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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone.  The guys previously used this pun back in 2016 — but my corned beef is still gonna go down nice and easy!  I almost didn’t get one though.  Every supermarket was sold out of them.  Thankfully I remembered a small butcher shop that’s located just over the line in Massachusetts.  And luck just happened to be on my side!  They had 3 of the bad-boys left and I chose a gorgeous 5-pounder.  Dinnertime can’t come soon enough!

There’s nothing new to note in the clue word department.  And all of the solutions just happened to be quick and painless to decipher.  LARGER would be my pick for the hardest anagram because of the double R’s.  Remember to separate and reintegrate alike letters, folks.  It may sound counterproductive but it usually gets the job done!

To be truthful, I’m not sure what the cartoon is all about.  For what purpose is the gentleman ironing his lucky find?  It looks like the couple is getting ready to go out and celebrate so maybe he’ll put it on his hat before they leave?  It sure would spruce it up but it’d be quite small and hard to notice.  The panel definitely relayed the necessary information to pull it all off though.  My favorite detail was the bleach bottle on the shelf above the washer and dryer.  It featured the image of a freshly laundered shirt and the letters “Clea” in cursive, just to the right.  Perfectly placed!

The final solve clocked in at a very lucky or unlucky 13-letters.  I guess it all just depends on which camp you’re in!  This time the coupled S’s didn’t need to be separated.  Instead,  by remembering the iron that I just saw, I came up with PRESS almost instantly.  YOUR LUCK came naturally from the remaining letters and the deed was done.  Enjoy your Saint Patrick’s Day activities and whatever it is that they entail.  I’ll catch you right back here tomorrow.  🍀


***Hey, check this out!  A ragtag group of plumbers managed to turn the Chicago River green despite the outbreak.  Way to get it done, gents!




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  1. A fairly easy Monday type puzzle on St Patrick’s day Tuesday.My heritage is Romanian(Oprian) on my Dad’s side,and German (Noeth) on my mother’s side,but today my name is O’Prian.Have a Happy St Patty Day.

  2. Good morning. No problem with the words but drew a blank on the cartoon answer. Rather then stick with it I looked for the answer and was surprised how easy it was. The answer was there in the guys right hand. I wasn’t lucky enough to see luck in all those letters. Guess I really didn’t have the passion for it today. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • It happens to the best of us, Paul. But you’ve still (hopefully) got a corned beef dinner to look forward to this evening so it’s not all that bad. Whatever your plans, may they be filled with good company and cheer. Best! 🍀

      • Good afternoon. Thanks Mike. Your right I’m out in Long Island at one of children’s house for corn beef and cabbage. Hope you enjoy whatever is at your house. Take care.

  3. Hi Everyone – I took a wrong turn by writing down Gargle instead of Larger but eventually found my mistake. Got a kick out of the Irish jokes in the voting box.

    • I’m glad you found them funny, Caroline. Originally I had the question as “Which anagram had you DUBLIN over with frustration?” but DUBLIN only sounds good when used in conjunction with laughter so a last-minute adjustment was made. Keep smiling and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you and yours! 🍀

      • I think Dublin is outstanding, too, Mike. Wishing a Happy Day to you and yours – and all fellow Jumblers.

  4. The guy at the COUNTY fair in the small KIOSK would always SPURN any advice given to him by anybody with a LARGER stand.

    • I keep seeing LARGER as LAGER for whatever reason, Chuck. And despite my dysfunction, your sentence still makes perfect and logical sense! Bravo! 🍀

  5. Once more guessed the answer to the question before the words… that’s my quest every time.

  6. Good Morning, Everyone! Happy St Patrick’s Day to us all! 🍀🙋🏻‍♀️

    🍀The Luck of the Irish cannot be denied…we’d heard of it with all its bounty,
    In Ireland today, despite all our woes…there’s joyfulness COUNTY to county…
    While KIOSKs are down, and people are home…what’s still in our hearts we don’t SPURN…
    And when things improve we’ll all be as one and celebrate just as we yearn….
    Our cartoon today, 4-Leaf Clover to have and our guy need listen to her…
    An iron? No way…cause if anything it’ll shrink before it gets LARGER!
    I can see his point…and I will give him due…if nothing at all but his pluck…
    But the Clover is fine…so I’ll simply say….”Let it go, Lad…and not PRESS YOUR LUCK”! 🍀

  7. Hi all – Where I grew up, REGLAR was the gas you asked for if you didn’t want Hi-Test, and that was the word that stumped me for awhile. I thought of REGAL and REGALE before seeing LARGER. Got the rest, and the answer was obvious.

    I almost saw CLOROX on the bottle, but yes, it does seem to say CLEAN.

    Have a great day everyone. This is also a feast day for St. Gertrude, patron saint of cats, celebrated on the comic strip “Breaking Cat News” as “St. Catty’s Day.”

    “For the good of the LARGER community, he decided not to PRESS HIS LUCK, SPURN the KIOSK at the COUNTY hall, and vote by mail”.

    PS – Peet’s is still open for take-out and I survived a trip to the grocery store, so I guess we’ll survive. 😂

  8. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all. No problem with the words or cartoon answer. No four leaf clovers to be found but I did find a lucky penny on the street yesterday which I picked up and washed off when I got home. Survived the grocery store is an apropos description, Steve. Our neighborhood was a madhouse yesterday. Guess we just have to hunker down and get through this situation. Haven’t ventured out yet today but hope to take a walk later. Take care all.

    • Hi Betty – I’m hoping it calms down after a few more days, and my local smaller Safeway seems less crazy than the big one I went to today. Take care!

      • I’m with you, Steve. Our big Marina Safeway has been an absolute zoo the past few weeks. Our small neighborhood market had to close down for three hours yesterday so the staff could restock the shelves.

        • Hi Betty…It’s the same all over. But fortunately we have neighborhood stores that are offering to deliver, without any charge. I called an order in this morning for both my brother and I, and they’ve just delivered. It’s a blessing…especially since I have some of the kids here…and I don’t keep gallons of milk! …Plus they wanted green cupcakes! 😂 It’s just one day at a time right now. Totally uncharted waters…Be safe, and have a good one. 🤞🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

    • You know I used to spot four-leaf clovers as a kid all the time, but I can’t for the life of me do it as an adult for some reason. Must have lost my magic touch or something!

      Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Betty! 🍀

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