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Good Morning, Everyone! 🥃 DON’T CALL ME…ALCOHOL YOU 🥃

🎶Could be holding you tonight…could be doing wrong or start doing right…You don’t care about what I think…I think I’ll just STAY HERE AND DRINK...Hurtin’ me don’t mean a thing, since love ain’t here, don’t feel no pain…My mind ain’t nothing but a total blank, I think I’ll just STAY HERE AND DRINK…🎶 “Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink” – Merle Haggard 1980

🥃 We’ve all had favorite watering holes, well most of us I’m sure,
Where we had felt the welcome, soon as we came thru the door..
A place that offered SAFETY, if it ever BECAME true,
That we may have indulged in one too many of our brew.
Maybe we’ll see a POKER game, or billiards being shot,
Or maybe we’ll just listen to advice the barkeeps got…
A lot of RAZOR sharp wit might also be displayed…
As games of Trivial Pursuit are often also played…
So I can’t blame Marie for telling this developer that…
She’s no intent to sell and that she’s happy staying pat.
It’s not always ’bout money…and with Marie it does go deeper…
She’s here to stay…intending to remain and be BARKEEPER 🥃

Our words…As our Jumble week is nearing its CLOSE, today we find ourselves with four old favorites, with a bit of a mix when it comes to our anagrams. We go back to an aged entry with BECAME, having appeared on 10/15/14, while POKER comes in as our newest word, last seen on 08/15/18. And with todays’ anagram of Krope, it looks like David’s serving up a double. SAFETY was last seen on 05/31/18, whereas RAZOR, making the cut as Zarro, has appeared exactly as is twice before, both times in 2016: 03/09 and 10/06. And all four were easy enough this morning to just sip right through them…So, with our words set up, let’s take a shot at our cartoon…

Today we find ourselves at a neighborhood tavern, that could probably be located in any big city. Manhattan, Chicago, Portland. We see Marie, the owner, a bitter look upon her face, telling the latest developer, Will Usell, that she’s not interested in selling. A familiar scene today, with so much gentrification going on, the “vultures” as Marie considers them are constantly buzzing around looking to stir things up by buying out property. But Marie feels that’s she’s poured her heart and soul into this bar, and her response to them all is..”You got colada nerve to keep bothering me…I’ve told you, I’m keeping the place”. So in answer to our question? Marie intends to remain a BARKEEPER. Good one, David…I raise my glass to you!

Ok, eye candy. Some brown tables and a gray barstool can be seen off to the left of the panel, with a mirror hanging above. Another gray barstool is beside Will. Two patrons are sitting at the bar, Jack and Daniel. Jack, drinking beer from a pilsner glass, is looking upward – either at a game on an overhead TV, or perhaps eavesdropping on the conversation, but whichever it is, it’s causing him to sport an angry look. Daniel, wearing a baseball cap and a wistful look, is seen with a Scotch rocks. Will, beerded and facing Marie, has his pinkie-ringed hand atop the written offering he’s trying to pitcher, with “X” marking the Spot where he’d like her to sign. Two shelves are seen behind the bar, closed bottles on top and opened, serving ones at bottom. And Marie is seen tapping a draft. But the real eye opener for me this morning was the Goose Island Brewery Tap Handle. Hmm…Maybe we are in Chicago after all. So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And remember…When life gives you lemons…Grab the Tequila and salt…and enjoy! 🥃🙋🏻







12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/26/2019

  1. Good morning. No problem whatsoever today. It was gift wrapped for us. Not complaining because there have been enough lately that weren’t finished. After writing down the letters and reading the cartoon,the answer was obvious. Angela,loved your switch to western music the last two days. After the 50-60s,I enjoy that next. It’s funny though,I could have sworn the two guys at the bar were Rob and Roy. At least that’s what they told me. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Wait a minute, wait a minute…Are you telling me that men sitting in a bar dinking would lie to someone? No, can’t be! 😉 Good Morning, Brooklyn! You made me laugh! And you’re right on the money, this puzzle is a gift today. Easy, breezy, clever and cute. Thanks for the Shout Out, but it’s not intentional. You know I just go with what I think fits. Have a good one, Brooklyn, and tell Rob and Roy that Liz sends her love! 😉🥃🙋🏻

  2. It wasn’t BARLEY as hard as some other days, but it still took some time to DRINK it all in 🙋🏻

    ♦️As the games’ stakes BECAME higher, he settled into his POKER face, and relied on his RAZOR sharp senses to keep him in the SAFETY zone…all the while looking for the BARKEEPER…♣️

    🤷🏻‍♀️Once she BECAME the chairwoman, her sense of SAFETY waned,
    She worried about POKER chips, her nervousness not feigned…
    From RAZOR blades and glasses, the list a mile long,
    She had so much to order and she tried not to go wrong…
    But right now she was dealing with which of these guys came cheaper,
    Since soon she would be hiring the condos’ new BARKEEPER…🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Upon his retirement, the all-pro SAFETY BECAME a RAZOR sharp POKER player and won a lot of money playing tournaments in Vegas.

  4. Hi all – I actually only hesitated at RAZOR because I first saw ARROZ, Spanish for “rice”. Figured the answer had to end in ER and it appeared.

    Angela, MANHATTAN and PORTland made me laugh. 🎵”Chicago, New York, Detroit and it’s all the same {bar}”🎵 But now I’ll spend too much time thinking of other “spirited” city names.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “At Bad, Bad Leroy Brown’s POKER game, it quickly BECAME apparent that it was not a SAFETY RAZOR he used on the BARKEEPER”.

    Re: Mike and I seeing Sharks in the Jumble yesterday: During the Giants’ game last night, the on-field reporter had an interview in the stands with SJ Sharks’ forward Evander Kane and coach Pete DeBoer. Then they showed a pre-game clip of Kane giving Bochy a #15 Sharks jersey and throwing out the first pitch. Also in the stands were Dave Dravecky and Goose Gossage from Bochy’s Padre days, laughing and looking like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

    • Hey Steve. Tks. Always happy to share a laugh. Nice take on your sentence. 👏🏻👏🏻. Hope you’re having a good one! 🙋🏻

  5. I saw Zorro first rather than razor,solved the barkeeper puzzle,before going back to get became ,otherwise a good Jumble puzzle day.

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