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Happy Monday everyone! Our week of solves began with four tried and true clue words that have all been used in gameplay within the past couple of years. SPOKEN was last used the day after St. Patrick’s day on March 18th of this year and the oldest was FREEZE from 12/12/19. As for the anagrams, RYIDT was used on 2/03/18 making it the only repeat of the quartet. Once solved, DIRTY is one of those words that just happens to spell out in alphabetical order! None of them caused a flap, but KNOPES did require a couple of extra glances before coming into view so it’ll be my pick for today’s hardest anagram.

Today’s cartoon featured seven starving seagulls squabbling over a single fry down by the seashore. There was an eighth gull coming in for a landing, but the look on his face didn’t give me the impression that he’d noticed there was food on the ground. I can’t blame the one gull for wanting to try his luck elsewhere, and the dialogue exchange seemed to indicate that at least one other gull has had it too. The Jumble “J” on the fry container was a fun detail to spot as was the sinking sailboat out on the horizon.

The final solve was an anagram consisting 8-letters. BIRD was conveniently scrambled in the first four letters of the layout making it a breeze to find. THE was given to us, but even if it was included in the Jumble, I don’t think it would have ruffled anyone’s feathers. A fun and easy start to the week. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day. //Mike


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  1. typical Monday J, fun but not hard.
    Enjoyed it more than yesterday.
    Dodgers won today but so did the Giants so SF wins the western division. Dodgers have a playin game on Wednesday.

  2. Good Morning, Everyone …I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    🎶 I had a dream that someday….I would just FLY, FLY, AWAY…And I always knew I couldn’t stay…So I had a dream that I’d just fly away, away…Oh-oh, woah, oh, I’d fly away…🎶 “Fly Away” – Tones and I 2020 https://tinyurl.com/mtnmyb5s

    🦅 Sometimes you need to fly the coop, to get away alone,
    That bubble of togetherness can BURST and you are shown…
    That just because your feathers may be just the same as others,
    It doesn’t mean you can’t decide to exercise your druthers…
    This seagull feels the FREEZE come on, his comfort level gone,
    He’s SPOKEN with the flock and now he’s ready to move on
    He’s tired of the DIRTY looks, the fights for Jumble fries…
    His mind’s made up, the time has come…so now he’s gonna fly…
    He says that it’s not worth it…and he’s hardly mincing words…
    He’s out of there, it’s gotten old…it’s simply FOR THE BIRDS! 🦅

  3. He had a feeling the pipes might FREEZE and BURST, and after inspecting the DIRTY mess left behind, he realized his hesitation was FOR THE BIRDS, and that he should have SPOKEN with his plumber… 💦

    🤷🏻‍♂️ He tried to FREEZE the glass jar, but somehow it had BURST,
    He shook his head because he should have read the label first…
    He thought that when he’d SPOKEN with his wife she said ok,
    But obviously she too was wrong and now it’s glass all splayed
    His clothes now wet and DIRTY…the whole thing’s so absurd…
    He needs to stop these DIYs….’cause it’s all FOR THE BIRDS! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Wow ! What a way to start the day ! The Browns won and I didn’t pay , …the jumble was smooth and I didn’t FREEZE , I got all the words and it was FOR the BIRDS, I wish I could find a song that fits, but I’ll just smile and call it quits . The lone seagull who didn’t want to fly , stayed behind to eat a French fry ! Everyone have a good night ! This was fun !

  5. Immediately thought of “I’ll Fly Away” by Gillian Welch/Alison Krauss from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” Those Dirty birds should Burst into song – even Spoken – because they get to go South before the winter Freeze which is strictly For the Birds as far as I’m concerned. A chamber of commerce weather day on the Great Plains as trees turn red and gold.

  6. I just can’t stand it no more
    I’m taking off from the shore
    You’re too much of a crowd
    And the noise is too loud
    So it’s time for my spirits to soar!

    • Hi Helen…

      🪶 Though birds of a feather are they,
      They don’t always see life the same way…
      And our guy here is through,
      Bids the flock fond adieu…
      And he’s happy to call it a day! 🪶

      🦅A Seagull’s a quite clever bird,
      But the real name’s just gull, have you heard…
      Not a picky bunch,
      They eat garbage for lunch…
      And the dinner menu?… It’s absurd! 🦅

      🪶 Our gull has decided to flee,
      Turns out things aren’t what they should be…
      So he’s leaving the flock,
      But I’m sure it’s a lock…
      That they’ll see him hanging ‘round the sea…🪶

      🍟Jumble French Fries had laid on the ground,
      And it wasn’t long ‘fore they were found…
      For the meal two gulls fight,
      Dirty looks come to light…
      Soon enough though it’s easily downed! 🍟

      ⛵️ While the gulls they are bidding adieu,
      What’s that out on the ocean of blue?
      Lurking there half afloat,
      It’s Jeff’s little sailboat…
      Omnipresent..it’s def tried and true! ⛵️

  7. Good morning. Typical Monday jumble which puts us in a good frame of mind for the rest of the week. A little to easy for my taste. You blink and your done. Not a blind solve though. But when I put the letters down and got the answer I had a good laugh. Thought it was hilarious. First time hearing the song Angela. What I liked about her singing was that I could understand every word.Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Definitely a good thing when we can understand the words! 😉Good Morning, Brooklyn…Have a good one. Be well and stay safe…🦅🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Yes…I’ll agree with others that it was an easy, fun Monday Jumble. A blind solve it was. But initially thought first word might be NOT…but that was not to be. Then it came in a flash. Ironic that TCM aired The Birds last night. Many songs out there concerning flight, so am sure Angela had many to weigh in on. My personal favorite would have been “Come Fly With Me”…which I am sure the birds were saying to each other. One hardly has to read the sports page on Monday with Jumble readers reporting scores from here, there and everywhere !!

    • Hi Terry. I love “Come Fly With Me”, but I’ve used it before, maybe even more than once, so I figured I’d change it up a bit…Have a good one, Terry. And yes, a way too easy puzzke today! 🦅🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly w Me” was the best.Anagrams were a Monday cinch,but the cartoon solution required more thought than usual for a Monday,but w only 8 letters,the solution popped into mind.Good win for the Browns,even w the 2 pt try early,that I didn’t agree with.Brady pulled it out at the end despite NE and the weather trying to prevent it.Have a good week.

    • Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me”? …Was there any other version? 😉🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I believe Sinatra’s-Come Fly With Me- was very well represented in the movie- Catch Me If You Can!!

        • Hi Chuck. Yes, it was. And it’s a great song…which IMO Sinatra owns! Always good to see you, Chuck.Take care…and stay safe out there…✈️🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. Nice to see most players found this jumble easy including this ” old bird “.
    Now that Fall is upon us, it’s beautiful to see and hear the flocks of wild geese pass over us.
    Enjoy the week

  11. Today’s Jumble is FOR the BIRDS! There are no shadow solutions; it’s completely and absolutely FOR the BIRDS! By the way I have a T-shirt which says “Gone to the BIRDS” on the front. The birds are purple martins, who came in such great numbers here in Richmond that it created an annual organized festival and, among other things, T-shirts, that is, until the birds one year decided to fly the coop to elsewhere.

  12. Easy puzzle this morning. Off to a good start this week. . Our Giants won the NL West title last night ⚾️ 🏆 so there’s joy in San Francisco. Happy Monday all! 😊

    • Congrats, Betty! I know how much you love your Giants so I’m very happy for you. Take care and have a great start to your week.

  13. Easy-peasey Monday! Hurray for that! LAT X-W was also nice to my ego today, hurray for that, too! Best of all nice to see my Packers are back! Rodgers looked great. I suspect FINALLY being listened to by Packers management and getting one of his favorite receivers back, after management traded him away w/o consulting Rodgers, did a world of good for Rodgers morale and for the whole team.

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