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Happy Friday, Jumble friends! We have a new clue word appearance today with SLYLY, but it wasn’t any trouble to decipher after using the LY trick. The LY trick is when you see an LY in a Jumble, place it at the end of your solution. It eliminates two letters and most of the time the answer will jump right out at you. PULPIT took a few extra seconds to come into view and is my choice for the most difficult anagram of the day. We last saw it on 12/15/17 where it was jumbled the exact same way. After solving all of the clue words, I noticed that they’re all in reverse alphabetical order. And going a step further, they’re all in ascending order in which they last appeared in the puzzle (if you omit SLYLY, of course). The dates were 7/12/17, 12/15/17, and 8/9/18.

Moving along to the cartoon, we see a woman in a hospital bed with a man and a nurse beside her. The dialogue and sentence informs us that the woman is need of a blood transfusion and her boyfriend just happens to be a match. The patient appears to be in good spirits and has a look of relief on her face as she hears the wonderful news.

The details in today’s panel were sparse with only a couple catching my attention. The nurse was wearing an ID tag attached to her shirt that had a small caricature of her face and some scribble lines next to it. It’s probably safe to assume that the scribbles would be her name and title. The patient has a wristband on her left hand which has three small squiggly lines on it. The final detail was the IV bag above the patients head. If you look closely, you can see the tubing line come out of the bottom of the bag and attach to the top of her right hand.

The letter layout for the final solution was a magnificent mashup of 11-letters. The anagram gave absolutely nothing away and it even started with THE to throw us off track. I noticed that the wording of the cartoon sentence, as well as the dialogue between the characters, didn’t use TYPE when talking about the blood. Crossing out those letters brought HER into view leaving JUST to finish it off. This wasn’t an overly difficult puzzle for a Friday, but the addition of a new clue word and a cryptic letter layout for the surprise answer left me in A POSITIVE mood. Have a fantastic Friday, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/17/2018

  1. ๐ŸŽถ O, O, O…It’s magic you know, Never believe, it’s not so…It’s magic, you know…Never believe, it’s not so…Never been awake, never seen a day break, leaning on my pillow in the morning…Lazy day in bed, music in my head…Crazy music playing in the morning light….O, O, O, It’s magic..you know…๐ŸŽถ “Magic” – Pilot 1974

    ๐Ÿ’‰ I guess it would be helpful if you found yourself a beau,
    Who matched your blood type perfectly…but then there’s always “O”
    The negative that’s positively perfect for us all,
    The THEME of this is not exactly keeping me enthralled.
    I’m not big on discussing blood, no Bully-PULPIT here,
    A blood type’s not the thing to check…when thinking to endear…
    But this is not the time and place, I SLYLY will imply,
    The single people out here know the how, the what, the why.
    No need to speak of details, and not one to look to INJURE,
    Decorum takes its preference here, on that we do concur…
    Let’s leave it as we found it, not make blood a lot of hype…
    The A, the B, the AB mix? Whatever’s JUST HER TYPE! ๐Ÿ’‰

    So early in the morning…With enough already on my PLATE..LETS not get into BLOOD. But it is what it is, so AORTA just get it done…I’m POSITIVE about three of our words, SLYLY not so much. It could be ‘A’ new word, or it could ‘B’ not. THEME? No not the puzzle’s THEME, the word THEME? We just solved it here on August 9th! A mere 8 days ago! I mean, I don’t want to B NEGATIVE, but is this a TYPE O? Anyway…on to our cartoon. Hospital room. A woman lies on a bed. Her boyfriends there, and they gaze lovingly at one another. The boyfriend is sweetly touching her, and a Nurse is standing along side. Since my paper prints the Jumble in color, it’s not easy getting past the bag of BLOOD, that’s just hanging there like a big Red CLOT. I mean blot…I tried looking away, but it was all in VEIN, because I needed to read the dialogue, so..”Perfect match”, “Made for each other”…”Like you”…Transfusion? She’s lucky because he’s: JUST HER TYPE! Very clever, David! Right on POINT!

    Ok, eye candy. First glance, I wondered if we were seeing a young Jeff and Kathy, but I can’t be POSITIVE…no eyeglasses. LENS just skip it. There’s the nurses ID Badge, and she has the cutest smile, but that’s not the POINT. And there’s the woman’s bracelet, but the writing’s inELIGIBLE…I guess it’ll have to B that DRAWING OF BLOOD. Even though it made me see RED! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…B POSITIVE, avoid the NEGATIVE and just try to go with the FLOW…But don’t look to find a MATCH with a phlebotomist…He’ll always be looking to NEEDLE you about something…๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป

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  2. Good morning. Thanks Mike for you input. You always bring out the hidden treasures. Angela,another three rounds of excellence. Meaning song,poem and very cleaver puns. A little laugh on Plate…let’s. I’m well aware of blood transfusions. I’ll leave it at that. Today’s jumble was no problem for me. I went straight down the row of words. An extra ten seconds on Injure which is my choice for hardest word. I did check to see if I was correct with the spelling of them all especially since Slyly gave me a little doubt that I might be wrong. The cartoon answer was easy breezy once I put down the letters and Just,popped right out. The other two words followed. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Hey Brooklyn…Good Morning. I’m just getting back to the Island. Was out there by you…Well close anyway…Manhattan Beach, and a stop in Gravesend….Thanks for the Shout Outs…I’ve been called a Triple Threat before, but not in such a kindly way! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ LOL…You can see I just told Betty that I laughed over my Platelets pun too, but I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I think you and I were probably in the same boat. Slyly is another one of those pesky adverbs…Like HUGELY that we had on Wednesday. They’re strange figures of speech, IMO…STICKLERS…But they’re out there, and I guess we have no choice but to deal with them…Have a good one, Brooklyn…Stay cool! ๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป


  3. Not wanting to castigate or INJURE, the pastor SLYLY avoided mentioning specific sins in his THEME from the PULPIT.
    Clue words were no challenge and even though the solution had lots of letters, it was obvious once TYPE was eliminated and the cartoon’s context was studied.
    Thanks for the background on when clue words were used and which one was new. I went back and looked at the order again—-would not have done that without your prompting. Thanks Mike.
    Angela—I can understand your looking askance at the drawing of blood, transfusions, needles, etc. And you co-opted my planned use of “B Positive” in your post. That’s my blood type, by the way.
    Song choice was interesting—all I could think of was some of the “vampire” songs that seemed to be popular years ago, that and Churchill’s famous speech with “blood, sweat and tears” in it. Too bad that was never made into a song. At any rate, I enjoyed your poem and your post and next week when I volunteer, I’ll give a big smile to the phlebotomists–especially those who are so adept at getting the samples they need.

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    • Hey Earl. Good Morning! Your sentence had me rolling…No fire and brimstone with this pastor, huh? LOL..I had to play a little with INJURE, because the rhythm kept bringing me to past tense…but then I GOT IT IN sync…Yes, the whole BLOOD thing hit a nerve…but then better than a VEIN, right? ๐Ÿ˜‚ And the song just started playing, you know how it is. (Later, the BONOMO song hit me…๐ŸŽถB- O…etc๐ŸŽถ, but I had already moved on by then)! ๐Ÿ˜‚ You want to laugh? Churchill’s iconic line was recorded, ๐ŸŽถBlood, Sweat & Tears๐ŸŽถ in 2016 by a Korean Boy Band called, BTS. Not my cup of tea though! I’m happy with our American Rock group, “Blood, Sweat and Tears”…I always loved their music. Thanks for the Shout Outs, and the Poem Nom. I did try to make the best of a STICKy subject! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And as for the phlebotomists? Too bad they’re not all adept…I’ve met way too many of them that just STUCK me the wrong way..too much NEGATIVEity! Have a good one, Earl! PS:..O, and by the way…My BLOOD TYPE’s not B-POSITIVE, so I guess we’ll just have to call it a DRAW! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป


  4. Clever puzzle this morning. Slyly looked weird to me at first and like others, I first saw tulipp (wrong) instead of pulpit but managed to figure it out without too much difficulty. Too much on your Plate -Lets this morning, Angela – Good one. My husband needed a blood transfusion many years ago. I offered to donate but was not his type, he being A Negative and me being O Positive. However, he told me that even if I was a match, he wouldn’t take my blood because he was afraid he would end up at Nordstrom’s buying shoes.

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    • Betty…Most times in life it’s the true statements that make us laugh the most, right? Your line made me LOL..Mostly because it hits home, Kindred Spirit. .Thanks for the Shout Out, I hesitated putting the pun in. I think today may be the first time in a gazilliion years that I’ve made a Platelets joke. My Father died of Leukemia. And I’m sure you, being a medical professional, know what that meant. God knows there was nothing to joke about then..But He too kept telling His Doctors not to give Him any of my blood…(we were a match)…because He was afraid that when He “got better..He’d have an overwhelming desire to recklessly go on shopping sprees”…Well, He never did “get better” ..and sadly the stress of Him being so sick whittled me down to 92 pounds…So unfortunately, it wasn’t even an issue…But anyway, I hope anyone out there who may be reading this and going through a tough time, doesn’t take offense at my joking. It’s not my intention…What I joke about now, I’ve cried about in the past ..Life, right? Thanks for the laugh, Betty..We could all use one…one time or another…Hope you have a great day… You’re all still in my prayers…๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป


  5. Sorry to hear about your Dad, Angela. I know so well how difficult serious and terminal illness are for patients and their families. But yes, we in the medical profession often indulge in what is known as “Gallows Humor” mocking with laughter that which we cannot control so I totally understand your Dad’s and my husband’s response to their situations. We cannot control what happens to us in life only how we choose to deal with it and in the end laughter really is the best medicine. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Have a Happy Friday.

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    • Thank You, Betty. It’s been a while now, but I’ve picked at that scab for so long that I don’t think I’ve ever allowed it to become a scar…It’s ok, though. I’m used to it…One of my brothers, (who THINKS he’s the Family comedian), has one too many times said that “Dad died, he didn’t go into Show Business”..in response to the many pictures I keep of my Father in my home. .And I must say, the past few years, I’ve laughed… (And I’ve also told that him that he needs to get some new material)! I now have a few nieces that recently become nurses. They share their Gallows Humor with me at times…And I must admit, once in a while I laugh, but a lot of times I still cringe. But I can definitely understand where they’re coming from, and the need for the outlet. It’s not an easy job to do, by any stretch of the imagination, and I place them on a pedestal. It’s one of the noblest professions, IMO. And thank God we can all still find the humor, right? …Thanks for your kind thoughts also…Have a good one! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป


  6. Hi all – Only the last word caused a pause. I thought INJURY right away, especially given the hospital setting, but strangely enough went in other directions before writing down the letters and seeing INJURE.
    Also strangely enough, I actually didnโ€™t know my blood type until fairly late, and then found that, like this couple, my wife and I match. Sheโ€™s always been A+ in my book, though. Not only that, but a pinball machine I bought before I knew our type has Dracula on the backglass, and his drink is also labeled โ€œA+โ€.

    That red bag must be a mistake by the colorist. In the Chronicle itโ€™s white, as an IV saline solution would be. Otherwise, sheโ€™d be getting her blood transfusion before his results came in, and they wouldnโ€™t be feeling so SANGUINE about the situation.

    Angela, your โ€œplateletsโ€ pun was so good I missed it on first reading. I did learn that donating platelets takes a lot longer, and the product is more expensive than what ordinary RED BLOOD CELLS for. Also made me laugh with โ€œType-Oโ€.๐Ÿ˜‚

    Have a great Friday!

    Leave it to the thrift store to come through with โ€œsongs from the ceilingโ€ yesterday. First the Beatlesโ€™ and Paul McCartneyโ€™s โ€œEleanor Rigbyโ€ just after we walked in, and then, quite appropriately in two senses, just as I looked at a green T-shirt that said โ€œIrelandโ€, U2โ€™s โ€œStill Havenโ€™t Found What Iโ€™m Looking Forโ€ started playing!

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    • U2? No..Really..I mean YOU TOO? I’m listening to them as we speak!!!! What’re the odds? These kind of things weird me out…Steve, you know your paper has the worst record when it comes to color! Trust me, it’s RED, and it’s bright too…and it’s as SANGUINE ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป as its gonna get! Thanks for the Platelet Shout Out, but I’m having a lot of second thoughts. Of course I know all about them, TOO much about them in fact…the cost, the donating, the whole nine…But it’s really so not a laughing matter…I keep thinking about anyone out there dealing with it, and it’s a sensitive subject. I think we need to let it go, ok? The TYPE O? Tks.. That one I’ll accept..๐Ÿ˜‰ Ok. now back to U2, the onions, and the potatoes and ears of corn that got thrown into the mix! Have a good one, G… Talk to you later.๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป


  7. Hi! The medicine I tried made me sick so I have to rest for a couple of days, but I’ll be totally fine soon and in the meantime I’ll miss all of you. I am getting very good care!

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  8. In 1628, English physician William Harvey discovers the circulation of blood. Shortly afterward, the earliest known blood transfusion is attempted. In 1665, the first recorded successful blood transfusion occurs in England: Physician Richard Lower keeps dogs alive by transfusion of blood from other dogs. The ABO blood types were first discovered by an Austrian Physician Karl Landsteiner working at the Pathological-Anatomical Institute of the University of Vienna (now Medical University of Vienna). In 1900, he found that blood sera from different persons would clump together (agglutinate) when mixed in test tubes, and not only that some human blood also agglutinated with animal blood

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