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Good Morning, Everyone!         🙌🏻 FROM HERE TO ….EXTREMITY 👣

🎶 Papa told Willie “You’ll ruin my home…you and that HAND jive has got to go”…Willie said “Papa, don’t put me down…Been doin’ that HAND jive all over town”…HAND jive, HAND jive…HAND jive, doin’ that crazy HAND jive…🎶 “Hand Jive” – Johnny Otis 1958    https://tinyurl.com/y6ash7zb

🎶 Get on your FEET…Get up and make it happen…Get on your FEET…Stand up and take some action…🎶 “Get On Your Feet” – Gloria Estafan 1989 https://tinyurl.com/yxk5brao

🙌🏻 I realize men don’t hardly care ’bout gloves matching the shoes…
But women like the IMPACT that comes from different hues.
To FLAUNT the shades from WOODSY-green to WEASEL-tones of brown…
There’s nothing ORNERY about accessories we’ve found…
DETACH ourselves from leather, suede? It’s definitely too off-put
This store would be just perfect to be WAITED ON HAND AND FOOT👣

Of our six words today, five are Repeat-Repeats. Although DETACH is showing for just the 3rd time, we have WEASEL, coming in with its’ 5th appearance, FLAUNT its’ 7th, IMPACT, its’ 9th, and ORNERY its’ 10th. IMPACT dates back to August 12th, 2014, while FLAUNT was last seen on August 26th, 2018, making them are oldest and most recent entries. WOODSY, is making its debut, while ORNERY was voted just that…ORNERY!...It came in as the one that took the longest to unscramble…

Today’s cartoon brings us inside a store with a novel idea. FITTINGly, I’m calling it “From Here to Extremity”. We see six Jumble characters, three customers and three sales personnel, and Jeff’s FIT them into the panel quite well. At left we see a man needing new work GLOVES, and the salesman is ready to HAND them right over. At right, a woman looking for MITTENS, is agreeing with the young salesgirl that they do “fit her like a GLOVE“. And at front, we find a woman being FITted for BOOTS, with the salesman sitting at her FEET, offering up HANDS on attention. You gotta HAND it to them…the service here is very personalized, and customers are WAITED ON with that special TOUCH. You can see that they’re made to feel as if they’re the SOLE customer in the store. So between the dialogue and the leading nature of our question…the solution is right at HAND…The customers were..WAITED ON HAND AND FOOT! Good one, David..You deserve a HAND! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Ok, eye candy, and today Jeff’s given us quite A HANDful!…Our panel is colored with a more true to life feel. The backdrop SOLEly is shaded in beige, but all of our characters and a good number of the accessories are shown in vibrant color. The three salespeople are dressed uniformly in white short-sleeved polo shirts with beige pants. They each sport a name tag, but no names are visible. Starting left, we see two pairs of brown gloves hanging on the wall, one fleeced lined. Our bearded and mustachioed workman, dressed in a red plaid flannel shirt and a matching cap, is holding his old GLOVES in his right HAND, while the salesman is seen POINTing to a display showing four different new styles. The salesgirl at right, sporting a pony tail, is FITTING her customer with light green MITTENS, contrasting perfectly with the woman’s green woolen coat, with its white scarfed collar. On the showcase next to them, we see a pair of patterned MITTENS, with fleece cuffs. And our female customer at front, being WAITED ON by the mustachioed SHOE salesman, is dressed in a purple top and black jeans, and is having the laces tied on purple BOOTS that suit her outFIT perfectly. Behind the man we see a two-tiered display, with a patterned SNEAKER, a two-toned laced short BOOT, and a patterned SLIP-ON. But the eye candy? Easy to put my FINGER on..Next to the display of work GLOVES,  if you look real closely, you’ll see a fisted GLOVED HAND, either gripping a rolled up piece of paper or sitting on a GLOVE stand of some sort.  BEFITTING, I suppose, but I’m not getting a definite READ into it…So, There you have it, Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone…And I hope nothing comes along today that you can’t HANDle! 👏🏻👣🙋🏻

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  1. Being home for a change and dry, but cold weather,I did get a newspaper delivered.That made the Sunday jumble easier to do.The first word,impact, looking at first like camp it ,gave me reason to pause,but the other words came quickly,even ornery ,with woodsy looking like drowsy at first.After seeing hand and foot in the final solution,waited on popped into mind as well.With the SB over,I’m going to give the new football league, that debuted last night,
    a try.Stay dry and warm.

    • Good Morning, Professor..I agree, the solution was pretty much HANDed to us on a silver platter. Good job on ORNERY! 👏🏻 The new Football League? I think you’re just bored being home, huh? Too much time on your HANDS? 😉 You’re not used to spending your weekends without the kids! Have a good one, Prof. Enjoy the down time! 👣🙋🏻

  2. My uncle, who was an ORNERY WEASEL, would often FLAUNT the IMPACT he had on getting the local government to DETACH the swampy part of the WOODSY area from the city charter.

    • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻, 🌟🌟! Bravo, Chuck! Really good one! I took a shot at it earlier, but was rushing to make Mass and put it aside. You’ve spurred me back into action! 😉

    • Chuck…I kept getting hung up on tense…which made me tense! 😂 And I failed to wish you a Good Morning earlier…Sorry about that! 🙋🏻
      ° Despite being WAITED ON HAND AND FOOT, they felt he still acted like a WEASEL, and tried to overlook the way he managed to DETACH himself from them, FLAUNT his ORNERY attitude, and damage the IMPACT they had already made with the manufacturer concerning their new WOODSY fragrance..

        • Writing fiction’s easy…it’s when the reality sets in that things get tough! 😂 Thanks, Chuck…Here’s to staying warm …AND dry…Snow on tap for tonight.. 😱🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – Most of the words took an extra look today. WOODSY and ORNERY would have taken longer if I hadn’t put the ‘Y’ at the end first as usual. I first saw CATNIP and WALNUT; FLAUNT took the second longest time, and DETACH the longest after trying TH and CH and putting CH at the end.

    I would have thought that the woman would want mittens that fit like mittens, not “like a glove.”

    Happy Sunday, all!

    Angela, if those gloves and mittens were made of sheepskin, were the poor little lambs doomed to extremity? 😂 (And did you ever hear of the Yale sociologist who compiled lists of customs? He had a whole table down of mores. Not sure if that was a Morey Amsterdam joke or not.)

    But enough about the place where the LOUies dwell, I know that cat named Way-Out Willie! 🎵He “Walk” and “Stroll” and “Susie-Q”
    Doing that crazy Hand Jive too.
    Grandma gave baby sister a dime
    Said ‘Do that Hand Jive one more time’ “🎵 Dragging me right back to the ‘50’s with that, and “The Wayward Wind” by Gogi Grant and Elvis’ “Don’t Be Cruel” also came up in my conversations yesterday.

    When the ORNERY WEASEL tried to FLAUNT the IMPACT his gnawing had on the WOODSY shed, the owner decided to DETACH him with a blow from his shovel.

    That is an odd disembodied hand in the drawing.
    🎵”Well there’s a rose in a fisted glove
    And the eagle flies with the dove”🎵

    • YIKES!, G! You POPPED the WEASEL? 😂 A tab macabre, no? The joke…Have I ever HERD it?…Well, MORES or less…And I don’t know about the sheepskin but I did wonder if you’d resort to a G–T retort! 😂 I gotta HAND it to you…I’m sure you fought the urge! 😉 Gogi Grant? That’s a blast from WAYward back! But Disembodied? Boy, you’re sure on the CUTTING edge with your thoughts today, huh? …(And like “bestow” ..we never mention CSN&Y, and now here we go..twice in a matter of days)! Go figure…Have a good one, G. Put away the weapons……😂😂🙋🏻

      • The owner just DETACHED him, he didn’t DISPATCH him! 😂😂
        As far as exposure to my thinking goes, one whiff, ‘n proof of my insanity is assured.

  4. Good afternoon. First day without having to be out early since last Sunday As soon as I got back from church I had my coffe and started jumble. Gave up and looked up Ornery. Called my friend and she was stuck on that word as well. We hung up to work on the cartoon answer but after a half hour I had some errands to do and left. When I got back I had a missed call from her. I returned the call and I opted to take her answer. Gonna have to work on getting that drive back. Angela,two good song choices. You did put them in the right order. Great job on the use of the words as well as the puns. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn…Good to see you, I’ve missed you. Thanks for the Shout Outs. I knew for sure you’d like the first…But what’s this I’m hearing…? 🎶 You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’🎶 ? Say it ain’t so, Joe! You definitely need to get the drive back…you’re just a little out of practice…😉 Discipline, my man, discipline! Hope your day’s going well. Enjoy the sunshine, despite the cold….Snow’s on the horizon! 👣🙋🏻

  5. Its the first time I have taken a look at the comments on JUMBLE ANSWER.COM. I had thought that you guys were only cartoonist and punsters. Glad I decided to school down more. “I’ll be bach.”

    • Hi. We’re in no way connected to the Jumble. The cartoonist, Jeff Knurek, and the punster, David Hoyt are the authors of the Jumble. We’re just a group that enjoys doing the Jumble, and as a result, we post the words each day for anyone who may need a little help… and at the same time, we offer some commentary. Others then write in with their thoughts about the puzzle, and whatever else may be on their minds! It’s all in fun, and we do have a good time. But again, we have nothing to do with the two men who publish the Jumble each day. I’m happy you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen, and thanks for stopping by. Please do so again. 🙋🏻

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