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Good Morning, Everyone!              🏺 “IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME”! 🏺

Good Sunday Morning, Jumble Fans. Here are our words and solution for today. I’m going back to sleep for a few hours, but for all of you Early Birds out there, who are wide awake and will REMAIN so, I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so…Enjoy! And for those of you interested in reading more of what’s TO BE SEEN…Click on the link in your Email that says, “Comment” or “Add a Comment“, and you’ll be brought to our page, where you can take a TOUR of our SITE. Of course leaving a Comment is not required, but we’d definitely enjoy hearing from you should you choose to do so….Until I return, ” Ta léme argótera”! 🏺🙋🏻

🎶 What do you do with the SANDS OF TIME when they carve out lines around your eyes… I can close my fists up good and tight, But I can’t hold back the sands of time…Night and day, Night and day, you REMAIN, you REMAIN…🎶 “You Remain” – Willie Nelson with Bonnie Raitt 2002    https://tinyurl.com/y7cp83me

🏺 The beauty that is Ancient Greece is widely known to man,
And tourists have been visiting way back since time began.
A BUSILY sketched out schedule is sure to be topped off,
By touring the Acropolis, of this no one would scoff.
The ruins that are the Parthenon, where ENZYMEs may have settled,
A lot to DREDGE up on your tour as long as you’ve the mettle.
There’s climbing that’s required, POTTED areas, no terrain…
The superstitious ones can bring a MASCOT if it rains…
The steps sometimes get slippery, so caution is required,
Of course there’s places on the way to stop should one get tired.
Greek history abounds here, INDICT may come to mind…
(And even if it doesn’t…I had to make this rhyme)!
The visit’s not a cakewalk, but from all that you will glean..
It must be on your schedule, yes…IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN 🏺

I was very surprised this morning to find that INDICT and POTTED weren’t listed in the ARCHIVES that we work with. I feel we’ve SEEN both words before, but perhaps I’ve SEEN them while jumbling on David and Jeff’s JUST JUMBLE game. (And for those of you who may not have TOURED that APP yet, I highly recommend it). Of our REMAINing 4 words, ENZYME GOES BACK the farthest, to January 29th, 2016. And the only word that caused a pause this morning was POTTED. 8 of my 11 fìloi ( friends?) SAW Topped, and couldn’t CLIMB past it..TBT, look back UP at my poem…3rd line. I was thinking it too, even after I knew it was POTTED! I had to rewrite line 7! How about you all? What word almost RUINed your morning?

Still going with our outdoor themes, today we find ourselves in Europe, above the city of ATHENS, GREECE, visiting the ACROPOLIS. Here’s a link to some information about it, should you be interested. https://tinyurl.com/yagsb77x. We see a couple, stopping along the way to take photos of The Parthenon. They’re overheard discussing how amazing it is to be looking at RUINS that are 2,000 years old. And the solution to our puzzle came to me right here in our dialogue. Him mentioning the 2,000 years, the “Remains” and her saying…”Show” our family..To be seen. IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN! Oh TROY, oh TROY, how clever is that? Once again, David, you’ve REACHED all new HEIGHTS! Way to RHO!

Ok, eye candy. Except for the “ROCKS and ROLLS”, Jeff’s really not given us much to SEE. Various brown pieces of stone and columns are strewn about…”THE REMAINS OF THE CLAY”..😉 The brown Parthenon stands in the background…SEE? Not much. Sorry, I hate to RUIN this for you…But there are two little things that caught my attention…The woman’s phone is capturing the image of the ANCIENT RUIN. I always love when Jeff gives us those dePICtions…and the man is wearing a Fanny Pack, which may not be as ANCIENT as you think. I’ve seen them displayed again in Macy’s and they were mentioned as an idea for a Christmas gift on one of those numerous morning talk show deals…But the funniest part? They were offered for sale with extension straps. I suppose for those of us who remember them from the early 90’s was it? What? We’ve REACHED all new WIDTHS? 😂 So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone..And I’ll leave you with a little GREEK “punny” that might be found relevant even AFTER ALL THESE YEARS...”ANCIENT GREEK  politicians always blamed the MEDEA”! 🏺🙋🏻


33 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/09/2018

    • Good Morning, Chuck. Different strokes, right? I do think INDICT may stump a few people today, though. Great anagram. Hope all is going well! 🏺🙋🏻


      • Yes, Chuck, all my papers and both online versions that I look at also. The person must be looking at the alternate puzzle that a lot of papers print on Sunday’s, the vintage 4-word puzzles. It also appears on the U-Click on line version. 🤔🙋🏻


    • Dear Sir or Madam…I believe the answers you’re referring to are from a different puzzle. On Sundays, some papers and on-line sites publish an alternate Jumble puzzle, a vintage one, with only 4 words. If this is the case, I’ve located it, and I’ll be more than happy to help you with it if need be. Just let me know, ok? Take care! 🙋🏻


    • Good Afternoon, Chuck B! And thank you so very much! I try. 😘 I like the addition of your “B”, if for no other reason than one day I referred to you as “the other Chuck”. That was terribly insensitive of me, and I meant to apologize. I know I wouldn’t appreciate being called “the other Angela”! Funny thing is, I know you apart easily, one from your avatars, and two by your respective cadences. And more importantly, Chuck P, for “Professor”, is the Math Man, while you’re the Music Man! 😂😂! Anyway, thanks again for the shot in the arm, it’s much appreciated…And I hope you’re having an easy enough time this morning with last week’s NY Times puzzle! 😉 Have a good one, Chuck! 🏺🙋🏻


    • ROTFL!!!! Tell me about it! 😉 I’ve just recently had the exact sentiment tattooed on the inside of my right wrist! So now I can just flash people! Good Afternoon, Jeff. And Welcome! C’mon, you know I was just going for the “SEE” right? And besides, I gave you a Shout Out on the dePICtion..There REALLY is no pleasing some people!! 😂 Glad to see you, and I was reading about all the development coming to Fishers, very interesting….Thanks for dropping in Jeff, and I hope my overSLIGHT didn’t RUIN your day! 😉 JNYOE! 🙋🏻


      • Put my work right out there in public? Who, me? I do not! No way! … I’m very discreet! 😂And who’s been talking about me like that? “Tom”? You know he’s just disgruntled still since I clipped his tail feathers! ROTFL! Thank you, G. You’re very sweet. 😘 But you did SEE Jeff and I wink at one another right? 😉 …(Too bad we both dislike cats though)! 😉 Tks again, Steve. ❤️🙋🏻


      • The drawing’s fine; it’s the Parthenon that’s not much to look at. Maybe he needs to put more Ephesus on his next subject! 😂

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      • ROTFL!!!👏🏻👏🏻 Ding! Ding’! Ding! 🛎🛎 You win! Hysterical! I’m GREEK with envy! I would have loved to have said that! I’m laughing so much today…And all I keep thinking of is the Odd Couple and ARISTOPHANES! I hope the whole show comes through….😂😂😂 Has to be one of the funniest skits ever! 🏺🙋🏻
        PS: I was hoping you’d pick up on my Puzzle Emoji.. The URN? 🏺

        https://tinyurl.com/y7ynms9y CLIP

        https://www.metv.com/videos/the-odd-couple/password ACTUAL SHOW


  1. Good morning. Still get jumble late and in the junk mail. Took some time to get all the words and decided to give up on the cartoon answer because some guys and girls are going to bocce. Enzyme would be my choice for hardest word I’m outa here,take care and until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Sorry about that, Brooklyn, I wish I could help. Have you tried adding the website into your contacts listing? And as for late? I put it up at 4:30 this morning…Anyway, I don’t blame you for bailing. I think I’d rather be out on the Bocce court myself! Have a good game, Bud, and I hope you enjoy yourself. Talk to you later. 🏺🙋🏻


  2. Hi everyone –
    It took me a while to get your last joke, Angela, but good one!
    When I saw the size of the answer, I was worried, but then the answer came to me all at once. I had to back into MASCOT and ENZYME. No problem with POTTED because I thought of words ending in ed.

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    • LOL! And we know what a tragedy MEDEA was, right? 😂 Good Afternoon, Caroline, and thank you. I gave myself a chuckle with that one too! I felt the answer was a gimme also, and very, very clever. I have to go back and take another look at the last time we had these words. I checked this morning just for dates, but I didn’t look at the comments to see if they caused any problems. I’ll let you know. TBT, I was surprised myself that the guys had trouble with POTTED…And too bad this is a family blog, because some of their comments? Half the time I’m ROTFL! Hope you’re enjoying your day, Caroline. Be well! Ciao, Bella! 🏺🙋🏻


    • Hi Caroline. Good Morning. Sorry this took me so long. So much going on…I went back and found MASCOT used every year from 2014 until present. There were no comments on the first 3 usages, but between 2017-18, there were a few snags on the word. But it didn’t catch you! 😉 And as for ENZYME, I found it in 2014 besides the 2016 I mentioned in my post, but again there were no comments on either day. It’s interesting though how the same word, anagrammed differently can make such a difference in the degree of difficulty. I think it’s just how the mind’s eye catches it. The one letter or two …In 2014, it appeared as YEMNEZ, and in 2016, as MZYEEN. To me, the 2016 seems so much easier, with the double EE’s followed by the N giving the hint of the sound. The 2014 anagram seems a total hodgepodge! And even though y’days had the double EE also, the placement of the N wasn’t there, making it a little harder to decipher. That’s my take on it anyway! Ok…I’m ready for another cup of coffee! Talk to you later! 🌛🙋🏻


  3. Hi all – POTTED took an extra look after I got TOPPED out of my head. Then for SMTACO — there are some words that always stumped me, but I recognize now just from having seen then so often like MOSAIC, CASINO, UTOPIA, SPRUCE, FIASCO, and PATIO. MASCOT should have been one of these but wasn’t, and took me the longest.
    No idea on the answer. Thought IF would be a good first word, but there’s no F. Then saw MARBLE in the letters but oops, no L. One more look and SEEN made the scene for some reason and it gave the rest away.

    Have a great Sunday, everyone!

    I also had to laugh at your last pun Angela. There was an award winning PBS series in 1982 called “Media Probes”. Later, when they were showing the Greek play, I told my friends that they should call it “Medea Probes”. 😂

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    • LOL…Hey, G. Yea, that MEDEA was a sly one, wasn’t she? And I’m glad you got my pun, and didn’t think I’d just MYTHspoken! 😂😂 POTTED, huh? You think there’s some “hidden” meaning here? 😉 I still haven’t had time yet to see if we were stymied by MASCOT last time out, but I’m trying to get to it…As for the answer? I think it may all just come down to being familiar with all these idioms. They just pop out…I think I’ve told you that the Lous call me the “Idiom Savant”, right? Hmm..Again, I live by the belief that …”every knocks a boost”! 😂 😂 Thanks for the Shout Out G, and have a good one! 🏺🙋🏻


  4. The jury could not DREDGE up enough evidence to INDICT the MASCOT who brought a POTTED pot plant to the BUSILY engaged ENZYME display at the university.
    No problem with the scrambled words but the solution gave me grief until a friend suggested I think about what would REMAIN—then it was that eureka moment.
    Have a Sunny Sunday all.

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    • Hi Earl, Good Afternoon! I was beginning to get worried about you! 😉 And let’s hear it for those Eureka moments, right? I entered the Courtroom too today…(Where else would we go with INDICT)? albeit with a different slant… 👏🏻👏🏻 I like your take..they were an odd group of words to meld! Hope your day’s going well! 🏺🙋🏻

      “Would they INDICT him, he wondered… knowing as he kept BUSILY staring at the ENZYME stain on his shirt, that every little thing they could DREDGE up about him they would, and even the Judges’ MASCOT Terrier sitting there by that POTTED plant looked ready to vote guilty…And he kept thinking, IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN…”


    • Good Morning! I’m glad to hear that you enjoy the Jumble as much as we do, but we here have nothing to do with providing you with the puzzle in your paper. We just offer help with the answers and provide some friendly commentary. I do believe your thanks belongs with the editors of your particular paper. The choice to publish the Jumble is up to them. If it were up to me, the Jumble would be in every paper in America! Have a great day, and keep Jumbling! 🙋🏻


  5. …So, one day in ancient Rome, this Greek guy walks into a tailor’s shop, and throws a pair of capri pants (he was in the Roman army, that’s why he had capri pants) onto the front counter, and he asks the Roman tailor: “Hey, can you fix-a-dem?”…
    …then the Roman tailor picks up the pants, looks them over, and then he says to the Greek guy: “Why? …you rip-a-deez?”… 🤔

    …nothing?… 😐
    … anything?… 🙄😶
    …(I guess I’ll have to be satisfied that students of philosophy are the only people who will get that one)… 😆🤣🤣
    … Google it…. 😉

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    • ROTFL! So Mik…An insomniac too? ..And you needn’t have spell out Euripides..Philosophy student or not, I got it. So, yes something..It’s a cute one…I studied French and Latin for years, along with my Journalism classes, in efforts to aid with my writing. I don’t rememeber now why I didn’t get into the Greek courses…No TRAGEDY, I guess I just didn’t have enough time…But Aristophanes always gave me a laugh! 😉 My favorite quote? “The wise learn many things from their enemies” …I may not be Roman, but as an Italian, it’s sort of a mantra…Hope you’re enjoying the wee small hours..Ciao! 🎭🙋🏻


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