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🎶 Love it when it’s four wide, love it when it’s FAST…Love it when the leader’s caught, the pack is moving past…Love it when they’re making lots and lots of noise…Can’t wait to hear DW. say ” boogity, boogity, boogity, lets go RACING boys.”….🎶

Once again, Ladies and Gentleman….Welcome to the Jumble coverage of the Indy 500! We have words today anagrammed with just enough of a twist to cause a little head SPINning, but there’s no DEAD ENDS! Great words! The cartoon? A plethora of detail! But first, the solution. With our man saying there’s SO MANY things to be considered, our question asks what the RACE was…”It was...A LOT TO KEEP TRACK OF! Brilliant, David! A real “WINNER“! Ok, keep the MOTOR RUNNING…I’ll be back with the eye candy…🏎🙋🏻

Heres a little something to KEEP you FUELed up in the meanTIME

As I sat making a SKETCH of the seating arrangements for the KARATE classes reunion dinner, he tried to SOOTHE my nerves, knowing it was his fault that I had to FORAGE around using a TROWEL to find the splattered pieces of PAPAYA all over the ground….Talk about the MELON FELLIN…

Ok. Eye candy. Let’s START…We see the iconic, tall, flag topped SCORING PYLON, with its tiny little numbers, 1-33, marking the number of CARS RUNNING in the RACE. How Jeff does it, I can’t imagine. We see the traditional BLIMP, which Jeff has labeled, “GO DANICA“, in honor of DANICA PATRICK’S final race today. There’s a few CARS off to the right side, in various stages of RACE prep. Off to the left, we see a capped figure with a flag…Moving FORWARD, over to the right hand side, we see CAR #13 featured, DANICA’S CAR. Nice tribute. CENTER STAGE, we see an interview taking place. From the ID hanging around her neck, we see that the reporter is named CATHY K. (A twist on Jeff’s wife, perhaps)? We see from her microphone logo, (IMS) that she works for the INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY, and she’s speaking with TONY GEORGE, the President of the IMS. Now here’s where it gets really good. He’s holding a CLIPBOARD, listing the items on his “2 1/2 miles long” list. The INDY 500, is 2 1/2 miles long! You gotta love it! And on his list, we see….1- PACE CAR…which is the CAR used to lead the starting grid around the TRACK for some warm ups. 2- CELEBRITIES, which the INDY is known for hosting, 3- 🎶BACK HOME IN INDIANA🎶 which is the traditional homesick HOOSIER favorite performed each year, and which this year again, will be performed by JIM CORNELISON, 4- ANTHEM, Of course, our National Anthem, which today will be sung by KELLY CLARKSON, 5- RACERS, Enough said, 6- ENGINE START, The COMMAND to START ENGINES, 7- GREEN FLAG, The traditional flag waved to START the race, actor CHRIS HEMSWORTH getting the honor this year and lastly..? After all these critical, time sensitive issues that MR. GEORGE must see to? Number 8 reads...PLAY JUMBLE! Play Jumble!! Jeff, you never cease to amaze! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Oh, and as a final note? Today, 8th Pole Position, Car 3, Team Penske? HELIO ❤️CASTRONEVES! And once again, I ask…Can’t you just see that face framed in the WINNER’S WREATH? Wishing us all a great day, INDYed…!     See you at the FINISH LINE!! Got Milk? 🏁🏆🏎🙋🏻

🏁 Today Jeff’s SKETCH is showing us a pic to SOOTHE the soul,
Of every Race Car fan out there, the young as well the old.
Where some prefer KARATE, and others go for ball,
The Indy offers an excitement, quite unlike them all.
No FORAGE for the horses here, it’s not the kind of race,
For this is the iconic one where danger keeps up pace.
Where some may spend a day like this with TROWEL in their hand…
For Indy Folks, the race today’s the best in all the land.
So sit down with a drink or two, maybe Milk with PAPAYA,
For milk is what the winner drinks, you’ll see no Stolichnaya….
The Indy will take place today, a racing game of love…
And those who know, will surely see ...A LOT TO KEEP TRACK OF…🏁

Better late then never…Unless you’re racing today! 🏁🙋🏻

16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/27/2018

  1. The KARATE expert had no need for PAPAYA to SOOTHE his nerves, but when he tried to FORAGE for yams with a tiny TROWEL, he was a real SKETCH.
    For some reason, KARATE slowed me down again–we’ve had it before and it puzzled me then. Oh well , The others were relatively easy. The solution took a few minutes because of the number of letters and words but finally became obvious after I came up with “A lot to” I have a grammarian’s objection to the phrase, but I’ll let that pass.
    I wrote my sentence before reading yours Angela—some similarities, but with these clue words, that should be expected, right? Admire yours.
    I have almost no interest in the the Indy 500, so I’;ll leave it there.
    Have a great day everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl. I’ve been out of town since Friday afternoon, and we got in about 3 this morning. I was afraid that if I laid down, there’d be no blog today…so I put up the words, and just drew up the sentence. Looking at the words and thinking to create rhyme applicable to the Indy, was just a little too much for the weary brain! Now I’ve gotten back from Mass, and as soon as I dry off and get a cup of coffee, I’ll give it a shot. But it doesn’t look promising! And I agree, the words don’t lend themselves to much wiggle room, although I really like our different slants on SKETCH! Your sentence…a WINNER as always, and I took my inspiration from a recent watermelon fiasco we had. Water(melon) “everywhere…and not a drop to eat”! 😂 Pouring, flooding rains here on Staten Island…with a 30° drop in temperature! Hope you’re doing better weather wise! See you in a bit…🏎 ☔️🙋🏻

  2. Morning, all –
    Luckily, I thought of the answer because I needed it to back into the last four words. FORAGE and TROWEL were the toughest for me.
    Been busy with visitors and will have to catch up on the blog later.

    • Hi Caroline. Good Morning. Same here…I’m juggling! Glad you got the solve…Catch up with you later…🏁🏎🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. No paper today. Oh well I can give out a plethora of complements. To you Mike,you did a bang up job with the words in a sentence and all around information. Earl,as always you excel at your gift of putting every days jumble words into a sentence. Like you regarding the Indy 500,couldn’t care one way of the other. Just pray that no-one gets seriously hurt. Angela,hope you had a good time wherever you went and relax for the day You deserve it. Until tomorrow stay well.

      • Sorry Angela. Then the plethora of complements are for you. Lol. Finally got the wet paper and just finished the words with Trowel being by far the hardest to get. I’ll start to work on the cartoon answer. My friend went to Pennsylvania and she as well started to work on the cartoon. I know you must be watching the Yankee game with two very,very slow pitchers. You could take a nap in between pitches. It makes the game very boring. Time to switch to the horrible Mets. Take care.

        • LOL…It’s ok, Brooklyn! No harm, no foul! Thank you, Bud. Tell you the truth, I’m watching the Indy, and both ball games. Mike Kay says how slow the game is one more time, I think I’ll scream! It’s not like we don’t know! And I am having some trouble keeping awake. Only I can’t blame the Yankees! But I can’t believe you’re calling the Mets horrible…Be nice! They’re just not blessed! 😂 And they may still be shell shocked after last night! Be sure to check out the puzzle with the link I sent you. It’s an amazing piece of art today…Talk to you later., Bud. Yanks on the board…Angels making a pitching change…💤💤! LOL…🏁⚾️ 🙋🏻

  4. My engine stalled on Soothe today which doesn’t seem all that hard. Had no problem with the cartoon solution though there were a lot of letters to contend with. It’s a beautiful sunny day here today in S.F. Hope you all have a good one.

  5. Hi all – KARATE took the longest; had to back into it. Wrote down all the other letters and the “TK” gave me TRACK, which made the answer pop out.

    🎵”Declinin’ numbers at an even rate
    At the count of one we both accelerate
    My Stingray is light, the slicks are startin’ to spin
    But the four-thirteen’s really diggin’ in
    Gotta be cool now, power shift here we go!”🎵
    (Don’t be a “RAT FINK” and point out that that’s drag racing and not Indycar.)

    Great details today. I would have put ‘Play Jumble’ first on the list. Loved the ‘Go Danica’ banner (here’s to Janet Guthrie). And Cathy’s skirt is patterned after a finish flag, which I hope is not indicative of a CHECKERED PAST.

    Angela, wasn’t the mason who build the Bridge of Sighs named Robin TROWEL? (I know, bad pun, but give me a “Little Bit of Sympathy.”)
    And has it really been a full year since we saw “you, me and Helio down by the Brickyard”? It paradoxically seems both much shorter and much longer than that.

    Betty! Finally some sunshine, and in the morning, even! Enjoy it, and happy Sunday to all.

    • Hey Steve…LOL..Robin TROWEL! Not PROtoCOL, but good! 👏🏻 And as LONG as our girl doesn’t SKIRT the issue, I think we’re ok! 👏🏻 I was thinking the same thing this morning, G…A whole year has LAPsed by…We should meet at HAPPY HOUR to MARK the anniversary! It’s been a good RUN! 😉 Have a good one, Bud! ENGINEoy! 😉🏁🙋🏻

      • I did particularly like your ‘Got Milk’ at the finish line, although I don’t think they’ll be much call for it at our happy hour! Enjoy that, LeBron, etc! 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Tks! But as to the HAPPY HOUR (Indy Term), I compensated…Did you read the poem? The PAPAYA rhyme? It garnered a 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! from the Lous! 😂😂😂🙋🏻

          • You must have added that after I posted; excellent! I’ll do you a solid with some advice – stay stolid with your Stoli! 🙋🏻‍♂️

            • LOL.. it’s all piecemealed today!. .. I’m so tired! 😉. 👏🏻 Stolid. I only drink vodka in my Espresso Martinis…I’m a Black Label Rocks girl..🥃🙋🏻

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