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  1. Although Sunday Jumbles usually float my boat this one sort of sunk it. I did OK on the anagrams but bombed on the J solution…..
    I totally enjoy Sunday Js due to the extra letters and greater possibilities.
    Angela always has fun comments. I will miss Mike for the next week but hope he has a fun time!
    Hope all of you are having a great weekend, I am…..
    I have little planned for Sunday but will get my 2nd Moderna shot on Wednesday. I am hot to trot!

  2. Good Morning, Everyone… 🏠SO…HOUSE IT GOING? 🏠

    🎶 Our HOUSE is a very, very, very fine HOUSE…With two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard…Now everything is easy ’cause of you…🎶 – “Our House” – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 1970 https://tinyurl.com/mez8dew7

    🏠 With money like these two have, FORAGE don’t come into play,
    It’s obvious they’re loaded, I mean look at that display…
    There’s nothing to NEGATE here, SWOOSH…a sale is easily made,
    And there’s room on grounds for any sport they fancy to be played…
    I’m sure they have a tennis court, and close by there’s their pool,
    He opened up KARATE schools, made money, he’s no fool…
    And now he’s left the UPROAR and the rat race we call work,
    They’ll MINGLE with the hotshots, entertain their every quirk…
    They’ve found themselves their dream house, and whatever name they’re seeking…
    The word for sure is grandiose …in any “MANOR” OF SPEAKING! 🏠

    So let’s be honest…there’s nothing like the Sunday Jumble. Whether a fan or not, you have to admit that getting ready to address these six 6-letter words definitely piques our interest…And I’ve been sold on it for years…And finding quotation marks to boot? What more can we ask for? So, without further a-due, on this the last day of February, we’re moving on….We’ve got lots to cover…

    In a stunning repeat of last weeks performance, today once again, we’re seeing all new anagrams. And what a find, indeed, since they’re one better than the other. And it was only KARATE that chopped a few seconds off the Early Birds timing this morning. I gotta hand it to them though…to their credit, they all rated pretty high this time around…and I can always bank on them to bring it all home…Ok…Now lots see where our cartoon has landed us…

    So…Today we find ourselves outdoors, meeting three new Jumble characters…Our house hunting couple, he wearing an ascot, she her pearls, and a very about-to-get lucky real estate agent, with lots to be thankful for. For a fleeting moment there, I was put in mind of the Thurston Howells…but Thurston didn’t have a mustache, and Lovey had short hair, so no sale there…. I guess what kind of tied it together for me was that ascot…oh, and the money! But I did notice a little oddity on closer inspection…While our wife is shown wearing just a short-sleeved blouse, the agent is clad in what appears to be a winter coat. Fur-trimmed, and buttoned way up to the top. So I have to say, the disparity did pique my interest…and I could speculate…but I’m trying to bring this to a quick close…so…

    Anyway, looking to purchase the huge home and property, they’re a little unsure of where on the listing of names they should settle. But the agent’s telling them that if they’re looking for closure, they needn’t tax their brains. Because if they decide to go for broke…in a “MANOR” OF SPEAKING, https://tinyurl.com/xck8cehh what they decide on isn’t going to matter at all. Chateau, mansion, estate, manor…whatever they call it…it’s all’s well that ends dwell…

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a good one…Be well, stay safe…and Buy, Buy! …🏠🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. 🥋 Watching the quick SWOOSH of the KARATE students hands, he couldn’t NEGATE the fact that the UPROAR being caused over this kids prowess was well warranted…and he decided to FORAGE around, in a MANNER OF SPEAKING, visiting some other schools, to MINGLE and observe the competition…🥋

    👫🏻 He went to see “KARATE Kid”, with friends, he chose to MINGLE,
    There was no way to NEGATE facts…he’d be the only single…
    The theater packed, they’d FORAGE for good seats all in a group,
    When suddenly, SWOOSH…a surprise…he found that he’d been duped
    And what caused all the UPROAR? Maybe just what he’d been seeking….
    A friend of friends was brought along…blind date in MANNER OF SPEAKING! 👫🏻

  4. Hi Everyone – The anagrams went well but not so the answer. The closest I came was thinking that ING and OF could be in the answer. I saw name and not much else. Loved your song choice, Angela, which I recall reading was about Joni Mitchell.

    • Hi Caroline. Good Morning. Tks..I’m glad you enjoyed the song. And yes, Nash wrote it as a love song to Joni while they lived together…But ever since Lilith and Frasier sang it on that episode of Cheers after they moved in together, it’s the first thing that pops into my head…It was so funny! And I’m trying to find a clip of it, but no luck so far…As far as the solve? What gave it away for me was the redundancy in SPEAKING of names for the house…MANOR was just one of the few left!…and the idiom immediately came to mind. Once again, a brilliant MOVE on David’s part! 😉 Enjoy your day, Caroline. Be well and stay safe. 🏠🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Yes, it was a great answer. I never saw that episode of Cheers. I noticed after I posted that I had written Whoosh instead of SWOOSH.

        • Ah…You had no S…I’m sure you would have gotten the solve had you had it. Whoosh and Swoosh…both funny words! As for the episode, I’m going to take another look for a clip as soon as I get a chance. I hope I find it…🏠🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Good mental workout this morning and you know how I love those quotation marks. Figured out “of” and “ing” first and then after studying the cartoon more closely figured out “manor”. I was a huge “Frazier” fan. We still get reruns here so periodically I watch one when I need a good laugh – marvelous cast. I think I read somewhere that they’re thinking of bringing the program back. We’ll see. Hope all of you have a good Sunday.

    • Good Morning, Betty. I’ve been following the stories about its coming back too. I’d love to see it happen. Altho, the last I read, in my paper, I think, was that people were balking because they feel it won’t be the same without John Mahoney. Granted, he was a very big part of the show, and a much beloved character, but I’d hate to see it fall through just the same. I always liked him, (and speaking of casts, he’s part of the cast of one of our favorite movies also, “Moonstruck”)… And I still watch the reruns too…IMO, they never get old…So, let’s hope…Oh, the puzzle? 😉 Gotta love it, it’s a very clever one today…always love the quotes! And Kudos 👏🏻👏🏻on the solve! Have a good one, Betty. Be well and stay safe…🏠🙋🏻‍♀️ https://tinyurl.com/2ak9jjy8

  6. Hi all – Using the UP prefix showed UPROAR. I saw FORGER before FORAGE, took the longest getting NEGATE (saw TANGENT, AGENT and TEENAGE) and KARATE (saw KARET and RACKET). I thought “Point of reference” but really had no idea about the answer, but saw SPEAKING as soon as I wrote the letters and got it.

    Ah, they could buy the place and open an eatery there with my favorite pretentious restaurant name, “La Maison de la Casa House.”
    Funny coincidence that I was just reading some comments elsewhere where someone referred to a “Swiss château” when they meant “Swiss chalet.”
    And now I have all the songs from Elton John’s “Honky Château” album running through my head!

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Funny thing, Angela; when you mentioned Thurston Howell I instantly saw Jim Backus in my mind but nothing else, and had forgotten he was in Gilligan’s Island. Then when I read his character was called “The Millionaire”, I thought of the classic TV series (Michael Anthony and John Beresford Tipton, anyone? 📺😂)

    “When the martial arts and cooking classes had to MINGLE in the same park, the SWOOSH of KARATE chops and UPROAR of judo throws tended to NEGATE the serenity of those who only wanted to FORAGE for mushrooms.”

    • Steve…your segues crack me up! And here I thought I was the one with the compromised attention span! 😂😂 You definitely can make me smile. And let’s not talk about ear worms…I can’t get the damn “Our House” out of my head! 😱 Maybe we both should go foraging for those mushrooms…can’t hurt at this “point”! 😉 Have a good one, Steve…Oh…And I applaud you for keeping your jealousy in check with all that “Lovey”-Dovey Joni talk. I thought for sure it’d turn your brown eyes blue! Here’s to “patience”, 😉 Steve…and staying well and safe…🙋🏻‍♀️

      • No problem there – reading about the reality of trying to live with Joni tends to cure most of the fantasies! 😂

  7. Good afternoon. Besides having loads of calls to make I had a tough time with the words but was able to get them all. I failed on the cartoon answer. Like just about everybody else I came up with of and ing. It was time to look up the answer. Loved your song choice Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Tks, Brooklyn…glad you liked it. Be well, Paul…and stay safe out there…🏠🙋🏻‍♀️

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