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Happy Wednesday, Jumble warriors! We’re at the halfway point of the week and the difficulty of the puzzles is becoming more noticeable. What I didn’t expect, but was delighted to see, were two new words making their way into the lineup. This time around DLH chose to add both a 5-letter word, CIGAR, and 6-letter word, ONLINE. They were both jumbled very well and took a few seconds to sort out, but it was GLOBAL that took me the longest to decipher. With only two repeats to work with, my daily task of figuring out the oldest and most recently used word was a breeze. THINK was used way back on 7/28/12 making it the former, and GLOBAL appeared on 1/4/19 making it the latter. They were both brand new anagrams as well which definitely got my moater running!

Today’s cartoon was exceptionally well drawn and the setting was unmistakable. We’re in the fictional castle of Camelot, and King Arthur can be seen droning on and on while his weary eyed warriors just want to call it a knight. Arthur seems to be quite the knight owl and acknowledges the late hour. We see a couple of knight lights already glowing in the background and a waxing crescent moon through the window. As he blabbers the knight away, one of his knights politely raises his hand for permission to use the water closet. Perhaps this gentleman’s name was Sir Render? It’s been a long days knight, and when you gotta go, you gotta go!

I wonder if any of these men were named Sir Cumference? We see the fabled round table in the middle of the room, but where are the swords? They’re usually layed out with the tips pointing towards the middle. I guess it’s the dead of knight so we’ll cut them a break. My favorite details were the animals on the knights chests. One looked like a chicken and the other a rabbit. They might be a Monty Python reference, but that was never my thing. I was more of a romantic, you know, a knight in shining armor. Sort of like Sir Lancelot looking for my Guinevere, but without the whole home-wrecking bloody civil war thing at the end!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. The layout was dandy, but there was no place to hide the K. After crossing out KNIGHT, ALL was easily found leaving -ER for the finish. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!





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  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone. Just sitting at the ROUND TABLE, listening to some music https://tinyurl.com/y4s8ulwe with my friend RED, DRAGON a little, and still GROGgy from last KNIGHT. And GUINEVERy good thought CAME..LOT of good thoughts came actually…But then RED said…”GAL..AHAD a great time last KNIGHT, but ARTHUR anything else to do now? If not, I think I’ll GARETH up my stuff since GERAINT much happening, KAY”? …And I said, “Sure, you might as well be GAWAIN, I’m a little BORS anyway…” 👑🙋🏻

    ° He used to THINK that he could only get a really good “ALL KNIGHTER” CIGAR through a GLOBAL market, and was thrilled when he discovered he could purchase one ONLINE.

    ° I have friends who are bon vivants, no matter what their age,
    They enjoy all the finer things…and on a GLOBAL stage…
    They search for what’s the best CIGAR, spend time ONLINE and looking,
    I THINK their choices of fine wines go so well with my cooking…
    And while their love of life helps make my days feel so much lighter…
    The best part is we’re still out there enjoying an ALL “KNIGHTER”

    …And Paul, for you..just in case the first choice isn’t the true full MONTY for your taste…https://tinyurl.com/j3f32dx “All Night Long” – Lionel Ritchie 1983 👑🙋🏻

  2. Angela. Isn’t the word “Craig” a word in itself? Just askin’. My cousin used to THINK he had to smoke a CIGAR whenever he was ONLINE because he was in a GLOBAL status at that time.

    • Hi Chuck. Good Morning. It is SORT OF. It’s more a man’s name, which would never be used. but some people say it can be used as a plural of crag..meaning “rock”. But it’s more a foreign used word…Gaelic? Funny you mention it, because 2 of my friends couldn’t see CIGAR today to save their lives…and they both smoke them! 😂 And one was happy with CRAIG! ..But I doubt he or you can score here! 😉 But your sentence definitely gave me a CHUCKle!…The Europeans do still smoke a lot more than we do! 😂 Hope you have a great day, Chuck! 👑🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Thank you Angie for that second video. I like the first one but putting aside the silliness, loved Lionel Richie. Enjoyed the rest of your post. I really haven’t looked at Jumble since Sunday. I spent Sunday and Monday at Borgota with my eldest son and daughter-in-law for a Father’s Day gift. We had brunch at Caesars. Bingo and a comedy act at the Borgata, plus other fine dining. Didn’t win but had a great time with part of my family. Tuesday we left and I had another brunch engagement at 3:30 with 18 of us from bocce. So today was a first look at the paper, and in case any one is slightly interested, my choice for hardest word was global. It took a second look to get and the cartoon answer, even though it was in the dreaded quotation marks. That clever answer didn’t allude me. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • We missed you yesterday, Paul, but it sounds like you had an amazing time! What a wonderful gift and great company to spend some time with. 🙂

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. You’re very welcome. I really choose the song for someone in particular, but you know I know your musical proclivities by now…so I figured I had to give you something you’d enjoy. Especially having not seen you for a few days. Trust me, if you didn’t show today, I was sending the cousins out to track you down at the Bocce court! 😂 And it sounds like you had a great few days, both here and at AC. I’m happy for you…I hope the guy who lost his wife came along with you too..Thanks for the Shout Out Brooklyn, and have a great game today. Perfect Bocce weather! 👑🙋🏻

  4. In my attempt at a blind solve, I came up with ALL KNIGHT AFFAIR, which would have worked too, although it requires even more letters, thus allowing me to write this long sentence!

  5. I had all knight-ER right off the bat as a blind solve,but cigar was troublesome,followed by global,and online.The PE classes here at WIU play a sport called ‘goball’ that fits the global anagram as well,just like Craig fits cigar.

  6. Online took me the longest to solve and had to take to pen & paper to work out the cartoon answer. I do love those quotation marks. We’re in the midst of a heat wave here in S.F. It was in the 90’s yesterday. I’m cookin here, Steve, wilt in hot weather. It’s probably hotter in Oakland. Those fog horns will be music to my ears. Cooler weather can’t come soon enough for me. Happy Wednesday to all.

    • HI, Betty. I think there’s a snag with ONLINE, because for years it was written only as ON-LINE. Both are still acceptable, but the current usage favors it as one word. And I realized that I still always write it with the hyphen…Again, knowing the Jumble uses only the Merriam-Webster Dictionary to verify its words,…we have ONLINE! I feel for you with the heat wave. I was telling Steve earlier that it was quite the topic on the morning news and shows this morning. Stay safe…and maybe do what a lot of us do here…soak an large handkerchief or a cloth of some kind in cold water, wring it, and wrap it around your neck. It helps…Good luck…I hope it breaks soon…😓🙋🏻

      • You know I have to comment on your remark Angela. Sitting here doing the puzzles I missed while away. I seem to remember an old Italian Grandmother sitting out in the backyard with a cold wet handkerchief around her neck during the hot summers. You brought a smile to my face and a fond memory.

        • Brooklyn..You just gave me a smile too! I think that’s where I learned it..from my Grandmother! I don’t really remember…No clue. But the guys still do it now, when they’re outside…especially if they’re playing Bocce! I know they have some kind of towel thing that they use on their necks when they golf in the heat…These boys are sooo built for comfort! 😂😂 Anyway, always glad to give you a smile, Brooklyn! Hope you got some Bocce in today…definitely a Top Ten day weather wise…🌞🙋🏻

          • I bet both of you remember the St. Louis Cardinals putting ice-water soaked cabbage leaves inside their baseball caps at their old Astroturf field. 🙋🏻‍♂️

              • Google “baseball cabbage leaves in cap”. Even Babe Ruth and Korean ballplayers did it. I remember Matt Williams during a Giants’ game at StL, probably in the 1980’s. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

              • I don’t doubt you ..just never heard of it…or anything remotely close to it.,,I’m busy right now, but I think I will Google it when I get a chance…🙄🙋🏻

    • Funny thing about that Betty – I’ve been looking at The Weather Channel app, and because the winds have been blowing in the opposite direction from usual (East to West), SF has been a couple of degrees hotter than Oakland. In fact at one point, Dixon and Oakland were the same temp, and SF was hotter than both (*very* unusual). It does seem quite a bit cooler today and is supposed to continue.

      • Thanks for the advice, Angela. I always feel guilty complaining about our “heat” or “cold” here on the West coast because I know you folks in the Midwest and East are true weather survivors. Need to toughen up. Many years ago I went to the Statue of Liberty. It was about 94 degrees with 90% humidity just unbelievably uncomfortable. However, I did make it up to her crown and back down again. Drank lots of water.

        Steve – Didn’t know that it was hotter here than in the East Bay yesterday. There is a bit of a breeze but the house remains very very stuffy. Supposed to be 57 here tonight. Yay!

        • You’re welcome. But no need to toughen up, Betty. It’s just what your body becomes acclimated to. I do believe that you probably “feel’ the heat a lot more than I would…And besides, we have “black -out” drapes here to block all the sun when it gets really hot…plus the AC. We LIVE with the AC! And then we jump in the pool! 😉 Try drinking a lot of cool liquids…it helps to keep your body temperature steady…I feel it works a lot better than the highs and lows…And my hat’s off to you for that Statue of Liberty climb! Not me! Hope you can relax and enjoy your day…Be well! 😘🙋🏻

    • Supposed to be 103° here today and 100°on Saturday, So i feel for ya!

      Greetings from Roswell, New Mexico!!!

  7. Hi all – THINK was the only word I got right away. The rest caused me a lot of trouble today. I next got GLOBAL, and then needed the answer (which I got from the window scene and the knights) to back into CIGAR and ONLINE (with ONLINE taking the longest).

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Funny about your song Angela, because I saw ‘Lionel’ while looking for ONLINE and thought about our toy trains. My sentence was much like yours also:
    “Because he could no longer get his Cuban CIGAR order filled directly, he had to THINK about a GLOBAL ONLINE option through a third country”.

    • Chuck’s sentence too. Not much wiggle room with Global and Cigar, right? I always liked Lionel Ritchie…but recently I watched some American Idol, which I’ve never done before, and with him being one of the judges, I have a whole new “feeling” towards him now. He’s such a kind, sensitive, stand-up kind of guy…So I started listening to some of his old stuff..and the song came straight to mind…Pefect fit! 😉🙋🏻

  8. Hi Everyone,
    Like Steve, THINK was the only clue word I got right away. I had to back into the other three, with ONLINE taking the longest.

  9. I’m with Angie on never hearing about cabbage soaked leaves inside their baseball caps. Lol. That’s a new one.

    • Hi Chuck…After the ever pompous James Cameron took all the gold for the movie in ’97, i remember there being talk that the 1958 version was the best. I dont remember for sure if I’ve ever seein it, but then again I didn’t see the ’97 one either…Two reasons..1- I already knew how it ended…😂 And 2- I knew I’d never get on a cruise ship again if I did! 😉 Hope you’re enjoying your night, Chuck. 🙋🏻

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