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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well….


    🎶 Don’t know much about history…Don’t know much biology…Don’t know much about a science book…Don’t know much about the French I took…But I do know that I love you ..And I know that if you love me, too…What a wonderful world this would be…🎶 “Wonderful World” – Sam Cooke 1960 https://tinyurl.com/srk6tbnh

    🌲The little minds at three and four, like sponges they are made,
    But by the Fifth Grade..not so much…they wane, I am afraid…
    So though there’s not a CLAMOR here, thoughts HARDEN I suspect,
    And these kids all are thinking… “Breaking trees? …Huh…what the heck”?
    The ENTITY that’s Elements…it seems to not sink in,
    Perhaps an ONLINE demo might give it a different spin…
    (And SMOOCH here with a bunch of kids..I’m gonna take a pass…
    The same goes for the EMBLEM..it won’t fit within the class)
    The bottom line, the idea here is brilliant…but may fool
    Some players who don’t catch the hook of “ELEMENT-TREE” SCHOOL!🌲

    Ok…I’m going to start off by saying that IMO, this might just be one of David’s best puzzles…It’s brilliant!

    With no new words today, and some of them having been seen pretty recently, the only one that slowed the Early Birds down a tad was ENTITY. Four of them took it as Ninety…And the solve? The combining of the ELEMENTS with the TREE? Pure genius…But between the LEADing question, the little boy mentioning 5th grade, and the word TREE branched out all over the dialogue, it took automatically took ROOT..

    And as for our cartoon, Jeff didn’t leave us out on a LIMB. His drawing of the tree, roots and all, broken down by its ELEMENTS rates a grade of 100! Who WOOD have known that learning could be so much fun? And the dialogue he’s given the children is something that we all can relate to…Kids say the darndest things! “How do you break down a tree”? “With a saw”? Priceless! These kids may be STUMPed, but I tell ya, IMO, with our guys at the hELM? The whimsy is AXceptional! And you know me… I’m definitely a SAP when it comes to whimsy!

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone…Be well, stay safe…and even though I didn’t need to spend a TREEmendous amount of time on this…I’m still thinking it’ll be a POPLAR favorite! OAKy…I came, I SAW…I’m gonna SPLIT! 🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. In an effort to raise money for the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, they thought of a kissing booth, but there was a loud CLAMOR, when most of the parents were appalled at the idea of a “loose SMOOCH”, as they put it, and refused to have the school’s EMBLEM associated with any ENTITY of the sort…and as the resentment did HARDEN, they went ONLINE looking for alternative fund raising ideas…🤷🏻‍♀️

    🏫 He needed a new EMBLEM and received a ton of specs,
    Some sales people had tried to SMOOCH, but it had no effect…
    The competition caused CLAMOR, some attitudes did HARDEN,
    Insults were thrown about…an ENTITY he tried to pardon…
    There was so much disruption, that the Principal said “Fine,
    It’s gotten out of hand, so please submit entries ONLINE…
    I’ll take my time and choose the best, and put them in a pool…
    And randomly select one for the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL”…🏫

  3. I solved the puzzle but once again had trouble with the software on the site. The letters sometimes shift and boxes in the cartoon answer over lay one another.

    • Hi Judith. We here have no connection whatsoever to any online site that provides the Jumble, and there are many of them out there. We just provide the answers to and commentary on the puzzle each day. So unfortunately we can’t provide you with any advice and/or help with the problem. But contacting the website directly may help resolve the issue. Wishing you a good day…be well and stay safe…🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. I have not been able to locate the jumble online today so will try again later. That may be too late for my loonie limerick du jour as you are all early birds on this site.

    • Good Morning, Helen. There seems to be a problem with some online sites this morning. Some are still showing the puzzle from last Sunday. Here’s the link from my newspaper, if you’d like to see the puzzle. But there’s no problem with taking a pass on the Limericks today. 🙋🏻‍♀️


  5. It was a fairly easy Sunday Jumble for us, even though TREE was used a couple of times in the cartoon. Initially thought of CLASS…but not enough letters…then SCHOOL, which was correct. Then Marsha popped up with the word ELEMENT they were referring to, and voila…not so hard to put together. All anagrams were speedily solve. So all-in-all…a great Sunday Jumble experience.

    • Good Morning, Terry. We were definitely given the clues this morning. The ELEMENTS, the TREE, and the SCHOOL…Delivered on a silver platter…A very clever puzzle. Wishing you both a great day…Enjoy! 🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. The jumbles weren’t hard. For the answer, I first tried chemest-tree, but that didn’t work. I then saw ELEMENT, and got the answer. Clever puzzle today.

    • Definitely a clever one today, Dennis…I think it’s brilliant! Enjoy your day, and stay safe out there…🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Good morning ! It’s Sunday Funday ! I read too deep for the Elementary, kept trying to make chemical, molecule fit , so it steered me in the wrong search , I should’ve stayed in SCHOOL , which I got , but it was a good Sunday jumble , hope everyone has a great day today , snd Go Browns ! 🏈

  8. Oh I forgot ! Here’s my song today ! 🎶 Happy Birthday to you 🎶 Happy Birthday to you ! 🎶 Happy Birthday dear Cameron 🎶. Happy Birthday to my son !’ Thank you !!!!

    • And I forgot, I couldn’t get the jumble cause I was barking up the wrong tree , I needed to branch out more and go out on a limb ! But I didn’t so I was stumped ! So I just leafed it alone !!!! Lol good day !

  9. Thank you for the link Angela. I like to set myself a daily goal of a 10 minute limerick so here goes:

    When analyzing a tree
    It’s as easy as ABC
    You’re at the top of the class
    If you break down the mass
    And can count up to just past three!

    • YW, Helen…🙋🏻‍♀️

      🌲While the lesson is all about trees,
      The elements here are the keys…
      But the kids are unsure,
      And are asking for more…
      ‘Cause right now they are feeling unease….🌲

      🌲In a Science class we sit today,
      While the lesson is well underway…
      But these kids they have doubts,
      And are asking about…
      What’s there on the whiteboard’s display…🌲

  10. Good morning. The long and the short of it today is that I got the words but not the cartoon answer. Loved your song choice Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Afternoon, Paul. I’m glad you enjoyed the music…And I hope you’re enjoying our weather…Be well and stay safe…🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

  11. Really clever puzzle today. The dialogue was so cute & such a good clue to the cartoon answer – element tree. Laughed out loud when I read “ How do you break down a tree? With a saw”. Wishing all of you a good Sunday.

    • I totally agree, Betty. This puzzle had it all…And wishing you a good day too! Enjoy! 🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

  12. A rare treat to have time for the Jumble on a Sunday at work. Love the Sam Cooke songs. Nothing too difficult with the anagrams and the puzzle answer was helped by the student reminding teacher they were in 5th grade. Glad I get an actual newspaper and that’s worth a Smooch because others seem to Clamor that the Online Entity is an Emblem of how software can Harden the process. Chilly night as fall descends on the Great Plains but oh, what sleeping weather!

    • Glad you got to enjoy today’s puzzle, OO…it’s definitely a keeper…And I’m with you on both Sam Cooke and the cooler weather…They’re both something to savor. Hope the rest of your day goes well…Take care.l.🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

  13. A bit more difficult than the usual Sunday J. I got the solution by reading cartoon dialog and it was a cute one.
    Dodgers season comes down to today and tomorrow. Crazy time!
    No online J last night (why?) so I did it the old fashioned way in this morning’s paper.

    • Hey Mig…Looks like a few of the online sites hit a snag with today’s puzzle…it’s happened before, and it seems to always be on a Sunday…Who knows…And I agree, definitely a cute, clever one today! Have a good one, Mig. Be well and stay safe out there…🌲🙋🏻‍♀️

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