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Good Morning, Everyone! 🚜 PIPE DREAMS? 🚜

🎶 The sweetest things in life don’t stay around for very long…They come and go and don’t come back again. While they’re here, you feel so smug, that’s when fate pulls out the plug…And the sweetest things in life go down the DRAIN…Down the drain…Right down the DRAIN…Down the DRAIN…Gone down the DRAIN…🎶 “Down the Drain” – Allan Sherman 1967

🚜 With any new construction, there’s so much that is involved,
The city will EMBARK on it once plans have all been solved
With nothing left to WHIMSY, crews are BUSILY at work,
Behind the scenes the contractors make sure there is no shirk…
But often there’s a feeling that someone might be OUTWIT,
Like what we’re seeing here today, with these guys in the pit…
New sewers being installed for a brand new ENTITY,
The “Jumble Porium” calls for infrastructure A to Z
But there may be a problem…and now who’s SIDING with who
Will work slow down…or taxpayers be stuck with what is due?
These escalating costs arose…and things are looking grim…
There’ll be some deeper digging for this DRAIN ON THE SYSTEM...🚜

So, word on the street is…that the new sewer pipes being laid in anticipation of the Jumble Porium’s grand opening may end up taxing a few nerves…It seams as if the job is more than what these city planners bargained for…You know how it is…when it rains…it pours? Only who dropped the ball? The city contractors, the Jumble’s contractors, the building’s architects and designers? I tell you, Folks…it’s a real puzzle…But wade…I’m getting ahead of myself…So before we get in too deeply here…let me redrain, I mean refrain from pointing any fingers…and instead dig into today’s words…

Just as last Sunday, none of our six entries are new. And we’ve seen each of the six words sprinkled throughout last year. But we do have two true repeats, with the anagram of RAMBEK having appeared back in 2014, and TEYNIT having appeared just last May. And I should point out that it was somewhat of a split decision this morning, with WHIMSY, ENTITY and SIDING causing the Early Birds to dig a little deeper...They got it all laid out of course, but it just didn’t flow all that easily…Ok…Let’s not drain all of our energy here…we still have our cartoon to dig into…

Seine...I mean Scene…A city street, most likely in Chicago, under construction. A new emporium, the “Jumble Porium” is on tap to open in the near future. The date? I can’t spell it out for you, because I had no idea the site was even being looked at. I tell you, you miss the paper one day? You end up scrambling for details…Anyway, we have seven characters running through our cartoon today…it’s overflowing with them! Five are part of the installation crew, while the two at front, a woman and a man are drawing us in by what separates them from the others. Both in casual business attire, we can see that they’re part of the planning committee, and from what we overhear, we can also see that a decision needs to be made…and it looks like poor planning faucet upon them…We see Flo, looking very flushtered lamenting the fact that the well’s run dry, while her cohort, (water you know, I’ve forgotten his name)…doesn’t seam as galvanized as she is. I mean she seams ready to commit sewercide, while he’s like…”Hey…water you gonna do? Pipe down…That’s life…It’s all water under the bridge. We’ll just raise taxes”! Sure, no sweatLay it on the pour taxpayers…Anyway, the bottom line is, this new project is really turning out to be a drain on the city’s coffers…Let’s face it Folks, with the way things are today, the system just can’t handle the expense…And somebody’s gonna be scrambling to come up with the money…’cause this job is a real DRAIN ON THE SYSTEM! Nicely done, David…you lead us right to this one!

Ok…Eye Candy. There’s a guy at back, farthest left manning the back hoe for trenchingwhile off to the right, another is working the crane, a pipe in place. (Both vehicles are yellow, of course. That’s CATegorically understood). The sole female member is assisting in the haul. And the two remaining members of the crew are standing by, arms outstretched, ready to grab the pipe. (But they both have looks of apprehension on their faces….Hmm…Water you think that’s about? Do you think they don’t trust the woman’s judgement? I hope not…that could definitely get them in some hot water…Who knows…but maybe that’s why she’s sporting somewhat of a grin)! All seven of them are wearing orange hard hats, and we can see into the trench dug into the ground, and the length of pipe that’s already been lain. Nothing out of the waterinary …it’s all pretty much cut and dry...But the main attraction this morning? It has to be the signage on the building’s window. “Jumble Porium”, with two little familiar Jumble “J”s in the corners…Who knew? Systematically scooping up Real Estate now too? …Hmm…I’m a little septical! So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a grate day, Everyone…And here’s hoping we all stay out of hot water! 🚜🙋🏻‍♀️




12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/26/2020

  1. 🤷🏻‍♂️ With a bit of WHIMSY, and the intention of being the one to OUTWIT all the others, (as they BUSILY tried to best him), he decided to EMBARK on a quest to define the new ENTITY, which was proving to be a DRAIN ON THE SYSTEM, and wondered who’d be SIDING with him…🤷🏻‍♂️ 🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🏡 They needed all new SIDING, and decided to EMBARK,
    On fixing up the house…and it was definitely no lark…
    A contractor had done his best to OUTWIT them, they knew…
    So now they’re doing it alone, with WHIMSY they’ll imbue
    So BUSILY they’re planning…it’s an ENTITY all it’s own,
    Determined as they are to make a showplace of their home
    Let’s only hope they get along…the her against the him…
    ‘Cause otherwise it’s all in vain…a DRAIN ON THE SYSTEM! 🏡 🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. Good morning. Almost a perfect start of a new day Everything was easy breezy for me except Entity. I gave up and got the answer. Another good cartoon answer. It took very little time to drain the words from the 16 letters. I have one of albums Angela. The one where he’s at camp. God,I haven’t heard him in at least 40 years. That was the first time I heard that song. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Afternoon, Brooklyn….As you can see, my morning’s definitely gone down the DRAIN…Just one of those days…And ENTITY isn’t exactly an every day word…But yes, the solution wasn’t far off the mark, once you took DRAIN out of the equation…As for Sherman…how funny was this guy? He definitely had a wicked sense of humor! And the song you’re speaking of is…🎶Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah🎶 https://tinyurl.com/v3fcg2v the one he’s most remembered for. Hope you’re enjoying your day, Paul. Have a good one! 🚜🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. All the words fell into place easily this morning. At first I thought the cartoon answer might have something to do with waste of money or waste of resources but lacking the proper letters, I did come up with “Drain on the System”. By the way, Angela, a few weeks back we were commenting about that wonderful old program “Brooklyn Bridge”. I went on You Tube and searched for Brooklyn Bridge TV Show and voila up came a few episodes including the one that we both loved so much called “War of the Worlds”. I watched it last night an enjoyed it as much as I did so many years ago. Hope all of you have a good Sunday.

    • Hi Betty, Happy Sunday! I just saw that Clay had the same train of thought as you…using the word WASTE. But as you said, no “W” in the mix. But Waste is a good guess. And I forgot to tell you, that I found a few old VHS tapes of Brooklyn Bridge, but it seems I don’t have them all…even though I was so sure that I did. AND I meant to DIG DEEPER, but you know how it is, life got in the way. I do intend to look again tho. Thanks so much for the heads up, I’m going to check it out that episode today. Hoping your day’s going well, Betty…Enjoy! 🚜🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Hi all – Three of these words would have taken a lot longer if I just hadn’t seen them so often – WHIMSY, OUTWIT, and BUSILY. I got SIDING from the ING. Thought KAMBER, but the K didn’t look right and then saw EMBARK, and I mistook ENTITY for NINETY at first. Had to cross “drain on the” out of the letters to see the last word of the answer.

    The cartoon looks way too familiar – our local water company, appropriately named EBMUD, has been doing exactly this since October on the street at the end of mine. Instead of the big pipes in the cartoon, it looks like they’re lining the existing ones with smaller plastic ones.

    Have a great Sunday, everyone! Angela, it was the use of “galvanize” that gave me a good laugh today.

    “When it was time to EMBARK on starting his vinyl SIDING business, it wasn’t WHIMSY but a desire to OUTWIT the taxman that caused him to BUSILY begin the paperwork to register as an offshore ENTITY”.

    • Hey Steve,,,You know I thought the same thing about the 3 words you’re mentioning, but each of them was only used once during last year…OUTWIT, on 09/15, https://tinyurl.com/vmx6sov BUSILY on 04/26, https://tinyurl.com/u872rnd, and WHIMSY https://tinyurl.com/wb82ou3 on 12/15. (Maybe WHIMSY struck a chord because I use it so often referring to Jeff in my posts)! 😉 I didn’t put up any links this morning because I started having a problem attaching them, and I didn’t want to take a chance screwing up my whole piece…And I’ve had the same situation here…new pipes being installed in the street, in fact, right outside my home. It can be seen a lot across the Island. When it comes to infrastructure, Staten Island is definitely in need. There’s parts of the Island that flood terribly every time there’s a big rain. It’s sad….Anyway, Tks for the galvanize Shout Out…I gave myself a chuckle with that one too…And your sentence 👏🏻👏🏻 gave me a LOL! Have a great day, Steve! Hope it’s going WELL! 😉 🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Hi Clay. So good to see you…Where’ve you been hiding? We haven’t had a comment from you in way too long a time…You can see that Betty was thinking along the same LINE as you with the solve…but while WASTE does come to mind with the puzzle, (relating to both money and…well…waste)! 😉 the answer needed to be four words….so WASTE OF MONEY, as is wouldn’t get off the GROUND…😉 But it does have a bit of WHIMSY to it…someone definitely didn’t MAP OUT this job correctly, that’s for sure! Thanks for commenting, Clay..and as I mentioned, it’s nice to see you here again, and I hope we’ll get to see more of you. Have a great day! 🚜🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. For the final anagram I came up with “STAND ON THE MISERY”. Figuring that might not quite be the intended answer, was surprised to find all 16 letters could make another 4 word answer =)

    • Hi Mark…You know I had to go back and look at this puzzle again, because you sort of came out of left field…I was trying to figure out where your solution fit today’s puzzle! 😂 This one has been a while… but I must say, that’s quite a creative solve you came up with. I guess they would be faced with a miserable situation, wouldn’t they? And yes, it is surprising that the letters jived…Thanks for commenting, Mark…and here’s to a great day! 🚜🙋🏻‍♀️

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