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Good Morning, Everyone!         🏋🏻‍♂️ JIM..INY THATS A WORK OUT 🏋🏻‍♂️

🎶 JIM Dandy to the rescue…JIM Dandy to the rescue…JIM Dandy to the rescue
Go, JIM Dandy…Go, JIM Dandy 🎶…”Jim Dandy” – LaVern Baker 1956

🏋🏻 To work out with a trainer one must really up your game,
And guys like Jim can sometimes be…well, somewhat of a pain…
They CHOMP the bit to get at you, to get rid of your JIGGLE,
But sometimes being too strict can destroy your fun and giggle…
A workout can be serious, as long as it’s enjoyed,
And some trainers fight TOOTH and nail while fun they do avoid…
But Jim here looks quite friendly, and he does seem like a Genie,
He’ll help to grant our wishes…(and I had to rhyme in BEANIE)…
He looks like he’ll be stern but fair…and people do like him,
And hence there is that waiting list for GOING TO THE “JIM”! 🏋🏻

So…Before we get to today’s puzzle…two ruminations. Be careful what you wish for…The new Jumble MANTRA? We wanted new words? Well, we got ‘em! So much talk yesterday over that one little word, a new entry into The Wonderful World of Jumble**. Questioning whether Bob Lee or Mike Argirion would have ever used it? Ah, no probably not…because it wasn’t introduced into mainstream conversation back then….And did David get pleasure introducing it? Ah, yes, he did…the man was absolutely giddy with pleasure! And rightfully so…That’s his job! And did it make a few of our readers stop, scratch their heads and say..”OM”? Om, yes, it did! But what fun it all was!…And secondly – Today’s song video. Show of hands…Who’s short of breath just watching it? Phew! Talk about a Workout! If I could dance like that, I’d never worry about entering a JIM again..I’d just dance around a little everyday and calories be damned! Anyway…let’s see what TWWOJ** (see above) has in store for us today…

Once again, I’ve worked up a sweat searching the Archives for today’s words. And it looks like David’s done it to us once more. JIGGLE and BEANIE? I do believe we’re welcoming you to the club. And just as yesterday, I’m a little surprised with one word especially,  Jiggle…I could have sworn we’d seen it before…but it seems David’s shaking things up by throwing it into the mix. And Beanie? Now that I could see. No, really, I could see it…but not everyone had an easy time with it this morning. It gave four of the Early Birds quite a workout, and if I hear Imbibe one more time? I’m going to need a drink! Well played, David…masterfully anagrammed! Which leaves us CHOMP, a rarely seen oldie from way back on 07/19/11, and TOOTH which hasn’t appeared since 05/30/14. And, as always, with all this being said…it’s now time to MUSCLE our way over to our cartoon…

Today’s setting is a neighborhood GYM. Not to be confused with a neighborhood bar, where we LIFT our elbows for a different reason. No, today, the SWOLE thing’s about JAMES, the resident Personal Trainer having his clientele raise the medicine ball instead. While our question is telling us that James is quite in demand, we’re also privy to overhearing one of our women saying that “He’s the best”. And her companion is happily announcing that she’s on “his waiting list”. So it’s safe to say that James’s definitely carrying his WEIGHT, with a LEG UP on the competition…And since the common nickname for James is JIM?…There’s just so many people…WEIGHT for it…GOING TO THE JIM”! And yes, I’ve already heard it this morning…Why “THE” JIM? (Even though the pun’s “The Gym”). I gave up trying to explain with the Early Birds. So, if you think it’s too much of a STRETCH? Don’t shoot the messenger, Folks. I don’t make the news, I just report it. But we may just end up with another visit from David today! You go, David! You’re definitely raising the barand giving us a workout!

Ok, eye candy. We see Jim….(And that’s probably enough eye candy for most of us women…but I digress), and he’s wearing a nameplate. We see a Cable Pulley Machine at back. There’s three dumbbells on the ground…perhaps 2 five pound ones and a 15 or 20 pounder…We have our two aforementioned women and the woman at front, finishing up her session, is seen doing a lunge, as she holds on to the medicine ball for dear life, her water bottle at her feet…Poor girl, she looks like she’s doing the DEAD LIFT...and she’s probably thinking…”I need to run like the WINDed out of here”…That single bead of sweat dripping from the side of her face, and her expression of pure PERSPIRATION, I mean desperation, says it all. But my eye catcher this morning? The next guy up, the one seen saying “I am” in response to Jim’s “I’ll be right with you…be ready to WORK”? Oh my QUAD, Is that David? I think so, but I’m not sure. We’ve never seen him with a water bottle in his hand before, have we? It’s usually a coffee cup. And we know SQUAT about his legs…so that’s an EXERCISE in futility…Hmm. Maybe I’ll just leave it up to you all to decide…and we’ll see how it TIPS THE SCALES…So,There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone! And let’s keep something in mind…EXERCISE does make us look better naked…but so does Tequila…So? Your choice…Whatever LIFTS your SPIRITS! 🏋🏻🙋🏻‍♀️







19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/09/2019

  1. Good morning. Today I got yesterday’s paper plus today’s. I had no problem with either the words or the cartoon answer. I really wasn’t sure I had the answer then realized Jim was in quotations. For me it seemed lame but I hate those type of answers. But let’s talk about something I really enjoyed and give high fives for and that was Angela’s perfect song choice for today’s art. Girl,you scored Gold. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I have to laugh, because I just about finished getting WORKed over by these thick-headed Italians of mine…and here you are telling me the same thing! 😂.This keeps up, I’m going to need therapy! 😂 It’s definitely a 🎶Jim Dandy 🎶 one today! Very clever…but the guys here think it pushed the envelope…It’s too funny! And Thank You so much for the Shout Out…I must have watched the clip 4-5 times this morning…I WORKed up a sweat just imagining myself trying to dance like that …😉 And as for scoring Gold? You help make it all worthwhile…I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again, Brooklyn…Stay warm, and have a great day! 🏋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Using his BEANIE as camouflage, the college freshman tried to JIGGLE his loose TOOTH enough so that it would fall out enabling him to be able to CHOMP down better on his cafeteria meal.

    • Hi Chuck. Good Morning. I just realized that I never attempted a sentence or a rhyme…I’m really a space cadet today. Way to go with Jiggle and Tooth. 👏🏻👏🏻 I don’t think I’d have thought along that line, even though just the other night I was telling my nephew that he needed to “Jiggle his tooth a little if he was in such a rush for it to come out”. It’s a good one! And I laughed at the Beanie reference, because when I was doing some research for Halloween costumes, I came across a picture from the late 40’s, early 50’s I guess, where these guys on a campus has these ridiculous looking tiny caps on their heads, and the byline read Beanies. You’ve captured it all…In fact…LOL. the Chomp comes into play too, because two days later, the Little Guy Chomped into a hamburger…and Voila! The tooth! 😂 A lot of serendipity going on here! 😉 Hope you’re staying warm, Chuck, and that the S—- passes you by! Have a good one! 🏋🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Definitely a STRETCH on both, but I’m so behind schedule, as usual, that I’ll need to PUSH UP an appointment or two if I’m ever going to WORK in all I need to do today! 🏋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️

      🦈 With his hand in his pocket, fingering the lucky sharks TOOTH that he’d JIGGLE incessantly along with his change, he took a CHOMP out of the cookie that reminded him of a BEANIE top, and watched all the pretty girls GOING TO THE GYM…🦈

      🧢 🦷 He’d never worn a BEANIE, he thought they were quite gauche,
      So he hoped he could JIGGLE ‘round…as he ate a brioche…
      He looked for all excuses not to have to don the thing…
      And now he was regretting signing up for the school’s Sing…
      Maybe he’d fake a TOOTH ache, and say he must drop out,
      And just then with the next CHOMP he had butter all about,
      Rehearsals were in progress, and now just look at him…
      He’s showing up all greasy as he’s GOING TO THE GYM.. 🦷🧢

    • Good memory Chuck, and don’t laugh too hard Angela, it’s not as old as your examples – I was in the last class that required freshmen to wear beanies (1965-66). If you got caught by an upperclass enforcer, you had to go to “Beanie Court” and were fined a minimal amount with the money going to some fund or good cause. One of my friends was a very funny and very smart guy from NYC, and he turned it into a joke by pretending to be a foreign student who could barely speak English named “Yenom URI” (pronounced “OOH-Are-eye”), and he reported back to us that the judges felt really sorry for him and were very nice to him (I’m laughing so hard at this memory I can hardly type. Maybe you had to be there! 😂)

      • Steve…The name? I’m trying to maje something out of it. Is it a pun? And am I missing it?…Oh, and yes, you had to be there! 😂😂🙋🏻

        • Yenom was just Money spelled backwards, and the school we were at was URI (University of Rhode Island). It was such a simpler time, the judges never even caught on to the name connection. 😂

          • Oh, ok…I was going over a gazillion pronunciations in my head and kept coming up short…And now that you’ve told me this? You “definitely” had to be there! 😉🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Paused at beanie but once I got that one everything fell into place. Thought it was a clever puzzle today. Love those quotation marks. Take care all of you who are experiencing super winter weather already.

    • Good Morning, Betty! A woman after my own heart! I get such a rush when I see those quotation marks! 😂😂 And yes, very clever. And it looks like Beanie’s almost neck-and-neck with the solve now for stumper of the day, Thanks for your WARM wishes…😉and I hope you have a wonderful day! 🏋🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Hi all – Trying CH gave CHOMP, the double letter trick gave JIGGLE, and the TH combo and the trick gave JIGGLE. I had to back into the last word though – four vowels? AIEE! I figured the first answer word ended in ING, but was stuck until I read the dialog more closely and saw James’ name, which gave JIM and the rest.

    Going way back there for LaVern Baker, Angela, nice!
    I also thought it was David in the cartoon. Then I misread “Wonderful World of Jumble” as “Jungle” and thought maybe is was a tagline for Marlon Perkins “Wild Kingdom”.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “He didn’t read the warning ‘Caution – may contain pits’ on the jar of pitted olives, so when he decided to CHOMP one, he felt his front tooth JIGGLE for the first time since he was young enough to wear a BEANIE.”

    • Hey Steve…👏🏻👏🏻On your sentence. I like the Olive slant. And thanks for the Shout Out. Have a good one! 🏋🏻🙋🏻

  5. Words like BEANIE often lead me to believe I’ve got the wrong word. They are now so seldom used they border on the unknown. As much as I dread quotations, these served to to give me “JIM”. The words and answer came rather easily for a Friday. Good weekend all.

  6. Beanie with all the vowels gave me reason to pause. We didn’t wear benies in HS but were required to wear a collared shirt w/a neck tie and no jeans or shorts permitted.

    • Beanie has taken over the lead…I guess it’ll CAP off the poll today….And I went to Catholic School…you guys got nothing to complain about….Well maybe Steve. Beanies…indeed! 😂😂 Have a good one, Prof. 🏋🏻🙋🏻

  7. We hard-of-sight seniors would appreciate it, if you do not use yellow or other very light colors. Thank you.

    • Hi Flora. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ll avoid using the colors in the future. Enjoy your evening! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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