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Happy Wednesday, Jumble fans! The clue words weren’t overly challenging this morning and were all instantly visible upon first glance. We’ve seen them all before but they haven’t been used in over a year. HAZARD was the oldest of the bunch with it’s last appearance on 8/2/16. TUNNEL would be my choice for the most challenging word of the day. The double N’s were the trickiest part of the solve and they were separated just enough to keep the solution well hidden.

We’re back in Sleepy Hollow this morning where we see a group of period clothed competitors partaking in a game of tug-o-war. The addition of the Headless Horseman transformed the cartoon into a dark and mysterious piece which added a layer of intrigue to the puzzle. We’ve covered the Headless Horseman exhaustively in the past so let’s change things up and talk a bit about the game that we see them playing.

The origins of tug-o-war are uncertain but there are accounts of the sport being played in ancient Egypt, Greece, India and China. A popular legend says that the Sun and Moon played tug of war over the light and darkness which seems to coincide with the imagery that we see in today’s panel. The Chinese elevated the sport to the “next level” with 548 ft ropes that had shorter ropes attached which allowed more than 500 people on each side to compete!

Did you know that tug of war was actually an Olympic sport from 1900 to 1920? Although we don’t see it anymore, it lives on in the lesser known World Games which are still held around the globe today. I bet a few of you will remember the television show “Battle of the Network Stars” back in the late 70’s. It featured celebrities representing each major network competing in different sporting events with the final one being the tug of war. Lou Ferrigno’s performance in May of ’79 was the shows greatest battle and was a blast to watch on YouTube.

The final solve wasn’t much of a challenge after writing out the clue letters. Our cartoon sentence sneakily omitted Headless which I picked up on at the start. By simply crossing out HEAD made the rest of the solution instantly visible leaving us with a dandy of an answer. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/30/2018

  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good to see you here. Interesting information. Well done! Here’s to a better today than y’day. 🍷🙋🏻

    • Thank you, Angela. I really appreciate you keeping the good times going during my absence. You’re truly a wonderful person and a great friend.

      • You’re sincerely welcome. And the feeling is mutual. ❤️ Hang in there, Bud. 🙋🏻

  2. 🎶And if it’s bad…don’t let it get you down, you can take it…And if it hurts
    don’t let them see you cry, you can make it…HOLD YOUR HEAD UP…Oh, HOLD YOUR HEAD UP…Oh, HOLD YOUR HEAD UP… Oh, HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH…🎶

    🎃💪🏻 We’re here again, within three weeks, Guys, what is the allure?
    We’re back at Sleepy Hollow…and I wish I knew what for!
    I think maybe you’re PANDAring to something I can’t see…
    (And yes I’m playing with that word…C’ mon just “bear” with me)!
    A PANDA in the Hollow? You know it won’t be found…
    And why use TUNNEL vision, when imagination bounds?
    I think it quite amusing, it’s not LOUSY or uncouth,
    The question here should really be…”The Hollow, why forsooth”?
    Regardless, with the Tug-O-War, a HAZARD’s to be seen,
    Cause look at what is on the ground…You see it, in between…?
    That patch of ground lies open, and these guys while all a tussle,
    Should pay attention to that pit…before they pull a muscle!
    The bottom line here though it seems, believing what we’ve read?
    The Hollow is the perfect place for one to PULL AHEAD! 💪🏻 🎃

    Know what caught my eye? That angry-faced Pumpkin HEAD! Oh my GOURD! Have a great day, Everyone! Be of good acCORD, and stay aHEAD of the bunch! 💪🏻🎃

  3. The public thought it was a LOUSY idea and a HAZARD to walk through a dimly lit TUNNEL to get to the PANDA enclosure.
    Agree with you Mike that today’s words and solution were not overly challenging. Thanks for the 411 on Tug-of War competitions. When I was at university we had a traditional tug-of-war between Freshmen and Sophomores each year. Great fun since there was a large mud pit between the two teams.
    Great song Angela and I like your poem even more.. Not everyone would think to rhyme
    “Uncouth” and “forsooth.” Well done.
    Sweltering day ahead so I am off to enjoy the waters of Lake Ontario.
    Have a great hump day everyone.

    • Great use of the words, Earl! Job well done, my friend.
      Hopefully the breeze off the water will make your day at the lake more tolerable. Enjoy your day!

    • Good Morning, Earl. Thank you, Sir, and back at ya. Lousy and Panda aren’t exactly made for one another! Enjoy your walk and your day!💪🏻🙋🏻

  4. Good morning. Thanks Mike on all the information and agree on Jumble being easy. Angela, your song choice eludes me. But that’s just me, I live in the 50s-60s. Great use of the words and overall post. Earl, nice sentence. It would be frightening walking through a dark tunnel. You never know when the headless horseman might appear. Today’s words and cartoon were a breeze to get. Once I wrote down the letters for the cartoon the answer came almost immediately. Until tomorrow, stay well.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Thanks for the Shout Out…The song is 🎶Hold Your Head Up🎶 released by an English rock band in the early 70’s. But it was a Top Ten hit here, by Steppenwolf, in 1982. Guaranteed if you heard it with the music you’d recognize it. Have a good one, Brooklyn! 💪🏻🙋🏻

  5. Hi, all! I had an instant solve of the cartoon answer and all 4 words were quick and easy. DONE.

    Mike, agreeing with you that we have exhaustively covered that headless man, I was delighted to read the results of your tug-o-war research. Thanks.

    Off we go for Jerry’s procedure, which we are sure will go fine, being his 6th one.
    Enjoy your day, all!!

  6. Hi all – He’s baaack! What will they have left for Halloween?
    TUNNEL took an extra glance, and AHEAD was obvious, so the only question would be the answer’s first word.

    Wow, “Battle of the Network Stars”, now there’s one I haven’t thought about in decades. Complete with everyone wishing they could drop Howard Cosell in the dunk tank.

    So in that competiton of light and darkness, I presume the choice of winner would be a 🎵”Judgment of the moon and stars”🎵

    GREAT song to dredge up, Angela! As you once said of one of mine, not exactly mainstream, and a good excuse for me to look up and remember Argent, formed by Rod Argent after leaving the Zombies (“She’s Not There”, “Tell Her No”., “Time of the Season.”)

    Best wishes to all today.

    • The HH is a great choice for stinky puns, but what happened to King Kong? Jeff does a fantastic job with him and his shenanigans are hilarious. Hopefully he’ll make an appearance soon. 🙂

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