Jumble Answers for 02/09/2019






NA   U   HG   SP   =   HANG – UPS 


Good Morning, Everyone!              📞 PHONE…BEMOAM 📞

🎶 DON’T HANG UP (No No)..Oh don’t you do it now, DON’T HANG UP...(No No)...DON’T HANG UP like you always do, I know you think our love is true…I’ll explain the facts to you, just DON’T HANG UP...🎶 “Don’t Hang Up” – The Orlons 1962     https://tinyurl.com/yyclrygj

📞 You have to have a certain KNACK to work a job like this,
It’s not a PLUMB position…rejection more than bliss.
The reputation’s SHAGGY, most people not too keen,
On being interrupted…that’s why we all call screen.
Four Telemarketers sitting, a SEPTUM does divide,
But two of them are more interested in who they sit beside…
Afraid of shadows, painfully shy…this guy’s in a real slump
Aggression’s not his selling point…he’s just full of HANG-UPS…📞

I didn’t expect to find SEPTUM in the Jumble LISTINGS, and it was a good CALL…since it’s making its’ debut today. As for our other words, they’re truly old favorites, with PLUMB from 2015, SHAGGY from 2016, and KNACK 2017. But it was SEPTUM that DIVIDED the Early Birds this morning…SEPTUM stumped ’em! …

Finding ourselves at a TELEMARKETING CALL CENTER, we’re LISTENING in on today’s cartoon dialogue. We overHEAR two co-workers, COLIN TODAY, and MAYA SPEAKWITH, discussing the shortcomings of a third. A fourth worker, I.M.BORED, can be seen beyond them, off to the right. The gossip has it that our main character, NOAH VALE, isn’t doing so well emotionally, hasn’t made a SALE, and is plagued with a growing LIST of “issues”. CENTERing in on Noah, we see him with a look of anxious desperation, and a single bead of sweat falling from his brow. We can hear him on the phone, saying that he used to be very shy, and that he’s afraid of shadows. His phone technique isn’t exactly a SELLing point. And we can tell from his dialogue that once again, he’s been HUNG UP on…So in answer to our question…What tells us that our guy has “emotional issues”? He had a lot of…HANG-UPS! Good CALL, David! Good CALL!

Ok, eye candy…The panel, shaded in beige, has black pattern showing on the cubicles. All three of our men are wearing white short-sleeved dress shirts. Colin, mustachioed and sporting a goatee, has on a red striped tie, while I.M. and Noah wear black ones. Maya has a teal headband to match her blouse. I.M. is playing with a Rubik’s cube, where we see some red, yellow, green and blue, and all four workers are wearing head sets. But if I had to MONITOR the panel and pick the HI-LITE? It has to be the LIST of seven names on Noah’s gray SCREEN, all showing X’s. They read: Carlucci, Hoyt, Kent, King, Knurek, Morgan, and Shortz…Names somewhere between SEVEN and SELL. So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind…We all have HANG UPS...we just have to be careful enough not to get ROPED into things…📞🙋🏻

14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/09/2019

  1. Septum was my choice as troublesome word of the day but given the letters,hang ups jumped out as a quick solution.FYI We elected to NOT travel this weekend due to more snow forecast for tomorrow.

    • Good Morning,Prof. Yes, SEPTUM it is. Definitely UPSET my Early Birds. Great anagram. And once again, an easy solve. Good idea to ditch the traveling, Chuck..looks like bad weather is moving across the country. Enjoy your down time. Here’s to a good one! Stay warm…📞🙋🏻

  2. Hi all – Seeing GYS with the puzzle made me think of my usual “HANGUP” word GEYSER. Putting the Y at the end and SH together showed SHAGGY. But how could the last word STUMP ME for so long? Man, that’s MEST UP! I thought the answer might start with SELF, but there was no F. Writing down the letters did double duty – showed HANG for the answer and SP for SEPTUM. I’m not sure I would gotten it even then if I hadn’t worked in a hospital, but I didn’t DEVIATE from it today,

    The lead singer of The KNACK had to PLUMB the depths of available material to find “My Sharona”, but didn’t let his HANG-UPS about his deviated SEPTUM or SHAGGY appearance stop him from making it a hit.

    Happy National Pizza Day, everyone!

    Ok Angela –
    🎵”They danced by the light of the moon
    To the Penguins, the Moonglows
    The Orioles, and The Five Satins
    The deep forbidden music
    They’d been longing for”🎵
    With a song list like that, they must have also had the Orlons on the turntable, as I assume you do also.

    • 🎶Rene and Georgette🎶 Always saddened me a little. It’s such a beautiful song, but it’s haunting, right? When I first heard it, I thought it was about his parents, but then realized the years were off..We didn’t have Google then (😉), so I think it was years before I knew it was about the artist Magritte…and the connection to Joan Baez. A 6° before its’ time! Kudos 👏🏻👏🏻 on your sentence! 🎶My Sharona🎶? Clever, indeed! Have a great Pizza Day, G! 🍕🙋🏻

      • Thanks Angela. I cheated with the proper name “Knack” but it was too good to pass up. Don’t be surprised if I do it again! 🙋🏻‍♂️
        (I’m pretty sure I am having pizza later! 😂)

        • You’re very welcome! Much deserved. And of course you know I caught it! 😂😂 Like I tell the kids, I got built in radar! I kind of cringe! 😂 But I figured before I get dubbed the Jumble Police, I’ll let it slide…FOR NOW!, anyway… 😂😂 But continued usage? What’d’ya know somebody? 🙄🙋🏻

        • G…I made pizzas for lunch…not that today’s anything special here…You know I’ve been known to eat pizza for breakfast! 😉 Anyway..I gave it a shot…with a whole different twist…It was just CALLING out to me! 😉🙋🏻

          ° He had a KNACK for controlling his SHAGGY hair, and anyway, his appearance was never one of his HANG UPS, but he so badly wanted that PLUMB position at the Power Plant, that he hoped against hope that his deviated SEPTUM wouldn’t disqualify him…

          • 👏👏 I love the different takes on PLUMB. Don’t leave the poor guy hanging in suspense – I’m pretty sure BOB has that PLUMB position nailed down. 🙋🏻‍♂️

            • Tks. Yea, I do too. And I know I’m gonna kick myself for asking…but who’s Bob? 🤔🙋🏻

              • A “Plumb bob” from the hardware store?
                You’ll have to excuse me now; I’m PLUMB tuckered out. 😂💤🙋🏻‍♂️

              • Now that’s a HANG UP! …Or down! 😂😂 Knew I’d kick myself..Went right over my head! Tks..Talk to you later ! 💤😴🙋🏻

  3. SHOUT OUT: Clay….I meant to tell you…The Orlando Sentinel, (which I think you found for us), and the Chicago Tribune, (which I think you’re aware of too), both put the Jumble up on-line at midnight. It’s like Christmas Eve every day! 😉 …And thanks for your Like! 😘 Hope you’re keeping warm, and having a great day! Take care…🙋🏻

  4. Septum tripped me up today. I kept seeing upset with an M left over. Had to work backwards for the second time this week as I was able to figure out the cartoon answer fairly easily. Hope all of you have a good Saturday.

    • Hi Betty..You’re in excellent company. UPSET seemed to be everyones first take. Cute, clever puzzle, but as you say, pretty easy on the solve..Hoping you’re enjoying a good Saturday too..Take care…📞🙋🏻

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