Jumble Answers for 08/18/2018






GE   G   NO   UH   =   GUNG “HOE”

Good Morning, Everyone!                 🌽🍆  WEED IT AND REAP! 🍆🌽

🎶 If I could turn back THYME, If I could find a way…I’d take back those words that hurt you…And you’d stay. If I could reach the stars, I’d give ’em all to you…Then you’d love me, love me, like you used to do. Oh…If I could turn back THYME (If I could turn back THYME)…If I could turn back THYME.. (If I could turn back THYME)…If I could turn back THYME…Oh, Baby…🎶 “If I Could Turn Back Time” – Cher 1989

🌽🍆 I understand how this guy feels, it’s fun to work the dirt,
I’ve been out there for many years, the hard work has its worth…
You dig and till and hoe and spade…And sweat beads on your brow,
You take a break for one of those refreshing Chocolate Cows.
You’re thinking SQUASH with NOODLEs, a healthy hardy dish,
Oh, later there’s the GUPPY run, to replace that dead fish…
But I digress, back to the ground, and back to GOUGE the soil,
The work’s not easy but it’s definitely worth the toil.
Soon vegetables will spring to Earth, and “See my Garden grow”?
Will be the rally cry of those of us who are GUNG “HOE”! 🍆🌽

Once again today, all of our words are Sweet Repeats. Three of the four, contain double consonants which is rare. But what surprised me the most, was that the sole word with double vowels, NOODLE, was just featured here on August 12th! Less than a week ago! How’d that get SQUASHed in here so soon again? It is a FARE question…Anyway, for those of our readers who enjoy knowing when our words have last appeared, here you go: GOUGE-August 5th, 2017. GUPPY-April 14th, 2016. And SQUASH-December 9th, 2015. Ok…On to our cartoon.

Today Jeff takes us outdoors, to a backyard GARDEN. We see a man and a woman, MR & MRS CROP.  AL, (short for ALOE), working CHARD, using a HOE to PLOW the ground, and his wife, CORN, (short for CORNUCOPIA), standing by watching. SEEDing that the work isn’t all that PEASy, she offers that they could rent a TILLING machine as a quick solution.  AL answers that he’d much rather do it by HAND…”Are you kidding me’?,  he says, ‘I YAM loving this…from my HEAD TOMATOES“! In other words…He’d rather TURNIP his nose at any kind of machine…GOURD for him! This guy is really full of PEP…PERhaps he doesn’t CARROT all for taking it easy?…Well, I think we should all ROOT on his aCHIVEments…LETTUCE give this guy a HAND…No, not help with the work…Who has THYME for that?…I just MINT a little round of applause! 👏🏻👏🏻Anyway, with our question asking what AL was?…He was GUNG “HOE”! KALE, yeah, David! HOE do you do it?

Ok, eye candy…We see CORN’S SPADE…Nice, but nothing deep there…And beyond her is one tiny little WEED…I like AL’S visor, with all his hair piled on top…Nice HEAD of hair, AL… But the Cream of this CROP? If you look real closely…you’ll SEED that he’s wearing spiked AERATOR GARDENING shoes! And they’re absolutely RADISHING! SOW, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with some SAGE advice…Never settle for being mediOKRA in life. No matter what comes your way…ROMAINE calm, TURNIP the BEET, dance your HEARTS out and you’ll find your inner PEAS. And never, ever HERB your enthusiasm! 🍆🌽🙋🏻



19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/18/2018

  1. At the farmer’s market, there was no attempt to GOUGE buyers who were looking for butternut SQUASH or a gluten free NOODLE but most avoided the GUPPY giveaway stand.
    All those double letters, today. What gives? And as Mike pointed out yesterday, the clue words were in alphabetical order. The solution? Pretty obvious given the cartoon and the hint with the quotation marks. Pretty good pun.
    A Cher song for a couple gardening in their back yard? Gave me a giggle Angela. Can’t imagine those manicured hands getting any dirt on them.
    Yesterday you were put off by the blood context. Today, I am not thrilled by the thoughts of digging, hoeing, weeding,etc. etc. etc. I know there are those who love it. Me? Not so much.
    Great puns, and like the names you gave the couple.
    Have a neat Saturday everyone..

    • Good Morning, Earl. Kudos 👏🏻 to your gluten-free NOODLE! Sooo trendy! Great sentence…The double letters did stand out, but what really piqued my interest was NOODLE showing up twice within the same week! That may be a first…Thanks for the Shout Outs, this one really had me HOE HOE HOEing! And I couldn’t resist going with Cher. But for the sake of full disclosure? I did hear the 7 Dwarfs crooning in my ear…🎶Heigh HOE, Heigh HOE..It’s off to work we go…🎶 LOL..No GARDENING for you? I would have thought the opposite…I do enjoy it, especially seeing it all to FRUITition! This year I’ve done only Tomatoes, Basil and Cucumbers, but it’s so satisfying seeing the results of your efforts. And I always wear gloves! 😉 Glad to introduce you to the CROPS, and I agree…it is an easy, PEASy solve today! Have a good one, Earl! 🍆🌽🙋🏻

  2. Morning, all –
    So many wonderful puns today, Angela, it’s hard to choose. I sure am glad there are no guppies at our farmers market.
    First I tried to find gh words in the answer, but when I didn’t find any, I looked for words starting with h and found hoe.
    I identify with this guy because I like the manual tools I use on my small yard, especially my push mower.
    Sending best wishes to Lelia for a fast recovery.

    • Good Morning, Caroline! LOL…Thank you! They just kept coming! I was out of control! 😂 Who knew the things we eat could be so PUNNY? And GUPPY? I hated to kill off the little guy.. but let’s face it…any of us who’ve had them? Talk about a short life span! And I agree…I’d hate seeing them at the Market also! I didn’t think the GH, but that’s a BERRY good observation…As is the segue into HOE..Once again, it was a cute and clever pun. And I’m with you on manually working the dirt…It’s peaceful, and so rewarding. Hope you have a good one, Caroline! TILL Tomorrow! 😉 🌽🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Clever choice with Cher. It didn’t hit me right away why you took her. I like it as well as your poem and head shaking puns. With Earl following you it’s a solid one two punch. No problem today on the entire jumble. For me it was easy breezy. Looking forward to tomorrow. Until then take care.

    • ALOE! ALOE! Good Morning, Sunshine! And we need some, right? So gloomy and rainy out. I don’t know about you, but we had fierce overnight storms here…Thunder and lightning for hours…Thanks for the Shout Outs and the Poem Nom..Once I got started..I just couldn’t stop!….And the Cher had me laughing..I’m still humming it…8 hours later! Yes, it was an easy, PEASy one today…Perfect for a rainy Saturday morning! TILL tomorrow, Brooklyn..Be well..🍆🌽🙋🏻

    • Hey Mike, Good Morning! Where’ve you been hiding yourself? Missed you. I hope you’re not caught up in all the flooding I see in Texas. News footage is so sad..You’re right, we just may see that theme for a puzzle in the future…🎅🏻 .And the reindeers can be in the backGROUND OKRAstrating! 😂 Have a good one, Mike..Don’t be such a stranger! 🍆🌽🙋🏻

        • Who has too much…and who has nothing, right? …Such irrational weather patterns, and seemingly becoming the norm…all over the country…Disheartening, that’s for sure…I’m just glad to hear that you’re not flooded out. Try to stay cool..Take care!, Mike! 🙋🏻

  4. Greetings from Cleveland,known as the best location in the nation when I grew up there in the 50’s.For a change I could get the words easily and couldn’t believe the noodle repeat so soon.I was thinking of hug at first as opposed to hoe,but when gung popped into my head, hoe followed quickly.Go tribe go tonight!

    • Greetings from NY! LOL..Good Morning, Prof! You sure seem excited to be in Cleveland! And a Birthday to boot! Congratulations, 🎈🎉🎈many, many more! Yep, easy PEASy for us today…and NOODLE definitely has me SMH! Hug? Hmm. Why not? Must be the romantic in you! Since I went in figuring HOE, that one eluded me altogether…But I’m big on hugs…so it’s ok by me! Your Indians are doing quite well in their division, at almost .600… and you have to figure they’ll champion over the last place Birds..but this past week or so? We’ve seen some Bizarro ball playing, am I right? ..So you never know! Good luck! Enjoy the game, enjoy the camaraderie you have out there, and most of all enjoy your 🎂🍷 Birthday! See you in the morning, Prof! 🌽🍆🙋🏻

  5. The double letter trick worked on all four words today which made them much easier to decipher!

    • Maybe David should start cutting you in on the profits! 😉 Good Morning, Clay? How’re you doing? 🌽🍆🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – The only reason I got the words right away was because of the “double letter” rule I learned here. Separated the G’s, combined the O’s and P’s, and everything fell right into place. (Hmmm, “combine the peas.” Sounds like a recipe. Maybe with pearl Onions from this garden and add them to the Mezzetta Giardiniera I’ve been having recently. Is that a national brand, or just Bay Area?)

    Aloe, Angela. You made me laugh with “Head Tomatoes”. I guess you all like getting your “toes in the sand”, but it still makes me think again of Gordon LightFOOT, “The morning-after blues, from my head down to my shoes.”
    I’m glad AL doesn’t find his task too hard a ROW to HOE.
    Take that dead guppy and use it for fertilizer, like the Native Americans showed the Pilgrims, as long as you stick to small stuff like baby corn and carrots.
    Like you noticed, Al has enough hair for a good set of CORNROWS.

    Have a great Saturday, everyone.
    Lelia, I hope you’re feeling much better very soon. Bug those doctors until they get it right!

    • Hey Steve..You’re a fan of Giardiniera? Who knew? I make it all the time..it’s very simple…Is the one you get hot? I’m not familiar with the brand, actually I’m not familiar with any brand..because I’ve never bought any..I’ve always made my own…But I make a mean one…It’s HOT!! 😷🔥Put hair on your chest, as the Italians say! I wish I could send you some…The poor dead Guppy…what I won’t do for a rhyme! But considering how many we’ve flushed..I mean “buried” over the years…one more ain’t gonna upset the apple cart! Dumb little fish…they give up so quickly! 😂🐟 And I can tell you don’t Garden…There’s no “sand” involved here…We’re talking good old dirt…Glad I gave you a laugh…(even tho I think that one was a retread)..I was thinking about what Caroline said about choosing a favorite…I think I’d go with mediOKRA…You know how fond I am of my Father’s Mediocre Minds theory…Have a good one, G. Keep eating that Italian food…It does my heart good! Ciao, Bello! 🇮🇹🙋🏻

      • I actually just tried it again recently; hadn’t had it in awhile. This one’s not hot, just a couple of pepperoncinis. They do have versions with serrano chilies, and apparently there’s a famous Chicago Italian sandwich that includes the hot stuff as a filling. I agree, the recipe is so simple that it looks like even *I* could make it, but I’m just lazy. 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Up your game.. Dude! It’s so simple,..And at least that way you’ll know exactly what you’re eating.. All fresh ingredients…You do go to the Farmers Market all the time, don’t you? What do you do there? Shop for T-Shirts?! 😂😂 JK! …Chicago? Questo?!! Do you use it as a sandwich spread? We eat it mostly on toasted pieces of Italian bread, like we do bruschetta…🍆🌶🙋🏻

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