Jumble Answer for 12/21/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!           ➰ LEARNING THE ROPES

🎶 It’s KNOT unusual to be loved by anyone, It’s KNOT unusual to have fun with anyone…But when I see you hanging about with anyone…It’s KNOT unusual to see me cry, I wanna die…🎶 “It’s Not Unusual” – Sir Tom Jones  …(78 years old)!

➰ The Boy Scouts are notorious for tying up loose ends…
And Knot Tying becomes a HABIT, a Merit Badge it lends.
They delve into it with great DEPTH, like here out in the woods,
Amidst the trees where WALNUTs grow, they practice with the goods…
Perhaps they build a fire, perhaps BUTANE is used…
(I had to get the rhyme with this, although not pride infused)
So I’ll just tie this up right now, before embarrassment caught…
And leave our Leader, knowing that they learned just WHAT HE’D “TAUT”! ➰

Once again today, all of our words are Sweet Repeats, and all have appeared more than once in the past. WALNUT, though, believe it or KNOT, makes it’s 9th appearance today, having been used in 2014, ’15, 4 times in ’16, and once each in ’17 and ’18. That’s a lot of KNOTS…and I found it interesting. We’ve seen HABIT 5 times: last used in July ’18, DEPTH, 5 times: lastly in September ’18…And that brings us to BUTANE. “TU-BEAN”..or KNOT to Bean! This word caused a bit of a KNOTTY situation this morning. With 4 of my 11 Early Bird Jumblers insisting that it could be UNBEAT, I looked it up. And yep, there it is: Webster Dictionary: Unbeat(verb) “to deliver from the form or nature of a beast”. Huh? Having appeared in our Jumbles twice before, without any question, I’m wondering if it’ll LIGHT up the boards today. Of course the letter arrangement invalidates it for game play, but…Yep, there it STILL is! Anyway, just keep in mind: I don’t make the news, I just report it…

So, our cartoon…Today we’re outdoors at a Camp STUMPing ground. We see a Scout Leader, BOW, TEACHING the art of KNOT TYING to a young Scout, Tyler, (TIE for short). KNOT to be undone, Tie is overheard saying that he’s definitely LEARNED the ROPES, and he’s proud of his HANDiwork. Our Leader, not looking to get TIED UP with MINOR details, gets right to the POINT, and tells Tie that he’s done well. BOWsLINE is that his KNOT is “nice and SNUG“. But beTWEEN the diaLOG, and our question, David’s hardly given us the SLIP! SNUG”? “TIGHTNESS”? What’s your first TAUT? Bow’s looking to see if Tie learnedWHAT HE’D “TAUT”! How’s that for TYING up loose ends? Great pun, David. You’ve pulled this one off without a HITCH!

Ok, eye candy. Our backGROUND consists of a BLACKWALL of silhouetted trees, KNOTTY PINES, perhaps? There’s a singular Dome Tent and ASH best as I can tell, the remnants of a CAMPfire. There’s grass, like a SHEET, BENDing all across the panel. Bow, sitting upon a tree STUMP, is shown wearing a Khaki uniform shirt, Black cargo shorts, and Brown shoes. An additional piece of Rope lies by his side. Tie, cLAD in a similar Shirt wears Denim cargo shorts with a Gold  belt buckle and White sneakers. Both of our Scouts are wearing Brown knee socks, and Red neckerchiefs with slides. Since they’re KNOT wearing the same shorts, I felt that Jeff wasn’t being SQUARE with us, but then I remembered that he doesn’t color the panels…There’s always that HITCH. But where’s the candy? There’s the SQUARE KNOT that Tie’s tied…(I think it’s a SQUARE KNOT…if I’m KNOT mistaken)…But I’m going with the Badges on our guys Shirts, reading “HAPPY CAMPERS” with a picture of a Basic Ridge Tent. Great detail, Jeff! And that TIES it all up for today. So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I wanted to leave you with a KNOTTY PUN, but WOOD you believe it? I seem to have hit a WALL…➰🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 12/17/2018






WT  TB   II   AHR   =   BIRTH “WAIT” 

Good Morning, Everyone!       👶🏻 WEIGHT A MINUTE..WEIGHT A MINITE! 👶🏻

🎶 BABY love, my BABY love, I need you, oh how I need you…But all you do is treat me bad…Break my heart and leave me sad…Tell me what did I do wrong…to make you STAY AWAY SO LONG…🎶 “Baby Love” – The Supremes  1964 https://tinyurl.com/y7ehhuzq

👶🏻 Expectant Mothers have a list of things that make them fret..
It’s natural to feel the stress when children we beget…
There’s IDIOCY of old wives tales, that WALTZ around what’s true,
There’s talk of TABBY birthmarks or some other spot come through.
There are books from lots of AUTHORs, with advice ad nauseam,
But best advice will always come from no one but our Moms…
They’ve been there and they’ve done it, and they’ll give it to us straight…
It’s no picnic, but when it’s done? Well worth the whole BIRTH “WAIT”‘👶🏻

Although we’re only seeing one new word this morning, we are seeing an older group of words that have all appeared more than once. AUTHOR has been PUBLISHED for us on three previous occasions, and it’s dating back to January 2015, making it our oldest entry today. Oddly enough, each time it appeared, the anagrams all began with an H and a different vowel, O, A, and U. This time, with A as its starting letter, I believe it’s made for a much easier solve. IDIOCY, which stumped 5 of the 11 Early Birds, was used in 2016, and again on November 5th, 2017, making it our most recent anagram. TABBY‘s our new entry, seen by two Early Birds as BATTY, and WALTZ, dates back to November 2016 and September 2017, but both were easily solved, without getting crazy, or dancing around! So…Let’s not WAIT around any longer…let’s get to our cartoon…

Finding ourselves in a Pink-shaded Nursery, we see a Mother and Daughter, discussing the OVERDUE date of a LITTLE bundle of joy…The expectant daughter is bemoaning the fact that the WAIT for her daughter’s BIRTH is WEIGHing heavily both on her mind…and her body! She uses the word “HUGE“. Let’s face it, Folks, this is BIG news! But Mom is heard DELIVERING some reassuring advice, telling her daughter that she too served as a “Lady in WEIGHTing”, since our expectant Mom also took her own sweet time arriving…and there was no need to be anxious..🎶Que Será, Será….WEIGHT ever will be, will be.🎶..I think what we have here is simply a case of Hereditary Late Coming Out Parties! But as I’m sure many of our Mothers out there know, it’s all worth the WEIGHT!…So, in answer to our question…She was anxious about the…BIRTHWAIT“! HA! Good one, David! I’d EXPECT nothing less! And you never fail to DELIVER!

And today’s Eye Candy? Except for our Moms, the entire panel is SWADDLED in Pink…so even though we see Jeff’s great art work in the background, there’s no color in the details. But I’ll do my best to describe what I’m sure Jeff meant to DELIVER…Various images appear on the wall…A Flower, a Teddy Bear, and a Unicorn. There’s a Flower-embossed MOBILE attached to the CRIB, and we can see left to right…a Rainbow, a Sun-in-Starburst, and a fluffy Cloud. While both Moms have chosen Black for their pant and skirt, Mom-“to-be” is in Purple, while Mom-“You’ll-see” has chosen Yellow. And they both look very chic, with Mom wearing bracelets on both wrists and a pendant, while our daughter sports a ruffled neckline. But what I always find so amazing is how Jeff manages to make his characters appear so age appropriate, with just a few different strokes of that stylus! So I’ll make that my candy today…The looks…From Mom to Mom.. The wisdom that comes with SAGE…So, there you have it Folks….Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…ALL GOOD THINGS come to those who WAIT! 👶🏻🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 12/16/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!        💳   HE “SWIPED” THEM, ALRIGHT! 💳

🎶 ….I’m savin’ all my lovin’ just for you, ‘Cause there’s nothin’ more that I would rather do…It’s a new love story, got to read every line…You be the JUDGE and the JURY, I’m GUILTY of the CRIME….I’m GUILTY of, GUILTY of the CRIME, Of lovin’ you, baby…GUILTY of, GUILTY of the CRIME….Of lovin’ you, baby…🎶 “Guilty of the Crime” – Eagles  2007    https://tinyurl.com/yae2yam6

💳 Identity theft runs rampant, HARDLY anyone’s been spared…
Even charging at the GROCER, you sometimes should be scared.
So many thieves abounding, they PRANCE from con to con,
They work a scheme and then UPROOT…next thing you know they’re gone.
Where before they worked in SHADOW, today they’re bold at will..
And have devised elaborate ploys, while hiding ‘hind a GRILLE
While our accounts are dwindling…with them they’re quite enlarged,
We need a better way to prove these guys GUILTY AS CHARGED 💳

“G”…Today it appears we have two new words to add to our Jumble list: GROCER and GRILLE. Our other four have all been around, REPEATED throughout the years. And once again, our oldest is also our newest: SHADOW. Dating back to May 7th, 2014, it last appeared on April 29th, 2018. And the one I DUG up the most times,  was UPROOT, which SPRUNG UP six times over the past five years. I guess this is a game of NUMBERS too! And the only word this morning that caused the Early Birds any HOLD UP, was GROCER…They just weren’t buying it!

Our cartoon today places us inside a Courtroom. We see a Judge about to sentence a CREDIT CARD THIEF for SWIPING Credit Cards and going on  Shopping Sprees.  We see his Lawyer, seemingly stunned by the Judges’ verdict…I guess he thought he was  going to CASH in on this one. And we hear our culprit claiming his innocence, telling the Judge, “I was framed“! What a CARD, rightAnd what’s really INTERESTing is that not only is there a framed photo of him with a CARD in his hand, CHARGING at a CHECK out, there’s also photos of other cards with forged signatures…Let’s face it…for this guy, it’s a PHOTO FINISH! So in answer to our question…The thief was…GUILTY AS CHARGED! Good play on words, David! I give you CREDIT!

Ok, eye candy. I’m really surprised that the Lawyer, decked out in a brown SUIT, is looking so shocked. Maybe he should have worked a little harder on his DISCOVERy….The panel itself, as usual, is a MASTERful job, especially with the forged signatures…The top CARD, which shows a CHIP, reads Jeff Knurek, the middle one David Hoyt, but the bottom one I can’t IDENTIFY…except for it beginning with the letter K. Our Judge, seen holding the indictment papers, VIS-A vis the Guilty CHARGE, with a Gavel at her side, looks stylish in her robe, despite having STEAL gray hair. And her desk nicely displays an emblem of the Scales of JUSTICE. The Easel with the photographic EVIDENCE stands beside it. But I think I’ll go with our THIEF. Sporting  a short-sleeved powder blue shirt and black pants, his TIE is a black and red striped NUMBER. But if you look real closely, you’ll NOTICE that it’s a CLIP ON! Yep, you can actually see where it’s INSERTED under the COLLAR! So, There you have it, Folks! Done…Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with this SENTENCE…If you think CREDIT Crunch is a Cereal, you really need to CHECK yourself…because you’re definitely getting MILKED!   BUY, BUY!! 💳🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 12/09/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!              🏺 “IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME”! 🏺

Good Sunday Morning, Jumble Fans. Here are our words and solution for today. I’m going back to sleep for a few hours, but for all of you Early Birds out there, who are wide awake and will REMAIN so, I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so…Enjoy! And for those of you interested in reading more of what’s TO BE SEEN…Click on the link in your Email that says, “Comment” or “Add a Comment“, and you’ll be brought to our page, where you can take a TOUR of our SITE. Of course leaving a Comment is not required, but we’d definitely enjoy hearing from you should you choose to do so….Until I return, ” Ta léme argótera”! 🏺🙋🏻

🎶 What do you do with the SANDS OF TIME when they carve out lines around your eyes… I can close my fists up good and tight, But I can’t hold back the sands of time…Night and day, Night and day, you REMAIN, you REMAIN…🎶 “You Remain” – Willie Nelson with Bonnie Raitt 2002    https://tinyurl.com/y7cp83me

🏺 The beauty that is Ancient Greece is widely known to man,
And tourists have been visiting way back since time began.
A BUSILY sketched out schedule is sure to be topped off,
By touring the Acropolis, of this no one would scoff.
The ruins that are the Parthenon, where ENZYMEs may have settled,
A lot to DREDGE up on your tour as long as you’ve the mettle.
There’s climbing that’s required, POTTED areas, no terrain…
The superstitious ones can bring a MASCOT if it rains…
The steps sometimes get slippery, so caution is required,
Of course there’s places on the way to stop should one get tired.
Greek history abounds here, INDICT may come to mind…
(And even if it doesn’t…I had to make this rhyme)!
The visit’s not a cakewalk, but from all that you will glean..
It must be on your schedule, yes…IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN 🏺

I was very surprised this morning to find that INDICT and POTTED weren’t listed in the ARCHIVES that we work with. I feel we’ve SEEN both words before, but perhaps I’ve SEEN them while jumbling on David and Jeff’s JUST JUMBLE game. (And for those of you who may not have TOURED that APP yet, I highly recommend it). Of our REMAINing 4 words, ENZYME GOES BACK the farthest, to January 29th, 2016. And the only word that caused a pause this morning was POTTED. 8 of my 11 fìloi ( friends?) SAW Topped, and couldn’t CLIMB past it..TBT, look back UP at my poem…3rd line. I was thinking it too, even after I knew it was POTTED! I had to rewrite line 7! How about you all? What word almost RUINed your morning?

Still going with our outdoor themes, today we find ourselves in Europe, above the city of ATHENS, GREECE, visiting the ACROPOLIS. Here’s a link to some information about it, should you be interested. https://tinyurl.com/yagsb77x. We see a couple, stopping along the way to take photos of The Parthenon. They’re overheard discussing how amazing it is to be looking at RUINS that are 2,000 years old. And the solution to our puzzle came to me right here in our dialogue. Him mentioning the 2,000 years, the “Remains” and her saying…”Show” our family..To be seen. IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN! Oh TROY, oh TROY, how clever is that? Once again, David, you’ve REACHED all new HEIGHTS! Way to RHO!

Ok, eye candy. Except for the “ROCKS and ROLLS”, Jeff’s really not given us much to SEE. Various brown pieces of stone and columns are strewn about…”THE REMAINS OF THE CLAY”..😉 The brown Parthenon stands in the background…SEE? Not much. Sorry, I hate to RUIN this for you…But there are two little things that caught my attention…The woman’s phone is capturing the image of the ANCIENT RUIN. I always love when Jeff gives us those dePICtions…and the man is wearing a Fanny Pack, which may not be as ANCIENT as you think. I’ve seen them displayed again in Macy’s and they were mentioned as an idea for a Christmas gift on one of those numerous morning talk show deals…But the funniest part? They were offered for sale with extension straps. I suppose for those of us who remember them from the early 90’s was it? What? We’ve REACHED all new WIDTHS? 😂 So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone..And I’ll leave you with a little GREEK “punny” that might be found relevant even AFTER ALL THESE YEARS...”ANCIENT GREEK  politicians always blamed the MEDEA”! 🏺🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 12/02/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!                  💸 WHOA…BELLY  💸

🎶 Next to a beauty queen…Used to the finer things. Yeah, I missed work for three days…Kissin ‘ on you, didn’t get paid…I couldn’t help but think...I CAN’T AFFORD to love you…But I can’t afford not to…Hoo-hoo-hoo…🎶 “Can’t Afford to Love You” Blake Shelton   2010     https://tinyurl.com/yd28l4bw

💲🍝 He didn’t think that dining here a GAMBIT would compare,
For SURELY he’d have forgone that steak extraordinaire…
The bill reads like a TARIFF, his stomach starts to churn,
He feels like something THATCH-like’s making his throat burn.
This meal will leave him BARREN, his budget shot to shreds,
He’s hoping that he’s brought along those anti-acid meds…
His wife is looking at him ’cause his skin’s tinged COBALT blue,
She’s wondering what’s happened…has he come down with ague?
The bottom line, they’ve wined and dined, they’ve definitely had their fill…
The food was good, and now what’s left is STOMACHING THE BILL!🍝💲

Sunday words always bring that extra little BITE of a challenge…and today was no exception. It’s not that our words were particularly hard today, it just seems that they were perhaps a bit more cerebral and masterfully anagrammed. You needed that thinking cap today. The two words that I couldn’t find in the archives, THATCH and GAMBIT for example, are not words you’re likely to hear ACROSS THE TABLE at your next DINNER party. SURELY we’ve seen TARIFF and BARREN, the former in September 2017, the latter two way back in 2016. And our last and most recently used word, COBALT?…Well, did it make you blue? I looked back to November 2017, when it was last on the MENU, and it didn’t pose a problem, but I think today’s anagram might be a little harder to DIGEST…So, how’d you FARE with our words today? Drop us a line and let us know. Ok..On to the MAIN COURSE

Today we find ourselves amongst the EPICURES. Except our poor protagonist seems to need a CURE! Having just finished a “delicious MEAL” at a “fancy Restaurant“, we overhear PEYTON, PAY for short, asking his waiter how his BILL “got so big”-“Whoa BELLY“, this is so much” The suddenly sickening look on his face, prompts his wife, the lovely DINAH to ask if he’s “feeling alright”...while the waiter is asking if there’s a BEEFPay meanwhile is SWALLOWING hard, and doing a SLOW BURN. He has no idea how he’s going to CHARge this MEAL, since it’s obvious he’s BITTEN off a lot more than he could CHEW, and the STEAKS are high.  Poor guy..he needs a pill after seeing this BILL! And what we have here Folks is what’s know as…”As the STOMACH Turns...” So the problem? STOMACHING THE BILL! HA! SAVOR that one Jumblers! Great play on words, David! It may have COST us an EXTRA moment or two…but it was very WELL DONE!

Ok, eye candy…It’s hard to igGNAW how nicely our couple is DRESSED. We see Pay, (who bears a striking resemblance to Larry David) in a Gray suit jacket worn OVER EASY a Black sweater with a Green collar. Dinah, wearing a Burgundy dress, with SCALLOPed sleeves, sports a string of pearls, lying just below her NECK BONE. Obviously, they both have good TASTE. The dining chairs and tablecloth are both shades of blue…COBALT perhaps, and two Pink Brandy snifters are sitting on the TABLE, in front of our couple. A single bowl is shown, with two spoons. Perhaps a little SORBET to cleanse the PALATE? (You know, so you don’t CHOKE when you see the BILL)! The panel is shaded Gray, and Black silhouetted DINERS and a waiter are seen along the background. There’s a lot of hands in motion. Pay is holding the BILL, which lists numerous dollar signs, in his left, while his right is raised towards his face. Dinah is reaching across to him sensing something’s gone aFOWL. And the waiter has his left hand raised, pointer-finger extended in SUPPERcation…But the PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE? If you look real closely…the waiters’ Serviette? The best yet! There’s a tiny scripted “J” to match the one on his jacket…MEN..U can’t make this STUFF up! Great detail, CHEF! I guess the Jumble Guys are SERVING us more than just puzzles! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And to all our Jewish brethren…May your Festival of Lights shine brightly…Happy Hanukkah! 🍝💲🙋🏻



Jumble Answers for 11/25/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!           🔢 COUNT ME IN 🔢

🎶 “When I’m worried, and I can’t sleep, I COUNT my BLESSINGS instead of sheep. And I fall asleep….COUNTING my BLESSINGS …🎶 “Count Your Blessings” – Rosemary Clooney 1954       https://tinyurl.com/ycrt89mg

I think BLESSINGS seems to be the key word here today…This entire puzzle was ONE…Our words are all old favorites, and except for MOSTLY which appeared back on July 13th, 2017, the other five? – All repeats from the first four months of this year. But they were an easy, breezy, group…with not a pause to COUNT amongst them..NOBODY seems to be stumped this morning…

Today we find ourselves in Ancient Rome, at the ABACUS STORE. The owner,  STEVANO, as I’ll call him, seen off to the left, bearded and holding his hand to his chest…has grown his ABACUS BUSINESS from just a JOB, into a very successful enterprise. ONE can see from his COUNTenance that he’s very pleased with his lot in life, and is heard saying that he has a “new house and a new chariot”…He is truly BLESSED! And I don’t think he ever FIGUREd as much….We see his two employees, CiZERO, meeting and greeting, and the other, CASHius talking  “upgrading”..competing. It’s definitely ONE prosperous business…and something Stevano knows he can COUNT on to bring him many, many years of BEADitudes!  So what does it all ADD UP to? ..He now can COUNT HIS BLESSINGS! Great pun, David! I give you a “X”!

Ok, eye candy…Our panel today is very easy on the eyes…The “brick and mortar” work is a soft shade of gray…All of our CHARACTERS are dressed in white and they all look very nice TOGAther. The sole woman, easily outNUMBERED, is wearing her hair in an UPswept style, and there’s some strands of BEADS at her neck. The men, except for CiZERO at the entranceway are all sporting facial hair of some kind. ‘ZERO, as he’s less formally known, does look very young…the little SHAVER! All of the ABACI are colored a peachy brown shade…We see an ITER, (a Roman footpath, a Road) leading up to the store, and the grassy landscape leads to Rome in the background…(You know..all roads.., etc)! 😉 CASHius wears a wristwatch, showing a tiny Sun Dial. Great detail, Jeff. And Stevano wears Golden cuffs on both his wrists, a sign of his wealth. But the candy may be a little hard to put my FINGER on today…and I’ll tell you why…See the big “A” atop the archway? See the little placard on the desk near CASHius reading “ABACUS X”? And notice that he’s using the word “UPGRADED“? See the lanyard around his neck? It displays a tiny BEADED store symbol…So is it just me, or is Jeff, with his amazing sense of whimsy really PUSHING the envelope today? Does anyone else see a connection between STEVANO and the first of his JOBS? Hmm…Jeff? Did I ADD this UP right? So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I apologize for being so much later than usual with the post today…Had to make it to Mass…to COUNT my BLESSINGS! 🔢🍎🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 11/18/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!      💳 GIVING CREDIT…WHERE CREDIT’S DUE?…💳

🎶 Well, I guess this story must begin that fateful day a way back when,  I decided I should have a CREDIT CARD...So I filled out this application, listed all my recommendations…Sent it off in the mail…And in a month or so the mailman brought me my brand new CHARGE-ALL CARD...Better than checks, safer than money, and not near as dirty!…🎶 “The Credit Card Song” – Dick Feller   1974    https://tinyurl.com/ycjzpfnb

💳 I’ve read about this recently, the MOTION towards no cash,
And while not causing UPROAR, there’s certainly backlash.
A move to further BISECT the haves from the have nots?
I can’t DEFINE the reasoning to satisfy the lots…
But here to buy a FLOPPY shirt with graphics to display,
We see a whole new KETTLE of fish as people go to pay.
But everyone seems quite happy…I can’t help but admit…
And the owner’s even happier ’cause he TOOK CREDIT FOR IT! 💳

I wasn’t sure I’d find all of today’s words in our archives, but surprisingly, it PAID OFF to look. Two of them go back a while…BISECT, went back to 2014, but then appeared again on the 11th of October, in 2016. And FLOPPY was last seen on July 15th, 2016. The other four, 2017 and 18 entries. None of the Early Morning Jumblers were stumped this morning…but there was a slight tic at BISECT, and UPROAR, the latter being one of these compound words that tend to COST some of us a moment or two longer to decipher. Ok..Let’s not INVEST any more time here…Our cartoon awaits..

Before we begin, I’d like to offer my “Welcome Back” to our resident illustrator, Jeff Knurek. As much fun as Guest Jumbler Week can be, there’s no one can hold a stylus to Jeff. I’ve missed you, and I’m happy to have one of your cartoons DRAWING my attention this morning…

That being said, we find ourselves today at the SHIRT SHACK, a T-SHIRT Emporium. Two young women and a young man serve as our customers. The man and woman at the background left, owners as we can ADD UP by the dialogue, are happily discussing how the man’s decision to go CASH LESS proved to be nothing less than a savvy business move. He’s using the word “kids” to describe his clientele, so I suppose we can assume that the Shirt Shack appeals mostly to the YOUNG AT PART…because PARTING with their money they are! And since he’s also saying..”KNEW” and “THOUGHT” it’s pretty CLEAR that he’s PROFITING from his business acumen…He definitely TOOK CREDIT FOR IT! Well, wrap up those SHIRTS, Dave, you’ve made a SALE!

Ok, eye candy… Before I get into it, I first must also give some CREDIT where it’s due. The color’s today are some of the best we’ve seen in a long time. Our bearded owner is decked out in two great shades of blue. Our female shopper at left, a rarely-seen redhead, wearing dark purple, is holding a shirt of powder blue, while her friend, wearing light green, holds a pretty pink one. The CASHier..or shall we call her the CASH “where”?  is wearing a stunning shade of violet, as our male shopper dons the always-stylish basic black, over khaki pants. The display counter is a dark peach-toned wood, and our checkout counter is gray...A WEALTH of color today...and a wonderful BALANCE! It all looks great! As for the candied details? Let’s do the graphics on the shirts. We have the Eiffel Tower in white, a Bird in flight amongst the clouds in black, an angry Unicorn in pink, and an Owl adorning our PAYING customer. But ZEROing in? We see that he’s being CHARGED $25, and he’s having “No problem” tapping his..Gold colored .JUMBLE CREDIT CARD with it’s CHIP to pay! Would you look at that! A CREDIT CARD with Jeff’s signature “J”! That Jeff…What a CARD! So, There you have it Folks, DUN!!! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with one of my favorite CREDIT CARD jokes…”A man asked a Magic Fairy to make him desirable to all women…So she turned him into a CREDIT CARD”...And yes, in the INTEREST of full disclosure.. I did SWIPE the joke! 💳🙋🏻




Jumble Answers for 11/11/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!                ⛽️  A JOB WELL DONE! ⛽️

🎶 You sacrificed to serve our nation, you make us proud in many ways. Because of you, we have our freedom….We honor you on VETERANS DAY...🎶 “On Veterans Day” – Words and Music by Karl Hitzemannm   2014   https://tinyurl.com/y8oe5qkq

🇺🇸 Today, Veterans Day…A day where we MUDDLE through the grounds of cemeteries, placing FLORAL pieces at the GRASSY headstones of our fallen heroes…A day to not make WHINNY sounds about the state of affairs of our nation, but to strive to FERRET out the issues that divide us, the PIMPLEs that besmirch our good name…And look to resolve them instead of worsening them…A day when we honor our Veterans, past and present, and hope that new days will dawn for America…days where every man can say that he DID WELL FOR HIMSELF...🇺🇸

To all our Veterans, to all our heroes, to you the heart and soul of all that is America, I thank you for your service, I pray for your strength, and I tip my hat to you in respect. Happy Veterans Day. God Bless America. Today and every day….🇺🇸

Today’s words weren’t OIL that easy…PIMPLE impelled a few of the Early Morning Jumblers to scratch their heads, while FERRET scurried around for a while before it came into view…The other 4 words…Iffy, but doable…

Our cartoon today has us back out on the OIL FIELDS, which we’ve visited many times before.  You may recall that just one month ago exactly, on October 11th, we visited with a couple who were not SITTING WELL because an OIL RIG had been erected right beyond their front porch…WELL at least today we’re nowhere near a Homestead…Instead we’re seeing a man who truly brings it on HOME! He’s a OneMan RIGGING Crew! And he’s telling us so, by saying..”I’m SUCCESSFUL because I do it all”! He DOES it all! And HE’s doing it WELL…Wink..Wink…He..DID WELL FOR HIMSELF! Good one, David! You definitely brought this one BARRELin’ home!

Ok, eye candy…You all know the DRILL..We look for the something that really WRENCHes our eye…We see an OIL BARON who stands out, but the rest is pretty BARREN…A green FIELD, two RIGS in the background. The Man of the Hour…all 24 of them, standing on a yellow ladder with a WRENCH in his hand, working on the MAIN gray RIG. On the ground beside him we see an opened red tool box…and right behind the RIG, we have the front end of an orange car. Not much to go on, a little BORING…But I did find three tiny BITS of candy…Our man is wearing a GREEN HAT, and a single bead of sweat is visible upon his face…But the real MONEY shot? The clasp on the OIL Barons’ TIE? There’s a tiny little OIL RIG on it! Jeff, that’s a HOLE lot of talent! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And remember..OIL’s WELL THAT ENDS WELL, ⛽️🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 11/10/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!                 ♠️  I GOTTA’ HAND IT TO YOU…♠️

🎶 He said, “Son, I’ve made a life out of READIN’ PEOPLE’S FACES, knowin’ what the cards were by THE WAY THEY HELD THEIR EYES...So if you don’t mind me sayin’, I can see you’re out of aces…For a taste of your whiskey, I’ll give you some advice”…He said, “If you’re gonna PLAY THE GAME, boy you gotta LEARN TO PLAY IT RIGHT…You’ve got to know when to hold ’em…Know WHEN TO FOLD ‘EM…There’ll be time enough for countin’, when the dealin’s done…🎶 “The Gambler”Kenny Rogers 1979.              https://tinyurl.com/y9mr5q2x

♠️ The key to playing Poker…well to playing for the win…
Is putting on a Poker Face, and not some silly grin.
So seeing that our girl here has HYENA traits a showin’
I can’t help but keep thinking that the pot will not be growin’
I’m not sure who’s the foil here, so many smiles abound,
You can’t make grandstand gestures when you’re playing for a round.
Nobody here looks DRENCHed in sweat, they all seem quite amused..
So I’m not sure who’s in or not…I feel a bit confused.
Maybe it’s just a friendly game, maybe those chips aren’t real..
‘Cause Poker calls for ownership and DISOWN seems the feel…
Whatever’s going on here, we can see her cards are GRAND
And winning with that Royal Flush, a true GO HAND IN HAND!♠️

All of today’s words are Sweet Repeats, with DISOWN being seen as recently as Octobet 14th. A little quirk, GRAND appeared on The 15th of November last year, and DRENCH the very next day. Our oddest word, HYENA was last seen on December 28th. A few of the Early Bird Jumblers had a little tic with DRENCH, but DISOWN CHIPped away at them the most this morning, with FIVE of them seeing Wisdom at first glance….

So, our cartoon…Once again today, we’re GAMBLING. What’re the ODDS? Having just been at a Casino a few days ago, on the 1st of this month, today we find ourselves at what apPAIRS  to be someone’s basement, since a staircase is seen in the background at left. There’s a POKER GAME in progress, and Jeff, our resident cartoonist, has chosen to be in attendance. Perhaps it’s his residence! ANTE‘s at a table with THREE others, who may be “real life” characters, but I can’t be sure. At first glance, my eyes immediately went to the bald man at front, who I thought to be David. But because of the heavy eyebrows and rather exaggerated jowl, I wouldn’t PUT MY MONEY on it. We see our sole woman player, holding a ROYAL FLUSH in her HAND, with the 10-JACK-QUEEN-KING and ACE of SPADES clearly visible. Nice detail, Jeff. And since nothing beats what she’s HOLDING in her HAND in a POKER GAME…and those double H’s and D’s were hard to miss, our solution was a simple one…The ROYAL FLUSH and WINNING? They…GO HAND AND HAND! Good one, David! Once again, you’ve HANDed us a WINNER! 

OK, eye candy…The panel’s shaded in light teal, but the colors today are very vibrant. The CHIPS are all RED ones, which are FIVE dollar CHIPS, so it looks like the entire POT is under $200. It seems that Jeff and the other gentleman playing are “ALL IN” too, since there are no CHIPS showing in front of them. They’re both TALKING TRASH to our woman, trying to unnerve her, and cause her to FOLD, but she’s got her MIND SET on WINNINGDIRTY pool, Guys! The other man, who apPAIRS  to be a little older, is wearing a gray pull OVER, with yellow striped sleeves, and he’s sporting a rather oversized chain with an amulet of some kind at his neck. His eyeglasses are trendily red-stemmed. He’s wearing a black cap, and the image on the white inset looks like a familiar LOGO, but I’m DRAWING a blank, and I just can’t identify it. Perhaps one of you may recognize it. The woman, is sporting a very unique hair cut, which is what LEADS me to believe she’s a friend of Jeff’s. Her right ear has THREE piercings with THREE small loop earrings. And Jeff is dressed in one of his favorite signature black Poi Band T-shirts. If you look real closely, you can see the Logo visible behind his cards. But here’s the TWO things that I’m finding to be the raw DEAL. The bald gentleman at front. I really don’t think it to be David, mostly because of the sinister look of him., especially the dark-bridged eyebrows…But, above his left ear? There’s THREE little MARKings..and whenever Jeff DRAWS a caricature of Dave, he places the exact same THREE dots. A conundrum..And the real WINNER for me today? He doesn’t seem to be HOLDING a HAND, the PILE is too thick. He’s HOLDING what looks to be the remainder of the DECK of cards. So is he the DEALER? And if so, no one HOLDS a deck of cards like that, FOUR fingers or not! The THUMB should be at top, not the bottom. So I’m really LEFT wondering, and the eye candy becomes the “SHY candy”…I’m just SHY of making up my mind! What do you all think? Let me know…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and I’ll FOLD with a little POKER JOKER…What do you call a Comedian who plays POKER? A JACK of all SPADES…and a Master of PUNS! ♠️🙋🏻

POST SCRIPT:  Anyone who follows JUMBLE on Facebook, has already noticed that a new Cover Photo was posted this week. For those of you who don’t follow…(and you should)! 😉 or don’t join us here on Sunday’s…Just a little heads up. Monday begins  the 6th Annual Guest Jumbler Week, where Jeff turns his stylus pens over to a different fellow cartoonist each day. It’s always fun…So, be sure to tune in each day, and be part of whatever surprises are in store for us this year! 🖊🖌




Jumble Answers for 11/04/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!          🏡 A SITE FOR SURE BUYS? 🏡

🎶 I got my SIGHTS SET on you, and I’m ready to aim, I have a heart that will…never be tamed…I knew you were something special when you spoke my name…Now I can’t wait, to see you again…🎶 ” See You Again” – Miley Cyrus  2007

🏡 There used to be a time when as a DRIVER one would see,
A countryside so beautiful, each SEASON’s majesty…
With farmland lush, POTATO crops, just one that you’d see THRIVE,
MOSAIC-like the colors…Made one always feel alive.
But then the word “development” became the normal rank,
And over time the beauty and the lushness all but SHRANK
And homes appeared where trees once stood, the skyline gone away,
“Estates” became the go-to word…that dawned a brand new day.
One wonders when “development” will finally see it’s time to quit…
Until then we put up with he who HAD HIS “SITES” SET ON IT…🏡

With none of today’s words being new, the one showing up as the oldest is MOSAIC. Having appeared here on both September 18th, 2016, and again on March 4th, 2017, it was the hardest one to solve on both those days. And yet today, so far, I’m hearing no hosTILE rumblings. What is causing a bit of a turn, is DRIVER. Two of the Early Birds saw Varied…But the rest of our 6-letter words today haven’t yet BUILT up any steam…

Our cartoon this morning brings us out into the countryside, to the SITE of the Mountainous Edelweiss Estates. We see a man and a woman, from the DEVELOPEMENT Company. Our dialogue is telling us that despite there being some SET backs, the Developer came out ON TOP, and managed to get his HOMES built upon the MOUNTAINS. We hear words like..”finally”, “property” “vision”Insight!…Or do we hear words like…Money, greed, and “There goes the neighborhood”? Anyway, with our question stating that despite the difficulties, the homes were built…it was because the developer..HAD HIS “SITES” SET ON IT. Very clever pun, David. It hit HOME!

Ok, eye candy…While Edelweiss means “white flower” there’s not a one to be seen. Ironically enough, the entire panel is awash in green. The mountains, the sky, the clouds, the HOMES…all green. The color of money? Ah, development! We see two homes, one completed, one just framed. The one that’s completed shows solar panels on its’ roof, an attached mail box, an ornately S-shaped doorknob, (nice detail, Jeff), a glass-paneled door with a lintel above, a large bay window, and two small bushes flanking the doorway. Oval shaped tiles lead from the doorway to the front of the property…But again, there’s no color. Off into the background, we see placards showing where I imagine an additional three homes will be built, going further up the mountain. (But what about the roads? ERODE is needed, no)?…And at front, we see the large sign claiming “Edelweiss Estates-Wonderful VIEWS Available“. The irony, huh? Déjà VIEW…we’ve heard and seen it all before…We see our two developers, she in a black dress, with a thin necklace and button earrings, he in a blue shirt and black tie. She’s holding papers, he’s got binoculars..better to VIEW his “Reality”…His inSITE! Maybe it’s me, but somehow there’s not much of anything sweet enough here today to earn the TITLE of eye candy…I think I’ll go with what’s without…what we don’t see. The blue sky, the tress, the white flowers…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember to stop and smell the white flowers…🏡🙋🏻