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  1. Finally, after a week of failure, I got the anagrams and the solution! 2 of the anagrams came quickly but 2 took a few minutes. The solution was not that hard.
    I enjoy the challenge and love the solve.
    IM sure y’all did great. We will miss Mike for a few days but Angela should keep us on an even keel…………………………..

  2. Good Morning, Everyone. 📚 A DEFINING MOMENT 📚

    🎶 You’re just too marvelous, too marvelous for WORDS…Like glorious, glamorous, and that old standby amorous…You’re much, too much, and just too very very…To ever be in Webster’s DICTIONARY…🎶 “Too Marvelous For Words” – Frank Sinatra 1962

    📚 A PENNY for your thoughts today, a kid using a book,
    It’s not seen all that often…that a book is where they look…
    I’m trying to ENACT the scene, a picture in mind’s eye,
    But pen and paper what’s she has…I guess we’ll MODIFY
    Most kids today just Google words, but this girl looks the age,
    A STANZA or a word defined, she’d get help from a page
    Today though with technology, we all too often tend…
    To search on our devices for a quick MEANS TO AN END! 📚

    Ok, so I have to be honest…I really can’t remember the last time I used a dictionary. A ‘manual’ one I mean. Looking up words? I do it all the time. But between iPads, and Smartphones, and Kindles, etc…it’s just become so easy to let our fingers do the tapping, instead of the walking through those pages…With the kids though? It depends. On the kid…and the age. We definitely have dictionaries, and even children’s illustrated dictionaries, but all too often it’s just so much easier to simply type a word in and search. And lately, with so much remote and virtual learning, it’s kind of blurred lines…so I guess it depends on the situation…

    Anyway, moving on. And strangely enough, speaking of searches, I came up empty searching for MODIFY, which to me seems to be such an everyday word. So it just may be that David’s pulled another new one out of his hat…And it’s NEYPN showing up as the only anagram that’s been coined before, back in March of 2013. But none of our words caused the Early Birds a second look this morning…they were all easily defined…

    So, our cartoon. Today’s puzzle brings us into a Jumble living room, and what I’d describe as an average after dinner setting. Mom’s sitting, working on some puzzles, and Dad’s seen reaching for the dictionary so that his daughter, doing homework and stymied by the word Finale, won’t shelve the idea of looking it up. And how clever is our solve? A MEANS…a way/and what does the word mean…TO AN END… https://tinyurl.com/hvt7v9c … “FINALE”! And looking it up will end her dilemma! It’s brilliant…no matter how you define it!

    Jeff’s Gems? You can see the word Vocabulary written on the girls three word homework sheet, and of course Dictionary on the book in Dad’s hand. But it’s what Mom’s working on that brings this all to a close…It’s a book of Jumble Puzzles! https://tinyurl.com/8wse4dev …with the top word showing as an anagram of Eagle…And that’s what defines Jeff’s whimsy! A picture’s worth a thousand words!

    So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a good one…Be well, stay safe..And I’ll leave you with a little Dictionary humor…A man bought a dictionary, only to get it home to find that all the pages were blank…And there were no words to describe how angry he was…Yep, definitely my Finale! 📚🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. 📜 Knowing that he’d need to MODIFY his behavior as MEANS TO AN END if he was to join the group known to ENACT Civil War battles, he held onto his lucky Lincoln PENNY as he pored over the STANZA they assigned him to read…📜

    🎭 The play about the little boy who lost his brand new PENNY,
    Was casting now and in the lead it looked like Tom and Jennie…
    Of all the kids who tried out, it was what they did ENACT
    That caught the new directors eye…and he said, matter of fact…
    “We’ll MODIFY a thing or two, a STANZA here or there,
    To suit their personalities, but let me make it clear
    These kids will do a great job, I’m sure people will attend
    So let’s start the rehearsing…forward to MEANS TO AN END”! 🎭

  4. The third word is a word in German and seems to apply especially to mathematics. ANSATZ means an educated guess or an initial supposition, which becomes part of the solution. An example might be a linear homogeneous equation; the Ansatz then would the guess or supposition that the solution looks like Ae^bt, which turns up in the final solution. It is interesting seeing it here in this Jumble since indeed an Ansatz is indeed a MEANS TO AN END. The intended anagram of ANSATZ was STANZA, which is also a word in Italian. This is not the first time I have seen a foreign word in the four anagrams. I saw for RAZOR once in a Jumble an anagram to a disparaging, offensive word in Spanish.

  5. Good morning. Enjoyed your song choice Angela however jumble wasn’t marvelous for me today. I got the words but the cartoon answer failed me. After looking it up I was shaking my head how simple it was. I really should have gotten it. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. I’m glad you liked it. And no worries, there’s always tomorrow. Be well, stay safe, and here’s to a good day…📚🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Means got me as well,but looking up means led to a quick overall solution,”Means to an end.”Good news today,is we’re awaiting a visit of our son w his 2 girls,first time we will have seen any of our family since Xmas.

  6. Easy Friday puzzle this morning. Anagrams and cartoon answer fell into place nicely. Wishing all of you a good day.

  7. Hi all – No problem with the words, but no idea about the answer. As soon as I started writing the letters though, I saw END, and that and the letter layout showed it.

    Yes, I also still have dictionaries near where I sit, but hardly ever look in them anymore. I also had to laugh at the woman doing Jumbles, given how often I’ve seen FINIAL for FINALE here and vice versa.

    That’s an inspired choice for a song, Angela!

    Good wishes to everyone.

    • Tks, Steve. I especially love how he plays with the word “Dictionary”. The man had an amazing way with phrasing…Have a good one, Steve. Be well and stay safe…📚🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Frank is on TCM right now, Angela, but I don’t think he’s going to sing. I hope you are well!!

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