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Good Morning,
Everyone! 🌡 Just PASSING Some Time at the Mall 🌡

🎶 Love ain’t for the FAINT of heart…Timid and the weak. Pour me one more on the rocks…And baby, we’ll just see…We’ll start a fire, you pour the wine, slip on in to these arms of mine…Love ain’t for the FAINT of heart, love’s for you and me…🎶 “Faint of Heart” – Vince Gill and Diana Krall. 2006

🌡 Today’s no situation where I would make a joke,
It’s not a laughing matter…and has happened to some folks…
Unfortunately, so many things can be wrong with this FELLOW,
His “color” here is looking good…not flushed or perhaps yellow.
Maybe his eating habits…still NATIVE to his youth…
Aren’t the best…and why’s he looking for that pretzel booth?
Those things are drenched in butter, a TRIPLE dose I’m sure,
And that can be a HAZARD…food like that he should ignore.
I don’t feel right by judging, I’m guilty myself too,
Why just this morning I indulged in quite the SYRUPY brew…
Besides a coffee BEAKER-sized…the caffeine off the charts,
I guess we all have habits not so easy which to part.
Let’s hope it’s nothing serious, and he’ll be fine, this guy
And there won’t be more talk of this…the FAINTEST IDEA WHY …🌡

Sunday…my favorite puzzle day, as I’m sure it is for many of you. I’m lucky enough to have a paper full of puzzles, and of course the Jumble is always right up there with the best of them. And today is no exception. Although I knew our solution immediately, being a commonly used phrase, todays’ words were fun to work with, and masterfully scrambled. And while none of them are new, the anagrams all look to be. BEAKER comes in as our oldest, with a date of 03/05/15, (and it looks like it hasn’t been repeated in play since then), while NATIVE, our most recent, was last seen on January 29th. Our other four all appeared last year, between April and November. And according to the Early Birds, there was just a slight pause at SYRUPY for two of them…and that was because Spry was stuck in their heads…So now that I’ve passed out the rundown on our words, let’s get to our cartoon….

I remember passing out once. No, I’ve passed out more than once, but that one time, after I came to, I remember saying…”Wow, I don’t have the faintest idea why I passed out”. And the technician (who had just finished using my arm as a pin cushion) cracked up laughing…So glad I could give him a laugh…And so glad that I left right after that too. Trust me there was no way I was continuing with that futile attempt at blood withdrawal…it was all in veinThere’s so many reasons why we pass out. Even healthy people, like this guy seems to be. The medical term is SYNCOPE, and to be honest? It’s all making me a little dizzy just thinking about it. So I’m going to cut right to the chase…We’re at a Shopping Mall, and we meet a middle-aged couple. The man, searching for the pretzel kiosk, has passed out and is seen sitting on the floor. Luckily, he’s being attended to by two EMS workers. And luckily he’s with his wife, who I assume called 911. And assuming the guy’s in good health, which he might be considering he was about to eat one of those “butter check the salt in these” pretzels, both he and his wife are at loss as to why he fainted. They have no idea…And while one paramedic checks our guys’ blood pressure, the other is seen reassuring his visibly upset wife that they’ll figure it out. So the not having the FAINTEST IDEA WHY...is about to be solved. And while I have a ton of puns up my sleeve, I just don’t feel right making them. So I’m just going to bypass them altogether…

Eye candy? The panel is shaded in light blue. A man is seen looking back over his shoulder as he goes up the escalator. At the next level, we see a woman speaking on her phone, and a man who appears to be wearing a cape, with something fringe-like across the front of his pants. I’m definitely leaving that alone…All three of them are watching intently, with concerned looks upon their faces. And beyond our patients’ head a women’s graphic T-Shirt can be seen in a store window, depicting the profile of a long-haired person wearing dark shades. It’s not ringing a bell…but knowing Jeff, it must be something that I/we should know…so if anyone can identify it, please do. I’m curious myself. The wife’s hand going up towards her face shows the degree of her bewilderment. Both paramedics’ shirts sport the EMS patch, (these are red) showing the snake-like entwined staff, which is known in the medical field as the Rod of Asclepius. Great detail, Jeff. But the male attending to our patient also has a blank gold patch upon his left sleeve. I’m pretty sure a gold patch is worn by EMT’s in NY State, but we have to keep in mind that Jeff, while drawing the cartoons, doesn’t color them, so we need to take it all with a grain of salt. We can see an opened EMS Protector Case with various medical supplies, and the stethoscope that the EMT is wearing. But I’m going to go with the blood pressure cuff, bulb and sphygmomanometer…(how’s that for an early morning wake-up word)!…it just reached out and grabbed me. So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And here’s hoping we all stay happy and healthy! 🌡🙋🏻







14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/29/2019

  1. Busy cooking, so I’m still working on the rhyme..but I figured I’d PASS this OUT first…🙋🏻

    🍳🥓Despite ordering a huge helping of the rich, SYRUPY dish NATIVE to that part of the country, the FELLOW also asked for a TRIPLE serving of bacon, and a refill on his BEAKER of coffee…and the waitress thought…”This guy’s a walking health HAZARD”…and hadn’t the FAINTEST IDEA WHY he’d eat like this…🥓🍳

  2. TBT? These words today? Not exactly for the FAINT of heart when it comes to melding into rhyme..,😉🙋🏻

    💍There used to be a FELLOW who worked inside a lab,
    And he’d line up his BEAKERs, the order made him glad…
    He was a NATIVE of NY, he’d lived there all his life,
    And now he was considering that he might take a wife.
    He wondered if his line of work, the SYRUPY stuff he brewed,
    Might be a HAZARD to a girl, who’d worry all day through…
    A TRIPLE threat he might impose, with chemicals and long hours,
    And then there was the problem with him being somewhat dour.
    Maybe it’s not the time right now to give marriage a try? …
    But it’s been on his mind…without the FAINTEST IDEA WHY💍

  3. Good morning. If I get a chance I’ll view everything later. Got to get out the door. Only had a problem with Syrupy. That’s my choice for hardest word. After writing down the letters it was obvious what the answer was. First crossed off Why then Faintest which left Idea. I have a nephew who’s trying to find out why it happened to him twice. It also happened to me twice years ago and thank God not since. I never did try to find out why. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Paul. As I mentioned, Syrupy stalled my friends too, and I agree, the answer was pretty obvious. As for the fainting, it’s definitely happened to the best of us. Stay well, have a great day, and I’ll talk to you later. Enjoy! 🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – A pesky extra ‘E’ kept showing up while seeing BREAK and BARK, and you can refry beans, but can you REBAKE a cake? Anyway saw BEAKER. TRIPLE was my second hardest word, and NATIVE took the longest after trying INVITE, INVENT and VANITE. The answer was an instant solve from the cartoon and dialog.

    I had to laugh at the health care workers’ insignia. I thought it was supposed to be a caduceus with two snakes (which I see now is actually incorrect), but the one made it look like a dollar sign, and it occurred to me that that might actually be a more appropriate symbol for medical care these days.

    Have a great Sunday, everyone! I’m looking forward to a WILD night at the Oakland Coliseum on Wednesday.

    “The TRIPLE shot of SYRUPY ricetta that the NATIVE FELLOW served the vacationer in a BEAKER looked like a HAZARD to him, although he hadn’t the FAINTEST IDEA WHY he should be so suspicious”.

      • It confused me too! 😂 I should have gone with something else or just left it out. 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • I only know the word to mean recipe in Italian, so it seemed a little off kilter…But as I said, the idea of it’s funny…and you can never be too careful of what you’re drinking outside of the country anyway! 😂🙋🏻

          • Funny you should say that, because I was thinking of a drink in Mexico pronounced “WRY-SEE-AH” but that was the closest term that came up in a search.

  5. Hi Everyone –
    I got the answer words in reverse order, starting with why.
    Really impressive job making coherent and fun sentences today, Angela and Steve.
    Steve, perhaps you’e right about the symbol possibly being commentary. I couldn’t see it well enough to tell.

  6. Thanks Caroline, nice to see you here. Now I’m wondering why “Why idea faintest” sounds almost correct – like a Latin translation or Shakespeare.

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