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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! I was quite impressed by the challenge that today’s anagrams offered. MARLIN was by far the most difficult for me to decipher, and it took a good five minutes or so before coming in to view. I think a lot of folks will be backing into it this morning! GOBLET took a few seconds longer than usual, but it came together quickly when I started playing around with GO. Noticing that David listed the anagrams in descending alphabetical order was a welcome surprise after such a shaky start.

    The hunter in today’s cartoon looks exactly like a gentleman that lives right up the road from me named Mr. Brown. He’s not much of a hunter as far as I know. He has more bird feeders in his yard than one could imagine, so I’m pretty sure he’s more friend than foe. Thanks to today’s cartoon I learned quite a bit about bogs! I mistakenly thought that bogs and swamps were the same thing, but swamps have some drainage while bogs do not. That definitely explains Buster’s putrid smell! Even his anthropomorphic pal can’t stand the stench. My favorite detail happened to be the X’s covering the eyes of the dispatched duck. There was a small ring around its neck which leads me to believe it was most likely a Mallard.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 12 letters. There were four vowels and eight consonants. I thought David did an excellent job of disguising the answer as nothing jumped out at me upon writing down the letters. My biggest clue were the lines around Buster that were used to show his awful SMELL. With those letters crossed out, and the -ing suffix plucked from the remainder, FOUL was a breeze to find for the finish. Have a terrific Tuesday, and keep Jumbling!

  2. Here are 10 Fun Facts about: HUNTING

    10. Researchers believe early humans waited in trees for their prey to pass underneath rather than chase after animals the way hunters in the Classical and Renaissance periods generally did.
    9. Hunting is still important for people who live in areas where farming is impossible or very difficult, such as the rainforests of South America and the jungles of Southeastern Asia.
    8. The use of hunting dogs can be traced back to ancient Egypt where greyhounds were used to track gazelles.
    7. The most common “trophy” animal imported in the United States is the Snow Goose.
    6. The Australian boomerang, now a popular toy and tourist gift, was originally a tool used for hunting.
    5. It takes about 5 hours and costs roughly $20 for the average deer hunter to secure one pound of venison.
    4. In Greek religion, Artemis, daughter of Zeus, was known as the goddess of wild animals and the hunt.
    3. “Gun dogs” are dogs that hunt by scent and sight. Setters, spaniels and pointers are the most common “gun dog” breeds.
    2. Approximately four percent of the mammals in the world are wild animals. 36 percent are human beings and 60 percent are farm animals.
    1. U.S. hunters purchased a total of 15,158,443 hunting licenses in 2020. Texas sold the most (1,120,620) while Rhode Island sold the least (7,208).

  3. WHOSE = Last used on 10/24/19 as SOHEW
    FLIRT = Last used on 10/06/20 as RIFTL
    MARLIN = Last used on 08/23/09 as LARMIN
    GOBLET = Last used on 06/28/19 as BOLTEG

    RTLIF = Used on 01/03/19

  4. Today was a Funyun! Anagrams came pretty easy, as did the solution.
    Tuesday is always a good day because nothing much is happening’
    I am looking forward to Wednesday. Why? Can’t say……………………..
    Mig is always there for EWE!!!!!!!


  5. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🐕🙋🏻‍♀️

    🎶 Hey, BIRD DOG get away from my quail…Hey, BIRD DOG you’re on the wrong trail…BIRD DOG, you better leave my lovey-dove alone…Hey, BIRD DOG get away from my chick….Hey, BIRD DOG, you better get away quick…BIRD DOG you better find a chicken little of your own…Johnny is a joker that’s a’tryin’ to steal my baby (he’s a BIRD DOG)…🎶 “Bird Dog” – The Everly Brothers 1959 https://tinyurl.com/m2r8mwyh

    🐕 A dog WHOSE owner likes to hunt, is often left to FLIRT,
    With all things about outdoors, and he needs to show his worth
    This owner likes to fish too, and a MARLIN he does seek,
    But here today it’s birds are sought…the fishing is next week…
    So Buster went into the bog, his instincts had been set,
    He needs a bath…the hunter wants some wine in a GOBLET
    And Buster did his job today, sniffed well while on the prowl…
    “Scent…sational” the hunter says…The pun..he’s SMELLING “FOWL”! 🐕

  6. This jumble has only a few shadow solutions, but one caught my attention before SMELLING FOWL did, namely SMELLING WOLF. This dog looks very much like a hound, so I would expect him to be sniffing or smelling to detect nearby animals, and maybe he detected a wolf with his smell. That would produce a hound equivalent to the boy who cried wolf. Namely a hound that is SMELLING WOLF. There is one other shadow solution that isn’t as good, SMELLING FLOW, but too many of our rivers are so polluted that they indeed do smell.

    • You blew my mind with WOLF, Jim. You’re most definitely our “shadow solution” expert. I don’t know HOWL you’ll top this one! 🙂

  7. Marlin took me a long time, even after I had the answer and n,m,l for the blanks. The word looked vaguely familiar, but I had to look it up to make sure it was a word and see what it meant.
    Wishing all a good day.

    • Good morning, Caroline. Do you think MARLIN would have been easier to spot if there was an ‘S’ in the scramble? I know it wouldn’t be a valid word because of its length, but it probably would have reminded me of the Florida baseball team. That’s my guess anyway. Enjoy your Tuesday! 🙂

  8. 👧🏻👦🏻 Today is DR SEUSS DAY, and all across the land,
    The Kids are all excited, they’ll eat “Green Eggs and Ham”…
    They’ll read stories and have a laugh and hate to have to stop,
    They’ll make the rhymes and sing and dance and then they’ll “Hop on Pop”…
    The day will be a happy one, for sure all kids will wish…
    A day so full of color…“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”..
    A favorite one, “Cat in the Hat” …they’ve loved since they were two,
    There’s also the big Elephant from “Horton Hears A Who”…
    “There’s a Wocket In My Pocket” can always make them smile,
    And “If I RanThe Zoo”, there would be happiness for miles….
    So many more to have fun with, it’s not hard to deduce…
    Today’s a day to celebrate the Kids and Dr Seuss! 👦🏻👧🏻

    • And “There’s a bofa in my sofa” (Bank of America?) and “There’s a zillow in my pillow”. Is this where the real estate website Zillow gets its name?

      • LOL!…
        And there’s a beaver with a fever…And a dog who’s in a bog…
        A snake is swimming in a lake, he’s lost because of fog…
        A bunny who eats honey, and a bee up in a tree…
        Imagination runs amok…so much to bring kids glee! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Good morning. Nothing was especially easy today. I struggled through it all but came out a winner at the end. Enjoyed your facts Mike and especially enjoyed Angela’s song choice. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe. PS I had my blueberries but it was slow acting today.

    • Your blueberries probably aren’t all that fresh right now, Paul. You’ll be unstoppable come late June!

      Seriously, great job on the successful finish! 🙂 🏆

  10. Happy 71st, Karen Carpenter! Hope you are still at “The Top of the World”.. We lost you way too soon.

      • My wife and I were lucky and got to see a Carpenters concert here at WIU in Macomb,before she died,all too young.

        • Hi Professor. Yes, you were lucky. And yes, she was gone way too young. Unfortunately she didn’t have the happiest life, and eventually it took its toll. Such beauty and talent…very sad. 💔🙋🏻‍♀️

  11. Good morning again. Today’s jumble reminded me of this. In the “Old Man And The Sea”, Santiago Whose luck had been bad for over 80 days did Flirt with success by hooking a Marlin and dreamt of sharing a Goblet of wine with his fellow fisherman. Alas, it wasn’t to be, the sharks made sure of that. Take care.

  12. 🦈 While out sailing for MARLIN, and trying too hard to FLIRT with the woman WHOSE party was next to him, he ended up spilling his GOBLET of wine, leaving him embarrassed and SMELLING FOUL to boot…🦈

    🤷🏻‍♂️ With MARLIN high in mercury, he tried not to be curt,
    And thought to just make light of it, still fish danger did FLIRT…
    The people who invited him, left nothing else to choose,
    But needing to stay healthy…there’s concern…if not his, WHOSE?
    He lifted up his GOBLET hoping no one’d see his scowl…
    But this marlin that they’re serving? The whole thing’s just SMELLING FOUL! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Anagrams were a snap except for marlin,which required extra thought.The cartoon solution was troublesome at first,but after pulling out the ‘ing’ ending,smelling fowl was a quick solve.

  14. Marlin took a looong time, the answer never did. I’m city born, city raised, and city fed. Got the “ing” but no verb to go with it. My only excuse is that I have problems finding food in a grocery. Be safe, stay well.

  15. Marlin and goblet took me the longest to solve and had to resort to pencil & paper to figure out the cartoon answer but finding”ing” first helped me to arrive at smelling so the fowl followed quickly. It was a good workout for a Tuesday morning. Wishing all of you a good day.

  16. Hi all – MARLIN was what made me pause today (looked like ANIMAL at first), but I saw it after several jumbles. Thought the answer might be SMELLING GAME-Y at first.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Great song choice Angela, and very appropriate.

    Nice to see the Rhode Island note in the Fun Facts, Mike (I guess it just doesn’t have much room to fit many animals), but what got my attention was the little cartoon in the voting box. Could that be an animation from the very early interactive arcade and home video game “Duck Hunt”? 🤔 (I think I just answered my own question with a quick look at YouTube):

    “The reality TV show producer wondered WHOSE idea it was that anyone would have the ability or desire to FLIRT on a fishing trip while juggling a MARLIN line and a GOBLET of wine.”

    • Tks, Steve. “Smelling Game-y” 😂😂…And it looks like we were both out on that same “fishing expedition”! 😉🦈🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Here’s the spreadsheet of hunting licenses issued for 2020 from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Interesting stuff.

      It sure was Duck Hunt, Steve. And I’m proud to say it’s the only “hunt” I’ve ever actively participated in! Fishing is another story though….. 🙂👋🏻

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