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Happy Monday, Jumble friends. Our last puzzle of the month brought us a new clue word, several never before seen anagrams, and to top it all off, a word in quotations. It was definitely a departure from our typical Monday fare, but if your brain was in gear, then you probably cruised all the way through to the punny finish!

David chose some great clue words to start us off, but only one of them had me pumping my brakes. The “E” within FINALE took a few extra seconds to get lined up, but after that it was nothing but smooth sailing. It also doubled as our only recycled anagram with a gameplay date of 12/11/14. FIZZY was the new kid on the block, but those double Z’s sure made it a no-brainer. BUTTON was our oldest word (7/10/16) while DERBY was the most recent (01/15/19).

Today’s cartoon gave us a look at our first Jumble characters of the week, but only one of them appears to be enjoying this unique driving experience. By reading the dialogue and sentence we discover that the gentleman on the left is taking his friend on a scenic tour of the Alps. As they motor along, the driver, or should I say gasbag, takes his eyes off the road a little too long and his inattention is making the passenger quite uncomfortable. Jeff exaggerated the roadway with six curves and it lets us know that the trip is not for the faint of heart!

This vehicle appears to be an older convertible Mercedes because it has rounded bulges on the hood near the headlights. Newer models have a flat hood with rectangular shaped headlights. And if you ever find yourself in a position to purchase a new Mercedes, you can fly directly to the Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, and take delivery of your new wheels via their European Delivery Program. The Alps are are a short trip to the south, and you too can experience the windy roads that our Jumblezens are navigating!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters, and if you sounded out the Jumble, you could have mistaken it for a city in Germany! The fact that THE was given to us made the overall solution much easier. The Z immediately brought BENZ to mind leaving ROAD and IN to be found within the remaining letters. If you’re not into cars than I could see how this solution might have driven you a bit crazy. Have a magnificent Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!




18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/30/2019

  1. Good morning. Typical Monday easy breezy jumble. It’s the start of a successful week ,I hope. The cartoon answer took a few minutes and was solved backwards. The left over letters left Benz. There was no panic for me today. Until tomorrow stay well.

  2. Relatively easy puzzle for a Monday though I did have a slight pause at finale. There’s a great commercial for Mercedes Benz. Check out You Tube and search for “Bertha Benz The Journey That Changed Everything”. It’s a great advertisement for Mercedes Benz and a true story. If it weren’t for Bertha I’m not sure when Mercedes would have made an appearance. Behind every great man…….etc. etc.
    Happy Monday to all.

    • Really enjoyed the video, Betty. I didn’t know about her or that her husband is credited with making the first gas-powered car.

  3. At the soap box DERBY FINALE, all the kids were treated to FIZZY drinks and each participant received a BUTTON down collar shirt as a souvenir.

  4. FINALE slowed me down as did IN the road or ON the road. Tried ON the road first and the Z gave it away. Cooler days are here! Enjoy!

  5. Hi all – No problem with the words today. BENZ was obviously in the answer and showed the rest.

    Had to laugh at Deriznabon, Mike. I was thinking that also.
    Who needs to watch the road? Just trust the autopilot!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “At the beginning of the DERBY, the racetrack’s management gave everyone a commemorative BUTTON good for one FIZZY drink at the FINALE.

    “Bigger than the game” baseball note – The Giants have always done a great job celebrating their former teams and players, but none more so than after yesterday’s last game at the on-field ceremony for retiring manager Bruce Bochy. About 50 of his former players and coaches were introduced and walked through the centerfield doors, including Tim Lincecum, who hadn’t been back since his last pitch here in 2015.
    But just for starters, they began by introducing four players already seated on the field – Felipe Alou, Juan Marichal, Orlando Cepeda, and Willie Mays. Hard to top that!

  6. Good Afternoon, Everyone! And L’shanah tovah 🍯🍎 to all those celebrating today!🙋🏻

    🇺🇸Hoping to familiarize him with America, he took him to a DERBY race, (where there were quite a few BENZ IN THE ROAD) and bought him a commemorative BUTTON; and as they watched the FINALE, the tourist turned to him and said..”I have a FIZZY memory of this from my childhood”…”No”, he told him..”you mean a fuzzy memory”…🇺🇸

  7. 🎩 He bought a brand new DERBY, with a BUTTON on the brim,
    And it fit his personality, FIZZY’s what they called him,
    And purposely for the FINALE he sized it smaller so…
    That it would stay on tightly as around the track he’d go.
    He’d lost so many other hats that money he still owed…
    And he hoped this one stayed on his head…despite BENZ IN THE ROAD! 🎩

        • Hi Caroline. Another good catch. Why was mentioned y’day, but it was in the dialogue, same situation as today. IDK…perhaps the “rule’s” not etched in stone? 🤷🏻‍♀️

          • “Made to be broken!” 😂 Next up, Proper Names! 😂
            Just saw that there’s a Just Jumble app update! 🙋🏻‍♂️

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