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  1. Finally as this week winds down I was able to get all of the anagrams and solve the Jumble! I was born on a bayou in Louisiana and dined at Commander’s Palace and at a few oyster and charbroiled oyster places and had a few Hurricanes….
    I love Preservation Hall. I spent time with my buddy at Muriel’s.
    Bourbon Street is calling me, but I cannot travel now.
    Crawfish on Ponchartrain would float my boat.
    Give me some GUMBO!!!!!!!!!!

    • 🎵”Now I can remember when Alice first came
      From Lake Charles to see me at Pontchartrain
      But my heart beats slower when she not around
      The best things in life not the same “🎵 (“Cajun Love Song”, Leon Russell)

  2. Good morning. Had no problem with the words and once I wrote down the letters I got the cartoon answer right away. That food sounds great Mig. I have never been to Louisiana but one of my boys with the wife has been there a couple of times. They loved it there. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe

  3. Good Morning, Everyone… 🎸 ROCK AND RUIN 🎸

    🎶 The party’s over…It’s time to call it a day. They’ve burst your pretty balloon and taken the moon away…Now you must wake up…All dreams must end…Take off your makeup…The party’s over….It’s all over my friend…🎶 “The Party’s Over” – Dean Martin circa early ‘70s https://tinyurl.com/mde4skz6

    🎸 You know you have to wonder what was gained by doing this,
    These rockers that were self-absorbed and locked in their own bliss…
    These one-hit wonder BAYOU Boys, and others were obscene,
    And trashing a hotel room happened till the NINETY’s scene…
    They NEARLY brought the roof down, Firebug, and Spike and BUDDY,
    You wonder if the bathroom’s totally over-flowed and muddy…
    Rock groups some known while out on tour as they traveled the land…
    Not only for their music, but by headlines…”BANNED THE BAND”! 🎸

    So I think you gotta admit that those N’s and B’s weren’t put there just to string us along…BAND just leapt off the page…and the rest is history. And the History of Rock Music has well documented the tales of mayhem that took place in hotel rooms back in the day…But I’m getting ahead of myself here…let’s first note the usual…

    Today’s repeat anagram, TENNIY was seen back in September of 2016, although NINETY has definitely racked up some numbers over the years. Too many to count…and while BAYOU caused an Early Bird or two to blink, it was nothing ex-stream…All in all, todays words played out very well…

    So, our cartoon. Where do I begin…For a moment there, I was thinking that we may have a record number of details to play with today, and we just might. But the bottom line is that even though our cartoon is dirty with details, it’s the dialogue of the hotel manager that immediately gave us our solve. “Get out of here, and never come back”? Let’s face it Folks, there’s no wiggle room there…These guys are BANNED. The manager BANNED THE BAND! Plain and simple…

    And now, those details I mentioned. Talk about Gems…there’s enough here to open a jewelry store…and I’m going to try my best to identify them a-chording to their appearance. But first, I’m going on record to say that I’m not a rocker. So if this group of three is patterned after any actual rock band, well I’m just going to have to face the music and take a pass. I just named them the BAYOU BOYS because of the puzzle. And I individually named them for the same reason. But the details?…Let’s sweep the floor first…Remnants of a pizza, a broken table and lamp, and a spilt crushed can. There’s a band member, Firebug, a real hot dog, roasting a frankfurter atop a mattress (that’s lying on liquid), that he’s set on fire. And I say he, because even though he’s sporting eyelashes, that Jeff only applies to his female characters, I doubt that it’s a woman. If it is? Well, I can always makeup something else later. And there’s an image on his tank top that while looking familiar, eludes me. So if any of you rockers out there recognize it, feel free to sing it’s praises. Sitting next to him, Spike, with a snake wrapped around his neck…perhaps a boa…and not a feathered one either. It appears to be real, since it’s eye and tongue are showing. But I’m sure it’s not affecting Spike in any way, because it’s pretty obvious that he’s feeling no pain…And the last of our band members, Buddy, is shown on a lofty perch, strumming a guitar, while a second broken one lies beneath him. And the graffiti on the walls speaks for itself. Phew…And so the saga of 17P draws to a close…

    So, There you have it Folks, Done! Quite a cartoon, that’s for sure. Jeff definitely played this one well…Here’s to a good day, Everyone. Be well, stay safe…and Rock On! 🎸🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Some interesting trivia from the vault…🎸
    While neither of these puzzles from the past are totally in tune…they are striking the same chord…The first, from February 25th, 2009: “When the musicians got too wild, they became a”…BANNED BAND. And the second, from July 26th, 2014: “After the rock group trashed their hotel suite, they were”… BANNED. Suite, suite music! 🎸🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. I think this band has been stealing stuff from the hotel as well, so that’s another reason why he BANNED the BAND BANDITS. In fact, this band looks like it’s going BANANAS and it’s larger than appears in the cartoon – it has 89 members; that is NEARLY NINETY. So the manager said, Hey, BUDDY. BAYOU. (i.e., bye, you).

  6. 🤷🏻‍♂️ The NEARLY NINETY year old man sat with his BUDDY along the BAYOU and recalled how he had abhorred the Beatles back in the day, and had BANNED THE BAND from being played in the house by his teenage daughter…🤷🏻‍♂️

    💦 A BAYOU flowed beside his land, named Band and it was muddy,
    And along the NINETY acres, it remained just like a BUDDY…
    He’d lived here NEARLY all his life, dealt with the silt and sand…
    But nothing stopped the water’s flow…nothing had BANNED THE BAND! 💦

  7. Bayou was troublesome at first,and ninety looked like entity at first,but having resolved those 2 issues,the cartoon solution was a snap.I particularly liked the alliteration in ‘banned the band’.

  8. Hi all – I really didn’t want to have to write the letters down to solve the first little word, but I almost did before BAYOU and Creedence Clearwater’s “Born On The Bayou” flashed into my mind at the same time. Saw ENTITY before NINETY, and then the answer was obvious.

    Looks like Jeff had fun drawing this one! Maybe this punk band was inspired by The Who, with the broken guitar in the background.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    There sure are a lot of bands with cat logos on T-shirts when you look, right Angela? But nothing I could see that matched exactly.
    If you ‘makeup something else later’, don’t make us “blush”! 😂

    “By the time his BUDDY introduced John Fogerty to the old swamp rat who had been born on the BAYOU and inspired the song, he was NEARLY NINETY.”

    • Hey Steve…IDK…The Who, to me, had four members…I always include Keith Moon…and broken guitars definitely weren’t exclusive to them. Jimi Hendrix first comes to mind. And the shirt…it initially put me in mind of Woodstock, with the bird perched atop the guitar neck…but that soon flew the coop. And I dabbled with cat shirts a little, but I can only look at cat images for just so long…before they Fender me nauseous…so I scratched that too. Plus, the 2014 cartoon favored The Who, so I didn’t think Jeff would repeat it. Bottom line? Who knows!?🎸🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Right, that’s what I meant when I said it might be a punk band inspired by The Who. And have you seen that scene in Monterey Pop where Hendrix starts abusing his guitar with Pete Townsend in the audience as Mama Cass says to him in astonishment “He’s copying your act!” and Pete replies “He’s DOING my act!”

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