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Happy Wednesday, everyone! Our midweek puzzle sure was a mixed bag of Jumble goodness. It featured a new clue word, a couple of challenging anagrams, and a cartoon that I can’t stop raven about. So stick around, and let’s eggsplore this emusing puzzle together!

It’s was a pheasant surprise to find that David chose to start us off with an anagram where the first four letters of the solve spelled out a seabird. It was also a new clue word making its debut into gameplay, but I was able to figure it out after just a quick gander. PAPAYA was the only word to stork me in my tracks so it’ll be my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. I thoroughly enjoy when Mr. Hoyt uses words that have the same letters and then stacks them together in the layout. It’s a cheep trick that always makes me feel like a dodo! FUMBLE migratred back into the game after being gone for two years while PANDA beat out PAPAYA by three days to make it our most recently used word from May of 2018.

What we see taking place in today’s cartoon is rather fowl, and it might even be considered a featheral offense in some jurisdictions. A mean looking kitty seems to be storking a momma bird and her fledgling flock, and she’s not about to sit there and let them get pecked off like sitting ducks. This illeagle act has her puffin and her single line of dialogue let’s the feline know that his goose will be cooked if he comes any closer!

All punning aside, Jeff really stepped up his game this morning. The cartoon instantly reminded me of the panel from September 1st where we last saw a similar one point perspective. In that panel, which is my favorite so far this year, we happen upon two men looking over the side of a boat. At the bottom of the water, we see an itty-bitty fish swimming and it gave the piece an incredible sense of depth. Today we see a gigantic bird in her nest and both the tree tapering off near the base and the small cat below gave it a similar effect. It’s not often that we see this particular type of artisty, and it’s always a special tweet when we do!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters and would solve into one long word. David arranged his layout masterfully, and he once again stacked similar letters together. My solve began by seeing FLAP in the anagram and the U and N allowed me to finish it all off. It wasn’t an instant solve, but pretty close! We have had this solution before back on 7/27/17, but it was so long ago that I didn’t remember it. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!





8 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/18/2019

  1. After having had to fUMBLE with the lock on its cage, the UNFLAPPABLE PANDA finally escaped from it and lumbered off into a GULLY and was relaxing under a PAPAYA tree.

  2. Double repeat letters galore with 3 out of 4 anagrams having double or even triple letters.Having solved all 4 anagrams,the 1 word 11 letter puzzle solution gave one reason to pause,but was easily attainable,after a little forethought.Enjoy your ‘Hump’ day.

  3. The words came easy, the answer scared me.I thought I’d never get it and yet unflappable came to me. I checked the letters and though it fit, I still waited till I checked. Then…YIPPEEEE!

  4. Momentarily paused at papaya — all those A’s. However, all in all a successful day. Happy Wednesday to all!

  5. Hi all – No real problem with the words, just an extra look for PAPAYA, but all those repeated letters couldn’t have been anything else, and I just happened to be looking at some yesterday at Safeway. Had to start writing down the answer letters, but again the repeated P’s tipped me off.

    I liked your writeup today Mike, especially the dodo reference (maybe I just feel something in common with him), and I liked the cartoon perspective also.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    🎵”A-there’s a dance spreadin’ round Like an awful disease
    (Hully, Hully Gully)
    Oh well, you shake your shoulders And you wiggle your knees
    (Hully, Hully Gully)”🎵 “Hully Gully”, The Olympics, 1959

    “Not having a true opposable thumb cause the PANDA to FUMBLE the PAPAYA into the GULLY”.

  6. Good afternoon. This will be my second attempt. Don’t know where my work of art disappeared to. Up there floating around in space without a name to claim it. I thought I posted this morning but now realized I omitted my witty repertoire. To be truthful,it really was of lackluster quality. I got the words but failed on the cartoon answer. Maybe if I wasn’t in such a hurry to get out of the house this morning and spent a little more time with it I might have gotten it. Nice work Mike,always enjoy your in-depth analysis. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Paul. And I’m sorry to hear that your first post didn’t show up. It’s been a quiet day here in the comments, but I’ve been busy most of the day so it all evened out. Have an enjoyable evening, and I’ll catch you on the flip.

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