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Good Morning, Everyone! 🐦Birds of a Feather Flock Together…NES’T-ce pas?🐦

🎶He rocks in the TREETOPS all day long…Hoppin’ and a-boppin’ and singing his song, All the little birds on JayBIRD Street…love to hear the ROBIN go tweet-tweet-tweet…Rockin’ ROBIN, (tweet-tweet-tweet)…Rock-rock-Rockin’ ROBIN (tweet-tweedilly-tweet)…Go Rockin‘ ROBIN ’cause we’re really gonna rock tonight (tweet-tweedilly-tweet)🎶…”Rockin’ Robin” – Bobby Day 1957

🐦 I think I’ll start by saying MUTTON‘s out, and I will tell you why,
I’ve tried to fit it in, but with this puzzle it won’t fly…
I drew a BLANK..it’s for the birds…all I got was much drivel,
The flesh of sheep? It just won’t do, despite the twist and SWIVEL
At least GOOSE is a type of bird…but even that was tough,
Trying to get this off the ground…I just have had enough…
It could just be the subject, ‘cause with birds I leave or take…
So if this rhyme seems fly-by-night? It’s my…“ON”-NEST” MISTAKE 🐦

Well, the weekend’s off to a flying start…No new words, but what’s good for the GOOSE is that it has not one, but two past performances! To a betting man, it’s a regular Round ROBIN! Finding it in play every year from 2014 to 2018, it showed up EGGSactly as it does today, Sogeo on both 11/17/15 and 03/12/16. But what’s a few Sweet Repeats amongst friends, right? Let’s face it Folks, it must be a real BIRDen trying to come up with these words day after day after day…So if one or two of them fly by David unnoticed, it might be a tad hawkward, but who are we to crow over it, am I right? I know if it were NESTcessary for me to do it? I’d have had a molt down years ago…Anyway…Then there’s SWIVEL, which turned up every year since 2011, making it our oldest, while also managing to peck it’s way to the top as our newest, with an appearance on 01/20/19, and our last two words, MUTTON and BLANK having last been seen on 12/08/18, and 08/13/14 respectfully. And this morning, the Early Birds did find Mutton a just a little hard to swallow. Ok, so that’s the feed on today’s words…and without feather ado…let’s branch out to our cartoon…

Today, we’re once again up a tree and hear the rattle…A baby’s rattle that is…For all you dedicated Jumble fans, you may recall, that tree weeks ago, we found ourselves barking up a similar tree. But that day we had just one Bird family looking to NESTle in, whereas today we’ve branched out to tree of them…If this keeps up, we may need a building ordinance soon…These are condos, right? And isn’t there some sort of cardinal rule about these things? El Cóndo Pasa? Something like that…Anyway, I digress…Today, we’re faced with a Mother Bird who’s having trouble recognizing her peeps, and keeps ending up landing ON the wrong NEST, while in perch of her own. I mean she’s not robbing the cradle or anything, but she is trying to worm herself in where she doesn’t belong. How’s that even possible though? Doesn’t she seed well enough to know hoo’s hoo? I thought all Birds had hawk eyes. Maybe she’s feeling a little under the feather? A tad peckish? Can it be fowl play, or is she just a bird brain? And listen to her NAYbor…”Not again! …You’re over there…it happens all the time”…She does not sound emused, and this might be the last straw…I think she’s definitely reached her tail end with all these wrong terns, and if you ask me, I bet from heron in, she might not be so dwelling to put up with the mistake. But then again, it could just be me. For those who know, I can get pretty soar when it comes to birds, and I do find it hard to rise above it…So maybe I’m looking at this all wrong? Spreading rumors? Huffin’ and puffin for no reason? Flying off the handle and just flapping my wings? Maybe it is all just an…”ON-NEST” MISTAKE? Well in that case then…David, Good one! I’m pheasantly surprised!

The eye candy? I must admit, the nests do all look the same…All the moa reason I guess to make the case for that on-nest mistake. But there sure are a lot of mouths to feed. Wrenching their necks, we see nine little ones, and we see each of the three Mother Birds with only one worm apiece…Isn’t that a bit of ostrich though? Three to a worm? That’s some pretty slim peckings, if you ask me…We see bright orange leaves and all of our birds are blue. But if you look real closely at the six little faces that we can see? Jeff’s managed to give them all somewhat of a different look. The two at right in the middle nest, look totally confused. Figuring their Mother had already arrived, and tHEN seeing another bird approaching, they’re not sure what to think. But if you look real closely, the one at left looks trilled…Sure, he almost got to eat the entire worm that the wayward Bird is holding…little guy must have thought he hit the Mother Load this morning, the little ROBIN HOOD! And I was going to peck him as the candy…But then I zeroed in on the three little ones at top, all looking forlorn, obviously tired of the silent tweetment, and the little one at left has his wing outstretched trying desperately to attract his Mothers’ attention…and he just gave me goosebumps…So, There you have it, Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone…And here’s hoping we all appreciate our Home Tweet Homes…🐦🙋🏻









13 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/28/2019

  1. Once again today we have these versatile type words that are so much fun to work with…🙋🏻

    📸 Finding a box of old pictures, she drew a BLANK at some faces, so she reached for the GOOSE neck lamp, allowing it to SWIVEL above the desk and looked closely…who she took as a stranger turned out to be her Father almost unrecognizable sporting MUTTON-chop sideburns…an “ON-NEST” MISTAKE, but a surprising one…📸

    🍖She thought he had some wild tastes, and bristled at the thought
    Of cooking up the MUTTON and the GOOSE that he had bought…
    She liked a steak and burger guy and wasn’t sure she could
    Just SWIVEL round and change her taste the way he thought she would…
    She tried deciding what she’d make, a BLANK is what she drew,
    And told him that she’d rather stick with recipes she knew…
    He called her uncourageous…her cooking skills a fake…
    She laughed and left…knowing she’d made a huge “ON-NEST” MISTAKE…🍖

  2. Good morning. I have to be truly on-nest. I got it and get the quotation part but like today it really doesn’t move me. However Angela,you using it twice in your use of the words is softening my distaste for them. Nice job as always. The words were simple with a slow down on Swivel. The cartoon letters had Mistake jump right out at you which had me play with the remaining letters until I got the darn pun. If I say it maybe 50 more times I think I’ll finally like it. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Brooklyn…C’mon…It’s funny…ON-NEST. She was trying to feed the birds, after she landed “ON-(the wrong) NEST…I mean it’s not like Dave’s saying…ON BRANCH…Just an HONEST MISTAKE…Yea, keep saying it…it grows on ya! 😂 TBT? I laughed out loud…I think it’s a real good one…but then again, I’m always being told that my sense of humor is for the BIRDS…so maybe you can’t go by me! Thanks for the Shout Out…Brooklyn, and I hope you’re having a great morning! 🐦🙋🏻

  3. A typical Saturday puzzle with the dreaded words in quotes and hyphenated,no less.Off to Dixon for a twin watch this morning,then Naperville for an Alice and Marla visit,followed by a Peoria 50th anniversary blessing with the bishop at a Sunday afternoon Mass at the Cathedral.No grass growing under our feet.

    • Hey Professor…LOL! No Sir, there definitely isn’t! The blessing..how wonderful! Enjoy the family and the day! 🐦🙋🏻

  4. Quickly wrote in ho-nest mistake. Several minutes later realized this is not a play on words and there is no h available for honest. It was a ”on-nest” mistake.

    • Hey Mort…LOL! Yes, it definitely was an “ON-NEST” mistake! 😉 Sounds like you’re of the group, like me, that do the cartoon first and then our words. Either way, you recovered nicely! Thanks for commenting, and we hope to see you here more often. Become one of our FLOCK! Hoping you’re having a wonderful day! 🐦🙋🏻

      • I have done the Jumble daily for years. I never do the cartoon first. Always try to get the words first and always work the words from the bottom up. I do not even read the cartoon until I have solved the words unless I can’t solve one. Admit that on occasion I can not solve a simple word. Sometimes it is all about phonics.

        • Hey Mort…Sometimes the simplest words can be the hardest to solve…the old not seeing the forest for the TREES! But no matter what means we use, as long as we get it done…it’s all good, right? Here’s hoping you’re having a great night! 🍷🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – The double letter trick solved MUTTON. I paused at the answer but then realized that MISTAKE was probably the second word which showed the clever pun ON-NEST.

    The orange leaves make me think their other mistake was raising broods in the fall. I know that’s just the colorist though, and he made another honest mistake – the colors of the mother birds should be reversed for the joke to make sense (as it is, the one saying “You’re not my babies” is the same color as they are.)

    You’re right Angela, if those are California Condos, they’re really expensive nests! The fractured French also made me laugh, but also wonder, hey, where is their NEST PA anyway? Shouldn’t he be helping out?

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    “Seeing GOOSE instead of MUTTON on his plate caused the diner to SWIVEL around and confront the waiter, who only gave him a BLANK stare and pointed to the chef who unconvincingly claimed is was an HONEST MISTAKE.” Or is that MISTEAK? 😂

    • Hey Steve. I’ve come to believe the color guy just doesn’t give a HOOT! Maybe he just FLIES through these puzzles…who knows. Witty play on your sentence ending!👏🏻👏🏻 It’s a real MEATY one! And the S&G? Hope the day’s going well….🐦🙋🏻

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