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Happy Tuesday, everyone! All of the clue words appeared to be old favorites at first, but a closer inspection revealed that FUNNEL is actually making its debut appearance this morning. It was used in a surprise answer of “FUNNEL” VISION on 1/23/15 but that doesn’t count. DENTAL took a few extra seconds to decipher which made it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day.

The setting for today’s cartoon is an office where we see a man and a woman having a conversation. The characters don’t appear to be our normal Jumble cast and the cartoon sentence reveals that the woman is actually Olivia De Havilland. The man that is seated is drawn in the likeness of Jack Warner who was the president of Warner Brothers Studios during the golden age of Hollywood.

Mr. Warner is interested in casting Ms. Havilland as Maid Marian in a new movie called “The Adventures of Robin Hood”. He can be seen showing her a head shot of Errol Flynn who has already agreed to star in the film. Havilland and Flynn would go on to make nine films together and would eventually become one of Hollywood’s most popular romantic on-screen pairings. Ms. Havilland is still alive and just celebrated her 102nd birthday on July 1st!!!

The letter layout for the final solve contained 11-letters and kept the answer very well hidden. The visual clue of Errol brought FLYNN immediately to mind leaving IN and LIKE to be found shortly thereafter. If you weren’t quite sure who these characters were, you were most likely in for a very difficult solve. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶When a STAR is born they possess a gift or two…One of them is this…They have the power to make a wish come true…When you wish upon a STAR, makes no difference who you are…Anything your heart desires will come to you…🎶 “When You Wish Upon A Star” – Linda Ronstadt 1986

    🎥 The stories of old Hollywood were always fascinatin’…
    The glamour and the gossip about who and who was datin’.
    A man like Errol Flynn who’s reputation was well known,
    Was said to be like catnip to a KITTY or a Joan…
    The talk like through a FUNNEL, it passed easy through the town,
    PIANO Bars and Cabarets all knew of his renown.
    A swashbuckler who’s smile sent the DENTAL world a twitter…
    He stood out from the crowd well known for all its glam and glitter.
    His name alone caused woman’s sighs, his acting drew the males,
    And this was why the studio used him to sign females…
    A movie project with him…they knew they’ve have a win…
    And signing on a co-star meant that they’d be IN LIKE FLYNN! 🎥

    As soon as I read today’s cartoon, and saw that the name WASN’T mentioned? I was IN LIKE FLYNN. A common old time expression, meaning to have quickly or achieve easily a desired goal, it’s one I remember hearing ever since I was a little kid. If you’re not familiar with it, there’s a lot of information on-line. Was it coined because of ERROL FLYNN beating a statutory rape case in 1943? Who knows, because there’s some data that says it was heard as early as 1940, and other data saying it was heard in 1946, after winning his case. Were people HOODwinked into believing it? OLIVIA up to you… But I guess you could say it’s a Sweet Repeat, just like three of our words today, all seen here in the latter part of 2017. Only FUNNEL seems to be new, although back on January 23rd, 2015, a puzzles’ solution was “FUNNEL Vision”, a cute pun indeed… So, with no TICK ET any of our words, I went on to our MAIN ATTRACTION…

    Hollywood: The late 1930’s…JACK WARNER, head of Warner Brothers Studios, is seen asking OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND, if she’d be interested in playing Maid Marian to ERROL FLYNN’S Robin Hood. Having already starred with him in Captain Blood, the 1935 box office success, (actually, they went on to star in 9 movies together) and “liking” him, and our dialogue telling us she says…”I love Errol” of course she agrees, and she’s IN LIKE FLYNN! Good one, David! A HIT!

    Ok, eye candy…We see what’s now become a vintage black PHONE on the desk…Good CALL, Jeff. Potted plant in the corner, nondescript..I’ll LEAF it alone. Great period clothing, Jacks’ brown pinstripe suit, nice SHOWing, but more so, Olivia’s red feather-plumed green hat. Take a CLOCHE look, you’ll see…Hairdo, on point…Warners’ image is a good LIKEness, with his signature mustache, and Olivia, well PRETTY good. But Jeff? You know I LIKE your work…In fact we can probably say..”I love Jeff’s work…” But that PICTURE of Errol? I hate to say this…But you know that old “took from the rich and gave to the poor”? The poor guy was robbed! So, There you have it, Folks, ITS A WRAP! Have a great day, Everyone! And “I’ll See You At The Movies”…🎥🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Thanks Mike on some interesting facts. 102 yrs,I wonder if she still has all her faculties. There is so much valuable stories in all those years. Angela,nice song choice,poem and puns. I had no idea about that extra tidbit you gave about Mr Flynn. Today’s jumble was easy breezy. Like Mike I took an extra few seconds on Dental. That would be my choice for hardest word. Once I put down the letters and got to the cartoon,the answer came quickly. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Thanks for the Shout Outs. I’ve read a few bios on him over the years..you wouldn’t believe half the stuff that went on in the “Glory” Days of Old Hollywood! I’m sure it’s all out there on line…Have a good one, Bud. Ciao! 🎥🙋🏻


  3. When You Wish Upon A Star……Pinocchio 1940…sung by Jiminy Cricket ……voiced by Cliff Edwards….Disney Productions….Went on line and played it and cried all the way through it!


  4. Morning, all –
    I got the answer but didn’t really get it. I can’t recall ever hearing that expression before. I imagine this is a tough one for younger Jumblers, who might not even know Flynn. Luckily, there is JA to help. Wishing all a great day.

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  5. KITTY,, a PIANO teacher, had major DENTAL problems. because of her fondness for FUNNEL cakes.
    Clue words=–no problem. Solution—took a while even though I am familiar with Errol’s last name. Clever play on an old expression, which might be regional rather than national?? Certainly is generational–haven’t heard it in years.
    Great details and background Mike—surprised to learn that Ms. DeHaviland is still alive. Hope she is doing well.
    Your song choice surprised me, Angela, but it brought back memories of watching “The Wonderful World of Disney” on television—it was the introductory or theme song, I believe.
    Are you morphing into British spellings—I noticed “glamour” this morning–oops. That’s one of those “OUR” worlds that we both agree on–UK and USA. Strange.
    Errol Flynn certainly made good copy for the fan magazines back in the days before television, the web and social media. I suspect today he would not be able to get an acting job.
    Super soggy day up here—the coastal rains have finally paid us a visit. Bumbershoot day–auto-correct doesn’t like that word but I seem to remember it as a synonym for umbrella. Any help???

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    • Hey Earl. Good Morning. We do spell glamour the same way here, not that I’d mind British speak! 😉 Yes, it was/is the Disney trademark song. I just went with what first popped into my head with Star. And I went with Linda’s rendition because not only is it hauntingly beautiful…but I was listening to it Sunday night! You got our weather…Sorry! And I don’t think we’re done down here yet..And yes, you’re right..Bumbershoot is synonymous with umbrella! Stay dry! ☔️ 🙋🏻


  6. I thought I remembered some other info on Olivia de Havilland than others posted, so I used our old friend, Google. I was right—she and Joan Fontaine were sisters and famously feuded—one of the sadder aspects of her career. I won’t give away where she was born.

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  7. Easy time of it this morning but I immediately thought that younger puzzlers would have difficulty with today’s offering. My favorite Olivia De Havilland role is that of Melanie in “Gone With The Wind”, one of my favorite movies of all time. I watch it every time it’s on and even bought the DVD – terrific cast. Happy Tuesday everyone.

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    • Betty…It’s one of my top three favorites too, and I have the DVD. And no matter how often I see it..when that close up of Gable’s face comes on screen? 😘 I lose my breath as if I’m seeing him for the first time! ❤️ LOL! Have a good one! 🎥🙋🏻


      • God, yes. even without opening his mouth to speak! And then when he did? That voice! LOL..
        Do you collect the Gone With The Wind Hallmark ornaments? There’s a few where he speaks? I think I have them all. A lot of them are of Scarlett, of course, dress after dress, but the ones with him are my favorites. He’s the reason I started putting up a separate Christmas Tree for the Little Ones. They thought they could just have their way with my Rhett’s! I almost had a breakdown! 😂😂 So we got all new ornaments for them, and they can manhandle them any way they please…and I don’t turn into Scrooge! 😂🎅🏻


  8. Hi all – The ‘UN’ trick didn’t work, but putting the double letters together gave FUNNEL. Then it took a couple of tries to see DENT and DENTAL.
    Yes, I also thought that there wouldn’t be many younger people who knew either the actors or the saying. The only reason I know the expression “In like Flynn” at all is because of the James Coburn movie “In Like Flint” which used it as a pun, and that itself is over 50 years old now.

    I like the caricature of Jack Warner so much it makes me want to see Jeff draw John Waters someday. I think he would really do that mustache justice.

    Not much else to comment about, so I’ll just wish you a great day before I ramble on.

    Baseball ramble about A’s/Mariners last night:
    Quote from A’s closer Blake Treinan “Tonight’s a testament to how good (the Mariners) are.”
    One inning summary sounded like a secret menu item at “In-N-Out” Burger – “I’ll have a ‘Walk-Stolen Base-Double-Double’. “
    There was a slide by Mark Chapman that was so comically ugly it reminded me of one in a Giants game awhile back. One of the big clumsy guys came rollin’ and stumblin’ into third. After the game one of the writers asked “How would you rate that slide?” and Bruce Boche said “You mean on the Richter Scale?” 😂


  9. I’ll just pass along this item from Leah Garchik in the SF Chronicle uniting the rock and baseball worlds. (The Grateful Dead did perform the national anthem at a Giants’ game on 4/12/1993, story here:)

    “In this, the month of Jerry Garcia’s birthday, the Rex Foundation announced a new Jerry Garcia Tribute Night venue: Wrigley Field in Chicago, on Aug. 27. Apparently, it’s a ritual that is spreading: The first such tribute, of course, was at AT&T Park (this year’s was Thursday), and there was a Dead tribute night at a Red Sox game at Fenway Park in July.”


  10. Hi, all! It’s 2:30 my time and 5:30 for you east coasters. I had an early appointment with our PCP and he was a changed man. He gave me a referral to a new cardio dr. who is very good, and he also wrote the prescription correctly for my cough med. Jerry & I celebrated by eating out at Cracker Barrel.

    Some of you have a fear of the quotation marks & other stuff. I have developed a fear of the fourth word when I solve the first 3 quickly. I flew through the first 3 today but hit a brick wall with the fourth and said that I’d get my scrabble tiles out when we got back home to solve the cartoon answer. However, at the dr office, I took a quick glance at my 9 self-jumbles for DENTAL and knew it immediately. One look at my line of circled letters from the clue words, and … DONE!

    Enjoy your evening and sleep tight tonight!

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    • Hi, Lelia! I’m glad to hear that you were able to get a referral for another Doctor that you’re more comfortable with. I suffer from white coat disease so anytime I HAVE to go to the Doctor, it’s always nice knowing that it’s an appointment with someone that I’m comfortable talking to.

      DENTAL did flummox me as well and at first I saw it as LADENT. I almost went with it until DENTAL jumped out at me from nowhere.

      I trust that both you and Jerry had a wonderful lunch. I’m currently packing up a few items to leave for a couple of days. My wife will be attending a conference in Southern Massachusetts and I’m going to be her chauffeur. Grandma was nice enough to take over the parental duties and give us a break. Talk soon!

      P.S. The brownies weren’t as gooey as I wanted them to be. I’ll do the OO next time. 😊


      • Hi, Mike! Loved hearing from you and can’t thank you enough for telling me you’ll be gone for a couple of days so I won’t worry about you and your family, and I loved hearing that you’ll have the best babysitter available, Grandma. I enjoyed spoiling mine rotten & then giving them back to mom & dad.

        Your suffering from white coat syndrome is a man thing. Jerry has it, too, and his main symptoms are elevated blood pressure & anxiety.

        About your brownies, we use store brands of some things & sometimes just buy what’s on sale, but I have found that for boxed brownies, I prefer only Betty Crocker.

        MA temp 83, NH temp 84, AZ temp 89. Enjoy, Mr. Chauffeur!


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