Jumble Answers for 05/26/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!                  🖊🏌It’s a DRAW  🏌🖊

🎶 Keep your head down and don’t get confused …Which way the wind blows, which club to use…Your concentration slips away, you’re not any good but that’s okay…After you swing, still on that tee, it sure is better than hitting three…And as you stand there, feeling like a stiff ..You better love the one you WHIFF…love the one you WHIFF, love the one you WHIFF, love the one you WHIFFGOLF is silly, but it’s sad…if you ever make contact, you should be glad …Cause there it sits, looking back at you..take another cut, cause you’re hittin’ two…I know your heart aches, too much to bear… it’s the agony that we all share…so get it together or right away, cause if you can’t, we’ll be here all day…After you swing, still on that tee, it sure is better than hitting three…And as you stand there, feeling like a stiff, love the one you WHIFF, love the one you WHIFF..love the one you WHIFF…🎶

🏌🖊 So, Beetle’s dressed in civvies, and he’s with a certain mister,
And Hi and he hang out we see, ’cause Lois’s Beetles’ sister.
I grew up reading Beetle, the perennial private…
A ROOKIE in the ways of life and always running late.
He bumbled and he messed up, seems he went through life that way,
And like we see him on the course, he ever did ESSAY.
I have a TRUNK with old comics, a PACKET here and there…
And Beetle is amongst them, with his cap low on his hair.
I don’t have Hi and Lois, though their fans reach far and wide,
And these comics of Mort Walker, were his joy and were his pride…
So we see him in this golf cart, with the characters he held dear,
As Jumble pays respect to him, who died earlier this year.
I salute you Mr Walker, and if you don’t know him, Folks….
Read up on him, and all the joy he brought with his PEN STROKES.🖊🏌

Our words today are all old favorites, and easy, breezy for a Saturday morning.
But our cartoon today is extra special. Jeff’s given us a cartoon, with a CARTOONISTADDISON MORTON (MORT) WALKER, who sadly passed away on January 27th. The creator of the iconic BEETLE BAILEY, he drew the daily comic strip for 68 years, longer than any other U.S. artist in the history of the medium. He also gave us HI and LOIS, BONER’S ARK, and many others. We see him at a golf course, sitting in a cart marking score. The others in the FOREsome, are BEETLE BAILEY, his brother-in-law, HI FLAGSTON, and Brigadier General AMOS T. HALFTRACK. MORT’S  entering each man’s STROKES for the hole, with the precise STROKES of a pretty large PEN. HI looks happy to have 3. BEETLE, not so happy with a 6. But it’s MORT that has me wondering…Something about the look on his face, and his rather vague dialogue. Do we believe his 3, or do you think he’s just PUTTING us on? IDK! Anyway, our question asks…What did the CARTOONIST use to write down the scores…PEN STROKES! Good one, David! You PULLed it off!

Ok, eye candy. What should we HOOK onto today? We have a few choices…this may be ROUGH. We can see that MORT’S wearing a GOLFING glove on his left hand. FITTING, but I’ll pass. General HALFTRACK, in the background, is dressed in satirical GOLFING attire. CLOTHES, but that’s not it. We see his GOLF BALL, still in flight, the trajectory of the ball shown leaving the exaggerated swirls of his SWING. His effort is highlighted, by us seeing his tongue HOOKed at the side of his mouthGreat detail, Jeff, an ACE. But what really DREW my attention today, far and AWAY? If you look real closely, clutched DEEP in BEETLE’S left hand? A GOLF BALL. ‘GIMME a High Five, Jeff! I love it…and that’s no LIE! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And I’ll share a GOLFING secret with you…Know what a little BIRDIE told me? There definitely is a WOOD that can lower your score…And its called a PENcil! 🖊🏌🙋🏻