 Thanks for the Poem Nom, the words just FLEW out this morning…In fact I wrote it whilst emailing back and forth with a friend…and never broke stRIDE…It wasn’t a BUMPY ride at all! Easy subject…Our guy RICH? A POKER player? Good one! But yep, three piercings…Not exactly my idea of a suitable SEAT mate…I’ve just never TAKEN OFF with a man who either wears more jewelry than me…or who has longer hAIR! I like a man to be more GROUNDED…Know what I mean??? 😂😂 Happy to hAIR the rain’s stopped. Let’s enjoy it while we can! We’re on tap for a scorcher DOWN hAIR today…August! These Dog Days of Summer! Have a good one, Earl…✈️🙋🏻

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  2. Good morning. An extra good morning to you Angela. I had a sneaky suspicion that you would pick “the chairman of the board”. You did get me to laugh with your poem and very cleaver puns. You also pointed out all the extras that I never picked up. Oh, thanks Earl on another good opening. Today’s jumble was fun to do. I agree that Hugely was the hardest of the words. But just a tad more than the others. After writing down the letters I noticed no “a”, so that knocked out some words I was thinking of. Then a minute later the answer came to me. For the three letter word I saw Sky and the rest just followed. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Tell me…The “A”? I bet I know…you were going for PLANE? It just seemed to fit in thAIR, right? 😉 So happy to hAIR I made you laugh! It makes my morning… Thanks for the Shout Outs! And you’re welcome for the eye candy…I especially liked the Lobster…just beCLAWS I do so love a good Lobster! Yes, I think HUGELY will be our stumper today, PLANE and simple…And were you really thinking the Chairman? I’m making a regular Music Man out of you, aren’t I? 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻Three ChAIRs!!😉 Always a pleasure, Brooklyn! Have a good one, and stay cool! We’re in for a hot one today! ✈️🙋🏻


    • Forgetaboutit. I was just an average student throughout H.S. and college. Maybe it’s a Brooklynese thing because,it didn’t take me long to get it. My friend after she thinks she has the word she looks it up in the dictionary.

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    • Hey Professor…Where’ve you been? Maybe it was the way it was anagrammed, but it threw a few people off so far today. ..I don’t think I’ve ever used the word in my entire life! ✈️🙋🏻


      • I was up to Chicago for Jim Thome day there on Sat at the WSox game and am leaving this afternoon for Cleveland, for their Sat Jim Thome game.Living in Macomb,65 miles from Peoria,I am a ‘huge’ Jim Thome fan,and hailing originally from Cleveland,also a big Cleveland Indians fan.

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      • The Indians I know about, you’ve mentioned it before. The Thome is new news! Such dedication! I like that. And there’s “rumors” circulating of him possibly becoming a Major League manager…Sounds great, Prof. Have a great time! ⚾️🙋🏻


    • These adverbs are strange. HUGELY is a word, but SMALLY and LITTLELY (or LITTLY) are not words. LARGELY and ENORMOUSLY are words but BIGLY is not a word as far as I know, and neither is TINILY. No rhyme or reason to them.

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      • Hey Jim. Good Morning My sentiments exactly. It’s always been my least favorite part of speech. And this morning, as part of my crew was “debating” it’s legitamously, I was thinking how odd they are as a rule…HUGELY just looks wrong! Have a good one! ✈️🙋🏻


  3. No problem with the clue worse and cartoon puzzle today though hugely does look odd and don’t think I’ve ever used it in a sentence. I don’t travel first class and find travel by airplane positively uncivilized these days. Happy Wednesday everyone.

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    • Good Morning Betty Total agreement…on all counts. And 👏🏻 to “uncivilized”. You hit the nail on the head with that one! Happy Wednesday to you too! ✈️🙋🏻


  4. Hi, all! I liked our Jumble puzzle today showing the happy couple enjoying the luxuries of flying first class. After working a bit at solving on Monday & Tuesday, I finally had a quick & easy solve today.

    Enjoy your day!


  5. Hi all – Same here; put the LY at the end and came up with HUGELY. Questioned the spelling, but figured that I couldn’t think of any other way to spell it, so just went with it. Couldn’t figure out where they were going with the answer, but writing the letters gave HGH, which led to HIGH and the solution.

    Great WRIGHT-up today, Angela. Are you saying we should come fly with you because, in other words, the best is yet to come? 😂. I’m picturing David Hoyt back in coach picking up clues for more destinations in Word Search World Traveler.

    I don’t want to cause a FLAP about this, but like many of us, that geezer can’t muster up enough remaining hair for a man bun; that’s just a ponyTAIL.

    Hope you all have smooth flying or sailing through your day today!


    • Hey G. Since 4:30 this morning, all I keep thinking of is DL Hughley! It’s killin’ me! Thanks for the Shout Out, And you can be my Seat Mate anytime..but how’d you know? Sailing it is..it’s a zillion degrees here…the water helps! You’re welcome aBOARD anytime! Just one thing…check your FLIGHT SCHEDULE…you changed COURSE with your Italian singers…😂 Tks for the HEADS up, you’re WRIGHT, it is a pony tail., I’m going to TRIM my comments….but I think he’s definitely showing enough to swing that bun, just needs to LIFT it OFF his neck…But IMO? You’ll lose on the age thing. Look closer, he’s definitely no geezer..Have a good one, Bud…And do you really think Dave FLIES Coach? I diSPELL the idea! ✈️🙋🏻


  6. Hi, Steve! Good news! Yesterday our PCP gave me a tiny pill to try and to use only until I gain my weight back. This morning I cut one in fourths, which gave me a minuscule piece slightly larger than 1/16th inch square. Thirty minutes later when I began eating my breakfast, I noticed that I was focused only on my breakfast rather than grabbing the Jumble as usual, finishing it before breakfast and eating cold eggs. Today I had a nice hot breakfast and a quick Jumble solve.

    Steve, I am amazed at the funny stuff you hear being said by sports reporters. This quote kept me laughing for quite a while. After a game in which a big clumsy player “came rollin’ and stumblin’ into third base, a writer asked, ‘How would you rate that slide?’ and Bruce Boche said, ‘You mean on the Richter Scale?’ “ That is tooo funny!


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