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  1. The highlight of the cartoon seems to be the impressive view of the cityscape from the windows of the exam room. With the Willis Tower standing tall in the background, we can easily identify the location as downtown Chicago. I think this Doctor made a wise career choice in becoming a cardiologist. Looking around the room, it’s quite clear that she’d never make it as an interior decorator!

    There weren’t any new clue words to report this morning. Three of the anagrams were new with TAFIH being the only one that we’ve definitely seen before. Other than a slight pause on CIGAR, they all solved without a hitch.

    A fairly pedestrian cartoon of a man having a visit with his cardiologist. It looks like the Doctor has just entered the room and she already has his chart open on her tablet. There was an image of a heart with a cross at the top of the screen. It’s most likely the logo of this particular practice, but I suppose it could be the test results of the patient.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11 letters. I had no trouble finding HEART after noticing CARDIOLOGY CENTER in the cartoon sentence. With THE being given to us, the rest of the solution was a breeze. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone, and keep Jumbling!

  2. Here are 10 Fun Facts about: The Human Heart

    10. A human heart is roughly the size of a large fist and weighs between 9 and 12 ounces.
    9. The average adult heart beats 72 times a minute; 100,000 times a day; 3,600,000 times a year; and 2.5 billion times during a lifetime.
    8. The heart pumps blood to almost all of the body’s 75 trillion cells. Only the corneas receive no blood supply.
    7. French physician René Laennec (1781-1826) invented the stethoscope when he felt it was inappropriate to place his ear on the chest of female patients.
    6. A kitchen faucet would need to be turned on all the way for at least 45 years to equal the amount of blood pumped by the heart in an average lifetime.
    5. Heart attacks happen most often on Monday mornings.
    4. Heart cells stop dividing, which means heart cancer is extremely rare.
    3. The “thump-thump” of a heartbeat is the sound made by the four valves of the heart opening and closing.
    2. When resting, it takes 6 seconds for blood to travel from your heart to your lungs and back again, 8 seconds to go to the brain and back, and 16 seconds to go to your toes and back.
    1. The pressure a human heart generates is strong enough to squirt blood thirty feet across a room!

    Final Thought:

      You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself. —Alan Alda

    • I thought for sure the solution was HEART OF THE TOWN. But then the letters didn’t fit. The first word for example, namely CRAIG, was CIGAR, so there was a C in the cartoon clue which HEART OF THE TOWN does not have. I solved the other words and came up with more letters not in the phrase. After some looking around, I found that CITY could be in the solution, and then I found HEART OF THE CITY. I think I hear HEART OF THE TOWN more often. By the way there is also a shadow solution which I never would have guessed: ETHIC OF THE TRAY, which describes their attitude towards smoking and ashtrays. Since there is no tray in the picture, their ethic is NO SMOKING.

    • Good morning. Another successful day. No problem with the words and almost a blind solve. I had Town for the last word and then looked at the letters and saw no “W”which gave me City. Thanks Mike on your facts about the heart. Most interesting. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

      • It’s interesting that both you and Jim B. thought the solution was HEART OF THE TOWN. I don’t recall ever seeing/hearing it that way. Some of the more common “TOWN” idioms that I can quickly think of are: TALK OF THE TOWN, NIGHT ON THE TOWN, MAN ABOUT TOWN and GO TO TOWN.

        • …And what we all consider the Jumble to be…”The only game in town”! 🔠🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Good Morning, Everyone. NOTHING TACHY ‘BOUT THIS VIEW! 🙋🏻‍♀️

      🫀Our guy today had choices, and he WISELY did what’s right,
      Quit cigarettes although a CIGAR he smoked on some nights
      He had FAITH in his Doctor, she’d OUTWIT him either way,
      He knew she’d see right through him, despite anything he’d say…
      Yes, he gained weight, par for the course, dealing with nitty-gritty
      And here he is at her office, in the HEART OF THE CITY…🫀

    • 🤷🏻‍♂️ All in good FAITH, he went forward with his plans to open the CIGAR Bar in the HEART OF THE CITY, and WISELY had the proper permits, but was still accused of trying to OUTWIT the Community Board…🤷🏻‍♂️

      🔠 Trying to OUTWIT others, he played with great finesse,
      He had FAITH in his prowess…holding tight with every “S”…
      A new player did challenge him, and this guy raised the bar,
      So many times he came real close…close but still no CIGAR…
      He WISELY studied tiles, but he lost and quite the pity…
      Relinquishing his title “Scrabble King…HEART OF THE CITY”🔠

    • Give this man a cigar! I wisely looked at the puzzle solution first and Heart of the City, one of my newspaper’s comic strips, gave me the faith I would outwit the game.

      • oldomaha…
        When years ago at carnies, CIGARSs were the grand prize,
        A person tried to win a game…and much to their surprise…
        The barker yelled that very phrase…”Give this man a cigar”
        And anyone come after…had to deal with the raised bar!

        * Great comic strip https://tinyurl.com/yy2tsptz aside…Great use of the phrase! It’s not one heard all that often today, although every once in a while, it does come up. I love your take on the whole thing! 👏🏻👏🏻! 🙋🏻‍♀️
        * PS: And “the TALK of the school” in today’s panel is a funny coincidence! 😉

    • A little problem w cigar,as I couldn’t get car-ig or Craig out of my mind,but the other anagrams were a snap.Also heart was an obvious first word cartoon solution,given the cardiology clinic reference,quickly followed by the entire: heart of the city solution.The cardiology reference struck too close to home ,for me,having survived 2 serious heart attacks several years ago.Best wishes to the Jumble group.

      • Hi Chuck. Your solve of CIGAR was similar to mine. I knew we had seen CRAIG before, but I just couldn’t remember what word it was!

    • Hi all – It took me a couple of jumbles, and trying “IC” at the end as usual, before I saw CIGAR. All the rest was instant.

      Loved the pun on “tachycardia”, Angela.

      Is that a picture of Chicago in the voting box Mike? It looks like it could be a view of the lakefront looking back from one of the walkways that jut out into Lake Michigan.

      Good wishes to everyone.

      I couldn’t get this song out of my head after reading today’s Jumble. If you’re in the mood for 11 minutes of progressive rock, here’s a link to “Heart of the Sunrise” by Yes:

      “Finally accepting that he could not OUTWIT nature, he put FAITH in his doctor’s advice and WISELY chucked the CIGAR, cigarettes and paraphernalia.”

    • Another vote her for craig instead of cigar but the cartoon answer was a blind solve so things did fall into place. Wishing all of you a good Wednesday.

    • Vote percentages is confusing.because it hard to identify the words,when it is not printed out,but just a letter is shown.

    • I smoked CRAGIs for 20 years before quitting a while back and all I saw at first was CRAIG! Other than that no problems with the anagrams and the solution was immediate for me. It’s hump day all which makes me wonder to camels go to physicians who specialize in the hump?
      Thanks Mike and Angela for your comments….. What will David and Jeff cook up for tomorrow?

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