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  1. Good morning. Not to much trouble with the words. I had a short stop at Herbal but the cartoon answer took me longer to get. It helped Angela with the information you gave me the other day on how to read the drawing. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Always glad to help. Wishing you a Peachy Keen day…Be well, and stay safe! 🍑🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Good Morning, Everyone… 🏖 ‘S-CUSE ME! 🏖

    🎶 Just fill your BASKET full of sandwiches and weenies…Then lock the house up, now you’re set….And on the BEACH you’ll see the girls in their bikinis…As cute as ever but they never get ’em wet…🎶 “Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer” – Nat King Cole 1963 https://tinyurl.com/osa6vut

    🏖 To sit out in the FRESH air, to smell the ocean’s brine,
    Our family is loving it, they’re having a great time…
    We don’t see that old favorite, the beach ball that they’ll bounce,
    But I can see some HERBAL crackers packaged by the ounce…
    Way off upon the water, we see our sinking boat,
    The signature of Jeff…the poor boat never gets to float…
    It’s sinking like a CANNON ball, but now we’re used to it,
    The product of a LEAKY hole…it’s become Jumble’s bit…
    The day looks great, the happiness is showing all between
    Our family feels wonderful…they’re truly “BEACHY KEEN”! 🏖

    The Sun, the Sand, the Sea, the Sandcastle, the Seagull…the aSSorted Snacks, the Smiles….and the Signature Sinking Sailboat…The S’s are running amok this morning!…

    But unless you’re familiar with the old phrase…”PEACHY KEEN” https://tinyurl.com/y9y94jyl (Scroll down to “The Humorous Origin of the Phrase “Peachy Keen”)… you may not find solving today’s puzzle all that sweet! “Having fun”, “Great day”, “Awesome” ….They’re all “Peachy Keen”…and in the PUNtastic World of Jumble? It’s “BEACHY” KEEN! Cute and clever…and don’t overlook that Peach in the small box at the left of the blanket… Have a Peachy Keen day, Everyone…Be well, and stay safe out there! 🏖🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. I was in good company pausing on herbal, but the other anagrams were a snap, as was the cartoon solution, even though I didn’t see the peach in the basket, and didn’t recall the “peachy keen” phrase. I’ve remarked before about the repeat letters in an individual anagram, and cannon, with its 3 N’s, did it again,

    • Good Morning, Professor. I didn’t think Herbal would be a stickler this morning, but then I looked at the last time we saw it, only four months ago this past March, and it did cause a bit of a WAVE that day too. Hopefully next THYME it’ll go a little BUTTER! But those N’s? Was Nothing to it, right? 😉 Have a Peachy Keen day, Prof. Be well and stay safe! 🍑🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. 🥬 Walking through the fragrant rows of FRESH HERBAL delights, he stopped by his CANNON-ball sized lettuce, and muttered…”Oh man, BEACHY KEEN”…when he realized his sprinklers had caused a LEAKY mess…🥬

    💦 With cup of HERBAL tea in hand, she stood and took it in,
    The LEAKY pipe, the damage done…her head began to spin…
    The walls where FRESH paint just applied, now stained with waters grit,
    Caused her to feel a CANNON ball had hit her stomachs pit…
    So waiting for the plumber…she assessed what need be cleaned
    Her brand new seaside bungalow? Now not so BEACHY KEEN…💦

  5. BEACHY KEEN must be a takeoff on PEACHY KEEN. I have heard that phrase before, but it doesn’t make sense to me. “Keen” means sharp or enthusiastic. I would not want to bite into a peach that has sharps in it, or especially walk on a beach with sharp objects, such as broken shells, on it. So these beachgoers will have to be careful.These beachgoers need to be careful with their cell phones, too. If they call a number and get a robot voice that tries to “recognize speech”, instead they could very well WRECK A NICE BEACH.

    • Okay, Jim. So my take on the word keen is that it indeed literally means sharp but in slang to be sharp is to be “cool”. So someone like The Fonz from Happy Days is a keen dude.

      • Betty, I also remember “keen” as 50’s/early 60’s slang, meaning “cool’ or “neat” just before the Beatles’ influence briefly replaced it with “gear fab”.

        • Earlier than that…
          🎶You wanna look KEEN so your dream will say…”You don’t look like the same beau”…So KEEN that she’ll scream, ”Here comes my walkin’ rainbow”…🎶 “A Zoot Suit for my Sunday Gal” – The Andrew Sisters 1942 https://tinyurl.com/yagodrjj 🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I too paused at herbal. Didn’t see the peach in the picture but I did think of peachy keen so it wasn’t too much of a leap to beachy keen. Wishing all of you a peachy day.

    • Hi Betty. Have you received your email about the Dr Fauci BOBBLEHEAD shipping? I know you ordered before me. I just got the notice y’day, and the tracking says I should have it by Tuesday…Finally! 🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Yes, I meant to mention it to you earlier, Angela. I received my notice yesterday and I’m very excited. I bought one for my son, too as a Talisman against THE VIRUS. Dr. Fauci is a real hero in my book – keeps his cool no matter what – and he’s from Brooklyn to boot isn’t he? Last week I watched a documentary on Larry Kramer, the AIDS Activist, another New Yorker, who began Act Up. He was hugely critical of Dr. Fauci in the beginning of the epidemic but they ended up being good friends.

        • I’m excited too, Betty, and yes, you’ve mentioned getting one for your son. I pray he’s doing well…I worry constantly about all the doctors and nurses dealing with this damn scourge…And I too have more faith in Dr Fauci than anyone else right now. Just his ability to keep his tongue, in light of some of the nonsense he’s forced to hear, is beyond me. The man’s definitely a gentleman, besides a scholar. And did you know that his wife is the head of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center? She’s worked for years, in nursing, clinical research and clinical care, with a specialization in HIV. Can you just imagine the conversations around their dinner table?! 🙋🏻‍♀️

      • …because Fauci actually went and talked with Kramer and learned the legitimate reasons behind his actions, then gave him a voice in the discussions on how to react to the crisis (what a concept, eh?) This was also described in “And The Band Played On”, the book by the Chronicle’s own Randy Shilts.

  7. Hi all – I had to jumble the letters about 10 times before I stumbled upon HER and saw HERBAL. For the answer, I first thought everything was “going swimmingly”, but I was able to guess the correct one from the dialog and the quotation marks. It made me smile to look for and see the classic sinking sailboat in the distance.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “Upon firing the CANNON, they discovered their FRESH powder had actually become damp and LEAKY due to HERBAL contamination during storage.”
    (Hey, best I could do with CANNON in there)

    • I was going to use something like “in the cannon of advertising techniques”, but when I looked it up I found that meaning is spelled “canon”.

      • Canon…Catholic School…They make sure you know the difference! 😂🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Hi Steve & Angela, No Zoot suit for my grandson. He’s strictly a tailored man. And, yes, to follow up on Larry Kramer & Dr. Fauci, what a concept – respecting and collaborating.. They actually were on the same side of the issue – just different approaches and once they realized that fact they worked together for a positive outcome. I thought “And the Band Played On” was one of the very best books written about the AIDS crisis. Thanks for asking about my son, Angela, unfortunately we’re back in “surge” mode here so he’s got his hands full trying to manage things – it’s a vicious bug. Stay well.

    • Not only was the book so well written, the movie was great also. What a mess that all was, right? I think between NY and California, we saw it all. Very sad…And, you’re welcome. In my wildest dreams, I can’t even imagine what it must be like for your son, and the entire medical community…he’s in my prayers. Things were seemingly getting a little better, and now? God only knows with this freaking thing. You stay well too, Betty, and be safe…😘🙋🏻‍♀️

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