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Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday! All of today’s anagrams returned as being new, but the words they transformed into ended up being recycled repeats. None of them caused any trouble on my end so my guess is that FORMAT will end up getting the most votes in our poll. It was also the most recently used clue word with its last appearance being on Valentine’s Day of this year, and the oldest was VANISH with its appearance on 7/22/20.

Today’s cartoon showed a couple of young surfers who were getting ready to head out into the water to ride some gnarly looking waves. Their attention was caught by a lifeguard who was chasing after them while carrying a flag and pointing towards the waves. Looking up the different flag colors used by lifeguards showed that a solid red flag indicates that it’s high surf and strong currents, but today the colorist chose to use a pale yellow one with a bit of blue at the top. Some of the gems Jumble Jeff left for us were three gigantic waves getting ready to break, a small cross on the lifeguard’s visor, a logo of a surfer on the young man’s sleeve and my favorite which was his signature sinking sailboat for the second day in a row!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. The action lines around the flag and the lifeguard’s finger pointing towards the surf clued me into WAVE. With those letters crossed out, the rest of the solve flowed effortlessly from the remainder to seal the deal. No trouble with this one at all. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day.

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  1. FOYER = Last used on 08/03/20 as RYOEF
    THREW = Last used on 10/27/20 as RETWH
    VANISH = Last used on 07/22/20 as SNIVHA
    FORMAT = Last used on 02/14/21 as OAFTMR


  2. Fun, easy Tuesday J…………….
    2 for 2 this week.
    We’ve got thunder, lightning and variable rain in SoCal tonight. I like.
    See ya tomorrow!

  3. Lots of Beach Boys songs for Angela to choose from but I’d go with Pipeline, an instrumental by the Ventures. The signature sinking sailboat in the cartoon is perfect for rough surf. More chamber of commerce weather all week, “somewhere in the middle of America.”

  4. Good morning. Another easy one today but not quite a blind solve. It should have been though. I really like Oldo’s song pick which I have but I think Angela will fit something better for this theme. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  5. Like others, most probably….am going 2 for 2 so far this week in the Blind Solve department. Had a tough time with THREW. Still in the low 90’s in central Texas and that’s a bummer.

    • We’re on our third straight day of rain and cloudy skies. It’s good to hear that the sun is still up there somewhere! Have a good one, Terry.

  6. No blind solve here,but w a quick solve of the anagrams and available letters,’them’ was a given for the middle word,then, after more than a few minutes of contemplation,”wave them off” popped into mind.We had a troublesome night, w a middle of the night momentary neighborhood power failure ,but it popped back on quickly.

    • We had a few small blips of power loss a couple of weeks ago when a storm came through. It was off just long enough to make all the clocks blink. So annoying! I’m glad to hear yours didn’t last long. Be well, Chuck.

  7. “I know you think you’re so brave
    But a lifeguard has lives to save
    With waves crashing ashore
    Amid thunderous roar
    You’d end up in a watery grave!”

    • Hi Helen…🙋🏻‍♀️

      🏄🏻‍♂️ When waves crash too harsh towards the beach,
      And the lifeguard yells..”Stop” with a screech…
      You’ve no choice but to heed,
      ‘Cause no way you’ll succeed…
      Today surfing’s def out of your reach…🏄🏻‍♂️

      🏄🏻 Psyched to get out and ride that great wave,
      But a lifeguard caused your dreams to cave…
      You’re crestfallen for sure,
      For the ocean’s allure…
      Has made you its virtual slave! 🏄🏻

      🏄🏻‍♂️ When dangerous surf is displayed,
      There’s no way the lifeguard will be swayed…
      So she puts the kibosh,
      On your day…there’s no josh…
      And your plans are now definitely waylaid…🏄🏻‍♂️

      🏄🏻See our couple whose plans took a tank,
      Much like our Sinking Sailboat…they too sank…
      And they’re feeling quite blue,
      But no choice have our two…
      They’re forced to stay at the shore’s bank…🏄🏻

      🏄🏻‍♂️ While the big waves are what surfers crave,
      It’s not wise to take too close a shave…
      And when danger does lurk,
      It’s a good lifeguards work…
      To wave surfers off from the big waves! 🏄🏻‍♂️

  8. Good morning , I agree Oo , Beach Boys got a hand on songs and pretty much WAVEd them OFF, I never really tried to surf but it does look challenging, but at my age I THREW that towel in ! Our weather today started off with thick fog clearing way to partial sunshine ! There you go , that’s my weather FORMAT, everyone have a great Tuesday !

  9. Easy again today.

    We get lightning storms once or twice a year here in SoCal. It was weird therefore that one happened just before kickoff of the Chargers-Raiders game. The lightning charged up the Chargers, and helped them to victory. The lightning came near my house hours later, accompanied by wind. It lasted only 5 to 10 minutes. And no rain. Alas.

  10. Last weekend, the fam and I took a walk out on the beach and when the waves came rolling in there was a faint rainbow visible in the mist. Thought it’d be interesting to share with today’s puzzle having to do with surfing. JNYEO!

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