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Happy Monday Wednesday, Jumble fans! It’s no surprise that we all have our little quirks, we’re only human. But some folks take theirs to the extreme and that’s where our own pettiness can get the best of us. We’re all unique in our habits and sometimes opening yourself up to a little change can be a good thing, or at least broaden your thinking. Shocker, right?!

Our favorite Jumble Maestro, David L. Hoyt, took a break from adding new clue words to his famed puzzle, but he did create three new anagrams in an attempt to challenge our cabbages. ASCEE was the only one that we’ve encountered before and I had to search way back to 1/30/13 to find it. Our oldest clue word solution, and the only one that gave me a slight hiccup this morning, was TUSSLE. Last used on 1/24/11, it’s seven years older than our most recent word which was EVENT. It’s been quite some time since all of our solved words were in alphabetical order, but it was a nice surprise to find after finishing the puzzle so quickly.

Our cartoon lands us somewhere in Jumbleville where we encounter three characters. Two of them are human and one is of the four-legged variety. As the gentleman slowly meanders his pooch down Scramble Lane, he happens upon Ms. Curmudgeon’s house and she can be seen hastily installing a warning to all pet walkers in the neighborhood. The sign reads “CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG!” in all capital letters, and it’s no surprise that she’s angered by even the most adorable pooch using her front lawn as a toilet. The man doesn’t have a pet waste bag in his hand, but I’d assume he keeps it folded neatly in one of his pockets for the moment when nature calls.

Jeff added a few small details to his piece that were interesting to spot. The first was the “POI” shirt that the man was wearing. The second was the picture on the wall inside the home which featured a small cabin situated amongst mountains and a winding stream. Lastly, and the hardest to find, was the tiny garden gnome holding a shovel just outside the steps to her home.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 8-letters. It’s impossible to get creatively cryptic when the majority of the letters are the same, but our guru of games did the best that he could. After seeing the last three letters in the lineup, I noticed that it nearly spelled PET. PEEVE was instantaneous for the finish making for a swift “Monday style” finish. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!




18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/14/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone! 🐶🙋🏻

    His one PET PEEVE was her cooking with so much PEPPER, and in the EVENT she’d CEASE, they’d be able to avoid another TUSSLE…

    It seems like lately everything’s just ending in a TUSSLE,
    Like this job isn’t tough enough with all the hustle-bustle…
    EVENT planning pays very well, but she longs for some peace,
    The demands that some people make…Would conflict ever CEASE?
    Who wanted PEPPER plants to be the decor for the prom,
    The man who asked for strippers truly tested her aplomb…
    The list is growing endless…some things hard to believe,
    And she’d be hard pressed if she had to choose her one PET PEEVE!

  2. All Roads Lead to.,.Gnome? 🐶🙋🏻

    🐶 You cannot blame a home owner who can get quite disturbed,
    With people’s blatant disregard of dogs that should be curbed…
    This woman wants it all to CEASE, she’s had her last EVENT,
    Where she’s forced to do cleaning up…her time’s much better spent…
    She’s tried applying PEPPER along her property’s edge,
    She doesn’t want to TUSSLE with a mess behind a hedge…
    Her sign is up…her feeling is…if your dog must relieve?
    Make sure you take it with you…yes, she’s voicing her PET PEEVE! 🐶

    Brooklyn…This one’s for you…”Puppy Love” – Paul Anka 1960

  3. Good morning. Guess what today is. Come on,guess what today is ! It’s Wednesday. Even though we had a Monday format. I fooled you guys didn’t I. You thought I was going to say what the camel says now didn’t you? Today’s jumble was easy for me and even the cartoon answer was a blind solve. My pet peeve is having my next door neighbors cat poop in my front garden or in my backyard which only has less than 3 inches of dirt before the community fence. He has at least two. Until tomorrow stay well. Almost forgot. Thanks Angela for the song. Brought back fond memories. Loved your use of the words too

  4. At the main EVENT, because the incessant screaming wouldn’t CEASE, a TUSSLE broke out and people started to PEPPER the ring with various debris.

  5. My slow word was TUSSLE. The solve was easy and a given. Also the circled letters were funny by themselves. They could be read as TV P## P##. Too, if her dog was well trained, avoiding the messes could have been her PET’S PEEVE. The song I’m reminded of is “Beyond the sea” (Bobby Darin, 1959) that ole SEA DOG’S song. Have a SOUPER day; I’m not going out.

  6. An easy Monday style puzzle on Wed, with all the anagrams a snap, and the multiple p’s and e’s leading to a quick blind final solution to the puzzle. Easiest jumble game for me in awhile.

  7. Hi all – Like most everyone so far, the words and answer caused no problem today. The double letter trick would work on TUSSLE but wasn’t even necessary. There are at least three of those types of signs outside buildings on my block, and some have graphics that are pretty graphic.

    Nice observations Mike. Maybe the gnome’s shovel is a hint to the dog owners.

    Nice words and song Angela. It blows my mind that one person from Ottawa could write songs as different as “Diana”, the Tonight Show theme and “My Way”.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “The quick use of PEPPER spray caused the TUSSLE in the crowd at the wrestling EVENT to quickly CEASE”.

    • Hey Steve. Thanks. Nice use by you too. I still have 🎶Puppy Love🎶 on my play list. It never gets old. And even though Anka only did the words to 🎶My Way🎶…what great words they are…A versatile guy, that’s for sure. Hope your day goes well. Talk to you later 🐶🙋🏻

  8. Steve – Your reference to Wally Cox & Mr. Peepers brought back some tough years. The middle ’50s when I got my “peepers” In those years it was usual to poke fun at school mates with glasses. Not a happy time, though I got thru it. I only watched it once or twice & never again; didn’t think it was funny.

    • Sorry to dredge up a bad memory. I got glasses when I was eight, but didn’t face that teasing for some reason. Sid Caesar had a character with thick glasses called “Cool Cease”, and he impressed me when he cut it out of his routine when he became aware that it was hurtful to some of his audience.

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