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Happy Thursday, Jumble friends! Today’s puzzle is all about the cartoon and its challenging surprise answer. I’ll skip my usual rundown of the words and just go ahead and pick IMPOSE as the most difficult anagram of the day.

The setting for the panel is rather basic. We see a man and a woman in an ordinary looking living room where they discover a torn up mess on the floor. The culprit is a dog and he looks as though he’s been in this situation many times before. The woman is asking her pooch a question as if the evidence of a torn up newspaper might elicit some kind of a response. The dog can obviously sense her ire and he opts to hunker down on the floor instead.

The man can be seen on one knee and he’s holding a single scrap of newspaper. With a smile on his face he informs the woman that the dog managed to keep the Jumble puzzle intact which adds some levity to an otherwise tense situation. If you look closely at the tiny scrap of paper you just might be able to see that it’s actually the same Jumble that we’re doing today! I have no idea how Jeff can draw such a tiny cartoon within an already small cartoon and it just blows my mind. The detail work on his drawings is absolutely stunning and this fine example proves that he’s the most talented artist the Jumble has ever had. Period.

The final solution was an absolute brain buster and it took me quite a while to figure out. Looking at the combination of letters that the clue words provided didn’t give me any clear starting point so I began reading the dialogue and sentence over and over again. It finally came to me that the woman was asking a rhetorical question and some self-jumbling got me on the right path. Don’t feel bad if you weren’t able to pull this one off because the Jumble is rarely this difficult. Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Good Morning, Mike. Brilliant Jumble today, from both Gentlemen. And brilliant post. I know this couldn’t have been easy for you…Well done…πŸ™‹πŸ»

      • πŸ‘πŸ» Said it before…saying it again..Brilliant! 7 people telling me this morning that they gave up on it…And of course I agree, as I wrote it in my post…I too think this may be David’s best one yet! πŸΆπŸ™‹πŸ»

  2. 🎢And they called it PUPPY love…Oh, I guess they’ll never know. How a young heart really feels…and why I love her so. And they called it PUPPY love, just because we’re in our teens…Tell them all it isn’t fair, to take away my only dream…🎢

    🐢 Perhaps if training had been done, maybe a bell to CLANG,
    Then we would not be seeing this..instead dogs praises sang?
    But since there was no discipline, we find ourselves with this,
    And looking at the mess Spot made, a lot is quite amiss…
    With BERRY colored pants we see, our girl Jill’s looking grim,
    And she asks Spot what did he do, you see her mad at him.
    But Jack just seems oblivious, in fact he’s quite appeased…
    He found the Jumble still intact and for that he is pleased.
    But having different methods of dealing with old Spot,
    Has seemed to get them in this mess, agreement they’re in not…
    The SAFETY and the sanity of both the dog and them…
    Can never be quite realized if Jack’s not gonna bend.
    Spot looks at Jack with such an air, he knows Jack won’t IMPOSE,
    On what he has created here…Jack’s easy, this he knows…
    But different means of discipline have obviously failed,
    And Spot don’t seemed contrite at all, he has once more prevailed.
    But can this all continue? Should Jill not feel fulfilled?
    And should there be a need for questions so “RE-TORE-ICAL”?🐢

    You gotta hand it to Jack. No, really, you gotta hand it to him. The Jumble. He found it, he’s happy. Jill, on the other hand, is a little TORN UP over the whole thing. Obviously, they’re not on the same PAGE with all this. So, what’s the solution? Truth be told, I know Mike will go into it, TOOTH and NAIL, so I’m just going on record to say that this one today, is Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. I looked at it, I thought about it, and as it came to me, I just BIT my lip, and high-fived my friend here. He PAWSed and asked what got me so excited. And I just told him that I came across a BONEa FIDO winner of a pun, whose exceptional cleverness can’t be iGNAWed! IMO, this may be one of David’s best yet. CANINE get a witness? Major, major Kudos, Dave.

    Ok, eye candy. Today, it seems it’s all about the looks… Is it Jill’s disapPOINTment with Spots’ behavior? And her looking to unLEASH some PUNishment on him? Is it her DOGGED desire to get him to behave? Is it her look of TOREment? Or is it Jack’s RIPture over finding the Jumble? Today’s Jumble, may I add? Great deTAIL, Jeff! What about the SHREDS of evidence? And then there’s Spots’ PUPPY-EYED look at Jack. That PALpebral expression, CAGEy and hardly contrite… A lot to POUNDer…But I think I’ll go with the PAWtrait on the wall. Jack, Jill, and Spot in YAPpier days, PAWhaps? SupPAWSedly when SPOT was just a PIP…I mean a PUP?…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And I’ll leave you with something that has DOGGED a few people…What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question? πŸΆπŸ™‹πŸ»

  3. There was a move to IMPOSE more SAFETY procedures at the BERRY farm when a blade on the brush trimmer flew off causing a loud CLANG but fortunately hurting no one.
    I received no e-mail so went to a previous post and hit “next” in the upper right corner and got today’s answers. Hopefully my name will appear??
    I agree with Mike, today’s solution was one of the toughest I have seen, excluding Sunday’s six word clue word puzzles. I could not get beyond TAIL or TALE after I wrote the circled letters out. But nothing I came up with made any sense. Did what you did and read and re-read the cartoon and got “TORE ” and then it fell into place. OUCH.

    • I never expected such a difficult puzzle after breezing through the clue words, Earl! And your sentence was spot on and a pleasure to read. πŸ™‚

      Sorry about the email situation and I’m glad you found a workaround when it doesn’t arrive.

  4. Mike–apparently I was not patient enough. I no sooner posted my reply than I received an e-mail with yours. It’s all good—I phrase I don’t like, but seems appropriate now.
    Angela–when I read Mike’s post, yours was not there so I made no comment. Love your song and I will offer: “How much is that doggie in the window?” as another possibility. Love Peggy Lee.
    Your poem and post were particularly punny today but I have to admit at being perplexed at
    “PALpebral”? Please explain. I am oft obtuse when it comes to puns.

    • Hi Earl…Good Morning. Kudos on your sentence, creative as always. And many thanks for the Shout Out and the Poem Nom. As for the musical choice of today, 🎢How Much Is That Doggie🎢 did SCURRY by me, but since the song pertained to a DOG not yet purchased, I felt it wasn’t an exact fit. PALpebral?…I know the word “palpebral” to mean pertaining to the eyelids. If you look closely at the cartoon, SPOT (so named because he’s brown, with brown SPOTS), is looking up at Jack (so named because my friend Jack was sitting here with me), with his eyeballs way up under his eyelids. And I was also looking to reiterate the familiarity between the two. Jack obviously seems to be a lot less strict with the dog than Jill (so named because…well, you know…πŸ˜‰)…is. They’re PALS. So I unLEASHed that devilish PUN side of me, and just went with it. Is it a DOG?πŸ˜‰ Hope you’re having a good one, Sir! πŸΆπŸ™‹πŸ»

  5. I had the idea but my answer was off. I had re-tear-icle (not sure what happened to the o ). Fun challenge today. I first thought it was going to be a play on terrier.

  6. Hi all – The answer was a little tough, but I saw TORE which led to Rhetorical, which showed me that I had mistaken the first word for GLANCE. IMPOSE took an extra look until I put the IM first.
    Very clever cartoon and answer.
    That certainly was a rhetorical question, unless she thinks her husband might have done it. (Hey, you never know. He’d probably have an excuse.)

    Hey Angela, what do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?
    I don’t know, but I’m suspecting it’s a self-contained meta-joke like β€œHow do you keep a Senior Citizen in suspense?” 1…2…3….

    Have a good day, all.

  7. On the ground, the crossword puzzle, Family Circus, and maybe Beetle Bailey?

    • Great eyes, Clay! I did see the crossword and FC cartoon but couldn’t place the other character. And now that you’ve mentioned it, I’d say it looks like Sarge Snorkel. We just had a Mort Walker puzzle so it all adds up. Can you make out what else is in that scrap near the face?

      • Hey Mike. I don’t think the image on the ground is of Sgt. Snorkel, since he has a large bulbous nose, as does Beetle. Maybe we’re thinking comic characters, when it’s not. The woman may be holding a Sudoku grid, top left. What I’m really stumped on is what else is clutched in her hand. The middle image may just be the squiggly lines depicting writing, but the end image, right side is what I’m most curious about. An inverted tulip? πŸ˜‰ Whatever it is, it seems too “obvious” to be “nothing”. πŸ™‹πŸ»

          • Yes, it could very well be. I’m just not leaning that way, because if you take a look at the hat Sarge wears, it’s different. The snail (Mutts), is a good call. Both of those images on that scrap of paper are totally bewildering to me. I really hope Jeff “throws us a BONE”! .πŸ˜‚ πŸ™‹πŸ»

  8. I’m not sure if I’m getting smarter (highly unlikely) or just got lucky!! Impose was the stumper of the day & I had to figure out the final answer to see what letters I needed, since it was all hyphenated Re stood out the ripped newspaper suggested tore & as it was a question that couldn’t be answered (by the dog at least) Re-tor-ical just jumped out at me!! Once I had that, Impose practically solved itself, as I said just plain got lucky!!

    • Great job, Allen!!!!! Congratulations on solving the surprise answer without using all of the clue word letters. It was a difficult task today so major kudos to you. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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