Jumble Answers for 02/09/2019






NA   U   HG   SP   =   HANG – UPS 

Good Morning, Everyone!              📞 PHONE…BEMOAM 📞

🎶 DON’T HANG UP (No No)..Oh don’t you do it now, DON’T HANG UP...(No No)...DON’T HANG UP like you always do, I know you think our love is true…I’ll explain the facts to you, just DON’T HANG UP...🎶 “Don’t Hang Up” – The Orlons 1962     https://tinyurl.com/yyclrygj

📞 You have to have a certain KNACK to work a job like this,
It’s not a PLUMB position…rejection more than bliss.
The reputation’s SHAGGY, most people not too keen,
On being interrupted…that’s why we all call screen.
Four Telemarketers sitting, a SEPTUM does divide,
But two of them are more interested in who they sit beside…
Afraid of shadows, painfully shy…this guy’s in a real slump
Aggression’s not his selling point…he’s just full of HANG-UPS…📞

I didn’t expect to find SEPTUM in the Jumble LISTINGS, and it was a good CALL…since it’s making its’ debut today. As for our other words, they’re truly old favorites, with PLUMB from 2015, SHAGGY from 2016, and KNACK 2017. But it was SEPTUM that DIVIDED the Early Birds this morning…SEPTUM stumped ’em! …

Finding ourselves at a TELEMARKETING CALL CENTER, we’re LISTENING in on today’s cartoon dialogue. We overHEAR two co-workers, COLIN TODAY, and MAYA SPEAKWITH, discussing the shortcomings of a third. A fourth worker, I.M.BORED, can be seen beyond them, off to the right. The gossip has it that our main character, NOAH VALE, isn’t doing so well emotionally, hasn’t made a SALE, and is plagued with a growing LIST of “issues”. CENTERing in on Noah, we see him with a look of anxious desperation, and a single bead of sweat falling from his brow. We can hear him on the phone, saying that he used to be very shy, and that he’s afraid of shadows. His phone technique isn’t exactly a SELLing point. And we can tell from his dialogue that once again, he’s been HUNG UP on…So in answer to our question…What tells us that our guy has “emotional issues”? He had a lot of…HANG-UPS! Good CALL, David! Good CALL!

Ok, eye candy…The panel, shaded in beige, has black pattern showing on the cubicles. All three of our men are wearing white short-sleeved dress shirts. Colin, mustachioed and sporting a goatee, has on a red striped tie, while I.M. and Noah wear black ones. Maya has a teal headband to match her blouse. I.M. is playing with a Rubik’s cube, where we see some red, yellow, green and blue, and all four workers are wearing head sets. But if I had to MONITOR the panel and pick the HI-LITE? It has to be the LIST of seven names on Noah’s gray SCREEN, all showing X’s. They read: Carlucci, Hoyt, Kent, King, Knurek, Morgan, and Shortz…Names somewhere between SEVEN and SELL. So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind…We all have HANG UPS...we just have to be careful enough not to get ROPED into things…📞🙋🏻


Jumble Answer for 02/08/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!                  🚗 GET A GRIP 🚗

🎶 It’s hard enough, I know…to find the strength to GO, back to where it all began…It’s hard to enough to GAIN, any TRACTION in the rain…You know it’s hard for me to understand…🎶 “Traction In The Rain” – David Crosby 1971 https://tinyurl.com/ydh6zx38

🚗 I really never gave much thought to tires and inflating,
They’re there, they’re round, as always…they’re ready and they’re waiting…
It’s not a question of INEPT, it’s just taken for granted,
Like if you eat a HOAGIE, sure it’s good…but not enchanted.
Or take the THORAX that acts like a CABIN for our chests,
We know it’s there, but we don’t celebrate it with a fest…
Pneumatic this, vulcanization…words to me distraction,
But with inflated tires, things turned ’round so to GAIN TRACTION🚗

With today’s words, the 5’s have it. INEPT, making its’ 8th appearance, was last seen on June 5th,’18 as PINTE, and dates back to March 2015, while CABIN last seen here on October 26th,’17, as ANBIC, goes back to 2014. I couldn’t find our two 6-letter words in the files, although any of you who are familiar with the Just Jumble App, knows we’ve seen THORAX. But HOAGIE? I can tell you this much…Almost all of the Early Bird Jumblers agreed that they BIT off more than they could CHEW with HOAGIE… It stumped 7 of the 11. It’s an exceptionally well done anagram.

Today’s cartoon brings us to what appears to be an outdoor garage, where we see a mechanic kneeling, adjusting the new “INFLATABLE TIRES” on a car. I’m going to go out on a RIM here, and take a guess that the time is circa early 1900’s. I could be wrong, but since it’s pretty well known that I’m not all that great at Math, I’m just ROLLING the dice. I tried doing some research on TIRES, but I came up a little FLAT. John Boyd Dunlop, Robert Thomson, Charles Goodyear...With so many names being ROLLED around, it was just too much PRESSURE, and to be honest, it WORE me OUT…So I just quit, because not only was I TIREd, I started to feel like I was losing my GRIP tooBut if anyone out there is interested in the History, feel free to go right aTREAD and look it up…Speaking with our mechanic, we see a well-dressed gentleman, trying to WRENCH some information from him regarding the new “rage“. The mechanic is seen telling him that these NEW TIRES are “CATCHING ON“. And voilà! The NUTS and BOLTS of our answer…After the new TIRES were introduced, it didn’t take long for them to…GAIN TRACTION! Good one, David! GRIPPING!

Ok, eye candy. The entire panel is shaded blue, with everything CAR-related drawn in black: The CAR being DRIVEN off in the background, leaving a stream of exhaust, the 3 wheels lying on the ground, the CAR being worked on, and the TIRE lying next to our mechanic. He’s dressed in a dark Beige PULL OVER with Black pants. But what AUTOmatically caught my eye? The HANDLE BARred-mustachioed Dandy speaking to him. The man is definitely a MODEL of sartorial splendor. Dressed in a Double-Breasted Navy suit, with a Black top hat, one can see he’s a man DRIVEN to excellence. And the pièce de ré·sis·tance? Those stylish two-toned shoes. Beige and Brown…they compliment his TREADS perfectly!…So, There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I’ll leave you with a little TIRE humor…You used to be able to FILL your TIRES with AIR for a quarter…Now it’s usually more than a dollar…I guess that’s INFLATION for you! 🚗🙋🏻