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Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun! With such an easy puzzle this morning, I thought it’d be interesting to take a moment and look back at last week’s poll results. MEBANO, GIFNE AND LALFI were the top three troublemakers with Friday’s LACKLUSTER JOB taking the top spot as the most difficult final solve. We did have one new clue word on Wednesday which was FIYNT, but it barely got any votes. My guess is that most players immediately placed the Y at the end of the layout making it easier to spot. Were there any that stumped you the second time around? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below!

Our first puzzle of the week was an easy breezy solve with no new clue words in the lineup. TULEF was previously used on 9/1/16 and ended up being our only repeat. The first three anagrams were instantly visible at first glance, but TECEDT took a couple of tries before coming into view. My problem was that I noticed the ED coupled together in the layout and tried making words with an -ED suffix. TECTED was the best I could come up with, and looking at it reverse made the solution obvious.

Today’s cartoon showed us two old chums hamming it up on a porch. They were both seated in comfy chairs and were sharing what looked like a bowl of potato chips. The most notable feature of the gentleman on the left was that he was nearly bald, and the few strands of hair that he did have were neatly combed to the left. His portly pal on the right had a crew cut and a thin mustache that ended at the corners of his mouth. Behind them was a fence, some trees and a lush green lawn. My favorite detail ended up being the ornamental design on the porch columns which would be a perfect spot to hang a wind chime!

The cartoon sentence informed us that the snack they’re munching on was actually pork rinds, and the dialogue clued us in to the fact that they both enjoy barbecuing. I’ve never had a pork rind before, but doing a quick search showed that they’ve long been a popular snack in the South and are a staple food in Mexico where they’re known as chicharrones. The words pork and barbecuing made it obvious that the answer would be a pig pun, but the simplicity of the cartoon and vague dialogue meant I’d have to write out the letters to get the job done.

The final solve seemed lengthy for a Monday and clocked in at a total of 12-letters. The W was the most unique letter and the double H’s and C brought CHEW to mind. With those letters crossed out, THE and FAT were spotted next leaving the -ED suffix to be tacked on for the finish. On to tomorrow. Until then, be well and enjoy the day! //Mike


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  1. FLUTE = Last used on 05/26/21 as LTUFE
    WEAVE = Last used on 01/11/21 as VAWEE
    HYPHEN = Last used on 04/20/21 as PHYHNE
    DETECT = Last used on 03/28/21 as TETDCE
    CHEWED THE FAT = Last used on 08/06/13 as FCHDTTWHEEAE

    TULEF = Used on 09/01/16

  2. I am reporting for duty, Jim. Maybe everyone took a long weekend? I flew through the anagrams and a blind solve on the puzzle. There’s lots of work today so that will end my visit. Sunny and hot on the Great Plains. Have a good day!

    • Thanks for getting the party started, OO! The puzzle didn’t change over to Monday’s game until early this morning so my guess is that some folks held off on posting their thoughts. Either that, or it was just too easy!

      Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. It’s been dipping down in to the high 40’s overnight here in the Northeast. Wishing you and everyone a wonderful start to your week!

  3. Good morning. Monday’s hardly ever fail us. Today was no different. Easy as a Sunday morning and that includes a blind solve. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • A blind solve??? Super impressive, Paul! I knew it would be a pig related punswer, but still needed to write out all the letters to see it. You’re off to a great start this week so wishing you continued success on your solves! Take care.

  4. Initially no blind solve….but as I was proceeding to unscramble anagrams, puzzle outed itself. All in all a pretty easy Monday….now where is Angela’s wonderful song !!

    • Hi Terry…There’s a song by a hard rock band named Airbourne, that came to mind immediately, and it perfectly fits the solve wording…but it’s hardly suitable for our blog, so I’d never post it…And TBT, I just wasn’t up to thinking about it any further. So…I guess the tune’s marooned! 😉🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Good evening. Thanks Mike for the complement and Angela I don’t know if the song fits the puzzle but it sure was good. Take care.

        • Hey Paul..Pork CRACKLINS are simply PORK RINDS with some extra fat attached…”Cracklin’ Rosie” seemed to fit! 😉 Have a good night, Paul. Pleasant dreams…🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Alright ! We’re the early birds today , well if we had some food we could CHEW THE FAT ! I got through the jumble pretty good , so I’ll just WEAVE it alone and smile all day over the Browns wins yesterday with a huge HYPHEN !! Everyone enjoy the day and Omaha , don’t work too hard , I DETECT a good day !!!

    • Yes hooray Browns and thank you Coach Nagy for a terrible misuse of QB Fields,trying to turn him into a pocket passer,rather thn using his rollout and pass/run ability like Ohio State did for 2 years,turning him into a sitting duck(or Bear) for the Browns defense.

    • WEAVE it alone……👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻…… Good one, Jim!
      My Red Sox got swept and the Pats lost so there are lots of tears in Beantown this morning. Have a good one! (26-6! 😱)

  6. Noting the reference to BBQing, I’ve included other pork delicacies.

    If you wonder what fuels their chat
    As they catch up on this and that
    If I’m not mistaken
    It’s pork rinds and bacon
    Ribs, chops and everything fat!

    • Good Morning, Helen…🙋🏻‍♀️

      🐷 Been a while, so they’re catching up,
      With a snack before it’s time to sup…
      But these Pork Rinds we see,
      Salt and grease? …Not for me….
      In a pig’s eye I’d never say “Yup”! 🐷

      🐖 Two friends sitting just shooting the breeze,
      Despite time gone by, still feel at ease…
      But the nibble they choose?
      Def my throat it would bruise…
      Pork rinds? …Never would go down with ease! 🐖

      🐷 On the back porch is where our guys sat,
      Talking easily ‘bout this and that…
      But no drinks are in sight,
      I would think that they might…
      Look to indulge while chewing the fat! 🐷

      🐖 Here our pun…on the mark, if you please…
      ‘Cause these two we see shooting the breeze…
      Def they’re chewing the fat,
      More than one way at that…
      And the punchline is the perfect tease! 🐖

      🐷 So these guys both a paunch do they bear,
      Likely from snacks that we’re seeing here…
      Pork Rinds…all grease and fat,
      Seems like that’s where they’re at…
      Extra pounds put on? Reason quite clear! 🐷

      • Now those are some tasty limericks, Angela and Helen!

        Helen: your use of fuel and chat in the first line had me squealing with delight!
        Angela: the flow of #5 was my favorite, and your use of PAUNCH brought back great memories of how we struggled to come up with a polite way of pointing out that someone was overweight. 😂

        Wishing you both a mighty swine Monday!

        • Tks, Mike. I’m thinking that maybe I should have used #4 as my first, since it captures the true essence of today’s brilliant pun…but it wasn’t grEASY for me to rank them last night, because my thoughts were kind of scrambled..No pun intended. And yes, for a while there the paunches were REDUCED, but they seem to be working themselves back into our cartoons again lately. But in all fairness, that Quarantine Fifteen has become a reality for a lot of America, so Jeff may just be WEIGHing the odds… Wishing you a good one too…🐖🙋🏻‍♀️

          • I’ve always had a bit of a beef (I know that’s awful!) with pork in general and the lexicon. Pork’n’ beans in a can, is an old-fashioned staple in Canada, same in USA I think, but it’s a misnomer as the only pork I have ever seen is a couple of pieces of fatty bacon, and the rest is all beans. In the UK it’s just called baked beans – not even a sniff of pork. I remember them well, baked beans on toast for tea.

            I’m not familiar with pork rinds.

            All of this brings Animal Farm to mind where the pigs play a prominent roll (sorry, role)

            • I’ve never eaten a Pork Rind either, although I know my Southern friends are very familiar with them. But I am quite fond of Potato Chips, despite the salt reeking havoc with my vertigo. As for Pork & Beans? I think in reality that they’re meatier than Baked Beans…but TBT? They can label it anyway they’d like…I’d be BACON up a lie if I said that I didn’t enjoy eating them…Give me a Hot Dog, French Fries and Pork & Beans? …And I’m a PIG in…well…you know what! 😂🐷🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Didn’t catch that pork rinds were high in fat content,but then having solved the anagrams,and having the letters for the cartoon solution,the chewed the fat solution popped into mind.

    • Neither did I, Chuck. They’ve increased in popularity over the past few years, and folks on Keto diets like them because they’re low in carbs. They’re loaded with salt — 1040mg per serving! The American Heart Association recommends no more than 1500mg/sodium per day…..

  8. The easiest jumble! It was the Monday
    of all Mondays! Up here, may be the last meal on the deck this year. However I BBQ all winter. Can’t seem to let a week go by without using it! Tuque, mittens and parka…
    Enjoying my surprising Yankees right now! Hope they bury the Jays!

    • My grill was prepped for winter shortly after Labor Day, Christian. We used to use it all winter, but it becomes a pain having to shovel a path out to it every time we want to use it. It’s the PITS! 😂

      • I keep my deck 20×16 clear of snow all winter. What is a big job is when I return from Florida in January and find 2 feet of the white stuff ( to be polite) . At over 80 I take my time despite my wife protest. This last winter we stayed home in Ottawa, Ontario because of the Covid and would you know… hardly any snow falls; hoping the same this year as we again are going to spend Xmas at home.

        • That ALWAYS seems to be the way. The worst part about shoveling off a deck is the fact that you have to hoist each shovel full over the railing. The soft, fluffy stuff is no problem — it’s the wet stuff that gets ya. My back hurts just thinking about it!

  9. Good Morning, Everyone…A little under the weather this morning, so despite the juices flowing, I hadn’t put my thoughts to paper. But I can’t see David’s wit not getting the praise it deserves. The pun’s being overlooked here today, and it’s a brilliant one. And even though our solve has appeared before, in the puzzle of August 6th, 2013, (“The guys at the pig roast”…CHEWED THE FAT), it still calls for the Kudos. And as soon as I read our question last night, I automatically knew where David was going with it…BACON me smile as usual. Anyway, the link should tie it all together…and I’m done CHEWING THE FAT for now… Hopefully I’ll feel better, and take a shot at some rhymes…🐷🙋🏻‍♀️


    • I’m glad you brought up the last time CHEWED THE FAT was used. In the layout of 8/6/13 (FCHDTTWHEEAE), I noted that all the consonants were grouped together and the same with the vowels. That one made for a more challenging solve IMO.
      David’s punny answer was spectacular as always — those guys were literally chewing fat! I can’t recall the last time I’ve heard someone use it though….

      Here’s hoping you feel better soon, Angela. My niece stayed home from school because she’s feeling a bit under the weather and my nephew is home recovering from mono. It’s that time of year….. Take care.

  10. Easy breezy Monday puzzle. The term “chew the fat” reminded me of my father. After he retired, he used to hang out at a local lumber store with a pot bellied stove where he and the other retired men in town used to gather round and discuss all the local news. Men don’t gossip they just chew the fat. Wishing all of you a good Monday.

    • There’s another expression that comes to mind, but it’s not appropriate for the Jumble! 😂
      Easy breezy puzzle all the way, Betty. Wishing you a magnificent Monday. Good luck with the solves this week!


    🐷 These guys are sitting talking, they seem to share some roots,
    The conversation easy, like sounds we’d hear from a FLUTE…
    The topics take an easy WEAVE, they segue with no halt,
    (And all the while our two guys here are loading up on salt!)…
    If I say that they’re “old-time” friends, is the HYPHEN here correct?
    I’m not quite up to par today…so I may not DETECT…
    If I’m making an error…and I’d hate to show you that…
    I’d be punctuation errant…while I simply CHEWED THE FAT! 🐷🙋🏻‍♀️

  12. 🎶 They’d CHEWED THE FAT for years, sharing their love of the FLUTE, and how they were able to DETECT certain sounds in an effort to WEAVE a new tune here and there…so they dubbed themselves…”Flute-(HYPHEN) Acute! 🎶

    ➖ The lesson plan today would be about the old HYPHEN,
    It’s usage sometimes iffy…where’s it go…and of course when…
    If someone said a “FLUTE-Player”, would it WEAVE into there?
    Learning to DETECT when it’s used needed to be made clear
    The teacher hoped she’d explain well, and get the rules down pat…
    ‘Cause after all she hate to seem like she just CHEWED THE FAT! ➖🙋🏻‍♀️

  13. So it’s decided: be careful which snacks you chews. I got the answer and 3 of the 4 jumbles lickety-split, pausing only-for-hyphen. 47 seconds.

    • Yep…it’s definitely one of the grEASYest puzzles we’ve had in a long time. No axe to gRIND with this one…🐷🙋🏻‍♀️

    • The guys posted a Mega-Jumble over on Facebook this morning. They weren’t terribly difficult, but there were a couple of anagrams that needed a few mental-swirls….

      Be sure to give them a Like and Follow. Good luck! 🍀

      • They weren’t difficult at all. I like when they print those oldies but goodies! And I think one may have been included in the last 60 puzzle Just Jumble Update…I finished them all right away, so I’m not sure…Good thing we get a Daily Puzzle on the App…or I’d be suffering withdrawal symptoms! 🔠🤦🏻‍♀️

        • One of the anagrams in the Mega-Jumble (HPYNEH) was featured in today’s puzzle and was fun to spot. It’s a brand new anagram too! 🔎

          Yes, Jumble-itis is quite contagious! 😂

          • The puzzle featuring Jeff and his family, that has the word Hyphen in it, is from March 2016, and the word’s been included in quite a few puzzles since then. The Chuck Yeager puzzle is from June 2018…and yet they both seem to have been seen “just yesterday”..😉🙋🏻‍♀️

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