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Happy Thursday, Jumble geniuses! There are some mighty big changes in store for the young couple that we see in today’s cartoon. I think Fido is going to be the one in for the rudest awakening though. Mom needs to rest as much as she can during the final stages of pregnancy and would be wise to pass off those nesting urges for dad to deal with. When the little ones come along it’ll be sleepless nights, dirty diapers and feeding time nearly around the clock!

All of today’s anagrams were a piece of cake. Two of the anagrams are coming up as new with PUCEO and TURGET having definitely been used before. They solved with little to no effort and it’s a little disappointing because I really crave a challenge near the end of the week. Just watch me eat my words when tomorrow’s game turns into my worst nightmare!

Today’s cartoon was a scene that most of us can identify with in some way or another. The overly cautious dad wonders if he should call in the experts due to his wife’s tiredness, but she knows her body and maintains a level head. She explains that the Doctor informed her that she’d grow increasingly tired during the final stages of pregnancy and there’s no need for him to grab his hospital bag just yet.

The picture frames ended up being my favorite detail in the panel. The one on the left is a wedding photo and it’s a little more ornate than the one of their fur-baby on the right. The woman is dressed in a beautiful gown and she has her bouquet of flowers down to her right side. The man is wearing a TUXEDO and has a smile from ear to ear.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters and is the same amount as yesterday’s puzzle. The layout was fantastic with David spelling out WE, COP and (almost) TEXTED. The word “twins” in the cartoon sentence allowed me to find TWO, and EXPECTED was easily deciphered from the remaining letters. Even though the puzzle was a breeze to solve, the creative answer that David delivered made it all worthwhile. Have a spectacular Thursday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!





26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/24/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike and Everyone…No BABY steps needed…
    Easy, breezy…Have a great day, Everyone! https://tinyurl.com/q3v4b7o
    🎶Having My Baby🎶 – Paul Anka 1974

    👶🏻👶🏻 A wedding photo on the wall, clad in gown and TUXEDO,
    A couple now WHOSE family from two to four will grow…
    A husband looks on nervously, we see care for each other,
    (And here’s where I intend to put the word not fitting…GUTTER)
    Maybe he could serve her a snack, a COUPE with something sweet,
    That she could savor as she rests and raises up her feet,
    She says she’s well, just tired…as she’ll be until she’s due…
    And then she’ll be exhausted..as she is EXPECTED TWO! 👶🏻👶🏻

  2. A little LABORious trying to do BOTH of them! 😂🙋🏻

    🤵🏻Dressed in his TUXEDO, awaiting the EXPECTED TWO limos, he stood alongside the GUTTER and wondered WHOSE car this new COUPE was🤵🏻

    🚚 Again the GUTTER’s leaking, he’s awaiting the workmen…
    A truck pulls up, it’s logo a TUXEDO’d small penguin…
    He stands inside and watches as he’s eating from a COUPE,
    He’s thinking…Why this ice cream…he should have had some soup…
    He notices his neighbor, WHOSE house the man goes in,
    Apparently he’s having grief with Air Conditioning…
    He’d hope to have the empty spot so his guy could pull through…
    He didn’t know his neighbor’d be repair EXPECTED TWO! 🚚

  3. Sounds awkward grammatically. TWO what? Twins or things? Probably better than EXCEPTED TWO, which has the same problem, and which also might imply she really didn’t want children.

    • Jim. I think you’re missing David’s intent. The answer is the play on EXPECTED “TO”. She’s feeling the way she anticipated, and as stated in the dialogue, just as the doctor told her she would be. EXPECTED, as in the the word Expecting, commonly used to describe a pregnant woman, and the pun is the “TWO” …She’s having Twins (ie)..TWO babies. It’s not awkward, it’s very clever…👶🏻🙋🏻

    • That’s what the quotation marks are for Jim – to indicate a homophone of the word you would otherwise be EXPECTED “TWO” provide (although I suspect you’re actually quite well aware of this.)

  4. Good morning. Another easy breezy one today. Enjoyed the cartoon answer. Think it was solved in less than two minutes. For our last child I bought that record for my wife after we found out she was pregnant and not sick Angela. Thought he nailed his feelings better than I could ever say. Jim, they have pills that make you happy and not negative most of the time. There is that old saying that mothers used to tell their children. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I agree….easy, breezy, cute and clever! And I’m glad you liked the song, How sweet a gesture, you buying it for your wife.😘 Have a good one, Paul, and I like your words of wisdom. 👶🏻🙋🏻

  5. I pity the man in the TUXEDO, crying in the GUTTER, WHOSE COUPE de Ville had just crashed against a lamp post.

  6. The driver of the old COUPE, WHOSE mind was always in the GUTTER, decided to wear a TUXEDO to the prom, hoping his classmates would change their opinion of him.

    • LOL! 👏🏻👏🏻 I haven’t heard “mind in the gutter” in a long time…Well played, Chuck! 👶🏻🙋🏻

  7. My blind solve was SUPPOSED TWO but tuXedo spoiled that, so had to work out words and work on lefters
    left over, no problems. Good day all.

  8. Expected two was an obvious blind solve.The only anagram that gave me reason to pause was coupe that looked like pounce at first.

  9. Hi all – I started to see “Exodus” but TUXEDO appeared. COUPE took me the most jumbles. Saw the answer from the dialog.

    Thanks for the details Mike, and excellent poems, Angela.

    Have a great day everyone. We’re expecting temps around 90 around here and the winds are unusually strong, but further up north (not very close to me or Betty) a fire caused the evacuation of a casino and several neighborhoods.

    “He figured there must be an untold, possibly poignant story as he wondered WHOSE TUXEDO his COUPE ran over in the GUTTER.”

  10. Notice the look of worry and panic on the dogs’ face? Poor thing looks melanCOLLIE! And what about how much heavier he is in his photo on the wall? ..Real HUSKY, right? 🐶🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Thank you much, Chuck. You DELIVERED a pretty good gem of your own! Hope you’re enjoying your day! 👶🏻🙋🏻

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