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  1. We use the words “pool” and “billiards” interchangeably when it comes to the game played with a cue stick and cue balls. To the casual observer, both games would appear to be one and the same. The only difference is that the game of “pool” involves some type of wager between the players, and the eventual winner would receive the pooled wealth as his or her prize. It looks like the chump in today’s cartoon learned this lesson the hard way. All that’s left for him to do is buck up and pay the lady!

    TOPAZ had me stumped. The fact that it had a “Z” in it is what really frosted my cookies! All of the other anagrams, including TYCOON, were no trouble at all. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that all of anagrams were in reverse alphabetical order.

    Today’s cartoon brings us to a Pool Hall where we happen upon a game that’s just wrapping up. The fact that he’s fishing a single bill out his pocket leads me to believe that the wager wasn’t overly excessive. And for those folks paying close attention to the details, you’d have no trouble spotting Jumble Jeff in the background. I’m sure he’d tell you that you were being handsomely rewarded for your efforts!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11 letters that would form three words. Five of the letters were vowels and six were consonants. POCKET came naturally after noticing P, K and O in the layout. OUT and OF solved easily from the remainder to finish it all off. Have a terrific Thursday, and keep Jumbling!

  2. Here are 10 Fun Facts about: Billiards

    10. Pool evolved from a lawn game that is similar to croquet, which is likely why the pool table is green (to represent the grass).
    9. Billiards was the first sport to have a world championship (1873).
    8. Before modern plastics such as celluloid were invented, billiard balls were made out of ivory, and needed to be cut from the exact center of a tusk. Only three or four balls could be made from a single elephant tusk.
    7. Most chalk used in billiards today is comprised of fine abrasives, and does not contain a speck of chalk.
    6. In the 1986 movie, The Color of Money, Tom Cruise performed nearly all of his trick shots.
    5. When Mary Queen of Scots was killed in 1586, the cloth from her billiard table was used to cover her body.
    4. The world’s largest billiard hall “The Recreation”, was a mammoth seven-story health spa built in Detroit during the 1920’s. It featured 103 billiard tables, 88 bowling lanes, 20 barber chairs, three manicuring stands, 14 cigar stands, a lunch counter on each floor, a restaurant that could seat 300, and an exhibition room with theater seating that could accommodate 250 spectators.
    3. The patent for the first coin-operated table was awarded in 1903, which enabled players to play a game for one penny.
    2. No one knows exactly who, when or where the first billiard table was built. The earliest documented record of a billiard table was made in 1470, and it belonged to King Louis XI of France.
    1. At 35.6 years, billiard champions have the highest average age of any sport!

    Final Thought:
    There are 350 varieties of shark, not counting loan and pool. —L. M. Boyd

    • Thank you Mike; how did the solution phrase came about? Is it short for ” out of pocket MONEY? Or does it mean the individual has sole responsibility for the debt ? And Chuck, did you study codeing too? I was stationed at Redstone in the 60’s with one and I hope his wife could speak sixteen languages and approached him with a different one every day. Including slang.

      • Excellent question, so thanks for asking!

        Merriam-Webster lists 1679 as the year it was first used. It was defined as being “in the position of having lost money.” It wasn’t until 1885 that the entry was expanded to include “an outlay of cash.” 🙂

  3. Good morning. Bombed out today, I looked up Topaz. My blueberries didn’t help this morning and all I had to do was put az in front of top. Other than that it was smooth sailing and after writing down the letters the answer came quickly. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  4. Hi Everyone –
    I don’t think I had trouble with TYCOON in July because I don’t recall the word, but today I was stumped and had to back in. The K made me think of pocket and the rest of the answer came easily after that.
    I’m not a pool player, but I liked your facts very much, Mike.

    • You’re most welcome, Caroline! I don’t know what I’m going to do when the material starts repeating itself, so let me know if you have any suggestions. Maybe some sort of quiz would be an interesting replacement?

  5. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    💍 On her first day working at the TOPAZ jewelry KIOSK in the small community mall, the town’s TYCOON walked over in search of a ring…and with her nerves causing her to FUMBLE with the tray, she hoped she wouldn’t be OUT OF POCKET for the pieces that fell to the floor.💍

    💸 He thought himself a TYCOON, and in fact he’d done quite well,
    Owned KIOSK after kiosk, from TOPAZ to gloves he’d sell…
    At first, yes he did FUMBLE, as he tried to make his mark,
    But once he settled down it all was a walk in the park
    Advice to those just starting?…He said “Try it ‘fore you knock it…
    Just manage your own money…lest you end up OUT OF POCKET”💸

  6. No problem for me w the anagrams or w the cartoon solution,which was a blind solve for me.But then I am an old time pool player.When I was in grad school in Columbus at OSU,a friend of mine,who had gone to HS,college,and then grad school w me,and I played a lot of pool,probably too much,and actually considered opening our own pool hall in the neighboring town of Delaware.Fortunately,common sense prevailed,and we both went on to earn our PhD’s in math.

  7. What’s being missed here today, is the true brilliant play on words. If you look at the cartoon, you’ll see that the player failed to sink the 8-Ball, he overshot the hole. And note that all of the other balls are gone, you can see them lying in the two pockets that are visible. They’re playing 8-Ball. https://tinyurl.com/nfr6ckn Apparently he “called” the pocket, but his ball didn’t land where he intended it to…where he “bet” that it would. His ball was OUT OF POCKET. He lost. And as the woman’s dialogue is telling us, he’s a gambler..and she’s riding him for having an “expensive hobby”, which is a term pool players use when a player doesn’t play as well as he thinks he does…Note the guys dialogue…”I can’t believe I missed that”…Yeah, ok sure. The guys a loser…and he’s paying OUT OF POCKET.. https://tinyurl.com/y5lfonwc…He’s obviously missed one time too often, and paid up one time too often too…But there’s no missing the double meaning of David’s solution today…it’s definitely a winner! 🎱 🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. To anonymous. It was definitely out of pocket. Pool in Huntsville Alabama at Redstone was a usual past time. I was stationed there 53 to 56. Good solution today. Stay well and safe

  9. Hi all – I wasn’t snookered by the words except for a pause at the last one. Thought the answer might be “Chalk it up” to something, or “Cue” something, but the cartoon, and getting “Out of” from the letters showed it.

    “The Recreation” sounds like my kind of place, Mike, but I was disappointed that there was no mention of pinball. It seems that the true modern pinball games with actual flippers, weren’t developed until the early 30’s. Before that, it was true PINball – shoot the ball and watch it roll down the table hitting actual pins as it went.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The TYCOON didn’t realize how badly his team would FUMBLE the opening of the malls’ TOPAZ and diamond KIOSK franchise, and was shocked at how much OUT OF POCKET he would be.” “Mediocre Minds” again Angela, but you know my schedule; I write my replies before reading anything, and having KIOSK does limit the sentences somewhat.

  10. Not too easy, not too hard, just right Jumble today. Got stood up at TOPAZ and TYCOON but the solution fell in place. At first I was looking for SCRATCH but then saw POCKET and that carried the day! Nice info today Mike, I especially like the idea of a cigar billiards club. Don’t go on any field trips to DC today, I’ll see you tomorrow……………………

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