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Good Morning, Everyone!            🧀  SWISS DIS? 🧀

🎶 So you met someone who set you back on your heels – GOUDA GOUDA...So you met someone and now you know how it feels – GOUDA GOUDA…So you gave him your heart too, just as I gave mine to you…And he broke it in little pieces, now how do you do…HURRAH and hallelujah, you had it coming to ya…GOUDA GOUDA for him…GOUDA GOUDA for me…And I hope you’re satisfied you rascal you…🎶 “Goody, Goody” – Frankie Lymon 1957   https://tinyurl.com/y7ek6l2l

🧀 There’s cheese that goes with white wine and cheese that goes with red…
There’s cheeses that have reeked so bad the OZONE layers bled…
There’s cheeses for a picnic, the HILLY view serene…
There’s cheeses that are fruity-flavored and they’re tinged with green…
There’s cheese that goes with MUTTON and some with steak tartare…
There’s cheeses aged so richly that you give a last HURRAH
I do love cheese but still I’m sure a cheese that’s this highbrow?
I’ll take a pass for surely it’s not HOLIER THAN THOU! 🧀

Talk about whimsy! DAIRY I say I laughed until the COWS came home? Until I turned BLUE? I mean does it get any CHEDDAR than this? Ok, Ok, I’ll stop…Today’s words give us a freeBRIEHURRAH. it’s new, it’s FRESH, and it TASTED, I mean it tested the patience of a few of the Early Bird Jumblers.. But it was MUTTON, that really got their GOAT. And now I think it’s time ASIAGO on to our cartoon…

Ok, you know the PROCESS…Today Jeff has taken us outdoors once more, this time to a Church picnic. At first I wrote that the black silhouetted building at the back of the panel was a COTTAGE, but then I saw the steeple, and had to CUT it out of my post. Along the back, we see 6 WHITE silhouetted figures, 3 male, and 3 female, the male farthest right doing the honors at the smoke-emitting GRILL..ED I think his name is. And up front, we have our man of the SOUR, with the SHARP tongue. The SWISS CHEESE. WEDGEd between a male, COLBY, colored a mustard yellow, and a female, BRIE, a golden yellow, he’s sitting there on the cutting board acting like MUENSTER Big, boasting that he’s liked the best. Please…his story’s full of HOLES! What a STINKING attitude, am I right? WHEEL Big Shot. I’d like to CREAM the guy…No class, no CULTURE at all…Anyway, NEUFCHÂTEL that everyone is just FETA up with him, especially JACK, a beige French GRU YÈREing the mustache. He calls him a ham…HAM and CHEESE. (Now can that get any CHEDDAR)? …But in answer to our question…What kind of an attitude did the SWISS CHEESE at the CHURCH picnic have? One that was…HOLIER THAN THOU! HA! David, now that’s a pun AGED TO PERFECTION!

Eye candy? Besides the Cheese du BORE, and his fellow Cheeses du jour, I guess we have to go with the SLICER and the two accents of green GARNI, looking to be parsleyBut bottom line, no matter how you SLICE it, the HOLE cartoon is a CUT above! Jeff, you’ve SERVED up a Gem!…And I’m gonna just RIND this up! So, There you gave it Folks! Done! Have a GOUDA day, Everyone…No, scratch that…Have a GRATE one! 🧀🙋🏻
And I’ll leave you with a little something to SAVOR…🎶SWEET dreams are made of CHEESE, who am I to disaBRIE  I CHEDDAR the world and the FETA CHEESE, everybody’s looking for STILTON…🎶 “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” – The Eurythmics 1983   https://tinyurl.com/z6tnnww

19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/08/2018

  1. FYI: Paul..et al: I just realized that I made an error posting the links to the two songs. I’ve corrected it above….Sorry! 🧀🙋🏻

  2. The mayor’s last HURRAH was held on a HILLY site to avoid the wretched smell of OZONE and rotting MUTTON in the valley where the village was located.
    The solution gave me some grief—all those letters and the phrase eluded me for a while. Clever word play when I finally got it.
    Enjoy Saturday and a peaceful weekend.

    • Hi Earl. Good morning. 👏🏻👏🏻. Well done! Ozone and Mutton in the same sentence…no easy task! Definitely a clever one today, I laughed out loud…And like you, I too brought politics into my sentence. Now that’s a coincidence! Have a great day, Earl. Stay warm! 🧀🙋🏻

      Since the sheep had grazed on the same HILLY area for years, should the change in the OZONE levels prove to be causing the odd-tasting MUTTON, then surely the council would be met with a collective HURRAH for conducting the study.

    • Good Morning, Mort. The answer phrase automatically came to mind, because of the mention of the Church, and the arrogance of the Swiss cheese. But then I paused because I wondered why was it that particular cheese being featured..Until the HOLES of the Swiss hit me! Very, very clever…Thanks for stopping by, and please do so more often…Have a great day, Mort. 🧀🙋🏻

  3. Mutton was looking like mount at first,and hurrah w the double h and double r was also troublesome.The haughty attitude of the cheese yielded holier than thou with the ‘church ‘ picnic and steeple in the background.Being a Sat we’re away watching our 4 oldest gr kids,Emily,Frederick,Harrison and Luke( not Matthew,Mark,Luke and John),in Utica Illinois rather than the 4 yr old twins,Kate and Jane in Dixon.

    • ROTFL! Professor, you read my mind! I was thinking the Apostles also! 😂😂 Yep, like you, the phrase easily came to mind…(especially with it being one I use quite often when someone gives me TOO much of an “opinion”)! 😂 ..but as I told Mort above, I had a little tic at why Swiss? Then I applauded David’s genius! Have a good one, Travelin’ Man…there’s no grass growing under your feet, as my Grandma used to say! 🧀🙋🏻
      …And I could see your seeing Mount. It seemed to leap out at you..

  4. Morning all –
    Angela, your post and Earl’s sentence had me smiling. It amazes me how you both can produce such excellent work each day.
    The answer took me some time. Holy and hole came to mind but not holier. My breakthrough occurred when I thought the middle word might be than. Great puzzle. The cheeses were really cute and the answer fit perfectly.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. Thank you so much, you’re very kind. And I love to think that I’ve brought a smile to someone I was just telling Chuck, that I use the phrase, so it immediately came to me, and it gave me quite a laugh. It was the Cheese choice that caused me pause even after I had solved it! That’s me…always a little BITE off! 😉 Great pick up with Than…it brought it all together for you…And I agree, it was so cute, so clever and a DELICIOUSLY done pun! Have a great day, Caroline! 🧀🙋🏻

  5. Good morning. I had the first two words in a flash and the second two words took me some time to get. When I checked to make sure I spelled them correctly I was shocked that the first word was Ozone and not zoone. Why I came up with the double “o” I’ll never know. The cartoon answer had me stumped so I did the only logical thing. I put the paper down and came back a half hour later. I had the answer within two minutes. Now that trick doesn’t always work but it does more times than not. Thanks Betty for backing me up yesterday on the Italian Lawn. Earl,you never fail to surprise me with your talent. Angela,I haven’t played the songs yet because I know them but will after this. You had me both shaking my head and laughing at the same time. Between your songs,poem and puns,it was a treasure trove of delectable treats. Now don’t get out the waders I’m all done for the day. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Brooklyn…you, Sir are like Chicken Soup for the Soul…(which BTW, I’m making right now). You possess that rare combination of sweet subtle humor, but tinged with the ability to sneak a good one in there without offending. Irking maybe, not offending…😉 And with that…can we put the lawn behind us? Or beneath us to be exact? No mas with the grass! 😉 So, you had me ROTFL with Zoone. Just how would one pronounce that? Like Daniel Boone? I love it! And as for Hurrah and Mutton…well as I said in my post, the guys this morning had a field day! And if I have to hear one more Goat remark…(Steve, are you listening?) I may just drink the Kool-Aid. I’ve heard that the Grape goes quite well with a nice wedge of Camembert…😉 And you know I love hearing that I make you laugh, but if I get you shaking your head? Ah, my work is done! Thanks so much for the Shout Outs, I especially like your “delectable treats”, it fits today’s theme…And as for the waders? Why would I need them? Are you telling me you’re NOT sincere?😂😂 Have a good one, Brooklyn! You never fail to make me,SMILE…Say Cheese! 😉🧀🙋🏻

      • I was very serious. You always come through just like your two amigos. It’s hard to do day in and day out. Like today’s cartoon answer was a solid hit. I wonder if he picked the spiritual theme because of this being a holy day. Whether or not he did,it still was cute.

        • Hi Paul. You know I was just teasing you. 😘 And good point on the Holy Day.. I hadn’t thought of that. But I’m definitely with you on the answer, I thought it was adorable. Hope you’re enjoying your day, Brooklyn…🧀🙋🏻

    • Hi Betty, Good Morning! Totally agree, I think today’s puzzle was a real gem! Soooo clever! Hope you’re enjoying your day. Ciao, Bella! 🧀🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – Got the answers and puzzle pretty quickly today for once.

    Funny coincidences – One of the comics I read has a family of mice preparing for Christmas, and the lyric “I’m dreaming of a white (cheddar) Christmas” popped into my head. Then I went to Safeway where “White Christmas” was playing from the ceiling, and then went to the Jumble and saw this.

    The church roof in the background is inSPIREing, but my favorite detail is the little French mustache on the wedge, which made me think it must be the Brie, smelling as bad as Pépé LePew, although I suppose it could have been Limburger, perhaps served with some Durian or Lutefisk (at a Norwegian church picnic – ‘tis the season).

    Paul and Angela have me imagining the group “She and Him” with “Zooney” Deschanel doing their version of “Lost in the Zoone Again” by Commander “Colby” and his Lost Planet Airmen.
    And yes Angela, the first thing I thought is how it must have killed you to drag in the GOAT reference (although that’s sheep, isn’t it? Poetic license granted.)

    I’ll just throw in a link to the famous Monty Python “Cheese Shop” sketch on YouTube. The first comment on it says “Don’t trust the cheese industry one bit. It’s all controlled by a shadowy secret society: The Hallouminati.”

    Have a great day, all!

    • Hey Steve…I had to name the “French” guy Jacques…(JACK, since we are in America)!, because I needed to get the pun on Gruyere, “‘Guy wear-ing’ the moustache”, despite knowing it’s a Swiss Cheese..AND that it was one hell of a stretch! And he couldn’t be Brie, since we know that BREE is a woman’s name. TBT, I didn’t think there’d be any affineurs in my audience today! 😉And yes, Mutton comes from Sheep..(note my sentence to Earl), but again, the pun, hence Goat…. But, do you think these CHEESY puns come THAT easy? 😉 Work with me here!! And as far as mentioning the “G” word, it wasn’t half as bad as listening to the Lous attempting to get NEUFCHÂTEL out of their mouths at 4AM! 😂😂 That’ll definitely remain with me for a while! 😂 Have a good one, “G”!!! 😂🧀🙋🏻

      • LOL! I’m glad you only had to listen to it and not see it! At least your day can only improve from there!. 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Of course I saw it..They were sitting here right next to me, trying to get MY Goat! And you wonder why I SMH so much! 😂🙋🏻

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