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  1. Happy Wednesday everyone! What a great challenge today’s clue words were. None of the offerings were new, but all of the scrambles just happened to be. BUSHEL ended up being the hardest one for me to solve. I initially thought it was “BLUESH,” but quickly remembered that I had made that mistake in the past. The double-letter trick worked wonders on NEGATE, so I was surprised to see it have such a commanding lead so early in the poll. If the DLT hadn’t worked so well, I probably would have picked it too.

    It looks like the proprietors of the Home Suite Home Bed & Breakfast have decided to take a few steps back and enjoy the view of their achievement from a different angle. They’ve obviously invested tremendous amounts of time and money into their project, so perhaps this is the very first time they’re catching a glimpse of the finished product! Jumble Jeff spared no detail in today’s panel. I particularly enjoyed the rocking chairs on the porch and the gazebo off to the left. I noticed what appeared to be three plant hangers attached to the columns on the front of the home. There weren’t any baskets hanging from them, so maybe it’s a bit too early for flowers. It was very difficult to choose just one detail as my favorite. I ended up settling on the arborvitaes in the background after noticing that they seemed to be used as a natural fence line. Jeff really thought of everything!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11 letters. Six of them were consonants and five were vowels. The solution was also in quotes, which is the second time they’ve been used this week. With “V” at the beginning of the layout, I initially thought “VIABLE” was part of the solution. When it wasn’t long enough, I reread the sentence and dialogue and found VALUABLE which sealed the deal. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone, and keep Jumbling!

    • Ok Mikey! had to look up “abrovitaes” in my little, gnarled dictionary that I keep handy, that’s falling apart! But didn’t find it there! So googled it, and it came up as arborvitae! OMG! Even though I lost some pieces of my crinkled pages looking for it in my little, decrepit dictionary ….I found it! And, It was listed twice with definitions! Anyhow, you strengthened my vocabulary nevertheless! Incorrect spelling or not! And you strengthened my research capacity, as well! 😉😉 PS …I don’t know how you all are viewing the intricate backgrounds??? I am looking at 1/8 of a page on the paper to see the cartoon! And you are seeing the hangers that are missing baskets! I had to “squink” my eyes to see it! Bet I can’t find that word in my dictionary either! ☺️

      • Hi Kimberly! Nice to meet you. I’m glad you were able to figure out Arborvitae despite the error.
        My newspaper is a digital copy so it’s very easy to zoom in or out with my iPad. Many newspapers do offer the Jumble online for free, but since it doesn’t support the creators with a subscription, I don’t use or display links from them. A Google search for “Jumble Puzzle” will return quite a few results. #5 just may be what you’re looking for.
        Wishing you a wonderful afternoon! 🙂

        • Aww! Thank you so much and to meet your acquaintance, as well! I appreciate the info! And am enjoying this site, with delight, usually on a daily basis! ☺️ Happy Hump Day and wishing you a lovely weekend coming up!

  2. VILLA = Last used on 10/07/20 as LIVAL
    LUNGE = Last used on 02/24/21 as NEULG
    BUSHEL = Last used on 11/17/19 as SULHBE
    NEGATE = Last used on 02/28/21 TGEENA


  3. Enjoyed today’s J.
    Anagrams mostly easy.
    Solution hard for a minute, especially the second word!
    Overall good fun, nice drawing……

  4. Solved it in good time, so I will be “Inn”- spired for the rest of the day! 😉

  5. Good morning. I had a little hiccup with Bushel,Negate and the cartoon answer but like the fairy tale, I solved it “all in good time.” When that light bulb goes off and the word appears you wonder why it took so long. I don’t know about you but I get a more sense of accomplishment then if I breezed right through without really thinking. Then I feel like it was jumble for dummies. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. A stumper day for me,as villa was looking like “vial-l” and bushel like bluesh ,then too many letters for the cartoon solution.A mid week Jumble wipeout.

    • I’m sorry to hear this one was a bust for you, Chuck. My feeling is that the difficulty level of the puzzles is out of order this week. It’ll be interesting to see if Thursday and Friday are any easier.

  7. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🏘 🙋🏻‍♀️

    🏘 It may not be a VILLA, but to them it’s “Home Suite Home”,
    They’re ready now to welcome guests wherever they may roam,
    Invested all their money in the project they did LUNGE,
    And now they’ll reap the benefits of their financial plunge…
    One can’t NEGATE their efforts, Spanish roof and pavers laid,
    It’s worth a BUSHEL and a peck…they now hope they’ll be paid…
    So looking forward from today, let’s hope we don’t hear fallible,
    And these two find success within a place to them “INN-VALUABLE” 🏘

  8. 🌽🥒 One could hardly NEGATE the INVALUABLE garden that the VILLA offered, and it was well worth the LUNGE of elbow grease that it took to pick at least one BUSHEL of vegetables to take home…🥒🌽

    🏚 Their friends bought a Gazebo, and they saw it just today,
    And a BUSHEL load of envy hit, as often come what may
    They don’t live at a VILLA, but they’d love to renovate,
    Though funds are definitely limited, with that there’s no NEGATE
    But they so love the Gazebo, so deciding that they’ll LUNGE…
    And try to build one for themselves..let’s hope it won’t be grunge
    They have the space to put it up, an area surely plowable,
    So they intend to go ahead and hope it’ll be INVALUABLE! 🏚

    • And I implore you (and I actually had to look up implore…in my little, ragged, dictionary to make sure it wasn’t demanding!) But a bit of begging perhaps, that you are keeping track of all of your poetic finesse to publish one day! Or writing songs! 😁

  9. I too initially thought Bluesh and Tangent but once I got passed those ideas, the rest of the puzzle fell nicely into place. Saw “Inn” right away. Good mental workout today. Love those quotation marks. Happy Wednesday all!

    • I’m really enjoying the quotation marks too, Betty. It wouldn’t bother me any if the guys did a whole week or two with them. What a treat that’d be! 🙂

  10. Hi all – Really easy today. Got the words, and then “INN” was pretty obvious and guessed the answer from that.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    I had to laugh at one of your word choices, Angela. Despite growing up back East, it wasn’t until I started reading the daily weather reports for the Twin Cities (don’t ask 😂) that I encountered the term “plowable snow.”

    “He made a LUNGE for the phone to call his banker to NEGATE the mortgage interest rate spike on his VILLA, but was too late to avoid losing a BUSHEL of cash.”

    • LOL! That’s ok…I read the weather reports for all the Early Birds..(but I still may ask you later)! 😂 And the plowable snow? \^|*&§{! Here’s where the “Don’t ask” comes in. It’s “dreaded” plowable snow, to be exact! 🤦🏻‍♀️…We have two snow blowers! 😱…And your BUSHEL of cash? 👏🏻👏🏻Nice! Have a good one, Steve. Be well and stay safe out there…🏘🙋🏻‍♀️

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