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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! Excellent clue word choices this morning. None of them returned as being new though. I thought they were all scrambled brilliantly, especially SARPOT, which is the only one I didn’t see straight away. As far as the anagrams were concerned, PILEPR was the only new one in the pack. SACEE shocked me the most by having appeared in at least 13 different puzzles. That may sound like a lot, but the dates indicate that each use was evenly spaced out over five year intervals.

    It looks like the poles are having a bit of a disagreement over whose winters are better. Not that my opinion matters much, but I’d like to tell both of them that I’m not a fan of winter no matter whose side it’s on! The moon appears to be ticked off by the way they’re both acting. But like any good celestial neighbor, he doesn’t offer up an opinion on the matter and seems content on letting them work out their differences. The majority of the space in the panel was taken up by the earth and it’s atmosphere. I counted 21 small stars in the black void of space and 11 craters on the face of the moon.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 14 letters. Six of them were vowels and eight were consonants. I thought the layout hid the solution extremely well, but the cartoon brought the answer instantly to mind for a quick finish. If you were stuck on any of the anagrams, I’m sure you greatly appreciated that fact. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone, and keep Jumbling!

  2. CEASE = Last used on 08/14/19 as ASCEE
    TOOTH = Last used on 04/06/20 as TOHOT
    RIPPLE = Last used on 04/04/20 as PLRIEP
    PASTOR = Last used on 10/30/18 as SAME ANAGRAM

    SACEE = Used on 07/15/17, 02/16/16, 05/01/13, 07/05/08, 09/04/02, 03/22/97, 01/31/92, 12/16/87, 10/19/82, 08/15/77, 10/07/72, 05/23/66, 04/16/56
    TOHTO = Used on 11/09/19
    SARPOT = Used on 10/30/18

  3. Seemed like all of the anagrams and solution were pretty easy.
    I predicted Baylor’s win tonight.
    I always root for the underdog and today was a lot of fun!
    Baylor. I never considered it when I was applying to college. IM sure I would have liked Texas.
    Of course I went to UCLA and USC so my life wasn’t bad!
    Mig enjoying life

  4. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    🌎 The Arctic and Antarctic that today we’re seeing here,
    Don’t cause nary a RIPPLE in our knowing which is where…
    The top and bottom of the Earth…today no center piece,
    And with a disapproving Moon? Jeff’s whimsy doesn’t CEASE…
    A fine TOOTH comb not needed…as a PASTOR’d easily say…
    “The proof is in the pudding, so it’s pretty clear today…”
    They didn’t get along we’re told…and David’s reason forthwith?
    He says it stands to reason…’Cause they’re POLAR OPPOSITES! 🌎

  5. 🦷 Being POLAR OPPOSITES, the PASTOR could hardly stand an aching TOOTH, and would immediately run to the dentist…whereas his brother thought of everything as a simple RIPPLE effect…pain comes, take a pill and it’ll CEASE…🦷

    🤷🏻‍♂️ He’d hate to fight them TOOTH and nail, but things need to go faster,
    You’d think they would have acquiesced, with him being the PASTOR…
    He’d heard the rumors RIPPLE, the gossip it don’t CEASE,
    But time was of the essence here…they needed to make peace
    He didn’t know what else to do…he’d reached end of his wits…
    But things remained unsettled with these POLAR OPPOSITES! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. One of those days where the solution came first, then finished the words! 🙃

  7. Good morning. “ Ops I did it again”.Gee, it sounds like a song I heard. No problem with the words and when it came time for the cartoon in putting down the letters for ripple I put the E instead of the L. It’s the second day in a row that I reversed it. Once I got opposites and was stuck on the first word I rechecked the letters and found my mistake. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  8. Other than needing the answer to back into Pastor, all went well. Wishing everyone a good day.

  9. I also got the cartoon solution first,besides not having solved the pastor and ripple anagrams.Pastor had me completely stumped and ripple looked like lipper to me at first.At least I’m back home w a real paper newspaper to read,after 511 miles of travel from Macomb,to Utica,to Dixon,to Naperville,and back to Macomb yesterday.

    • Same with me! Had everything else, then messed around with the “Pastor” word a bit too long for my liking! Then when you come up with it, it’s like for Oh, Goodness sake! 🙄

  10. Hey Kids! Not to take away from this site at all, but since I’m new, I was wondering if everyone subscribes to the online Free Jumble app too? I, just today, took another plunge and subscribed to the Two Word Jumble game. I’m not a big fan of apps for this and apps for that, and have very few actually, but you know, this crazy jumble addiction thing takes hold and there ya go! 😉 I appreciate this site very much to get on and see all of the back data, creative poems and just all around camaraderie! Like Paul saying he didn’t write down the correct letter, and Caroline backing into Pastor. It’s like Yep, been there, done that, on many occasions! And Mig, love that cute little doggie with his mask on! Wishing everyone, always, a day of sunshine and a good dose of Vitamin D! Take care!

    • I and others enjoy the Just Jumble app and the Giant Jumble Crosswords app which has a free daily puzzle, as does David Hoyt’s Word Search World Traveler. Those are my standard three morning starters.

      • Plus Just 2 Words, Just 2 Words Plus and Word Roundup Stampede. There’s no end to the enjoyment! 🔠🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Now Mig. With that good line you’ve forced me to say. I thought your dog was named Tige who lives in a shoe. If you think, you should have the next line. When I saw that line I immediately smiled and thought of thats my dog Tige, he lives in a shoe. Then yada yada yada.

  11. I paper on Monday as it was a l’on the long Easter weekend, Tuesday acted as it were a Monday… no ripple effect. An easy jumble.

  12. Pastor gave me pause this morning but the rest of the anagrams were an easy solve as was the cartoon answer. Poor Gonzaga 😥. The Bulldogs really gotten eaten alive by the Bears last night. Hope all of you have a good day.

    • Hey Betty. Yes, a tough game to watch. But for whatever it’s worth, they had a great season. And as an all too often disappointed Mets fan…”Wait till next year”. Have a good one, Betty. Stay well and safe. 🏀🙋🏻‍♀️

    • That game sure was an anticlimax, but we’ll be seeing the highlights from their UCLA game forever!

  13. Hi all – Got the words with a second glance at RIPPLE and PASTOR. Didn’t know the answer until I looked at the letters, and then it jumped right out.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The faith-healing PASTOR caused a RIPPLE through the crowd when he claimed he could make the boy’s bad TOOTH CEASE hurting without needing a dentist.”

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