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Happy Monday, everyone! Our puzzle began with David showing off his anagram astuteness by offering up three Jumbles that spelled out other words within them. Even though we’ve seen them all before, they were still semi-challenging for a Monday game. TWEAK was the only word to slow me down this morning making it my choice for the most difficult anagram of the day. Our oldest clue word was GROUND and it was last used on 11/19/15 where it was the same anagram that we see today. Our most recent repeat was BURST and it was scrambled as SUBTR the last time we saw it in play on 8/21/18.

Moving along to the cartoon, we see two well dressed gentlemen looking at a large detailed drawing of what appears to be a shoe part. The cartoon sentence informs us that the drawing is actually a shoe patent, and one of the characters is named Humphrey O’Sullivan.

Mr. O’Sullivan was born in Ireland on October 7, 1853. At age 15 he began a five-year apprenticeship to become a skilled typesetter and a member of the Printer’s Union. The young printer came to the United States and first settled in Yonkers, NY to work in his trade. He soon moved to Lowell, MA and continued working for three more years at a local newspaper.

Legend has it that the invention of the rubber heel occurred in that Lowell, MA print shop. O’Sullivan walked on a stone floor while feeding a printing press, and to ease his footsteps, he bought a rubber mat on which to stand. His fellow employees kept “borrowing” the mat, so Humphrey cut out two pieces of the mat that were the size of his heels and nailed them to his shoes. I guess you could say the results were good for his sole, and he eventually went on to patent his idea.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 12-letters. David spelled out TEARS in the beginning of the layout to further showcase his wordsmith mastery. The odd-letter seemed to be the G and I spotted GREAT after a few moments of staring at the letters. STRIDES came into view shortly thereafter which completed the solve and left us with a super “stinky” shoe pun finish! Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow! 👞

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  1. Good Morning, Mike…Snow! And more on the way. Stay warm..And have a good one! ❄️🙋🏻

  2. 🎶 Oh, WALK, WALK, WALK, WALK…Oh…WALK like a man, talk like a man…WALK like a man my son…No woman’s worth crawlin’ on the earth…So WALK like a man, my son…🎶 “Walk Like A Man” – The Four Seasons” 1963 https://tinyurl.com/y35wnh7a

    👠👞 So much we take for granted, things that never get a thought
    Like Rubber Heels upon our shoes…for me? It’s just a naught…
    A closet just for shoes alone, I do have quite the fetish…
    But even though I love a shoe, the heels? Not thoughts I’ve cherished…
    So here we have O’Sullivan’s, Humphrey and brother James
    Until today I never stopped and thought about the names…
    But taking just a rubber mat, old FEISTY Humphrey went..
    And BURST upon the shoe scene with a Rubber Heel Patent
    (Read as single digits)…618,127…He’d given it a TWEAK
    And covered enough GROUND, that here today we still do speak..
    I guess it just comes down to this…these shoes of which I pride?
    Might never be, had old Humphrey not taken those GREAT STRIDES! 👞👠

    WALK the WALK, talk the talk…And there’s a ton of talk out there about this RUBBER HEEL…This morning, Jeff’s brought us to Lowell, Massachusetts, the year 1899, and we’re in the workshop of James O’Sullivan’s SHOE Business. Production’s being discussed, since the O’Sullivan Brothers have finally gotten their permanent PATENT for the RUBBER HEEL…And I found this…The actual patent! https://tinyurl.com/y6o35rck (With brother James being mentioned at lines 66 and 67, too). It SHOE is something…”Let your fingers do the WALKING through the..” Internet! And you’ll be amazed at what you’ll STEP upon! Anyway, the dialogue? James: “RAN here”. Humphrey: “Let’s STEP UP”…Once again, David and Jeff have made GREAT STRIDES in giving us a gift! It was a WALK in the park!

    Nice subtle shading of beige and brown in today’s panel. The O’Sullivan’s stylishly dressed in great period suits, James, left in patterned medium brown, Humphrey, right, rich chocolate brown, in what looks to be velvet. I saved us the trouble of trying to decipher anything from the patent, so I’ll point out the HEEL molds on the back counter, two crevices in each, the pair of HEELS on the work table in front, each with 5 attachment crevices, and the Cobblers Hammer lying beside them. Oddly enough, there’s no nails or tacks to be seen anywhere. That SHOE is strange…(And there was talk about “hidden washers” to hide the nails)! But anyone knowing me? You know I’m going with those Two-Toned men’s shoes, one placed upside down on the shoe mold stand. Even though they’re colored in a single dark beige shade…they still WALKED away with my heart! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And an aside to all the Beatles fans out there…Do you too have a sudden urge to pull out a certain old album? 👞👠🙋🏻

    I found this too…I copied it, instead of adding the link though, because it seemed to be part of a private conversation…It’s a great backGROUND story…

    Humphrey O’Sullivan was born in Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland on October 7, 1853. He attended public school and at the age of 15 began a five-year apprenticeship to become a skilled typesetter and a member of the Printer’s Union. After one year in a Cork printshop, the young printer came to the United States, stopping to work at his trade in Yonkers, N.Y., but soon moved on to Lowell, Mass., where his older brother James owned a retail shoe store. After three years with local newspapers, Humphrey joined his brother in the shoe business.

    Legend has it that the invention of the rubber heel occurred in that Lowell, Mass. print shop. The story, as documented in a typewritten page dated 1926 (source unknown), is that, in 1896, Humphrey O’Sullivan was a young printer in Lowell, Massachusetts. He walked on a stone floor while feeding a printing press, and to ease his footsteps, he bought a rubber mat on which to stand. His fellow employees kept “borrowing” the mat, so Humphrey cut out two pieces of the mat the size of his heels and nailed them to his shoes. The results pleased and astonished him. Soon, O’Sullivan was making full-fledged rubber heels, equipped with hidden washers to hold the nails, and going around peddling them among the shoemakers of Lowell. They were the first rubber heels ever made, and he eventually patented the idea. In a few years, O’Sullivan Heels were being shipped to all parts of the country.🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Guess what today is. It’s ease into Monday jumble day. I took Feisty for the word that was hardest to get but in reality it took maybe ten seconds longer to appear. The cartoon answer was an almost blind solve but my first thought didn’t fit so I had to look at the letters to come up with the answer. No rushing around today which made things easier I guess. Thanks Mike and Angela for two interesting post. Another good song choice as usual. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good morning, Paul! I thought today’s puzzle was more challenging than what we usually receive on a Monday so great work on figuring it out so fast. Most people are voting for FEISTY which I figured would be the case, but TWEAK caused me to twitch just a few seconds longer. Have a great start to the week and take care! 🙂

    • Good Afternoon, Brooklyn. Thank you, I had a feeling it was one you’d like. That intro? ❤️ Every time…no matter how many years go by…Have a good one, Paul. 👞👠🙋🏻

  4. I found today’s jumbles to be Monday easy,w all 4 instant solves.I spotted strides right off the bat,so great strides was the obvious solve.28 degrees here w freezing rain falling,winter can’t end soon enough for me.

      • We had snow and freezing drizzle,so I was surprised my paper was delivered,but it was later than usual,sometime after 6 AM.On occasion it has been as early as before 5AM.

        • But Prof…At least she showed. Considering,…Well whatever you do…don’t RUBBER the wrong way! 😂 Glad you stayed put this weekend…Have a good one, Prof! ❄️❄️🙋🏻

        • PS: Chuck…Check your settings..or maybe you switched devices? Because it came up Anonymous. 🤔🙋🏻

            • I saw. See below…So strange, right? How these things just SNEAKER right in? Maybe there’s a name thief? You know ..a CLEFT-TOE maniac of sorts? 😂🙋🏻

  5. The FEISTY actor, who got in on the GROUND floor of the new comedy series, had his balloon BURST when the producers had to TWEAK his character’s role and as a result he lost the part.

    • Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻 Excellent, Chuck. But your poor actor…Ah…You know what they say…🎶There’s no business like SHOE business…🎶😉 Hope you’re enjoying your day! 👠🙋🏻

      • Thanks, Mike. It’s said that his family is well-heeled, so he probably doesn’t really need the money!

  6. Hi all – I probably would have taken much longer to get the last word if I hadn’t been listening to Leslie Feist songs over the last couple of years. Then I finally saw the DOG RUN over the GROUND, but that took me the longest. (Funny coincidence with the Isaac Asimov Super Quiz this morning which had “dog” in all the answers.). No idea about the answer, but I only wrote down 6 letters before seeing STRIDES and then GREAT.

    SPOILER ALERT! “Girl”, “Wait” for “The Word” – “Rubber Soul” ! 😂😂
    Angela, I got a bigger laugh at your double meaning of PATENT!

    I might have known that CHUCK would use GROUND well in a sentence!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Today’s “Safeway Song from the Ceiling”: Shania Twain’s “Forever and For Always”. Such a beautiful song, especially on a cold Monday morning:
    🎵”And there ain’t no way,
    I’m lettin’ you go now…
    I’ll never see that day
    Cause I’m keeping you forever and for always
    We will be together all of our days”
    This link is one I hadn’t seen – a live version with Alison Krauss and Union Station:

    • Steve…GROUND CHUCK??! ROTFL!!! 👏🏻👏🏻 😂 RUBBER SOLE? Ding! Ding! Ding! You know I dug it out, and I knew you’d get it…And I see Mike M was here too, so I’m sure he did also…😉 The PATENT innuendo? Kudos! I👏🏻👏🏻 I dared to dream! 😂😂 And you know I bet Lou that you’d catch it ….(He said no more bets..he thinks I throw you hints behind the scene)! 😂 🎶Forever..🎶 When we saw her, and she did it, you could have heard the proverbial pin drop..but you did hear a collective sigh. And strangest thing…something must have gotten in my eye.😥 Yep, it’s a beautiful song, and the harmony’s great on this cut…So, speaking of…Shop Rite this morning…All 50’s, All the Time? No! 60’s…Some nice SOLE sounds though, I must admit. You know I asked. He laughed. Said it’s just a little change of pace…but he’s heard complaints already! LOL! We’ll see how long it LASTS! 😉 Great strides, huh? 😉 Have a good one, G! 👞👠🙋🏻

      • The 60’s is too recent! My (and my wife’s) kind of folks! 😂
        But no, there sure is some good SOLE music to be had there and DARN, I SHOE NUFF meant to work LAST into my post but forgot.
        I know they say “if you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t trying, but please assure Lou that EYELET these references come to me with no tipoffs – I wouldn’t want to get into a SPAT with him.

        And for sports refs, remember that Chuck Knox liked the running game so much they called him “Ground Chuck”? And in the PBS special of Shania Twain’s appearance in Chicago, she and her band visited the Cubs’ locker room, and one of the players told her that “Forever” had been he and his wife’s wedding song. 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • G…Now you came up Anonymous too. WT? Don’t get me wrong, there were some good TRACKS. I think it’s just that we all got SEW spoiled. You know how it is, that 50’s music just seems to LIFT your spirits…You can’t help but to start TAPping your TOES…And Lou? You could never have a SPAT with him, he’s a Sweetheart, a regular HUSH PUPPIE! And you know he likes you…He just hates coming up so FLAT on these wagers…He doesn’t like to think things SLIP ON by him….So don’t ever worry about that, it’s imMATERIAL…it’d be a real STRETCH to get him upset…And yes, of course, to both your sports references..it became everybody’s wedding song there for a while, a real SOLE Mate thing….Ok, EYELET you go…😉👞🙋🏻

  7. Nothing particularly hard to solve but had to wait til lunch to attempt the solution (always tempting to just to refer to you early “soles” who have the time to get right at it).

    Working from home today and must remain on task. Have a great day and hope you take great strides throughout…

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