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Good Morning, Everyone! 🥇NOBODY DOES IT BETTER…BAR NONE 🥇

🎶 Yeah, you could be the GREATEST…You can be the BEST…You can be the King Kong banging on your chest. You could BEAT THE WORLD… You could BEAT the war…You could talk to God, go banging on His door…When you’re standing in the HALL OF FAME, and the world’s gonna know your name… ‘Cause you burn with the brightest flame…And the world’s gonna know your name…And you’ll be on the walls of the HALL OF FAME…🎶 “Hall of Fame” – The Script 2012 (Simone Biles-USA)

🥇There’s no way to look at gymnasts not admiring their skill,
They train themselves to do such things, where me it’d surely kill.
They twist their bodies like a vine, a PLANT does come to mind,
Determination and true grit, one wonders where they find.
Like ribbons of the brightest PLAID, they curl their bodies round,
And stand upon the parallel bars without hitting the ground.
I’d need magic ELIXIR to balance and to leap…
I’m better with a movement that cries SUBDUE…so to speak…
So I salute Simone Biles…her praises be upheld…
And kudos for her many feats that are UNPARALLELED!🥇

With our work week winding down, David has once again chosen to give us all Sweet Repeats to contend with today. And judging from the Early Birds’ reactions, they’re all pretty much routine. ELIXIR goes as far back as 01/21/10, and takes the gold as our oldest entry, while it’s SUBDUE that’s been shown most recently, on 09/16/18. And with all new anagrams, it’s given us a little extra time to spend at the bar…So let’s leap right in…

Simone Biles….’Nuff said. The girl completely floors me. Today we find ourselves watching Simone at a practice session, most likely at the World Champions Centre in Spring, Texas, the gym owned by her family. With the 2019 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships set to be held in Stuttgart, Germany from October 4th to the 13th, todays’ puzzle couldn’t be more timely. We see Simone, doing what she does best, mastering the UNEVEN PARALLEL bars. Uneven parallel bars, also called ASYMMETRICAL bars, are the gymnastics apparatus developed in the 1930s and used in women’s competition. And just this past August, the five-time Olympic medalist became the first woman to perfect the triple-twist, double-flip move. Simone just keeps making history….So in answer to our question? Simone’s skill is…UNPARALLELED! Good one, David…you’re always raising the bar!

Eye candy…We meet Simone‘s former coach, Aimee Boorman, an executive director of women’s gymnastics, as she speaks with Laurent Landi, (the man who replaced her as coach, after she moved to Florida), and they’re both beaming with delight. Aside from them, the panel consists of a balance beam with a mat at back, and something that may not be all that recognizable to those of you who aren’t familiar with gymnastics. Because gymnasts use a lot of equipment, it’s crucial that a gymnast can hold onto it all as he or she performs the routines. A sweaty hold can cause accidents, so the gymnasts use chalk to help absorb the sweat and get a better more reliable grip. They “powder” their hands, and even their legs…a lot. And the gray globe like structure on the stand to the right of the panel is the American Athletic Inc.©️Chalk Holder, which contains the magnesium carbonate that gymnasts use. And that’s my eye candy…So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone! And now I’m ready to chalk this all up and split…🤸🏻‍♀️🙋🏻









16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/27/2019

  1. Good morning. Three of the word you didn’t even have to think. They came instantly. My choice for hardest is Elixir. It took me awhile to finally nail it down. The cartoon answer took less than 2-3 minutes. The clue was in calling the bars by the correct name. I paralleled right through the answer. Thanks Angela for your video song. Simone Biles is a pleasure to watch. She really is the best. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • LOL! You “paralleled” right thru the answer? Well, excuse me! 😉 Good one, Brooklyn! You make me smile! Good Morning! And how beautiful is our weather? A perfect day.. And yes, definitely an easy breezy one again. How lucky are we?…And there’s BARS! Two days in a row! Rob And Roy must be thrilled! 😉 Thanks for the Shout Out…And I totally agree. Simone is definitely a winner! Have a great day, Paul. 🤸🏻‍♀️🙋🏻

  2. The PLANT guard had to SUBDUE the employee in the PLAID shirt who was ranting and raving about the new ELIXIR he had created for mankind.

    • Good Morning, Chuck. Nice TWIST on Plant! 👏🏻👏🏻 Well done! I was so busy this morning, FLIP-flopping with things, that I’d forgotten all about it, and was just now finishing up mine…
      Hoping you have a great day….🎖🙋🏻

  3. 🐃 He learned quickly enough that PLAID was not the way to go when looking to SUBDUE a bull, and as they treated him with an ELIXIR, they all wondered who would PLANT such an idea into his head…definitely UNPARALLELED…🐃

    👕 The Staff decided uniforms would be best for the school,
    And of course PLAID was chosen…which some kids thought to be cruel…
    So then the school thought well what else…in order to SUBDUE,
    The great majority of kids who said..”There’s no way this will do”…
    But stripes were then the next choice they tried to PLANT out there,
    And once again the thumbs went down, no stripes would these kids wear…
    By now the faculty’s frantic, they’re ordering ELIXIR…
    And telling one another that somebody needs to fix er…
    They finally decided on some solids they would meld…
    Some blue, some gray, whatever…just to be UNPARALLELED 👕🙋🏻

  4. ELIXIR gets my vote for hardest word. Funny story – got answer but unsure as how to spell it. Too many “L”s! Enjoy the weekend all!

  5. Agree on elixir being toughest anagram,but then ” unparalleled ” had too many letters for me.Had the clue been parallel bars rather than asymmetrical,the puzzle solution might have been easier.

    • Good Morning, Professor. If I may…There’s no way David could have used the word PARALLEL in his clue question…The standard rule being that no part of the answers’ actual word be given as part of the dialogue and/or clue. Take y’day for example. We had “tavern” in the dialogue, and “pub” in the question. Knowing the various names for a “watering hole”, ones’ mind goes to “bar” which was part of our answer. Along the same line, Dave using the word “a symmetrical” led into “un parallel”. I think it’s a brilliant play on words, and as for the solution..if you’re not a person who gets the answer before the words, once the letters were written out, and the word parallel was gleaned from them, it left (in order), NEUR. Going back to the asymmetrical, there’s the “UN” leaving ED. Not even any quotation marks needed! So did he give us a lot of “L’s”…Yes, he did…And I say…”Give ‘em L, Harry..I mean David”! 😉😉 Here’s to a great day, Prof! And I hope I didn’t add more confusion to the mix! 😉🙋🏻

      • Thanks for the clarification about not using the word parallel in the clue,given that it is part of the answer.Given that I’m a math guy,I may need more help with the solution than the others,but it is fun to try.

        • Prof, as a person who was lucky enough to fake my way through Geometry (and you can just imagine…that wasn’t easy) 😉I tip my cap to your Math prowess. Just different strokes for different Folks! 🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – I paused at the first word when I saw PALLID, but it didn’t seem right and PLAID then appeared. No idea why I saw ELIXIR except for the X helping. Got the answer when I realized they were PARALLEL bars.

    Thanks for the scientific tidbit about magnesium carbonate, Angela! Had never thought about it at all, but now I wonder why pitchers use rosin instead.

    Have a great day and weekend, everyone! Our heat wave has ended in drizzle, but it will clear up in the PM with many sunny days in the forecast.

    “The botanist hoped to SUBDUE the UNPARALLELED bright color effect of the PLANT gene with his ELIXIR, but instead wound up with a PLAID petunia”.

    Baseball asides:
    “Bigger than the game, Part I” – The Bay Area baseball media has a “Good Guy” award for the player who is the most helpful and cooperative in helping them do their jobs of getting the stories to the fans, who after all ultimately pay the players’ salaries. This year they broke precedent a bit and awarded it to retiring Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy for his unfailing good nature and generosity with his time over the years.

    “Bigger than the game, Part II” – Oakland A’s pitching nemesis “King” Felix Hernandez comes off the mound for the Mariners for the final time last night in Seattle (There is crying in baseball!) The A’s all step to the top of their dugout to join the applause. Nicest thing I’ve seen since the Giants interrupted their victory celebration in Atlanta to do the same for retiring manager Bobby Cox.

    • Hey G…TY..,But Google it. You’ll find a lot of MC vs Rosin stories.. And I got a laugh from your sentence.👏🏻👏🏻 Nicely done! Hope you’re having a great day…🤸🏻‍♀️🙋🏻

      • Thanks! I guess a plaid petunia’s worse than a black tulip.
        Should be a good day. Taking my wife to a routine appointment, so we’ll finally get out of the house on a much cooler day than recently. 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Well, I said I liked the sentence…the plaid petunia?..Uh…not so much! 😉I think we all need to stop “messing” with Mother Nature. Look at the Labradoodle situation😉! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Looks like it gave a few people an “L” of a time today, Jim! Good to see you again…Hope all is well. 🤸🏻‍♀️🙋🏻

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