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16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/15/2019

  1. My choice is SULTRY. The solve was a given & CLEVER. Be back later after comments are posted.

  2. Good morning. My choice for hardest word is EJECT. All the others were automatic reads but the first word stumped me. My son got it before me. I was surprised to find the first two had the last word for hardest. The cartoon answer was easy and when I got it I actually laughed at how clever it was. Until tomorrow stay well.

  3. This Jumble is loaded with answers. True, it was a REAL ESTATE. But when did this occur? If it was this year, it was probably April 21, since that was a LATE EASTER. The sheer size of the place probably rattled him up, so the salesman has to EASE RATTLE. Too bad it has to be a 4-6 pattern, as this guy maybe is setting up a LATER TEASE. And is the foundation in good shape? Else there could be an AREA SETTLE.

  4. The BARBER decided to EJECT the TAFFY eating SULTRY floozie from his shop as she was creating too much of a distraction for his customers.

    • LOL! This sentence gave me the biggest laugh in awhile Chuck!
      Sounds he defused a sticky situation.

  5. Eject gave me reason to pause w the multiple e’s,then barber with the multiple b’s and r’s,but given those solutions along w taffy and sultry,real estate was a quick solve.Enjoy your fishing day,being an avid golfer, I have never gone fishing,

  6. Hi all – Just needed a couple of rearrangements to get SULTRY, then a minute of staring at the cartoon gave the answer. Interesting that the double letter trick failed twice on the same word – the B’s and R’s in BARBER started out separated and remained that way.

    Good luck Mike! Hope your day is the opposite of CRAPPIE, and hope everyone else has a good one also.

  7. Chuck & Steve – don’t play Scrabble with Jim B.
    Chuck, it’s about a barber shop, NOT a BARBIE shop. Steve “defused a sticky situation”? “Opposite of CRAP PIE”? Angela, quick, need a punny poem. Have a good day y’all

    • Jamu. I just updated the heading…Sorry, but we’ve both gone fishin’. I’ve been out on the water for the past two days…today I really gave into it and decided to relax…Maybe later…BAIT I’m not promising. 🎣🙋🏻

      • Hope you’re feeling better, Angela. As Jamu inferred, we can’t get along without you.

        • Hi Chuck. Thank you, you’re very kind. I just need some lazy down time…And your sentence made me think of a woman named Candy..“Candy is dandy” 😉. It’s definitely a keeper! Hope you’re enjoying your evening. 🎣🙋🏻

    • For you, Jamu. Have a great night…I’m going back to scrubbing clams..🎣🙋🏻

      The BARBER kept a TAFFY jar, but since the summer came,
      The candy seemed to melt a lot, it didn’t look the same…
      And from the SULTRY weather…the Barber did suspect,
      The cause of the pain in his mouth? A filling did EJECT…
      Yet how he hates to dump it all…his sweet tooth does it sate…
      But if his clients lose their teeth…he’ll lose his REAL ESTATE!

      After the AC broke down in her REAL ESTATE office, the BARBER next door offered her a respite from the SULTRY weather, but she hoped he wouldn’t EJECT her TAFFY-colored cat…🐱

  8. figured out sultry after figuring out the answer😊😊and working in real estate helped

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