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Good Morning, Everyone!                  🖊🏌It’s a DRAW  🏌🖊

🎶 Keep your head down and don’t get confused …Which way the wind blows, which club to use…Your concentration slips away, you’re not any good but that’s okay…After you swing, still on that tee, it sure is better than hitting three…And as you stand there, feeling like a stiff ..You better love the one you WHIFF…love the one you WHIFF, love the one you WHIFF, love the one you WHIFFGOLF is silly, but it’s sad…if you ever make contact, you should be glad …Cause there it sits, looking back at you..take another cut, cause you’re hittin’ two…I know your heart aches, too much to bear… it’s the agony that we all share…so get it together or right away, cause if you can’t, we’ll be here all day…After you swing, still on that tee, it sure is better than hitting three…And as you stand there, feeling like a stiff, love the one you WHIFF, love the one you WHIFF..love the one you WHIFF…🎶

🏌🖊 So, Beetle’s dressed in civvies, and he’s with a certain mister,
And Hi and he hang out we see, ’cause Lois’s Beetles’ sister.
I grew up reading Beetle, the perennial private…
A ROOKIE in the ways of life and always running late.
He bumbled and he messed up, seems he went through life that way,
And like we see him on the course, he ever did ESSAY.
I have a TRUNK with old comics, a PACKET here and there…
And Beetle is amongst them, with his cap low on his hair.
I don’t have Hi and Lois, though their fans reach far and wide,
And these comics of Mort Walker, were his joy and were his pride…
So we see him in this golf cart, with the characters he held dear,
As Jumble pays respect to him, who died earlier this year.
I salute you Mr Walker, and if you don’t know him, Folks….
Read up on him, and all the joy he brought with his PEN STROKES.🖊🏌

Our words today are all old favorites, and easy, breezy for a Saturday morning.
But our cartoon today is extra special. Jeff’s given us a cartoon, with a CARTOONISTADDISON MORTON (MORT) WALKER, who sadly passed away on January 27th. The creator of the iconic BEETLE BAILEY, he drew the daily comic strip for 68 years, longer than any other U.S. artist in the history of the medium. He also gave us HI and LOIS, BONER’S ARK, and many others. We see him at a golf course, sitting in a cart marking score. The others in the FOREsome, are BEETLE BAILEY, his brother-in-law, HI FLAGSTON, and Brigadier General AMOS T. HALFTRACK. MORT’S  entering each man’s STROKES for the hole, with the precise STROKES of a pretty large PEN. HI looks happy to have 3. BEETLE, not so happy with a 6. But it’s MORT that has me wondering…Something about the look on his face, and his rather vague dialogue. Do we believe his 3, or do you think he’s just PUTTING us on? IDK! Anyway, our question asks…What did the CARTOONIST use to write down the scores…PEN STROKES! Good one, David! You PULLed it off!

Ok, eye candy. What should we HOOK onto today? We have a few choices…this may be ROUGH. We can see that MORT’S wearing a GOLFING glove on his left hand. FITTING, but I’ll pass. General HALFTRACK, in the background, is dressed in satirical GOLFING attire. CLOTHES, but that’s not it. We see his GOLF BALL, still in flight, the trajectory of the ball shown leaving the exaggerated swirls of his SWING. His effort is highlighted, by us seeing his tongue HOOKed at the side of his mouthGreat detail, Jeff, an ACE. But what really DREW my attention today, far and AWAY? If you look real closely, clutched DEEP in BEETLE’S left hand? A GOLF BALL. ‘GIMME a High Five, Jeff! I love it…and that’s no LIE! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And I’ll share a GOLFING secret with you…Know what a little BIRDIE told me? There definitely is a WOOD that can lower your score…And its called a PENcil! 🖊🏌🙋🏻





21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/26/2018

  1. The ROOKIE captain of the PACKET boat found an ESSAY in a TRUNK in his quarters that calmed his nerves on his first voyage.
    For a Saturday the clue words were not a problem but the solution eluded me for a while because I made a mistake in writing down the circled letters—carelessness in my haste to get this done.
    Clever cartoon with all kinds of artists—some I was familiar with, others I learnt about through Angela’s informative post. My favourite? Hi and Lois of the ones mentioned.
    Have a wonderful Saturday and stay safe and celebrate this holiday weekend in the best way possible.

    • Hi Earl. Great sentence, as always. Hope you’re having a great day. 🙋🏻

    • Hey Earl – We know what was written on that ESSAY he found from the old joke, don’t we? “PORT IS LEFT, STARBOARD IS RIGHT!” 😂

  2. I read your glib remarks for jumble daily. Have been hooked on Jumble for past couple of years (as well as daily crossword). And I don’t leave the house prior to solving both. Occasionally I have to rely on your savvy to make sure my day is going to be complete as I head to work. Thank you for helping me start the day with a smile and a snarky song take-off

    • Thank you, and I’m happy I can help start your day off with a smile…Take care! 🙋🏻

      • If he’d been talking to me, he might have jumbled that to say “bilge remarks.” 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

  3. Good morning. thank you Angela for all the information. I never picked up on who was in the cartoon. Loved beetle Bailey. Earl,great job as always. Overall the words were easy with just a slight tic on Rookie. Solved the cartoon answer fairly quick but kept trying to make a new answer because again I wasn’t happy with the answer. Oh well. As always,have a great holiday everyone and until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn. You’re very welcome. Hope you’re enjoying your day. 🙋🏻

  4. Shout Out to Chuck….The power of prayer, huh? LE BRON came out to play, and LeBron won last night! 🏀🙋🏻

      • You’re very welcome, Chuck. Some serious divine intervention. An amazing showing by LeBron. The jaw drops..Continued Good Luck. Sir! 🙏🏻🏀🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – ESSAY took the longest; I thought it might be ASSAY at first glance. Then for the answer, the three letter word could only be PEN and the rest jumped out.

    I thought the cartoonist was Brooklyn-born Mad Magazine artist Mort Drucker, and missed the Beetle Bailey refs, so I’m happy to stand corrected.

    Angela, of course I recognized the song from the WHIFF line, but it took me a second look to realize that your poem was written in the same cadence as the lyrics are sung. That was absolutely inspired and gave me a big smile. (“Love The One You’re With” from his solo album, jokingly referred to by Rolling Stone as “Stephen Stills’ ode to infidelity.”)

    The Bay Area has been promised a sunny weekend after what seems like two weeks of gloomy overcast, so I hope we all enjoy today!

    • Hey, G. The song’s STILLS in my head.😂 .I couldn’t shake it at 5AM, and I can’t shake it now, 8 hours later, despite all the music I’ve heard since. The ode to what happens wayyyy too often in life. I think it’s one of the most recognizable sounds out there. And you’re right, it carried over to the poem, which I completely wrote over ..twice!, because I couldn’t shake the meter…Long story…But good eye/ear! The mediocre minds. You want some good reads, look Mort up. His background (or should I say Beetles) stories are amazing. The feminists, the sensitivity groups, the military, the racial issues, being banned, etc…all stemming from a cartoon. It’s a lot of SMH. We’re already at 90° with AQI alerts going out since 2 this morning…and it’s not even June yet…Ah…Spring! 🙄 Hope you’re having a good one, G. Later. 🙋🏻

  6. Being an avid golfer who only plays on the days of the week that end in a ‘y’, I must caution you to not keep your strokes w a pen,but only with a golf pencil,without an eraser.

    • I already knew you were a praying man…are you now telling me that you’re an honest one too? 😉 And a golfer? Isn’t that an oxymoron? 😉 As a child, my Father would remove the erasers from our pencils, telling my brothers and I that if you start off thinking you’ll make a mistake, you will. Simplistic. But we had no pencil erasers at home. Being Catholic school educated, start to finish, you can only imagine the nuns’ reactions to my pencils. They’d go bananas! Then, when He taught me to do crossword puzzles, Jumble, etc. He’d say to do it only in pen. I remember asking “What if I make a mistake”? He’d say …”You think first, you won’t”! HA! Again, simplistic. But till this day, I do everything, Sudoku and Kakuro alike, in pen. Do I make mistakes, Chuck? Hell yea. But I sure do think a lot! So, I don’t keep score at golf. I tried once, with my “other”, and I remember going home thinking…What ELSE might he cheat at…?! 😂😂 Have a good one, Sir! 🏌🙋🏻

  7. Hi, all! No instant solve again today so I solved the words, crossed off the letters for PEN, and used the remaining 7 letters to get STROKES. DONE!

    Angela, I will keep looking for Burt’s Bees cough drops with Honey and Lemon, even though the honey ones are working great for me. I am sure you knew yesterday that my recipe for a cup of hot tea for quieting my cough contained a spoonful of HONEY and a splash of lemon rather than a spoonful of SUGAR. Mary Poppins made me say that.

    Received horrible news last night that while my granddaughter Jessica was driving on a Chicago freeway, a man lost control of his vehicle, veered to the right, and crashed into her driver’s side. Thank God, she is going to be fine. After speaking to her and exchanging a couple of emails, I am finally convinced that she was not badly hurt.
    When her mother, Diane, our younger daughter was a similar age, a drunk driver ran a red light and plowed into her driver’s side. He hit right behind her, off center towards the back, which sent her car spinning. Car was totaled, she was fine. God is so good!!!

    Angela, I especially enjoyed your write-up today about golf, which I know nothing about.

    • Thank you, Lelia. I had fun doing it. I found the receipt from my last purchase. I bought the Honey and Lemon ones from Walgreens.com. I believe Amazon has them also. We don’t have any Walmart stores in NY, but I think they might carry them too. My cousin says she got some at Target. I just order a bunch at a time on line. Less aggravation…So check on line, there’s a few choices.
      I don’t use sugar, (except when I make my “gravy”) but I drink hot tea with honey and lemon all thru the year. I’m convinced it helps with a lot of things, plus I like it!
      I’m glad your granddaughter is ok. Best wishes to her, and yes, God is so good. Take care. 🙋🏻

    • Hi Lelia – Sorry to hear about the accident, but glad it wasn’t any worse.
      It made me very happy to read your post yesterday. We know that finding a doctor who is competent and listens to you is not nearly as easy as it should be, and I hope your and Jerry’s new one is as good as he sounds.

      • Hi, Steve! I have copied your comments to me today to read again & again. I love & appreciate your being sorry about the accident but glad it wasn’t worse.
        Because you have been so honest with me about how inept our doctors are and encouraging me to keep looking, I began writing to you first yesterday listing more than a dozen things I liked about him, but I was fading fast so I put your comments on hold, said 3 good things about him in my general blog, ate, and took a 3 hour nap.

        It pleased me greatly to hear that it made you very happy to read about our having found a cardio doctor who sounds better. I’ll finish those comments to you one of these days when I feel good about how much I have eaten or rested that day.

        In the meantime, enjoy your flowers, which I will continue forever to picture in my mind as a beautiful English Garden no matter how much thou doth protest. You recently mentioned the geranium as one you confuse with others. I vividly picture my grandmother’s very large geranium plant at the end of her front porch, covered with wonderful blue geraniums. They look like a large round flower made up of dozens of small identical flowers all on little, short stems that join at the top of a large stem. In grocery stores every year, I see pink, white, or blue geraniums but the blue ones remind me lovingly of my grandmother and her very green thumb.

    • I’m sorry, but I’m not following you. The letters S and S were taken from the word ESSAY, and used to form the puzzles’ answer word: S-troke-S. 🙋🏻

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